A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 159


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 159. An Empress of Ice (1)

The  party  was  ushered  by  Yuria  to  an  empty  house  and instructed to stay put for the time being. In a reflection of the utilitarian nature seen in the design of the building from the outside,  the  interior  looked  tacky  but  was  designed  to  utilize every  single  inch  of  available  space.  It  wasn’t  home,  but  it wasn’t too uncomfortable either.

Pram spotted Adjest resting at a corner.

“Thank goodness you are not hurt.”

Like   he   said,   Adjest   had   just   fought   a   huge   battle,   and managed  to  come  out  uninjured,  especially  considering  the breadth of the gap in power between Adjest and Donape. It was truly an almost impossible feat to overpower an opponent in a life  and  death  duel   without  the  stronger  party  hurting  the weaker one.

Desir  predicted  the  result  of  this  battle.  He  thought  it  was obvious that things had unfolded in this manner. Donape Aslan was  a  strong  opponent  who  had  climbed  through  all  of  the stages of perfecting his martial arts, mastering each rung of the

ladder as he climbed to King Class.  On the other hand, Adjest was still  developing.  It was going to be a different story when Adjest  matured  and  reached  her  peak,  but  as  of  now,  it  was impossible for her to compete against Donape. Despite Adjest’s loss, Desir still felt that the duel had gone well for Adjest. It was a necessary battle in order to win the right to attempt to fulfill Melger’s oath, something that few people across the continent had the right to. And in the end, she won it.

Winning the duel was a fundamentally impossible feat.

‘The purpose of the duel was to simply test her ability in the first place.’

Desir had a gut instinct that they could obtain the qualification regardless of whether they won or not. And he was right.

‘I didn’t expect there to be a need to obtain a qualification, but she still got something out of this.’

The  battle  with  Donape  had  given  Adjest  an  unbelievable amount of practical experience; she could now take another step towards  her  destiny  of  becoming  the  most  powerful  Magical


* * *

It took about a day for Adjest to recover. She didn’t get injured physically,   instead   suffering   from   extreme   fatigue   due   to consuming too much mana.

Yuria  came  to  greet  them  on  the  second  morning  after  the battle. She addressed Adjest.

“Can you move?”

Adjest  nodded.  She  had  recovered  most  of  her  mana  after resting, and hadn’t suffered any debilitating injuries.

“Good. I’ll lead you to the sacred place. Come.”

As Yuria got up and was about to step outside to guide them, Desir stopped her.

“Um, can you give me a second? Pram, Romantica, you guys stay here.”

Desir decided that it was not necessary for the entire party to come to the sacred place. He felt the rest should stay here and work on things that they needed to work on, excluding Adjest, whose  task  in  fulfilling  the  mission  would  be  critical  to  the success of this mission.

“What? Why?”

Romantica whined.

Desir ignored her and spoke to Yuria again.

“These two are very talented. They are every bit as talented as Adjest  is.  If  you  don’t  mind,  I  would  like  them  to  work  on sparring with your soldiers.”

“Oh,  it  is  our  pleasure  to  train  with  experts.  I’ll  let  them know.”

Romantica  and  Pram  were  unhappy  about  continuing  their training,  even  when  they  were  away  from  school.  However, they eventually relented and accepted Desir’s suggestion to stay put.

* * *

Desir and Adjest finally arrived at the foot of a temple made out of stone. When Yuria gently placed her hand on the temple door, it slid open.


Cold air rushed out as soon as the door opened. It was freezing cold inside the temple. Desir felt as if his lungs were getting torn apart every time he breathed.

“I’ll  come every sunrise to check whether you are still  alive. I’ll bring food as well.”

Yuria stated as she turned on her heel and left.

Since there was only one way to get into the deep part of the temple, they no longer needed a guide. Desir and Adjest pulled their  Clothes  Lines  further  closed,  in  a  vain  attempt  to  keep warm, and trudged deeper into the temple.

As  they  walked  into  the  building,  the  cold  air  immediately reached  the  freezing  point.  Even  though  they  were  wearing Clothes Lines, the thermo function didn’t seem to help in the slightest. The cold air sliced to the very bone.

After walking for about an hour, they finally came to a stop. They found themselves in the middle of a great room, located near the end of the temple. As if it were a centerpiece, there was a sword stuck firmly in the ground before them.

This room certainly was the ‘The Chamber of Extreme Ice’, containing the sword that Melger got from that unknown man, making an oath to find its rightful  owner.  The sword was the source of the frigid cold temperature pervading the temple.

Adjest noticed chunks of ice scattered around ‘The Chamber of Extreme Ice’, carved into the shape of human figures.  They all   looked  slightly  different,  but  the  one  thing  they  had  in common was their pose:

They were all reaching out to grab the sword -- the Center of Ice.

“These people have all failed… ”

“You’re right.”

They were the various barbarian warriors who had attempted to pull  the sword out.  They were all  amongst the bravest and the  most  competent  warriors  in  their  generations,  but  all  of them failed to release the sword, and instead turned into a big chunk of ice.

“You think it’s really possible?”

Adjest asked with a voice clearly betraying her uncertainty.

There was only one chance. If she failed, only death awaited her. The inevitable consequence would leave anyone trembling in fear.

“Don’t  worry.  You  will  do  it.  Just  don’t  forget  to  do  it  as

you’ve practiced it.”

Desir  spoke  with  confidence.  His  tone  was  even  and  firm, showing that he had no doubt at all.

Adjest felt the faith radiating from his eyes.

“I trust you, Desir.”

Adjest  moved  closer  to  the  sword  and  began  casting  magic immediately.

All   of  the  surrounding  moisture  started  to  gather  around Adjest.  This was exactly what had happened during her battle with Donape. Her frozen silver blond hair waved in the air.

Desir looked at the back of Adjest who was steadily walking towards the sword and had a momentary flashback.

* * *

The  frozen  moisture  from  the  air  that  she  had  barely  just collected, suddenly dispersed. Adjest looked visibly disappointed.

“I understand your theory, but I can’t do it so easily.”

Desir approached Adjest as soon as he found out that his party was  assigned  to  go  to  Harrowind.  He  wanted  to  teach  her  a specific technique, something quite different from what Adjest had used in previous battles. It was a magic technique based on mental  imagery centered on a new formation. Adjest, for now, could  only  cast  [Frozen  Palace]  with  this  technique,  but  she would be able to create many different forms of vision magic later.

Desir strongly believed that this magic was the key to pulling out the sword in Harrowind.  As they neared Harrowind, Desir came to a decision. If Adjest couldn’t master the magic, he was going   to   give   up   on   the   cooperation   with   the   barbarian warriors, along with the Center of Ice. He didn’t want to lose his friend as a sacrifice in a gambit to achieve something greater -but that didn’t mean he would give up easily.

“You are doing great. Don’t rush, Adjest. Let’s take it slowly.”

After  encouraging  Adjest,  Desir  continued  to  explain  the theory behind the spell.

“The image at the center of your visionary technique is about using cold air to create your ‘territory.’ And you cast [Frozen Palace] as you are expanding your territory.”

[Frozen Palace] was a spell that created a castle out of ice and maximized  the  speed,  power,  and  absorbance  of  other  magic cast from inside it.

“You already know how to handle the cold air. The next step is  to  bring  all  of  the  cold  air  that  escapes  from  the  [Frozen Palace], back inside it. Trust me, it’s possible.”

Desir recalled the Adjest from his previous life. When she was known as the best magician of them all. When she was known as the Knight of Dawn. She not only skillfully manipulated cold air, but had reached such a mastery that she could effortlessly play around with it. She certainly had accomplished this before, and earned a title for it to boot. She absorbed the cold air into her body and created her ‘boundary’, activating the absorption of all cold air. This maximized the physical power of her body, elevating her to a level comparable to King Class martial artists.

The current Adjest simply couldn’t imagine this.  With Desir in the mix, guiding her in terms of visualizing what he knew she was capable of, she was bound to figure out how to achieve this far quicker than in his previous life.

“When you successfully compact all of the cold air, take it into your… ”

Adjest had succeeded before Desir had even finished describing   it.   This   was   how   Adjest   normally   learned.   She promptly put things into action when she gained a sudden burst of inspiration.

She claimed all of the surrounding mana around her.

* * *

[Ice Empress]

Silver  light  rays  splashed  out,  lighting  up  the  entire  room within  the  temple.  Adjest’s  hair  also  seemed  to  freeze  into  a shade as white as frost.  All  the surrounding cold air began to congregate within her body.


The   bone   chilling,   extremely   painful,   cold   air   in   ‘The Chamber of Extreme Ice’ violently collided with the cold air that Adjest gathered around herself.  The conflict between the two currents  of  cold  made  a  huge  commotion,  akin  to  two  huge icebergs had smashed into each other.

This was a live or die situation. Adjest could die in a second if something went wrong, but she kept her cool and relaxed in the face of this adversity.

Adjest slowly assimilated the cold air in the temple into her body and used it as a fuel  to strengthen her power.  Desir was surprised;  Adjest  had  completely  exceeded  his  expectations. Desir smiled, knowing this was only the tip of the iceberg of what  she  was  capable  of.  She  was  a  genius.  Before  too  long, Adjest walked through the powerful chill and reached her hand out towards the handle.

The air around them began to respond to Adjest’s actions.

The two different cold fronts that had been violently crashing into each other started to mix. Desir could tell that the control of  the  cold  air  emanating  from  the  Center  of  Ice  was  now  in Adjest’s  hands.  Adjest  compressed  the  combined  cold  air  into her body.

“Wh… !!”

Adjest grabbed the sword tight but almost lost the strength in her legs. She almost fell. The cold air from the Center of Ice was not an easy thing to assimilate and what Adjest was trying to do now had never been done before.  Nobody had ever done this, which meant nobody knew what would happen when the sword was removed.  Even Desir waited with bated breath.  One thing Desir  was  certain  of  though,  was  that  Adjest  would  handle whatever would happen.


Adjest  continued  pushing  and  pulling  against  the  cold  air pressure, as if she were part of some kind of tug of war with an invisible opponent. She felt an increasing amount of pain in her body.  The cold air constantly attacked her from both outside and within, but she was persistent in her struggle against the sword.


Adjest’s jaw continued to clamp down, trying to suppress the pain, but an involuntary groan escaped from her tightly sealed lips.

Desir couldn’t watch any longer.  He was going to interfere, but  suddenly  felt  the  cold  air  needling  his  bones  slowly  fade away…



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