A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 162


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 162. Going to War (2)

On the eastern side of the Lagrium Plains flows the Mahayu River, running through the center of the continent.

The  Mahayu  River  was  wide  and  deep  enough  to  allow  big ships to travel.

The Hebrion Empire’s military forces were stationed near the border  of  the  Ioleta  Kingdom,  overlooking  the  mouth  of  the Mahayu River.

The  Ioleta  Kingdom,  part  of  the  Western  Kingdom  Union, readily  allowed  the  Hebrion  Empire  to  station  itself  on  its border once the Outsiders suddenly became their enemy.

Given their new battlefield, the Hebrion Empire constructed a new temporary Imperial Military Headquarters.

There,   Desir   was   face-to-face   with   a   monocle-wearing, middle-aged commander.

Lieutenant Paian, he was the squadron leader that commanded the Imperial Military.

Paian had a rather slim figure that made him look weak, but Desir remembered that unlike his physical  features would lead you to believe, he was quite a competent man.

He had led troops in the Shadow Labyrinth, making notable achievements, and even reached the rank of lieutenant colonel just before his death.

Paian’s gaze was fixed on the documents before him.

“According to the document, out of the twenty-five members in your party, four members including yourself will participate in the war. Is this correct?”

To make up for the loss of their troops during the battle with the Outsiders, the Hebrion Empire had enlisted help from the Hebrion Academy as well.

But that didn’t mean that all  students would be deployed in the war.

From  each  party,  only  those  who  were  skilled  enough  to contribute meaningful firepower were drafted into the army.

And the members that were mobilized from the Starling Party were Adjest, Romantica, Pram, and Desir. All  four members of their main force.

Desir  had  determined  that  other  than  the  four  of  them, including himself, no one else was fit for battle yet.

Paian was lost in thought as he examined the documents.

‘A party with skills levels higher or equal to knights that have cleared a Level  Three Shadow World by themselves huh… But there are only four of them… … ’

The   Starling   Party’s   reputation   was   widespread   in   the Hebrion Empire, and even Paian had heard about them.

Heroes   that   had   foiled   the   Outsiders’   terrorism   in   the Prillecha Empire and saved the kings of the Western Kingdom


A  future  commander  who  had  led  the  academy’s  students, including many prideful single rankers, in the Party Competition to interrupt the Outsiders’ heinous plan.

Not  to  mention  having  the  ability  to  clear  a  Level   Three Shadow World with a mere four people.

There  was  no  doubt  that  the  Starling  Party  was  filled  with very skilled individuals.

But Paian couldn’t help but worry.

He turned his attention towards Desir.

“As  you  have  successfully  cleared  a  Level   Three  Shadow World  by  yourselves,  your  party  now  has  the  right  to  move independently,   just   like   the   knights.   However,   it   may   be dangerous with only the four of you.”

Without  even  having  to  mention  the  numerous  groups  of

knights, the Starling Party was still  significantly smaller than the academy’s other parties of the same level.

No  matter  how  outstanding  they  were  individually,  with small numbers, even a single mistake could be fatal to them.

That was what Paian was worried about.

“I’ve  heard  so  much  about  you  I  could  recite  it  by  heart.  I know how skilled you are.”

Desir lowered his head in gratitude.

“But   young   people   sometimes   can’t   control themselves. Someone  like  you  is  absolutely  necessary  for  the  Empire’s future. What do you think about renouncing your right to move independently and joining the army?”

“Thank  you  for  thinking  of  us  favorably.  However,  I’ll  be turning down your offer.”

Paian narrowed his eyes.

“I  doubt  that  four  people  will   be  enough  to  produce  any tangible results… … ”

“That  would  usually  be  the  case.   On  the  contrary,  I  am confident that we’ll  produce good results if we use a strategy that takes advantage of our small number.”

Excitement  flashed  in  Paian’s  eyes.   He  soon  regained  his composure.

“How would you do that?”

“We will use a smaller unit that has more freedom of mobility than larger groups, and has strong singular firepower to attack the enemy from the rear.”

“Your  party  doesn’t  have  to  be  the  one  to  carry  out  this operation.”

“We’re  a  party  that  has  successfully  cleared  a  Level  Three Shadow  World  with  a  mere  four  people.  When  it  comes  to

strategies carried out by smaller numbers, there are no other troops that can match us in terms of quality.”

“Even   still,   taking   up   the   position   of   rear   infiltrator   is extremely risky. Do you think you’re capable of lasting on your own, with risk of the enemy turning at any moment??”

Paian expected Desir to be flustered at the question, but his response was completely unexpected.

“If you leave that to us, we’ll do it.”

There was no hesitation.

“It’s just as I’d heard.”

Paian seemed to be quite satisfied with Desir’s answers so far.

“Desir Arman, leader of the Starling Party. Let’s see if you’re as good as the rumors say.”

* * *

“The famous Starling Party is here.”

“I  heard  that  they  recently  cleared  a  Level  Three  Shadow World?”

There   was   a   hot   topic   making   the   rounds   amongst   the soldiers.   It  was  news  of  Hebrion  Academy’s  Starling  Party joining them.

Hebrion   Academy   was   the   continent’s   best   educational institution,  the  pride  of  the  Hebrion  Empire.   Many  of  its graduates were well-known names throughout the continent.

Of course, current students like Radoria von Dorice, leader of the Red Dragon party, and Nipleka Kelt, leader of the Blue Moon party were already quite popular, even before they graduated.

But between the numerous students, no one was unaware of the newly formed Starling Party that stood shoulder to shoulder with pre-existing prestigious parties, as they continued to rack-up countless notable achievements.

As they became the center of attention of the soldiers at Lutria castle, the Starling Party couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.

If they had to pick the worst moments, it was during meals. Meals at the camp were held in one big place where all  of the soldiers gathered, and many of them frequently snooped around trying  to  catch  a  glance  of  the  prestigious  party,  or  loitered around waiting for a chance to introduce themselves.

“… It’s uncomfortable eating here.  At this rate, I’m going to get sick.”

Romantica puffed up her cheeks as she spoke.

The   others   hadn’t   said   anything,   but   they   were   all   in agreement.

They   were   thankful for   the   attention,   but   they   didn’t appreciate how excessive it had become.

As they sat there complaining, someone called out to them in

a cheerful voice.

“That’s some attention you guys are getting.”

“Should I be asking for your autographs too?”

Turning around at the familiar voices, Pram’s face lit up.

“Radoria! Kelt! Long time no see!”

“Yeah, it’s been a while.”

“Do you mind if we sit here too?”

There was no reason to refuse them.

Radoria and Kelt sat at the table the Starling Party had parked themselves at. The leaders of Hebrion Academy’s most famous parties had been gathered in one place.

The attention that had been garnered due to the presence of just  the  Starling  Party,  ended  up  ratcheting  up  a  few  more notches.

“We got used to it pretty quickly. You’ll be fine in a week.”

Radoria and Kelt, as leaders of longstanding famous parties, were well used to the attention currently troubling the fledgling Starling Party.

Kelt spoke as he seasoned his soup.

“Try  to  eat  a  lot,  even  if  you  don’t  have  an  appetite,  since today’s meal is actually pretty good.”

“Is it normally not this good?”

At Romantica’s question, Radoria let out a deep sigh.

“The menu is determined by expiry, whatever is going to go bad first is what we eat next. Wait and see. Soon you’ll be eating so much jerky, hardtacks, and raisins that you will  be sick of


At Radoria’s words, the members of the Starling Party nodded their heads.

“Well,  the  eastern  front  using  the  railway  says  that  their situation is a bit better than ours.”

The Allied Forces’ supply routes had been divided in two. One went through the railway while the other went by ship.

The railway that had been set up for trade with the barbarians was being used by the Allied Forces of the Western Kingdom Union stationed on the western and central sides of the Lagrium Plains.

Meanwhile, the Hebrion Imperial Army that was stationed on the eastern part of the Lagrium Plains had to be supplied by ship through the Mahayu River, and there was no doubt that it took longer than using the railway.

Consequently,  the  food  that  was  being  consumed  by  the Hebrion Imperial Army was mostly composed of foods that were

easy to store.

As  they  continued  talking  to  Kelt  and  Radoria,  the  Starling Party eventually forgot about the attention they were receiving and concentrated on their conversation.


The sound of a shrill bell rang out.

When the bell rang three times, the soldiers seated in the hall hurriedly leaped into action and headed somewhere at break-neck speed.

Three bells.

The  Starling  Party  had  familiarised  themselves  with  a  few signals prior to arriving.

And three rings of a bell meant…

‘An enemy attack.’

There was nothing more to say.  Everyone dropped the food they were eating and got out of their seats.

“See you at the central command area.”

Radoria   and   Kelt   bid   the   Starling   Party   farewell   before hurriedly returning to their respective parties.

Desir spoke as he examined his party members.

“We should start moving too.”

Romantica looked upset.

“It’s barely been a few hours since we’ve arrived and we’re already going to battle. Just my luck.”



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