A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 150


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 150. The King of Puppets (1)

Kei firmly grasped his sword as he stepped back to take in the change of conditions. His eyes settled on the Homunculus.

The Homunculus stared back at Kei, instinctively aware that Kei was the most dangerous person here.

Feeling the Homunculus was an unusual  being, Kei  took his time to size up his opponent, rather than rush forward blindly.

“That monster seems to be something quite dangerous.”

Desir replied.

“That’s  a  monster  made  through  Alchemy.  I  dealt  with  a Homunculus when I fought off an evil Alchemist in the Desert-Flower City. But, that thing in front of us… it looks even more powerful than the one that I fought.”

Standing next to the Prophet, the Homunculus looked rather human,  unlike  the  incomplete  Homunculus  manufactured  by


It had distinct facial features and its skin and skeleton did not seem to be much different from that of any other human.

‘Most  importantly,  the  mana  I  can  feel   from  it  is  at  the Second-Circle level.’

Pureus’   Homunculus   wielded   monstrous   ability   with   just First-Circle mana.  Given that, he could reasonably expect that the Homunculus in front of him would be many times stronger than that one.

“I have an idea on how to get rid of it.”


“While  I’m  fighting  with  it,  I  want  you  to  deal   with  the Prophet.”

The  ability  that  the  Prophet  had  displayed  in  just  the  brief skirmish earlier proved that he was no ordinary being.

Desir speculated that he still had a hidden trump card or two and decided to leave handling him to Kei.  Kei  surely had the power to prevail in a straight-up duel.

Kei nodded.

“Okay, then I’ll handle the Prophet.”

Kei bowed lightly, then approached the Prophet.


A thunderclap rang out from the Brionac, which circled the Prophet.

“Hmm, I see.  So you are the one who decided to die at my hands?”

“It will be clear in a little while, just who will die.”

Kei once again pointed his sword at the Prophet.


For the second time, Kei’s sword was blocked by the invisible barrier, but the Prophet’s brooch, which was likely an artifact, couldn’t overcome Kei’s power and shattered as it disintegrated.

Kei and the Prophet made their move before the debris of the brooch could even hit the ground.  Kei  kicked harshly against the  ground,  while  the  shards  of  light  hovering  around  the Prophet formed a spear and shot towards Kei.


A multitude of clashes ensued. The Homunculus launched an attack at Kei, in defense of its master, and the building trembled in response. No matter how strong Kei was, it was too much for any person to face off against both the Prophet and Homunculus at the same time.

Desir and his party rushed into action.

“I’ll give you instructions.”

Desir hastily commanded Kei’s men.

“Commander believes in you, so we will also place our trust in you and follow your orders.”


Romantica used her rifle to launch several  sniping spells at the Homunculus, as if she had been waiting for Desir’s signal.


It  sounded  like  iron  colliding  with  iron.  Romantica’s  magic couldn’t penetrate the Homunculus’ skin at all.  Although she hadn’t put her full  might into that attack, things did not look good.

Romantica was shocked at what she had just witnessed.

With its head bent at a strange angle, the Homunculus looked away  from  Kei  and  focused  on  Desir’s  party.  While  it  didn’t suffer any damage, the attack was enough to draw its animosity.

The Homunculus judged Desir’s party as being an immediate threat, and engaged them. It had not yet had a chance to adapt to its body, so its speed was still  very slow. It slowly started to lift itself off of the ground it had fallen on to after attacking Kei.

In the meantime, Desir shared what information he had on the Homunculus with Kei’s men and his party.

“We  shouldn’t  attack  it  rashly.  The  Homunculus  I  fought before had the power to recover all  of its wounds. Its recovery functions completely differently to regeneration, so it’s no use just destroying its body… even if we destroyed its entire body in a single strike.”

As Desir finished his explanation, one of Kei’s men spoke up, his face showing a quizzical expression.

“Then that means this thing can’t be killed!”

“I thought so, too.”

Desir  also  thought  the  power  was  invincible  when  he  first confronted the Homunculus.

“But if you just follow my directions, we can win. Please don’t do anything rash in the meantime.”


The  Homunculus  suddenly  kicked  against  the  ground  and sprung towards the party, apparently somewhat more comfortable  moving  around.  The  speed  of  its  movement  was now beyond the level of a Bishop Class.

Perhaps because it still hadn’t fully grasped its capabilities yet, the Homunculus’ charge seemed somewhat reckless, but none-the-less  remained  extremely  threatening.  Desir  gave  his  first command while looking at the approaching Homunculus.

“Block it, Pram.”

Pram was a swordsman at the level  of a Rook Class. His eyes were able to catch the movement of the Homunculus without difficulty.  Pram’s  sword  pierced  its  shoulder.  Pram’s  strong aura prevented the Homunculus from using that arm anymore.

It  didn’t  take  long,  however,  before  it  invoked  the  force  of causality and returned to its former condition.

“Chase it, Adjest.”

Adjest kicked against the ground while spreading a spell along her sword.

[Magic Sword: Ice Wave]

As   her   frosty   sword   sliced   deeply   into   the   body   of   the Homunculus, it gradually began to freeze.


Desir signalled Kei’s men.

They didn't miss the opportunity.  They used their aura and immobilised the Homunculus by cutting off one of its legs. But it took three men rushing in together to only break one leg.

As expected, the being in front of them was far more powerful than the Homunculus he had previously dealt with.

The Homunculus once again invoked the force of causality.

But, this was Desir’s intention.

Desir   realized   that   the   force   of   causality   was   limited   to returning the Homunculus to its best condition, based on the amount of mana it had left.

There was no time for the Homunculus to run away. As soon as its body was restored, its hand was cut off at the wrist before it even knew it by the approaching Pram.

The  cycle  of  restoration  and  destruction  continued  several times.





On and on it went, as a barrage of attacks landed on it.

“Don’t give it a break!”

Another scary thing about Homunculus was that they quickly learnt  how  to  fully  utilize  their  abilities,  even  while  being pummelled. The Homunculus in front of them was not yet able to fully utilize all  of its abilities, so now was the best and only opportunity for Desir and his party.


Desir was distinctly aware of this and desperately attempted

to settle things as quickly as possible.

‘Even  its  ability  to  control  the  force  of  causality  is  limited right now.’

This was the keystone of his plan.

The  Homunculus  used  its  accumulated  mana  whenever  it empowered itself to deal or defend against an attack.

‘So the key is not how much damage it takes, but how much we get it to reinforce itself.’

Desir  and  his  party  were  able  to  accurately  figure  out  how much  damage  they  needed  to  inflict  as  the  battle  continued. With minimal effort, they induced the Homunculus to reinforce itself using its limited power.

Desir’s  strategy  worked.  He  could  feel  the  mana  inside  the Homunculus gradually decreasing.

* * *

Brionac. An artifact belonging to the mythological age. It was a weapon that separated into several  strands, moving freely in all  directions as if each had their own will. Seeing it in action, one would feel that they were looking at a large army of lights. Even the material  it was composed of was Blankšum, a metal considered  to  be  the  best  of  the  best  for  weapons  on  this continent.

Each spear blade emitted an immensely sharp energy before firing at a person each in unison.

Sword Master, Kei Hajmaryun.

The most powerful swordsmen of this age.

Kei’s sword was a thing of legends, enough even to be referred to as a ‘Great Sword’. However, it was not made from material as good as Blankšum.

It  was  easy  to  predict  that  if  Kei’s  ‘Great  Sword’  and  the Brionac  made  out  of  Blankšum  were  to  collide,  Kei’s  sword would shatter.


However, his sword was fine even after confronting Brionac head-on. The blade shone brightly and warped the air around it; due to Kei’s strong aura, the sword blade was unharmed

His movement was graceful yet sharp; a paradox of something that was beautiful and rough.

Countless  sparks  scattered  everywhere  like  an  afterglow,  as the tip of his sword moved.

The  spear  of  light  divided  itself  into  dozens  of  shards,  but more than half of them had to be used to just defend against the sword wielded by Kei.

The remaining spears were free to press Kei little by little.

Instead of just being flung as projectiles, each and every one of these  shards  continuously  fired  beams  of  light  powered  by mana.

The  problem  was  that  unlike  ordinary  magic,  their  attacks fired nonstop. The shards seemingly gathered their own mana.

When an insurmountable number of beams poured down on Kei,  he  finally  took  a  firm  step  and  spread  his  aura  around himself.

Following the trajectory of his sword, the now dispersed aura hung in the air before soon forming into a certain shape.

Their form started to resemble flowers in full bloom.

The whole building vibrated once again when the reformed spear of light collided with Kei’s flower-shaped aura.

Their fight was a transcendent battle beyond the comprehension of most human beings.

“Your swordsmanship has really reached the top level.”

The   Prophet   did   not   stop   moving   while   expressing   his

admiration of Kei’s swordsmanship.



“But why do you still  wield your sword? Your king is dead, and  your  soldiers  will   all   be  hanged  as  rebels.  Even  if  you succeed in this rebellion, no one will pardon you.”

There was no break in fighting as he talked.

“Maybe you have a purpose I’m not aware of.”


The fight between the two was even.

Neither side had the upper hand, as they both fought while concealing  their  trump  card,  not  daring  to  reveal  their  real skills.

It was the Homunculus who changed the circumstances of the battle.


It  shrieked  loudly  and  all   present  felt  something  change imperceptibly.

Somehow,   it   felt   like   time   had   slowed   down   for   just   a moment. This wasn’t just the imagination of one or two people. Everyone gathered here felt it.



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