A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 149


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 149. Twisted (5)

Penen split up the soldiers that were part of the formation, assigning a portion of them to the Sword Grand Master’s unit.

“Techi, Kais, Soluna, you guys follow the Commander.”

“Yes, sir!”

Kei, who was confirming the formation, momentarily stopped and looked at Desir.

“What are you guys going to do?”

“We will follow you as well.”

If Desir’s group remained here and faced the enemies, Kei’s unit would be spared from annihilation.

There  was  a  chance  that  Penen  would  be  able  to  lead  the

remaining  soldiers  to  join  Kei  after  eliminating  the  enemies here.  However,  Desir  was  not  about  to  gamble  like  that.  He decided to join Kei without any hesitation.

‘We must not mix up our priorities here.’

For Desir, the most important thing was the safety of his party members and clearing the quest.

Remaining  here  and  blocking  the  enemies  was  too  risky. Furthermore, in order to clear the quest, it was a better choice to stay with Kei and eliminate the Prophet.

Even if the other soldiers were sacrificed here, they were still virtual  characters.  There  was  no  reason  to  put  himself  at  a disadvantage out of concern for their well-being.

In  the  chaos  of  the  hell-like  battlefield,  Desir  motioned  to Adjest, Pram, and Romantica to fall back and regroup with him. Adjest  and  Pram,  who  were  holding  their  own  in  one  of  the frontlines, were drenched in blood.

When all of the members of the Kei detachment had gathered,

Penen cried out.

“We will open a path temporarily in ten seconds!”

He gave the orders and the soldiers started to move.

Kei, the few soldiers assigned to accompany him, as well  as Desir’s group, readied themselves behind the front line.


Kei shouted his final order to the group of soldiers. They used their shields to shove the nearby Chimeras to the side and create a  momentary  gap  in  their  relentless  assault.  The  magicians swiftly invoked spells and blasted the now clumped up groups of Chimeras.


The  path  in  front  of  them  was  clear.  With  the  explosions acting as their starting shot, Kei  and Desir’s groups seized the opportunity  and  booked  it  out  of  the  Hall  of  Knowledge  as

quickly as possible.  A few of the Chimeras broke off from the assault on Penen’s formation to attack Kei, but they were able to eliminate the Chimeras nimbly.

They  ran.  Once  they  got  far  enough  away,  the  remaining Chimeras gave up their pursuit and turned back towards Penen.

The Hall of Knowledge served as the focal point of the palace, connecting   each   section   of   the   inner   bailey.   Six   different passageways   branched   out   from   the   one   room,   giving   the impromptu party five areas to explore.  Kei  motioned towards the third passage on the left, and the party followed.

Luckily for them, Kei seemed confident in where the Prophet could be found.

As they made their way down the curvy corridor, Desir took the opportunity to ask Kei about their situation.

“Does the end of this passageway connect to anywhere else?”

“Nope.  If the Prophet wants to escape from the palace, he’ll need to pass through this passage.”

Desir nodded after hearing his answer.

The Prophet was no different from a rat in a trap.

Desir deduced that they were currently headed towards the Prophet’s  research  lab,  where  all   his  Homunculus  research material and notes would be gathered.

Desir wasn’t sure why, but the Prophet definitely had a new sense of urgency when it came to finishing his research. He had grown much more aggressive in gathering research materials, even with the risk of exposing himself. As this was the case, it was impossible for him to simply give up on his research and retreat; he had to be in his laboratory.

Upon  nearing  the  end  of  the  corridor,  they  came  across  an area that appeared to be a garden, once upon a time.

The  atmosphere  was  sombre,  dead.  There  wasn’t  a  single flower blooming.

All  of the water seemed as though it had been forcibly dried out, and the greenery had been wilted and blackened. It was as though all of the vital force had been sucked dry.

It  wasn’t  just  the  appearance  of  the  area  that  made  it  so unsettling.

“The mana here… It’s vile, Desir.”

Romantica murmured.

Adjest and Desir also felt the mana in the area. It carried with it a foul sewer-like odor, just like Romantica described. As they ventured  forward  into  the  garden,  the  concentration  of  vile mana grew thicker and coated the area.

“I’ve felt this kind of mana before. Crow Mask used it against me in our fight.”

A Sixth-Circle magician, something rare on the continent, and one of the leaders of the Outsiders.

“That  is  impossible.  Crow  Mask  can’t  be  alive  now  if  he existed here.”

It was as Adjest pointed out.

The Shadow World that they were currently participating in was a place from over a hundred years ago. It was impossible for a man who exists at the present moment to be in this place.

“Right. But other than that, we know there’s a group who has access to this kind of mana.”

“The Outsiders… ”


Even though Desir answered her, he started to doubt his own conviction on this matter.

The  Outsiders  didn’t  form  until  after  the  invention  of  the Magic Crystal.

Zod  wouldn’t  develop  the  [Enchant]  spell  for  another  fifty years.  The  Outsiders,  along  with  their  tainted  mana,  had  no reason to exist now.

‘But it must be connected to the Outsiders in some way.’

No matter how many questions they had, they wouldn’t get any answers until they met the Prophet.

They  kept  moving  forward  diligently.  They  had  no  time  to rest; to do so was a waste of the time bought by the soldiers currently holding out against the Chimeras for them.

When they finally reached the center of the garden, they came across a small  dome. From it, bursts of mana were flaring out, the concentration so intense it was difficult to breath.

When Kei made a gesture, his subordinates hurriedly got into formation. Desir followed his command as well.

‘Three Rook Class swordsmen.’

The   three   soldiers   Kei   brought   with   them   had   attained mastery in materializing aura.

Including   Desir’s   group,   all of   the   people   present   had outstanding individual  ability, but due to extreme exhaustion, their  actual   fighting  strength  had  been  greatly  diminished. Between  the  fights  on  the  way  here,  along  with  the  constant assault of the mana tainted air around them, it was a wonder that they were all still standing.

‘Still, we have no choice but to do something, one way or the other.’

While  they  contemplated  over  their  next  action,  something began to emerge from the dome.

They   quickly   realized   that   that   something   was   actually someone.

His hair was pure white and his face was filled with stitches here and there.  His eye bags were sagging well  below his eyes and his lifeless form was reminiscent of a corpse.

He was sitting nonchalantly next to a glass tube, appearing to contain a Homunculus.

“Really. This timing couldn’t be worse.”

His  voice  slightly  quivered.   Yet  he  didn’t  seem  weak.   If anything,  the  combined  effect  of  his  voice  and  appearance, made him seem all the more monstrous.

“So you are the Prophet.”

“And you are the Sword Grand Master. You really managed to make it this far. This is as unpleasant as when I encountered the descendants of the Great Man.”

Kei lifted his sword.

“After   you   came   to   this   country,   everything   started   to crumble.”

“And I accomplished something remarkable.”

“I have no interest in what dastardly creature you’ve created. What I do know, is that a large number of people have suffered because of you.”

“You are holding onto insignificant things.  You only look at what’s in front of you.”

“For me, that is everything.”

There  was  no  need  for  words.  This  kind  of  confrontation would  only  result  in  both  parties  talking  in  parallel  to  each other.

“So what exactly are you going to do? You’re the one with the most exceptional swordsmanship in this era, yet you are a mere soldier  of  the  Magic  Kingdom.  A  kingdom  where  ironically, magic is the only standard of judgement for everything.”

Kei ignored his taunting and started to pour his strength into his sword. When his King Class aura was fully materialized, the air around his blade began to vibrate.

“You will  be executed under the crime of manipulating this country and the crime of assassinating His Majesty.”


He spoke with a hint of a smile. He responded as though trash had gained sentience and told him how to live his life..

“Don’t get in over your head.  Even if you’re a Sword Grand Master, you’re merely one human being.”

The Prophet got out of his seat. At the same time, he took out a skull-shaped mask from his chest.

As soon as the Prophet began to move, Kei  shifted his stance so that his sword strike would be within reach of the Prophet.

Kei drew his sword in a flash.

No one was able to follow the trajectory his sword made.

However, the sword never made contact with the Prophet. It was as if there was an invisible barrier blocking Kei’s blade.


The  brooch  hanging  from  the  Prophet’s  clothes  cracked  in response to Kei’s blade.

Desir realized that it was an Artifact.

“Quite impatient. Right. Don’t think you’re the only one in a hurry.”

The  Prophet  held  his  hand  out  into  the  air,  and  something began to take shape within it.  Within a moment, the Prophet had generated a spear out of thin air.

It  was  not  an  ordinary  spear,  either.   The  shaft  and  the spearhead were all made up of Blankšum.

[Brionac Offensive]


At that moment, a bright, blinding light suddenly poured out of it. The spear shattered into dozens of thinner blades, which began to circle around the Prophet.

Desir was caught completely off guard.

Despite having cleared several  Shadow Dungeons and having lived within the Shadow Labyrinth for a long time, he had never heard of an artifact like this one.

Not only did he have an artifact this powerful, but he also had the artifact that he used to block Kei’s attack.

Desir judged that he may have more artifacts and started to take precautions against this fact.

Kei raised the intensity of his aura and spoke towards Desir’s group.

“My subordinates and I will attack him head-on. Please work together to surround him and attack from the sides..”

“Did you think it would be that easy?”

One  of  the  spear  fragments  pierced  the  glass  tube  that  was containing the Homunculus.


Shards of glass sprayed outwards.

“I’ll give you a choice.”

The  Homunculus  that  was  inside  the  glass  tube  fell  to  the floor, but it raised itself up soon after.

“The eternal truth that alchemy seeks or the mythical weapon that has murdered countless heroes of humankind. Choose one of  these  two.  Whatever  you  choose,  it  will  be  an  honorable death for you.”



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