A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 166


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 166. Blood Princess (1)

The  castle  gates  roared  shut.  What  remained  from  the  five hundred men were safe within the castle walls.

After entering the castle, the reinforcements were immediately greeted with the overwhelming cries of relief from the supply route’s garrison.

“God did not abandon us!”

“And they’re even skilled enough to beat the Lion’s Mane… ”

They weren’t expecting any reinforcements to come.

The outsiders had employed a tactic where the minority used the majority as the bait.

The  supply  route  garrison  had  all  but  given  up.  Once  they realized  what  the  Outsiders  had  done,  they  knew  the  supply route was as good as lost. High command wouldn’t realize and their lives would be forfeit.

But   when   reinforcements   had   arrived   miraculously,   the soldiers who were drowning in their hopeless situation felt an overwhelming surge of relief.

But as soon their bodies began to grow slack from the tension of the situation fading, an angry roar resounded throughout the castle’s halls.

“Everyone, take your position and hold down the fort! There is still an enemy in front of our eyes!”

The man who let out the angry roar was an old man with a long, white beard.

Desir felt extremely large amount of powerful  flow of mana circulate within the old man.  He was a competent Fifth-Circle magician.

After the garrison’s commander gave the order, he approached Colonel Yuta and saluted him.

“Thanks to you, we’re saved.  I am Commander Gereon, and I’m leading the unit here.”

Like all the other soldiers, Commander Gereon was extremely exhausted, but a resolute smile spread across his face.

“I’m  Colonel  Yuta.  If  we  hold  out  a  little  longer,  the  main force will soon arrive as well.”

“That’s a relief.”

Gereon’s sigh of relief was cut short, however, when a spell was launched at the castle and immediately demolished a few of the surrounding buildings.

There was no time to have a leisurely conversation.

“Our  unit  will  be  under  your  command  and  we  will  follow your orders.”

Geron  reported  to  Colonel  Yuta  in  detail  and,  after  being briefed, Colonel Yuta gave the combined force their new orders

and positions.

The Imperial Army moved like a perfect machine.

Of  course,  the  students  of  the  Hebrion  Empire  weren’t  just resting.  They offered their assistance wherever it was needed, since they were volunteers within the Imperial Army as well.

The Imperial  Army steadily began reconstructing the line of defense.

The garrison wouldn’t be able to shift the tide with just their increase  in  numbers.  After  all,  the  Outsiders  still  had  more troops in the first place.

It was because even though the number of reinforcements was smaller than average, the troops that had arrived were vastly superior in quality.

Above  all  else,  one  could  say  that  a  unit  consisting  of  the Hebrion  Academy’s  parties  -  which  contained  less  than  one hundred people - was an elite unit within the Imperial Army.

* * *

[Ice Flower]

[Fire Bolt]

The  Imperial  Army  was  completely  able  to  turn  the  tides. They had gone from being crushed to subtly gaining the upper hand.  When  Desir’s  reinforcements  arrived,  they  completely annihilated the Lion’s Mane Magic Corps - the Outsider’s main force.

[Giga Tryce]

Desir continued to unleash a volley of spells until he ran out of mana.  He  would  then  pull   back,  recuperate,  and  rejoin  the defense.  With  his  assistance,  the  Outsiders  were  completely blocked from assaulting the ramparts.

The Imperial  Army slowly moved into a higher gear and the Outsiders,  who  were  attacking  without  hesitation,  began  to drop in numbers even faster.

However, Desir judged that they should not lower their guard just yet.

‘There  are  still  too  many  of  them  to  get  comfortable.  The troops we’re fighting with now have just come from the front line and are exhausted, it won’t be long until  we’re forced to slow down our assault.’

Right now, the Imperial Army was high in spirit as a result of their  reinforcements  joining  them,  but  war  was  not  a  beast fickle enough to be won by spirit alone.

If the Outsiders regrouped and decided to turn the siege into a battle of attrition, the situation would quickly become grim.

Desir,   who   was   gauging   the   battlefield   in   front   of   him, suddenly realized one thing.

Raden, the King of Mountains.

He was not seen anywhere.

Desir frowned in concern when the greatest military asset the Outsiders currently had leading their siege, was nowhere to be found.

‘Where did he go?’

Raden was one of the most dangerous pieces on Desir’s mental battlefield.  If  he  couldn’t  be  monitored,  the  situation  could become dire at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, it was at that moment…

A  messenger  rushed  to  kneel   in  front  of  Gereon,  nearly stumbling, and gave his report while still gasping for breath.

“Commander! I believe the rampart at the harbor will soon be lost!”

“Report! What is the situation?”

“I’m  unsure  what  the  reason  is,  but  the  soldiers  who  were

responsible  for  guarding  the  ramparts  have  devolved  into  an internal conflict. The Outsiders assaulting have taken advantage of the situation and there’s no one stopping them from climbing the ramparts.”

Colonel Yuta’s face turned deadly pale.

“Did  you  just  say  we’re  losing  the  harbor…  to  an  internal conflict?”

Internal conflict.

At a time when they were locked in a critical fight against the Outsiders,  the  men  stationed  there  had  chosen  to  pick  fights with each other.

Colonel Yuta could not believe this was happening.

“It’s  imperative  we  find  out  what’s  going  on  down  there, immediately. If it’s true that there’s a conflict, suppressing that takes the utmost priority.”

He was evidently flustered at the absurdity of the situation, but  he  organized  the  unit  and  took  action  with  the  calm composure you could expect from a veteran.

Desir spoke to Colonel Yuta.

“I’m worried about what’s going on down there. My party and I will head towards the harbor as well.”

After  Colonel  Yuta  thought  for  a  brief  moment,  he  nodded soon after.

“Understood. Then, I’ll leave you in charge.”

The Starling Party went towards the harbor with approximately 70 soldiers that had been quickly organized by Yuta.

They were able to acutely feel  the horrors of the war as they were   heading   towards   the   city   center.   At   the   city,   which probably used to be a place full  of vitality, only darkness was present.

‘We need to end the war without a moment’s delay.’

It  was  not  long  before  the  Starling  Party  reached  the  inner part of the city and were able to witness the internal  conflict that the soldier was talking about.

Before them were two large groups of soldiers, wearing the same armor, fighting with each other in the center of the city.

‘What the hell… ’

It  was  not  what  one  could  typically  consider  an  internal conflict.


“Stop! It’s me!”

One side was still  rational  and tried to make a conversation, but the other side seemed to have gone totally mad.

Those  who  were  attacking  their  allies  didn’t  just  lose  their ability to reason.  Rather, it was as though they had lost their humanity,  as  though  they  had  been  reduced  to  bloodthirsty beasts.


They   were   extremely   powerful.   They   easily   crushed   the ironclad pieces of armor that their fellow soldiers were wearing.

“Is that the price one has to pay for grasping power in their hands?”

Whenever  they  moved,  whether  they  simply  took  a  step  or tore apart steel  plate with their bare hands, the blood vessels within their bodies burst out in response to the pressure.

Despite  the  enormous  amount  of  bleeding,  the  rampaging soldiers seemed to show no signs of stopping. They ignored the soldiers attempting to stop them and continued to rampage like madmen.

It was simply impossible for normal  soldiers to resist those

who were exhibiting a power above their limits.

What remained of the rational Imperial Army was seized up in a state of confusion, and as a result, was slowly retreating.

But there was another problem.

A soldier, who had rolled his ankle while retreating, fell down and began crying out while desperately dragging himself across the ground, trying desperately to get away from the approaching monstrosities.

“H-Help me!”

However, it was impossible for his cry to be heard by those who had lost their faculties of reason. A mad soldier gnawed on his ally without any hesitation.


The soldier, who was being gnawed at, struggled for a while as he cried out for help.  Moments later, he stopped moving just

like a marionette who suddenly had its strings cut..

Then, the Starling Party witnessed a horrifying sight.

“Kurghhh! Kuurrghh!”

The face of the gnawed soldier started to become a bloodshot face.  Then, instead of shouting for help, he let out a horrible shriek.

When he stood up on both of his feet, he was in a mad state just like the one who had gnawed on him.

* * *

It was infectious.

This unidentifiable condition was contagious and was spreading throughout the impromptu battlefield.

Romantica, bewildered, murmured to herself.

“… Is this magic as well?”

Never  had  she  seen  a  spell  able  to  exert  such  a  powerful influencing  effect.  Not  even  Desir  had  ever  encountered  this kind of magic.

A man, who was an ally a moment ago, began to attack others in  order  to  infect  them  and  eventually  get  killed  by  his  own friends. How many soldiers would be able to keep their wits in this mysterious situation?

The  Imperial  Army  was  under  attack  from  their  very  own forces,  without  being  able  to  properly  take  action  and  the number   of   soldiers   losing   their   rationality   was   increasing exponentially.

Desir shouted towards those who were panicking.

“If possible, suppress them instead of killing them! If it is a spell  affiliated  with  mind  control,  then  we  should  be  able  to break   it   by   destroying   the   channel or   demolishing   the magician’s spell.”

He ended his command by invoking a spell.


The  restriction  spell  that  Desir  invoked  was  aimed  at  some soldiers  who  were  preoccupied,  attempting  to  infect  a  group that was still sane.

Those who had been resigned to just watching the disastrous scene  absent-mindedly  started  to  move  as  well.  The  soldiers paired up.  Then, they started to face those who were tackling them. Pram was the first person to take the lead.

He held his rapier and headed towards the back of the mad soldiers.

A mad soldier noticed Pram’s existence and ran towards him with a spear, rushing forward at near-literal  breakneck speed. This kind of speed was impossible for any normal soldier.


But he wasn’t good enough to keep up with Pram, who had refined his skill and speed in order to reach the Rook Class.

Pram quickly read the trajectory of the spear, dodged it, and then kicked the soldier, bringing him to his knees. He then hit the scruff of the soldier’s neck with his hilt, with the intention of knocking him out.



However, it was no use. The soldier tried to skewer Pram once again.

The soldier straightened up while Pram backed off to dodge his attack. He wasn’t affected in any sort of way.

‘He doesn’t even pass out. This is difficult.’

If it was difficult for a Rook Class like Pram, then it would be

even more difficult for the regular soldiers.

‘Then there is only one way… ’

Pram gave Desir the look.

After Desir caught his eyes, he sighed and nodded as if it was inevitable.

When Pram got his answer, he turned to look at the soldier in front of him. The soldier was running up towards Pram just in time.

“I am sorry.”

Pram got in position, as if strengthening his resolve. He then sliced  down  towards  the  legs  of  the  soldier  running  towards him.


A terrifying sound echoed everywhere.

Pram broke the legs of the mad soldiers without a moment of hesitation.

Romantica’s  response  was  the  same.  After  controlling  the power of the spells, she only aimed at the legs.



The soldiers, having lost their legs to Pram and Romantica, let out horrible shrieks as their movements were forcibly halted.

Within  the  Starling  Party,  the  one  with  the  best  ability  to handle issues in this kind of situation was Adjest.

Her Ice Magic was very suitable for restraining her opponent’s movements.

[Frost Fog]

Chilly fog was spread everywhere.

Under Adjest’s control, the fog froze all  of the soldiers who had gone mad.

The soldiers around her began to freeze, starting from their legs before it spread to their lower half, before totally freezing them.

Under the expert direction of the Starling Party, the situation in the city center was quickly resolved.



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