A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 154


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 154. The King of Puppets (5)

The northern plains of Adenia.

Two groups stood facing off against each other on one of the vastest plains on the continent.

Amongst  the  forces  on  one  side,  seven  distinct  flags  were proudly  flown,  each  representing  a  unique  faction.  Amongst them, there was an eagle holding a sword, another with a spear overlaid with an axe, as well  as one with two crossed shields. These flags were national emblems that soldiers would fight to the death for.

Troops  from  Adenia,  Divide,  and  the  Western  Kingdoms  as well  as a force from the Hebrion Empire had assembled on the same side of a battlefield. It was the largest combined force ever recorded in history.

And the group opposing them, lined up discordly on the other side of the soon-to-be battlefield, were the Outsiders.

The   forces   on   the   Outsiders   side   consisted   of   sinners,

magicians who had violated taboos and were either exiled, on-the-run with substantial  bounties on their heads, or otherwise bandits, rebels and other diverse groups of no-goods.  Amongst their  numbers,  there  were  also  giant  monster  soldiers  and Chimeras, the product of illegal experimentation.

This  was  normally  a  group  that  would  never  be  able  to cooperate with each other. These criminals and defective goods of   society   had   always   moved   independently   due   to   their ideological  differences and distinct goals.  Collectively though, they were the Outsiders.

The lack of cohesion and leadership amongst their forces was the biggest reason why the allied forces had been able to rout the  Outsiders  so  easily.  No  matter  how  good  the  Outsiders’ individual skills were, the tyranny of numbers, especially in the form of a well-trained and highly disciplined military force, was unstoppable.

However, the Outsiders were not ones to give up. After being driven up against a wall, they had finally united and set aside their  differences.   Additionally,  they  had  set  up  a  chain  of command and started to implement strategy and tactics in their skirmishes.

The flow of battle, which had initially been overwhelmingly in favor of the allied forces, had drawn to a stalemate.


The harsh wind seemed to drain all life out of those buffeted by it. The coldness of the Adenia Plains, adjacent to the north, had an arctic touch to it, as if threatening to freeze the world.

A  steady  snowfall  coated  the  plains,  leaving  a  sleek  winter coat  across  the  battlefield.   The  intensity  of  the  wind  also ratcheted up, threatening to cleave flesh from the bone.

This stalemate had persisted for almost two months.

Taking   advantage   of   the   momentary   distraction   of   the Shadow World emergency, the Outsiders had gotten the jump on the allied forces and managed to rally the last of its military might.  The  result  of  that  was  this  current  stand-off  on  these god-forsaken plains.


A  rich  and  magnificent  trumpet  sounded  from  the  allied force’s side, heralding the commencement of battle.

The  frontline  of  the  allied  forces  began  to  move.   While lethargic  in  taking  their  first  five  strides,  they  quickly  found themselves charging at full speed.

And their enemy, the Outsiders moved as well.  The ground shook. The armies of the two sides rushed at full speed at each other.  They  didn’t  slow  down  in  the  slightest.  They  took  up arms and collided into each other.



The two huge waves met and soon began to mingle together. The battlefield became noisy as people shouted and screamed, the air was palpable with adrenaline.

The sound of shouting, the sound of soldiers duelling against each other, as well  as a multitude of screams and death throes

had filled the plain.  They wielded weapons with the intent of killing their opponent. No half measures were allowed.


At the center of the most fierce part of the battle, there was a group of people holding their space to such an extent that the Outsiders refrained from throwing more bodies at them.

They were Adenia’s elite lancemen corp.

They had effectively repelled the oncoming Outsiders.

The battle was fierce. The Outsider’s resistance was ironclad. The average height of the troops facing off against the Adenians was well  above average.  It was likely that most of them were born of mixed-race, part barbarian.

They refused to retreat, even when struck and pierced with spears. They repeatedly used their full might to swing their axes down and split the heads of Adenia’s soldiers, even in the few cases where doing so would use up the entirety of their dying breaths.



A  portion  of  the  Adenian  army  soon  collapsed,  red  blood sprinkled liberally over the snow.  The blood-stained Outsiders smiled hellishly at Adenia’s soldiers.

Lupin, a soldier who was commanding this frontline of the allied forces, grabbed a nearby spear.  He was afraid but could not back down; if they fell, their formation would collapse and their central command could even end up exterminated.

All  of a sudden, a loud noise drowned out all  other noise on the battlefield.


Lupin’s gaze was pulled towards the sky.

Dozens  of  light  streams  had  been  drawn  in  the  sky  above them.  Some were intercepted by others mid-flight, but others landed on the ground causing mass devastation.  This was the artillery magic from magician troops on both sides. A battle for magical supremacy.

But amongst them, there was something that stood out. It was different from ordinary magic.  It was something special.  Even the otherwise magically ignorant Lupin could recognize something was abnormal.

The sky darkened.

Sparks  indiscriminately  rained  down  from  the  sky.   They weren’t powerful enough to deal damage to either side, but they were certainly bright enough to be distracting.


The dark sky was quickly dyed white again by a flash of light. A  huge  thunderbolt  struck  down  amidst  the  Outsiders.  The mighty current of electricity burned everything in its path to a crisp.

It didn’t end with just a single shot.


Like   a   dragon   roaring,   a   deafening   blast   reverberated throughout the vast plains.

Once again, huge thunderbolts rained down on the Outsiders. Countless people instantly died without a chance to scream.

Lupin,  a  helpless  onlooker,  felt  as  if  this  were  God’s  divine punishment.

They were left completely defenseless. The allied forces were able to make massive gains on the battlefield.  Eventually, the Outsiders managed to mobilize wizards to respond, but it was already too late.

The  flow  of  battle,  which  had  been  hard  to  read,  had  been greatly simplified. The situation had been entirely settled with a single spell.

There were few wizards on the continent that could invoke this level of magic.

“Zod Exarion… ”

One man’s name, which someone murmured in a low voice, spread amongst the allied forces like a wildfire.

“It’s the Great Sage!”

“Zod Exarion, the Master of the Tower, is with us!”

Zod’s name alone raised the morale of the allied forces more than   anything   else.   It   was   exhilarating;   knowing   that   the strongest magician on the continent had their backs made the weary soldiers feel invincible.


A battle cry rang out across the sky.  Lupin thrust his spear into  the  neck  of  a  nearby  Outsider.  While  the  Outsiders  had collapsed   into   shambles,   Adenia’s   lancemen   regrouped   and

pushed forward.

With  their  troops  in  formation  and  pushing  forward,  the ground once again began to shake under their feet stomping in unison.

And advance they did.




The  allied  forces  now  moved  enthusiastically  due  to  their overflowing levels of confidence and high morale. The Outsiders were gradually pushed back as a whole. Even the giant monster troops fell without being able to properly demonstrate their power. Lupin shouted with conviction.

“We can win!”

The subsequent situation was simple.

Zod  Exarion’s  might  was  completely  beyond  the  common sense  of  the  average  magician.  The  Outsiders  had  to  commit several  high-tier magicians just to offset a single one of Zod’s spells.

Allocating  these  key  strategic-level   resources  to  offset  the actions of a single person had a massive effect on the outcome of the battle. The initiative had well  and truly been seized by the allied forces. The Outsiders, realizing this, turned tail and fled.

“… … … … !”

The allied forces raised their flags; this was the signal to give chase.

The knights who led the right flank charged to deal  the first finishing blow.  The Adenian army, which Lupin belonged to, also advanced rapidly to pursue the fleeing enemy and deal  a decisive blow.

It  was  an  all-out  war  that  mobilized  the  full  might  of  both sides with no-holds barred.

The Outsiders, who had gathered all their strength here, had no chance of later making a comeback if they were defeated in this battle.  This would be the tomb of the Outsiders.  It would bring an end to the long war.


A  sudden  explosion  occurred  amongst  the  formation  of  the allied forces.

The   instincts   of   the   battle   hardened   veterans,   currently charging, flared up in warning. This was different from any old magical artillery.

What was it?

Before  that  question  could  be  pondered  further,  a  second explosion followed.

As panic set in, the sound of the explosions ripped through the battlefield.  The situation had once again been reversed.  Their formation started to collapse.

The allied forces were unable to respond in time. The knights leading the charge attempted to form a defensive formation, but when the unidentified object approached, they were instantly shredded and consequently wiped out.


Adenia’s defense, which had been so solid, crumbled.  Lupin had no choice but to watch his colleagues die.  He couldn’t do anything.

Lupin looked at this crumbling formation.

A  great  sense  of  helplessness  overwhelmed  him.  Something caught his eye, as it rapidly approached his location.


His consciousness cut off there.

* * *

The   war   situation   was   being   transmitted   directly   to   the commanders   situated   in   their   respective   countries   through communication magic.

With Zod Exarion joining the fight, the battle had gradually flowed in favor of the allied forces. Victory was just around the corner.

The Outsiders were on the retreat as their formation collapsed and scattered, and if the allied forces chased them back, they would surely be able to seize a big victory.

[-Adenia,  50  percent  of  the  Phalanx  Division  is  non-combat ready.]

Shortly after the commanders from the various countries had ordered the pursuit of the Outsiders, a status update could be heard via the communication magic.

[-Adenia,  50  percent  of  the  Phalanx  Division  is  non-combat ready.]

At first, no one took it seriously, thinking it was just a small sacrifice. The   Outsiders   they   were   dealing   with   were   a formidable enemy, and the loss of a few troops was bound to occur.

But that was just the beginning.

[-The Order of the Phoenix in Remton has been annihilated.]

[-The 3rd Army Commander is dead. ]

[-Divide Infantry Division 41 is dead.]

[-The  right  flank  has  collapsed  and  suffered  irrecoverable damage.]

It  was  a  flurry  of  reports  detailing  their  losses.  So  many reports poured in at once that the communication system was

overloaded and paralyzed for a moment as the messages were being  processed.  Some  kind  of  unknown  object  had  appeared and  was  massacring  the  soldiers  and  formations  of  the  allied forces.

Zod clicked his tongue in displeasure.

He  couldn’t  take  control  of  the  allied  force’s  response.  The multiple   command   systems   were   confused   and   could   not respond quickly to the unfolding disaster.

The union of the Western Kingdoms and Hebrion Empire was unprecedented.  So  their  combined  command  system  couldn’t mesh together, especially since they had not yet had much time to work together yet.

Moreover,  it  was  a  long  time  ago  that  even  the  Western Kingdoms  themselves  had  joined  forces  to  create  a  combined military presence. So far, the war had been favorable, thus the importance of a unified chain of command had been undervalued.

However,  such  a  fragile  chain  of  command  collapsed  when faced with an incomprehensible variable.

[-Everybody calm down.]

A solemn voice took control of the situation.

Zod knew the voice.  He was the chief of the Royal  Knights Division  of  the  Adenia  Kingdom.  He  had  a  vast  amount  of experience   and   was   so   competent   that   he   once   served   as commander-in-chief of the Avalon Army, the most elite unit in the Western Kingdom Union.

[-Our first priority now is to prevent further damage to the soldiers. All forces are to stop pursuing the Outsiders.]

This was a much better situation now. Zod, who believed he could handle such a situation, decided to take matters into his own hands.

“This  speed…  it’s  very  likely  that  it’s  a  Chimera  with  an ability that lowers its weight and heightens its reflexes.”

But   it   also   had   a   ridiculous   amount   of   firepower   to   be

considered some simple Chimera.  Zod felt it must be a secret weapon of the Outsiders. Zod received a message via communication magic.

[-The unidentified object has suddenly left the battlefield at a rapid speed!]

It was a mere instant, but it had changed its trajectory and was moving lightning quick towards Zod.


A river of blood trailed behind it as it collided violently with everything  in  its  path.  The  soldiers  near  Zod  were  all  swept away. He managed to withstand the shock due to the defensive magic he managed to deploy in the nick of time. A considerable amount   of   mana   had   been   consumed,   indicating   just   how absurdly strong the attack was.

The snow that had piled up on the ground was flung far and wide.

In its place, there was a girl  flying through the snowstorm.

She had white hair, like snow, as well as disturbingly gruesome silver   eyes.   Like   two   portals   leading   into   an   abyss,   there appeared to be nothing behind such dead-fish like eyes.

She slowly lifted herself up and stared at Zod.

“You’re not human.”

It had the appearance of a human being, but he couldn’t feel any trace of humanity in it.

Zod knew this instinctively.  He knew it was an indisputable fact  that  it  had  been  the  cause  of  the  massacre  of  countless soldiers so far.

As   it   continued   to   stare   at   Zod,   it   radiated   an   almost transcendent presence.



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