A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 158


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 158. The Ruler of the North (4)

Adjest quickly judged that she couldn’t face Donape head-on.

Against the King Class Donape, the Knight Class Adjest didn’t have a chance of winning.

[Ice Orb]

Adjest unleashed a flurry of ice bolts towards Donape.

As soon as she attacked, Adjest also invoked defensive magic in preparation for Donape’s axe.

[Sigh of Kizard]

Making   up   for   insufficient   swordsmanship   with   magic. Adjest’s method of fighting with magic assisting her swordsmanship increases her    fighting power by several magnitudes.  By  dealing  damage  with  magic,  she  could  avoid colliding with Donape.


But  Donape  wouldn’t  let  Adjest  maintain  her  distance.  He doggedly  chased  her  down  and  readied  his  axe  for  another swing.

As  skilled  as  she  was,  with  her  physical   abilities,  it  was impossible for Adjest to completely repel Donape. His axe easily shattered Adjest’s defensive magic, and swung towards her arm



“… … … !”

The training ground vibrated as ice columns ruptured forth from the snow.  What started as a few columns quickly soared and reached the dozens!

[Forest of Crying White Crows]

Donape  quickly  found  himself  surrounded  by  ice  columns, imprisoning him. Compared to the flat and open arena they had a moment ago, his movement was now extremely limited.

This   didn’t   seem   to   phase   Donape   much,   as   he   simply punched at a column blocking his way.


Even with Donape’s fist, which exerted considerable force, the ice  column  that  Adjest  created  was  only  slightly  cracked  and didn’t collapse under the pressure.

Adjest had poured her unnaturally large mana pool  into the spell,  resulting  in  extraordinarily  resilient  pillars.  Yuria,  who had been watching the duel up until now, was impressed. .

"She is stronger than I thought."

Adjest wasn’t limited to using her pillars to restrict Donape’s movement.  By retracting the ice columns as she launched her

attacks, she was able to employ hit-and-run tactics to whittle down Donape’s stamina.

By employing strategy to build an environment that benefitted herself and was detrimental to her opponent, Adjest had  demonstrated  the  keen  battle  sense  required  in  order  to defeat  an  opponent  that  was  effectively  more  powerful  than her.

But Donape wasn’t a pushover.  He was one of the strongest barbarians of all time, and he had also reached his peak level of performance. There was a reason he would eventually go on to reach the end of the Shadow Labyrinth. He swung his axe with all his might and knocked down six columns in the one motion.

Adjest  leaped  back  and  began  invoking  magic,  shooting  the shards  of  the  shattered  ice  columns  at  Donape.  In  response, Donape’s eyes narrowed on Adjest in disappointment.  Though he used no words, it was as if he was asking Adjest, ‘Is that all?’

Rather than deflect, dodge, or defend against Adjest’s attack, Donape took it head on and used the opportunity to yet again swing his axe at Adjest.

Judinging  that  impact  would  be  unavoidable,  Adjest  swung her  sword  in  front  of  her  in  a  last-ditch  effort  to  deflect  the attack.


As soon as the axe and the sword collided, a huge explosion rang out everywhere.

Donape didn’t stop there, but instead continued to swing his axe.


Adjest  was  unable  to  withstand  the  attack,  and  her  knees buckled under the pressure.  Her sword wasn’t in much better condition;  a  few  more  hits  like  that,  and  she’d  be  left  with naught but a shattered blade.

[Crown of Regret]

An  enormous  crown  of  ice  formed  overhead  Donape.  The

magical chill that Adjest had desperately invoked was tremendously potent. Even Donape, who had lived in the savage north  his  whole  life,  barely  endured  against  the  sheer  cold unleashed by Adjest’s attack.

Donape   had   no   choice   but   to   withdraw   his   relentless onslaught.   Adjest,   barely   escaping   with   her   life,   used   the opportunity to catch her breath and assess the situation..

When  she  took  in  Donape’s  condition,  she  was  shocked. Despite him taking a direct attack from her spell, he appeared to have sustained no serious injury.

An overwhelming difference in power and ability.

Most people would give up and fall to helplessness; it was only rational  to give up in the face of such an overwhelming gap in strength.  But Adjest’s resolve never flickered; instead, it only grew stronger.

‘Desir trusted me to win this fight, I can’t let him down.’

She kept her cool and maintained focus on her goal: victory.

Donape, who had been observing her reaction, acknowledged her strong resolve.

“I like the look in your eyes. But can you see this, too?”

Despite the large distance between the two, Donape lifted his huge axe back, and drew himself into a pose to strike.  At that moment, a ferocious spirit began to spring forth from him.

The  pressure  alone  made  it  hard  for  Adjest  to  breath.  His killing intent was so powerful the air itself was scared to move. At that moment, Adjest’s instincts switched into overdrive.

‘This is dangerous!’

Donape slammed the raised axe straight into the ground!


A  fissure  opened  up  beneath  them  and  a  terrifying  sound

resounded across the entire mountain range.  That wasn’t all; the smashed earth began to soar into the air, and began to be imbued with a reddish aura.

The   mouths   of   those   watching   the   battle   unconsciously dropped open.  Even for those unfamiliar with the way of the sword  and  the  power  rankings  that  measured  one’s  skill,  it wasn’t hard to guess that Donape was at the apex of power.

Out  of  the  entire  crowd,  only  one  man  was  analyzing  the situation with an unnerving calmness.

‘Mountain Stamp… ’

Of course, the man was Desir, one of the few people in the world who was well  aware of the technique that Donape had just used. The fact that Donape was willing to go as far as using [Mountain Stamp] meant that he was sincere in testing Adjest’s skill.

The chunks of frozen ground, imbued with Donape’s blood-red  aura,  launched  themselves  at  Adjest.  She  frowned  at  the sight of a huge landslide flying through the air, aimed exactly towards her. It was an incomparable level of aggression relative

to what she had dealt with so far.

If Donape was going to hit her with all  his power, she was going to respond in same.

[Frozen Palace]

The  atmosphere  froze.  The  snow,  which  had  been  driven everywhere, began to gather unnaturally under Adjest’s control.

A splendid and shimmering ice palace, completely unsuitable for   the   rugged   mountains,   appeared   in   the   middle   of   the battlefield.

Adjest employed her visionary technique, something that only she could use, to combat Donape.  Now, instead of individually computing   and   invoking   each   spell,   Adjest   could   complete hundreds of spells at the same time.

Dozens of quickly made ice walls were thrown up in front of Adjest in the blink of an eye, followed by a huge crash a moment later.


The layered ice wall  was rebuilt even faster than it could be broken, and completely negated Donape’s attack.  The blizzard whipped up by the two powerful spells acted as cover for Adjest and  Donape,  and  the  outside  surroundings  became  calm  in contrast.

Eventually, the impromptu blizzard began to settle down. As soon as visibility was restored, those who were witnessing the epic duel  also bore witness to a bizarre phenomenon, one that made their jaws drop yet another inch.

Though the weather hadn’t changed much, the snow around Adjest began to freeze into ice, starting with the sword Adjest was wielding.

The searing cold of the north bowed its head to Adjest and united with her blade.

[Magic Sword: Ice Blessing]

This  was  a  magical  swordsman’s  unique  magic,  a  spell  that allowed  her  to  meld  both  her  magical  prowess  and  physical strength into a unified attack.

After lifting the walls of the [Frozen Palace], Adjest pointed her   sword   at   the   King   of   the   Barbarians   and   once   again challenged him head on with her greatest offensive technique.

But Donape unleashed an attack at the same time. Even as she launched her attack, containing an alarming amount of mana, Donape began to smile. He launched his axe towards Adjest with both hands. A surge of red aura shot out of his body.

His aura was as ferocious as a beast. Rather, after witnessing this aura first hand, people would likely claim that beasts tried their best to mimic the ferocity of Donape’s aura.


When Adjest made contact, she felt as if she was striking the core of the mountain itself..


They  were  equally  matched.  However,  the  chill  of  Adjest’s magic sword began to freeze Donape’s body, despite his aura’s best efforts to shield him.

As  Donape’s  posture  and  force  gradually  collapsed,  Adjest poured all of her remaining mana into her [Ice Blessing] without missing a beat.


The atmosphere reverberated.

‘It’s not enough.’

No matter how hard she tried, it was impossible for her to make a fatal blow through the red aura that enveloped his entire body.

Realizing she needed a new strategy, Adjest stepped back after releasing her magic sword.

Donape  was  immediately  suspicious.  She  definitely  had  an opportunity  to  win;  even  if  the  attack  didn’t  work,  stepping down from the assault wasn’t the right choice.

Did she forfeit the duel?

That  said,  however,  Adjest’s  eyes  didn’t  contain  a  trace  of defeat in them.

While Donape was lost in thought, the chill  of the snowfield began to converge towards Adjest as though it had a will  of its own.

Her  hair,  which  normally  shone  like  polished  gold,  quickly shifted into a frozen white, and a silver light began to emanate from her.

In response to the phenomenon in front of him, Donape felt something unusual  stir within him. His expression, which had always felt at least partially relaxed, slowly began to harden.

“Kun Lona.”

Donape’s axe lost its finesse and dexterity it once displayed. Instead, it was imbued with raw power and concentrated aura.

However,  when  a  powerful  barbarian  who  had  reached  the King Class of martial arts wielded his aura, the resulting power was almost like a natural disaster.

At  the  same  time,  Adjest’s  sword  was  headed  for  Donape, drawing a silver trajectory in its wake.

The  moment  the  two  clashed,  the  ground  shook  as  though there had been a massive seismic quake, and the soaring snow swept everywhere like a tidal  wave.  Adjest was swept away by the aftermath and buried in the snow.

“Pant… Pant… ”

Bursting forth from her temporary snow coffin, Adjest leapt to  her  feet.  She  eagerly  caught  her  breath  and  wielded  her sword, now broken in half.

Adjest pointed her newly broken sword at Donape, ready to

continue the duel, but dropped her blade when she realized it was meaningless.

The winner and the loser had been decided.

Donape wiped the blood from his cheeks with the back of his hand.

For a moment he looked at Adjest with astonished eyes, but he simply recovered his axe and left.

It was apparent that Adjest had lost, yet many of the tribal chiefs looked at her in shock; they couldn’t believe that she had endured that much against Donape..


As soon as Donape was out of sight, Adjest fell  over, as the adrenaline that was keeping her upright left her system.

Desir, Romantica and Pram hurried to her at the sight.

Adjest apologized to her party members.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t sure if I could win, but I had no idea there was such a huge difference in our ability.”

Desir smiled, helping her to her feet.

“He  said  Kun  Lona.  That  means  he  fought  with  you  as  a warrior. It means that he acknowledged you as a true warrior, and that we’re entitled to pull out the sword.”

“Alright. That’s a relief.”

Adjest finally let herself sigh.

Yuria approached the rattled party, and looked down as she addressed Adjest.

“I  admit  you’re  pretty  strong,  even  for  a  person  from  the continent.  But the oath we swore to Melger Khan is what has allowed Harrowind to persevere this long. You trying to pull the

sword is a futile effort.”

She continued to talk.

“I’ll arrange for a place for you to stay. When you’re well, I’ll show you to the sanctuary.”



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