A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 165


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 165. Going to War (5)

It became readily apparent that the Outsiders were targeting the supply routes.

In response, Desir hurriedly informed a nearby officer about the  current  situation  and  declared  that  he  would  be  stepping forward to defend the supply routes.

However, the response he got was tepid.

“I can’t move that many troops just by listening to you.  For now, I’ll report it to the superiors.”

Maintaining the frontlines would become impossible if they lost control  of the supply routes.  There was no way someone who’d been promoted to officer wouldn’t know that.

However,  any  and  all  problems  that  arise  from  a  personal judgment to move the troops would become his responsibility.

‘He just wants to avoid responsibility and follow the system.’

Desir relayed the same information to the other officers, but the responses he got were all the same.

Deciding that he couldn’t delay this any longer, Desir spoke to Radoria and Kelt.

“I think that at least we, as people that have the right to act independently, should start moving first.”

Radoria and Kelt expressed their agreement as they nodded.

They  had  been  thinking  the  same  thing  as  Desir,  so  they quickly began gathering their party members.

In  no  time,  the  number  of  people  they  gathered  neared  a hundred.

Looking at their skills individually, the quality of their troops was rather high, but they could hardly be called a large group. With these few people, dealing with the two thousand people heading towards the supply routes was an impossible task.

Just then, someone approached them.

“Are you Desir Arman?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I  am  Lieutenant  Colonel  Yuta  of  the  Imperial  Army.  Our infantry   battalion   will   join   you   in   supporting   the   supply routes.”

Hebrion Academy’s party members let out a sigh of relief.

The infantry battalion had around four hundred troops. Even when combined with the Hebrion Academy’s party members, their entire force would only consist of five hundred people, but it was still a much better situation than before.

“Colonel Ranphell thinks quite highly of you.”

Colonel  Ranphell  was the regiment commander that led the

1st Infantry Regiment stationed on the eastern front.

He had heard about Desir’s achievements on the frontlines, leading him to entrust his troops to him.

‘So they do have a commander with good judgement.’

They didn’t have a second to waste. They immediately made their way towards the supply routes.

It was about twenty minutes later, as they were making their move.



As  they  got  closer  and  closer  to  the  harbor,  the  sounds  of explosions   got   louder   and   louder.   Black,   ashy   smoke   was billowing up.

The magician in charge of surveillance informed everyone.

“Large amounts of mana are being unleashed at our destination!”

Hearing that, everybody looked towards the harbor that was slowly coming into sight.

And  once  they  saw  the  Outsiders  surrounding  the  harbor, they were lost for words.

The  equipment  the  Outsiders  occupying  the  supply  routes were equipped with was identical to what the Kashuka Knights were armed with at the front lines. But the weapons weren’t the only problem.

“That flag… Isn’t that Raden, the King of Mountains?”

“The  rumors  that  the  Lion’s  Mane  Magic  Corps  and  the Gandel   Institute’s  expelled  magicians  joined  the  Outsiders… Were they true?”

Among the members of the Outsiders’s forces busy attacking the  supply  routes,  were  groups  so  infamous  that  it  would  be surprising if there was anyone that didn’t know their name.

It  wasn’t  a  surprise  that  the  Imperial  Army  was  struggling since the group was made up of talented individuals that could even  compare  to  the  Allied  Forces’  strongest  troops.  It  was amazing  that  they  had  even  managed  to  hold  out  this  long without knowing if they had reinforcements.

Each  of  the  factions  within  the  Outsiders  proudly  held  up their own flags.

Looking at the Outsiders shouting in glee as they rampaged, they looked more like they were competing against each other, more than as if they were fighting with their lives.

Desir’s  gaze  landed  on  the  Outsiders’  magician  troops  that were busy firing at the city’s walls from the hill facing the main gate of the harbor city.

‘The first target we need to take care of is the Lion’s Mane Magic Corps.’

The  Lion’s  Mane  Magic  Corps  includes  three  Fifth  Circle magicians. They   were   a   notable   group   even   within   the Outsiders.

A Fifth Circle magician was a fearsome being, on the level  of being a strategic-level weapon in their own right. For the Lion’s Mane to have three of them, it went without saying that they were extremely dangerous.

“Kill them! Burn them all!”

“I’ll  create  gusts  of  wind  with  magic  so  invoke  some  flame magic.”

With the magic of the three Fifth Circle magicians, the Empire was accumulating more and more fatal damage.

Desir spoke to Lieutenant Colonel Yuta.

“I think we should put off joining the garrison for now and deal with their artillery troops first.”

“Agreed. I’ll instruct the troops to do so.”

After  witnessing  the  force  of  Fifth  Circle  magic  firsthand, Yuta had no choice but to agree with Desir.

“When   I   give   the   signal,   I’ll   start   attacking   the   troops stationed on that hill immediately.”

“I’ll be invoking shelling magic.”

Other  parties  that  had  realized  Desir’s  command  abilities during the party competition also followed Desir’s orders.

‘Right now, while they still  haven’t noticed us, is our golden opportunity.’

After giving his instructions, Desir started inverting the magic that the Fifth Circle magicians were invoking.

Compared to the magicians he’d been dealing with lately, it was certainly a more difficult task.

‘But it isn’t hard.’

In Desir’s eyes, they were all about the same.

Unfortunately,   everything   didn’t   go   perfectly   this   time around.


“There are enemy reinforcements at the back!”

It  was  a  stroke  of  bad  timing.  Of  all  the  people,  it  was  the magicians invoking detection magic that noticed their presence.

For  Desir’s  unit,  which  had  been  preparing  to  launch  a surprise  attack  from  the  rear,  it  was  a  rather  troublesome situation.

One  of  the  Fifth  Circle  magicians  leading  the  Lion’s  Mane Magic Corps reached out to Desir with a sneer covering on his face.

“Hah, such fools. If you thought close combat was worth a try, you’re sorely mista… … ”

“Be quiet.”

With a flick of Desir’s hand, the magic that was being invoked by the Fifth Circle magician scattered like an illusion.

“Huh… … ?”


While   the   Lion’s   Mane   Magic   Corps   couldn’t   hide   their bafflement, the Red Dragon party opened fire with their magic with Radoria in the lead.

[Fire Cannon]


The flame magic raged uncontrollably right in the middle of the  Lion’s  Mane’s  formation.  Unprepared  for  enemy  attacks from  the  rear,  they  were  utterly  exposed  to  the  unexpected attacks and left in an utterly defenseless state.



With  firepower  as  their  specialty,  the  Red  Dragon  party’s shelling was remarkable. In an instant, the enemy’s formation began to collapse.

The Lion Mane magic knights immediately tried to fight back, but the group made of magicians were helpless in front of Desir.

Two   Fifth   Circle   magicians,   with   power   comparable   to strategic weapons on their own right, died without even getting a chance to fight back.

Thanks  to  Desir,  most  of  the  Lion’s  Mane’s  forces  were neutralized,  and  even  what  was  left  of  it  had  been  severely damaged by the Red Dragon party’s shelling.

The Imperial Army’s infantry followed suit and charged at the enemy.

“Do   anything   necessary   to   stop   the   enemy   from   getting closer!”

The Lion Mane magic knights fought back desperately.

[Fire Burst]

But having lost too many of their troops already, their actions looked like a futile struggle of a writhing, disgusting insect.

In  the  end,  the  magicians  that  could  not  offer  much  real resistance  had  allowed  the  enemy  to  approach  and  ended  up being slaughtered mercilessly.

Determining that they had done enough, Desir yelled out.

“We must regroup quickly before we’re surrounded!”

They  had  succeeded  in  neutralizing  the  force  of  the  Fifth Circle magicians, but that had exposed their presence to the rest of the Outsiders.

“Stop the enemies before they join together!”

The  Outsiders  hurried  to  move  to  prevent  the  garrisoned forces in the town and Desir’s reinforcement force from joining up.  They  surrounded  the  castle  and  began  sending  troops  to reinforce the gate.

From the number of troops alone, the Outsiders were at an advantage,  but  fortunately,  they  had  deployed  their  infantry troops in a round formation surrounding the harbor.

It  wasn’t  impossible  to  break  through  such  a  formation,  so long as they focused their efforts and cut through at a single spot.

Hebrion Academy’s magicians invoked magic in large doses to stop the Outsiders’ troops from gathering.


The   magic   invoked   by   the   promising   magicians   of   the continent’s  best  institution  did  not  fall   behind  in  power  in comparison to the magic invoked by the Outsiders’ magicians. If anything, they were superior.

Someone from the Imperial Army called out to Desir.

“The enemy is invoking magic at us!”

“We’ll deal with it so focus on running!”

[Tales of Water]

[Ice Whisper]

With Desir’s inversions and the Hebrion Academy students’ magic, the magic being shot towards the reinforcements could mostly be stopped.

“Hrrgh, ugh!”

Though  the  magic  that  couldn’t  be  stopped  caused  some casualties, they had no time to hesitate. They had no choice but to leave them behind.

“I can see the end!”

As the reinforcements neared the gate, the garrison that was protecting the city started to respond.

“Open up! We must open the gates now!”

The  garrison  started  opening  the  castle  gates.  At  the  same time, they also sent out troops to help the reinforcements get inside safely.

[Burst Fire]

[Sand Ground]

Thanks to the garrison’s support, the reinforcements began to enter the castle smoothly.


Desir  remained  outside  the  castle  until  the  end  and  did  his best  to  invert  the  Outsiders’  magic  that  was  being  blasted  at them.

It was right then.

Desir  suddenly  sensed  tremendous  bloodthirst.  At  the  same moment,  Runel,  which  had  been  concealed  within  his  sleeve, popped out.


The  hatchet  heading  straight  for  Desir’s  head  collided  with Runel,   causing   a   shrill   cry   to   reverberate   throughout   the battlefield.

The hatchet was extremely small, but it seemed to be carrying

a powerful  aura.  The fact that Runel, an A-class artifact, was shaking violently was proof of its power.

Desir  looked  towards  the  direction  the  hatchet  came  from. There stood a man who seemed rather disappointed.

The  power  of  his  aura  told  him  that  the  man  was  at  least skilled enough to be in the Bishop Class.

A Bishop Class that was nearing the King Class at that.

Someone as skilled as whoever threw the hatchet wasn’t that common on the continent.

Desir could easily deduce the man’s identity.

‘So he’s probably Raden, the King of Mountains……”

Lined  up  behind  him  were  others  that  showed  the  same amount of vigor. They were the true main troops of this raid.

Desir  felt  his  gut  tighten.  He  had  a  premonition  that  this would now become a tough fight.

“Desir, please hurry!”

Desir could hear Pram’s voice by his ears.

“… … ”

He  turned  his  gaze  away  from  Raden  and  headed  into  the castle.

* * *

Countless people died and an ocean of blood was spilt.

The massive harbor was dyed red with blood.

On the land littered with corpses stood one person, alone.

Not a single breathing creature remained around the woman adorned  with  a  mask  decorated  beautifully  with  jewels  and feathers.

Even her allies stared at her from afar with eyes full of fear.

Feather  Mask  smiled  as  she  watched  the  Imperial   Army’s reinforcements join.

She didn’t know how important that place was, nor did she know what the current situation meant.

No, she didn’t want to know.

There was only one principle that made her move.

A   simple   principle.   It   was   frightening   due   to   its   sheer simplicity.


A desire for blood.

But she only looked at one place, paying no attention to the ground soaked in blood.

“So   that’s   the   boy   Crow   Mask   wouldn’t   stop   blathering about.”

She smiled sensuously with a slight hint of excitement.

“What is the color of your blood?”



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