A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 167


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 167. Blood Princess (2)

Desir approached the soldiers who had lost their rationality, and placed his hands on their heads. He attempted to invert the magic currently possessing them.

‘So that’s why.’

Desir spoke to the members of Desir’s group.

“I’ve figured out why we can’t invert the spell.”

The first thing Desir had tried when he saw the soldiers was to invert the spell.  There was no other plausible explanation for the infection other than magic.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t invert the spell. No matter how hard he searched, he just couldn’t find any spell on them to invert in the first place.

After examining the soldiers, he was able to realize why he was unable to detect any magic. .

“The  soldiers  weren’t  individually  possessed  by  the  mind controlling  spell.  They  were  connected  to  the  spells  that  the magician was arranging from a remote point.”

Desir pointed towards the blood that was running down from the soldiers’ face.

“This isn’t ordinary blood. It’s a conduit for the magician to arrange his spells through.”

This formless magic was well  beyond human knowledge and ignored several  theories that were the foundation of magic, as they knew it.

Undoubtedly, it was a form of Vision Magic.


When   the   sound   of   an   explosion   came   from   somewhere nearby, Desir raised his head and looked around.

Black   smoke   billowed   up   from   another   location   in   the outskirts of the city.  The Outsiders were still  continuing their assault.

Desir didn’t hesitate in giving orders to Romantica. He needed information in order to accurately grasp the situation.

“Romantica… can you confirm the direction of the flow of the black smoke for me?”


Romantica, busy invoking the spell, didn’t seem very happy.

“The Outsiders have entered the castle and are now heading towards the harbor. The number of infected people is increasing and if this goes on… ”

Desir gave orders to a nearby soldier.

“Please   hurry   and   communicate   the   current   situation   to

Colonel Yuta. We should give up on the defense of the rampart and go defend the harbor.”

The  harbor  was  the  focal   point  for  the  supply  route.  No matter how hard they tried to hold the rampart, if the harbor was destroyed, then none of their efforts would matter.

Desir spoke towards the remaining soldiers.

“There are two ways we can resolve this situation.  The first way is to pull the blood out of their body. The blood that is the catalyst of the spell.”

To do so, however, was impossible. It would mean death for the soldiers.

“The   second   way   is   to   get   rid   of   the   magician   who   is performing this spell.”

Desir   was   thinking   that   if   they   directly   confronted   the magician, they would definitely be able to stop the spell.

Even if they couldn’t invert the magic, if they could get rid of the magician, the spell would be broken.

“If we follow the trail  of mana coming from the catalyst, we can find the magician and put an end to all this.”

* * *

The room was filled with the thick, pungent smell of blood.

Raden looked down from the top of the church spire.

He saw a crowd of people, numerous beyond count, who were shuffling around. No, to call them people wasn’t right. After all, they weren’t human anymore.

“… ”

It had a close resemblance to a tidal wave.

An army of the dead.

A  spell  that  had  started  with  a  single  individual  was  now dominating  the  entire  Imperial   Army,  and  had  successfully forged a new army.

The  undead  army  was  flocking  towards  the  location  of  the next skirmish between the Imperial Army and the Outsiders. As soon as they arrived, they lashed out indiscriminately, transforming   both   Imperial   soldiers   and   members   of   the Outsiders alike.

This indiscriminate magic was unstoppable.

Even Raden had no choice but to watch the marching of the mad men.

“Isn’t  my  army  magnificent?  An  artistic  parade,  filled  with those  who  thirst  for  blood.  I  must  admit,  I’ve  really  outdone myself this time. I’ve sculpted this beautifully!”


Feather Mask would usually use that expression to refer to the cruel treatment that she has placed upon others. She referred to herself as an artist.

‘… Turning the Outsiders, our own soldiers, is unnecessarily cruel.’

Raden kept his thoughts to himself. He was acutely aware of Feather Mask’s ability.

“It’s almost time.”

“Time for what?”

“For us to achieve our goal, of course!”

“What  are  you  talking  about?  Isn’t  our  goal  to  destroy  the harbor, the enemy’s supply route?”

Feather Mask just smiled in silence, not responding to Raden’s question.

It was a smile filled with pure excitement and thrill.


There  was  a  sound  of  an  explosion  and  the  building  shook violently.

At the same time, sounds of weapons clashing and sounds of people screaming echoed through the building.

One of Raden’s subordinates rushed in and reported.

“G-General, the Imperial Army has…!”

He  could  not  finish  his  words.   A  pure  white  sword  has penetrated his chest.

His  body  slumped,  and  revealed  the  Starling  Party  behind him, along with a few accompanying soldiers from the Imperial Army.

Raden recognized Desir and was startled.

“That man… ”

He remembered Desir, because even though he didn’t use all his  strength  to  strike  him,  Desir  was  able  to  easily  block  his hatchet, which he had infused with his Aura.

“I knew you would be able to reach here.”

Feather Mask greeted them while clapping.

Even though Desir expected the magician to be aware of their arrival, since he had been following her flow of mana, he was suspicious  of  how  they  were  greeting  them  in  such  a  relaxed state.

“Were you waiting for us?”

“That’s correct.  Desir Arman, I wanted to get the chance to meet you.”

Desir  didn’t  think  it  was  strange  that  the  Outsiders  would know his name after the incident at Prillecha.

“I’m flattered.”

Raden’s subordinates started to surround the Starling Party.

Desir  smirked  as  he  looked  around  him,  taking  note  of  the number and power level of the soldiers surrounding them.

There were approximately thirty of them.

Feather Mask spoke Desir.

“All  right.  I would like to reward you since you managed to come here. Is there anything you want? How about a kiss?”

“That’s  nice,  but  I  was  thinking  maybe  you  could  stop  the spells that are wreaking havoc outside.”

“That  may  be  a  little  difficult.  It  was  a  very  tough  spell  to arrange, after all. Besides, I couldn’t cancel it, even if I wanted to. Hmm, if you don’t want the kiss, let’s see… What choice do we have here?”

After thinking for a while, she clapped.

“That’s right.  You should probably see the face of the artist that will be sculpting you, right?”

She took off her mask.

Behind  the  mask  was  a  captivatingly  beautiful  woman.  Her eyes and hair were redder than blood. Her lips were occupied by a smile which seemed like it could bewitch men.

She lifted her dress slightly to curtsy at Desir.

“Nice to meet you, I am Dracul Labutte Elkaera. I’m the only surviving  Blood  Magician  in  this  world,  and  an  artist  beyond anything you’ve seen before.”

There was an intense, pungent smell  of blood.  At the same time, a red ghastly energy started to swirl around Dracul’s body.

She was almost certainly invoking a spell.

There  was  a  faint  sound  of  wailing  mad  men  outside  the window.

An explosively dangerous situation had developed.


A single gunshot signaled a declaration of war.  A wind spell came out of nowhere and completely blew up the rooftop.

Before the Starling Party charged in, Romantica had positioned herself in a neighboring building.  A sudden attack from an unexpected direction hit harder than imagined. One of Raden’s soldiers was killed in a blink of an eye.

“Everyone, attack.”


The Imperial Army charged towards Raden’s bandits, disconcerted   from   the   sudden   loss   of   their   comrade.   The initiative had been seized by Romantica’s quick thinking, and even quicker bullet.

Leading  the  Imperial   Army’s  charge  was  none  other  than Pram.


One of the bandits who was blocking his advance had a long red mark carved into his chest.

He wasn’t able to dodge.  Before too long, a few soldiers had fallen  and  the  bandits  continued  to  accrue  damage.   Raden wasn’t going to let his men fall needlessly, and joined the battle. He drew a hatchet and imbued it with his Aura.

“How dare you… ”

“Your opponent is me.”

Adjest blocked Raden, preventing him from joining the battle.

[Frozen Palace]

Dozens of ice spells were shot out from the gigantic palace. Raden wasn’t able to break through the walls of ice easily. With the number of spells flying towards him, he couldn’t join the main force of the battle, and was forced to focus on Adjest first.

He stole an opportunity to assess the situation outside.

“Krodin! North-East! The two-story building! You handle the sniper!”

He was able to identify the location of the sniper in an instant through the trajectory of the spells.


Communication within a well-trained team could be extremely fast. Three subordinates started to head out in order to deal with the sniper.

When  the  Imperial  Army  couldn’t  instantly  crush  Raden’s bandits, they began to enter formation while counter-attacking any oncoming blows.

Raden’s bandits were well-trained and masterfully controlled under  his  command.  Their  forces  were  composed  of  skilled soldiers ranging from the Pawn to Knight Classes.

Despite the huge numerical advantage the Imperial Army had, it wouldn’t be an easy battle to win.

When the cover that Romantica was providing them was cut off, the advantage had fallen to the Raden Bandits.

Pram made a strenuous effort to succeed, but he eventually resigned himself to preventing soldiers from dying rather than taking out the bandits.

Adjest’s situation was not all that great either.

Raden quickly adapted to the Frozen Palace.  He was able to calmly deflect all the spells Adjest fired and slowly advanced.

Through tactical  responses to the spells she invoked, Raden had turned this into close-quarters combat in no time.

Raden’s swordsmanship was far greater than Adjest’s.  With each swing, he gained a greater advantage.

[Magic Sword: Ice Breath]

Adjest invoked her Magic Sword in order to gain the upper hand.

However, her trajectory was easy to read.

Raden  parried  Adjest’s  Magic  Sword  with  his  right  hatchet before   it   could   even   reach   half   way   towards   its   intended destination.

While  she  was  off-kilter,  from  the  counter-attack,  Raden swung his axe from the left side towards her neck.

Adjest barely raised her sword in time.


The impact of Raden’s Aura-imbued hatchet was too great for Adjest.  She  was  launched  backwards,  but  before  Raden  could take advantage of this, she formed a layer of ice to prevent his approach.

All of Adjest’s attacks were being read.

Adjest has experienced something like this before. It was just like when she faced off against Donape.

Raden was not an ordinary man either.

A man known as the King of the Mountains.

A strong man who dominated numerous battlefields with his ferocious bandits.

He didn’t just have overwhelming Aura… His swordsmanship was almost King Class.



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