A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 164


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 164. Going to War (4)



The ground shook with the sound of the horses’ hooves.

The Kashuka Knights turned around after sweeping through the Imperial Army’s entire infantry.


“Help me!”

Any Imperial  Army soldiers in their way would be swept to the side under the might of their charge. This was the tactic that they had employed to great effect.

“Stop them! Enter the tortoise formation to stop the cavalry!”

Following the commander’s orders, the Imperial Army moved in  unison.   A  moment  later,  their  shields  and  spears  came together to form a solid wall around them.

But such a formation was useless when their opponents were heavily  armed  with  magic  weapons.  Their  formation  would have   been   effective   against   regular   cavalry,   but   this   was anything but that.


They forcefully broke through once again.

In the face of such a reckless charge, the Imperial Army broke down.

The   Imperial   Army’s   spears   couldn’t   pierce   through   the enemy’s armor, and the shields they wielded broke easily.

Their  shield  wall  crumbled  easily  and  many  soldiers  were trampled by the enemy horses’ hooves.

The  Kashuka  Knights  soon  broke  through  the  center  and began heading towards the artillery.

At this rate, the artillery troops were going to be left exposed and defenseless against the enemy’s attacks.

As  a  result  of  their  efforts  to  sustain  shelling  magic  on  the Outsiders, they were starting to run low on mana. They didn’t have enough energy to deal with the cavalry’s approach.

Despite  being  plunged  into  crisis,  Desir  didn’t  panic  and slowly examined the enemy. His two eyes were looking for the Kashuka Knights’ planned route.

‘For cavalries that can’t make sharp turns, they’re dead the moment their planned movement is discovered.’

Having finished organizing his thoughts, Desir gave Romantica an order.

“Romantica, aim for the one third from the front.”

The   enemy   that   Desir   was   pointing   at   was   armed   with particularly  good  weapons  in  comparison  to  the  rest  of  the cavalry.

Romantica,   too,   had   noticed   the   superiority   of   his   gear through the difference in the flow of mana and soon went into sniping mode.  And the moment the target entered her line of sight…


The bullet pierced straight through the head of the Kashuka Knights’ leader, and he tumbled off his horse like a rag doll.

Using  a  weapon  called  a  rifle  to  concentrate  a  significant amount of her power into a single bullet, Romantica’s shot far surpassed her mana’s limit in terms of strength.

“Don’t stop!”

“Continue carrying out the leader’s orders!”

The  Kashuka  Knights  turned  a  blind  eye  to  their  leader’s death and continued charging.

Desir’s orders continued.

“Adjest, freeze the enemy’s movements.”

As soon as he finished talking, Adjest’s calculations appeared in the form of a multitude of magical arrays in front of herself.

[Forest of Crying White Crows]

Fourth Circle ice magic.

Hundreds of pillars of ice surfaced along the trajectory that the Kashuka Knights were following.

“… … !”

Their  movements  immediately  slowed.   The  wall   that  had appeared out of nowhere forced them to quickly change their


But without a leader to make commands, there was no way they were going to make a quick and unified decision.

Desir raised his hand towards the hesitant Kashuka Knights.

[Flame Storm]

A spell that would normally be classified as being of the Third Circle surged towards the Kashuka Knights with the force of a Sixth Circle spell.

And as their silver armor dyed itself red…


A huge firestorm erupted with a deafening roar.

“Th… there’s no way… … ”

Regardless  of  which  side  they  were  on,  everyone  that  was watching the scene had the same thought.

There was no one that could survive in such flames that still continued to burn fiercely.

The  Kashuka  Knights  that  had  been  at  the  center  of  the explosion, as well as assisting enemy troops surrounding them, were wiped out completely.

“We weren’t told about any of this! How could a magician of this level be mixed in amongst the infantry!”

Having witnessed overwhelming magical power, the Outsiders fell into a panic.

The Imperial Army didn’t miss the opportunity.


A multitude of battle cries sounded.

The momentary upper hand that the Outsiders had claimed swiftly returned to the Imperial Army.

“I think we’ve done enough.”

It was like Pram said.

The Starling Party had neutralized the enemy’s attacks, and completely annihilated their main troops.

They had created the current situation.

The Outsiders resisted desperately. The situation had already turned against them, yet they remained persistent.

Desir spoke to the party members as he gasped for air.

“Like Pram said, we’ve done enough… so let’s leave the rest… to the infantry…”

At his orders, Romantica questioned him.

“We’re not seeing it through to the end?”

“This   is   enough   for   now.   This   won’t   be   the   last   battle anyway.”

A magician’s management of their mana was more important than a knight maintaining their fitness. A magician out of mana was no different than an ordinary person with no training.

But that wasn’t the only reason why Desir ordered a retreat.

‘Something isn’t right.’

Despite his overwhelming victory, he didn’t look very happy.

Going to the rear where the command center was located, the Starling Party was able to join up with Radoria and Kelt who had been active within the artillery troops. They had retreated to  the  command  center  after  the  Blue  Moon  and  Red  Dragon parties   finished   aiding   the   artillery   unit,   as   well   as   their

personal mana stores being largely depleted.

Noticing the Starling Party, Radoria approached them.

“You guys are doing great. Thanks to you, the artillery battle was really easy. There’s a tent at the back so you should rest up a bit.”

Adjest, Romantica, and Pram hurried to the tent that Radoria was pointing at.

But Desir was different. With a stiff expression, he continued examining the battlefield.

When  Desir  didn’t  immediately  join  his  party  members  to rest, Radoria spoke to him.

“What’s wrong, Desir?”

“Things seem to be going easier than I expected it to.  Since our  main  forces  were  sent  to  the  central   front  to  provide support, I’d expected the situation to be difficult… … ”

Radoria spoke as if she didn’t understand.

“Well that’s obviously because you guys have done so well.”

“No, that’s not what I mean.”

The questions Desir had weren’t about the current situation. They were more about the fundamental situation itself.

The  Outsiders,  created  by  groups  of  criminals  all  over  the continent,  currently  possessed  enough  power  to  be  called  the strongest on a battlefield.

It was enough to go head-to-head with the forces provided by the Western Kingdom Union.

And   the   current   force   of   the   Imperial   Army   that   was mobilized  for  this  war  was  only  a  fifth  of  the  Allied  Forces’ power.

Sensing the tense atmosphere flowing between Radoria and Desir, Kelt approached them.

“It’s  strange.  Even  though  the  troops  that  were  sent  to  the western   and   central   fronts   were   considerably   large,   when thinking about how powerful a force they have, the number of troops they sent here is far too little.”

Kelt seemed to have realized that something was off as well.

“… … That’s certainly the case.”

“Is it because they don’t want to take the risk? If they go all-out and lose, then that’s it for them.”

At Radoria’s guess, Desir shook his head.

The  troops  they’d  mobilized  this  time  were  far  too  big  for them to have been preparing for next time.

If the Outsiders lost this battle, they did have the homunculus as  a  wildcard,  but  it  would  be  near  impossible  for  them  to

overturn the situation.

‘The Outsiders aren’t in a position to save their power.’

He could only assume that they had something else they were aiming for.

What could their goal be?

Desir quickly reached a conclusion.

“… … The supply routes.”


“If the homunculus at the central  front was to tie down the Allied Forces’ main forces and the supply routes in the western and eastern fronts were their main goals… ”

Radoria and Kelt turned pale.

The  Allied  Forces  that  were  composed  of  the  continent’s greatest nations were truly enormous. If the supply routes were seized by the enemy, it would become impossible to maintain all those troops.

They would lose without even getting a chance to fight the enemy properly.

Radoria spoke urgently to Desir.

“We’d  better  send  a  scouting  party.  I’ll  tell  the  command immediately.”

“We have no time for that. Romantica!”

Surprised by Desir’s call, Romantica jumped out.

“What’s going on!?”

“Romantica, I need you to invoke detection magic around the port’s supply route.”

Flustered, Radoria spoke.

“Desir, even if it’s Romantica, using detection magic at such a distance… … ”

“We’ve always practiced within that range so it’s okay.”

Romantica   cut   off   Radiora’s   words   and   began   invoking detection magic.

The wind blew around her, and soon it concentrated onto one point and stretched out.

As the wind searched every nook and cranny of the battlefield, Romantica’s eyebrows flinched.

“This is… ”

Desir hurriedly asked.

“Are you getting a response?”

“Around two thousand armored people are heading towards the supply route.”

At Romantica’s response, the expressions of Hebrion Academy’s party leaders hardened.

Kelt murmured.

“This entire assault was a ruse… … ”

The once heated atmosphere turned cold in an instant.



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