A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 168


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 168. Blood Princess (3)

Unless they were supported and protected, high-level magicians did not recklessly use their strongest spells. In order to invoke high-level magic, one would need to use a lot of mana, and the casting time would inevitably be long as a result.

This was the reason why the speed of spell  arrangement and the technique used to invoke magic was important during duels between two magicians at a similar level.

The magical duel between Desir and Dracul was intense.

[Blood Beast]

[Sigh of Kizard]

The speed of their spell arrangements was neck and neck.

As  a  blood-red  beast  opened  its  gigantic  mouth  and  rushed towards Desir, a circular ice shield materialized in front of him.


The beast was not able to penetrate the shield and returned to being a blob of blood.

Dracul invoked two spells one after another, as if anticipating that Desir would be able to defend against the first one.

[Blood Explosion]

[Red Edge]

After the blood exploded and flew in all directions, it rejoined into one puddle due to her second spell and rained down.

However, Desir had long jumped out of the way.


Being  able  to  read  the  flow  of  her  mana  and  deal  with  the

spells before they even formed almost looked like a precognitive ability.

Although Desir was managing the situation, he didn’t seem too happy at the moment.

A magical duel.

Desir  felt  quite  confident  that  he  wouldn’t  lose  to  anyone during a one-on-one magical duel.

His ability to invert and neutralize, even before his opponent could invoke a spell, made him a magician’s natural enemy.

But the situation he found himself in was different.

“You’re very determined.”

“This is a gift I prepared for you. I do hope you like it. I put so much  work  into  this.  If  you  were  able  to  handle  it  easily,  I would’ve been quite upset.”

She contorted the spell arrays that she was invoking.

Her spell arrays were getting drastically twisted and deformed,   obviously   in   preparation   for   Desir’s   inversion techniques, but what she did was completely overkill.

Other  than  the  basic  spell  techniques  that  could  barely  be modified, she contorted all of her other spells two to threefold. It was difficult to even figure out the original form of the spells, based on their grotesque manifestation.

‘Even so, she’s only at the Sixth-Circle level. If I just focus on inverting those spells, I should still be able to pull it off.’


Desir was not able to focus on just the inversion.  He had to focus on every little detail in a magical duel.

[Blood Tail]

It was very fortunate that Runel was there to support him.

It moved around Desir at high speed, defending him from the whips   that   flooded   their   way,   thereby   buying   Desir   some valuable spell calculation time.

When the blood whip bounced back, it split into two whips and attacked Desir from the front and the back. Desir’s spell was barely completed in time.

[Gravity Control]

Third-Circle gravity magic.

The effect of a spell  that manipulated the effects of gravity. The whips that were about to take shape again were pinned to the ground due to the overwhelmingly strong gravitational pull.

[Iron-Blood Thorn]

A drop of red blood turned black.


It solidified into an iron-like form.

Due  to  the  protracted  length  of  this  battle,  blood  had  been scattered everywhere. As a result, the sheer amount of solidified blood droplets blocked most of Desir’s vision.

[Wind Bullet]

Desir  invoked  a  wind  spell  and  dispersed  all  traces  of  the solidified blood. The ground around him disintegrated, excluding the narrow piece of ground he was standing on.

Subsequently,  Dracul  invoked  a  spell.  The  scattered  blood started to move once again, gathering around her.

Her actions had started to reveal a pattern.

This was the preparation stage of her spell casting cycle.

Desir used the opening in this timing to counterattack.

[Summon Lightning]

There was a pure white flash of light.

An  intense  arc  of  lightning  coursed  through  the  blood  and flooded out towards her.


But  there  wasn’t  any  sort  of  noise,  or  death  wail.  He  had clearly  managed  to  invoke  his  spell  before  she  even  had  the opportunity to defend herself. There was no way to avoid it.

“I’m disappointed. Is this all you’ve got?”

The voice was located behind him. Desir spun around.

A lady’s figure formed out of a puddle of blood before turning into Dracul’s figure.

“Splash… ?”

Fourth-Circle water magic.

It  was  a  spell   where  one  could  liquidate  themselves  and neutralize an enemy’s attack.

‘No, it’s a step ahead of that level of magic.’

At that moment, she opened her mouth.

“Apologies. I started to get a little bit bored.”

The  spell  that  was  invoked  was  clearly  different  from  the spells she had deployed until now.

The  amount  of  mana  that  was  gathered  was  on  an  entirely different level.

[Out Blood Break]

Dozens of spheres, consisting entirely of blood, formed at the same time.

Desir’s eyes narrowed.

Seeing this, Dracul laughed cheerfully.

“You  were  mistaken  about  something.  You  secretly  judged that  I  wouldn’t  be  able  to  arrange  high-level   spells,  am  I correct? And so you thought that you would stand a chance by using low-level  spells to figure out how to invert my own, step by step. Right?”

She unhesitatingly declared something based entirely on her own  conjecture.   Without  any  hard  proof,  she  still   seemed confident in her theory on what Desir’s goal in the duel was.

The  modern  spell  system,  used  by  practically  every  mage, worked off of an algebraic, deterministic system.  The stronger the spell was, the more mana would be consumed.

The limitation of that system lead Desir to believe that Dracul wouldn’t be able to arrange higher-level spells. A large amount of her mana was being siphoned off to power the mad men spell that she currently had deployed… the spell  serving as the sole cause of the apocalypse outside.

It was clear that an enormous amount of her mana had been exhausted. Yet she was still able to invoke a high-level spell. Her brows weren’t even furrowed in concentration or exertion.

Desir invoked [Fire Bolt].

At that moment, all  of the scattered blood enveloped Dracul, who  was  still  invoking  her  spell,  forming  a  protective  shield around her.

It was probably a defensive measure that she had consciously deployed to give her this opportunity.

However, the shock that Dracul  expected did not eventuate. Desir instead smashed a nearby wall.


The wall had collapsed.

“… !”

Desir, who smashed the wall, fled the dueling arena.

[Wind Blast]

He invoked a wind spell at the same time.

Desir threw himself towards a building on the opposite side.

Dracul  was only startled for a moment, before smiling. Desir was running away, and she loved a good hunt.

“There’s no point in escaping.”

She targeted the area outside the window.

“This  is  the  strongest  Blood  Magic  spell,  renowned  for  its incredible range and scope of effect.”

The spell was complete.

Suddenly,  the  surrounding  area  was  smeared  in  a  shade  of red.

It was an immense explosion of blood.

In  every  battlefield,  it  was  inevitable  for  there  to  be  blood everywhere. This kind of spell should have blown Desir to bits.

[Fire Storm]

However, Desir was also making his own preparations. It was a spell with the power of a typical Sixth-Circle spell. A spell that relied  on  the  use  of  his  new  magical  system,  as  well  as  the draconic language.

An intense fire storm clashed with her spell.

The  windows  of  the  surrounding  buildings  were  blown  out from the ensuing shockwave.

After invoking such a strong spell, she smiled with amusement.

“Ah, so you did have a secret move. Yes, that’s more like it.”

Desir couldn’t hear any of her words.

His head was too preoccupied with assessing his situation.

‘What principle is behind this? How in the hell is she able to use high-level spells so easily?’

The march of the mad men continued below. Even if she was a Seventh-Circle magician, there was no way she would be able to control humans with this kind of scope and invoke Sixth-Circle spells at the same time.

‘Finding out the answer would be the key to this battle.’

The reason why she could invoke spells to her heart’s content. The first step would be to analyse this.

She spoke towards Desir, who was still busy pondering.

“Sorry, Desir, but you’ll die before you figure it out. Oh, how am I going to sculpt you… ”

She did not invoke low-level spells anymore.

She  invoked  the  highest-level   spells  as  though  everything until now was just a prelude to what would happen next.

[Crimson Sonata]

Of course, Desir didn’t stay still either.

[Paria Arunde]

Spells  of  the  highest-level  collided  continuously.  Enormous shockwaves rampaged through everything.

All  of  the  surrounding  environment  was  swept  away  as  an aftereffect  of  this  magical  duel  that  had  been  brought  to  the next level.

Even the ground itself shook as the sky trembled.

Indeed, it was a battle between magicians of the highest-level.

Whenever   spells   collided   intensely,   Desir   found   himself increasingly cornered, forced further and further into defensive actions.

‘… I don’t have too much mana left.’

Before fighting with her, Desir had participated in two other battles and used a great quantity of spells.

For  that  reason,  he  had  far  less  mana  than  usual,  in  what could already be considered more of a mana puddle than a pool.

‘Think. Think, Desir.’

What sets her apart from other magicians?


She was a magician who utilized blood.

However, fundamentally, the technique of normal  spells and the technique of spells that relied on the property of water were not so different.

Then  how  was  this  supposed  magical   element,  known  as blood, functioning through her spells?

It had to be Imagery Magic, like Adjest’s Frozen Palace.  But what was the mental image that served as her base?

Desir continued to ruminate.

He had to come up with something.

Desir was able to feel it. The trail of blood that was spread out everywhere.

Extensive  spell  arrays  arranged  themselves  in  front  of  her, aimed at Desir… who was still wrapped up in thought.


The spells collided once more.

Desir suddenly looked at the building that she was standing in, realizing something.

He  seized  a  very  small  amount  of  inspiration.  Desir  Arman arrived at a conclusion.

He intended to find out the reason behind why she could just

casually overuse spells.

“I have a question, Dracul.”

“Hmm?  Ask  away.  I  will   consider  it  your  last  words  and answer.”

He cleared his throat before posing his question.

“How many people’s blood do you have?”



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