A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 169


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 169. Blood Princess (4)

As Desir and Dracul  were locked in fierce battle, there was a similarly fierce battle on the top of the spire as well.

The  floor  had  sunken  in  places.  Broken  pillars  lay  strewn everywhere.

The traces of battle here and there told the story of just how fierce the fight had been up until now.

“I  don’t  like  people  like  you,  those  referred  to  as  magical swordsmen.”

Raden spoke as he looked at the Frozen Palace, half of which had been destroyed.

“Those  bastards  who  couldn’t  commit  to  either  side  and ended up just snooping around both. They just don’t have pride as a magician or as swordsmen.”

He raised his head.

“That is why you will lose.”

It was quite the deliberate provocation.

Most people tend to lose it and desperately try to attack, when their skills are looked down upon and their pride is assaulted. Naturally, if that person was a good magical  swordsman, they would hold immense pride in themselves.

Adjest set her foot on top of a pillar made of ice and looked down at Raden.

It was as if she was looking down all  humans, as if it was a natural thing to do.

A queen.

An empress of ice who looked down upon everything.


“… ?”

“Talking  condescendingly  with  such  pride.  You  are  just  a leader of bandits at best. Why don’t you become more aware of your character first before rambling on like that?”

Raden’s eyebrows curved into a frown.

“You wouldn’t understand. We are… ”

“You are a piece of shit.”

Adjest cut him off.

“I’m not at all curious about your business. Do you want me to understand  you?  You  want  me  to  show  you  some  sympathy? Ridiculous. You’re a criminal. Whatever circumstance you may find  yourself  in  and  whatever  purpose  you  may  have,  is  a product of your own doing. You’re still a criminal after all.”

Raden was flustered. He was not able to refute the unexpected remark from someone many times younger than himself.

“Enough  with  your  nonsense.  What  a  waste  of  time.  Just bring it on.”

Raden stormed out, feeling humiliated beyond his endurance.



But he had to halt his charge.

A chilly storm bore down upon him.

Raden felt the arctic gale pouring out of the sword that Adjest had raised.

She had tapped into the power of her sword, the Center of Ice.

It exuded an enormous amount of chill  that seeped out and froze everything nearby.


The  chill  continued  to  spread  without  slowing.  With  just  a simple opening move, the temperature of the room had lowered by several dozen degrees.

Adjest’s previously invoked ice spells were of no comparison to it.


Raden felt his body stiffening. He did all he could to pull out his Aura and shroud his entire body in it, but he still  felt the chill reaching his bones.

However, this was only the beginning.

Following this, Adjest invoked a spell.

[Ice Empress]

She shone in a blinding ball of silver light.

It was her Imagery Magic.

A secret weapon that rapidly increased the physical ability of the wielder, by absorbing and utilizing the surrounding chilly air.


When the magical  power emanating from Adjest’s body and the cold released from the Center of Ice combined, a transcendental power emerged.

Her  radiant  golden  gleam  lost  its  tone  and  was  soon  dyed white.

A  powerful   cold  air  raged  forth  like  a  storm  and  cloaked


“… ”

Raden subconsciously shivered slightly.  His whole body was chilled just by standing here near Adjest.

Feather Mask.

Not too long ago, Raden felt this kind of sensation from her.

Knowing what this meant, Raden shook his head as if he was trying to rid himself of his anxiety.

“… What a foolish effort!”

Raden’s  head  was  filled  with  rage  at  the  fact  that  he  was momentarily afraid of the young girl standing before him.

The Aura on the hatchet that he held shimmered like a flame.

Even though the icy-cold air was clawing at his body, Raden did not think that he would lose. He was confident in his own skills.

The next moment, that very thought disappeared as though it had   been   washed   away   by   a   tsunami. Adjest’s   presence disappeared before his very eyes.

“… … !?”

Raden instinctively swung his weapon towards his back.


There was a massive explosion.

Platinum  hair  billowed  in  the  breeze.   Before  he  knew  it, Adjest had approached him from the rear and was swinging her sword at his unguarded back.

‘I missed?’

Raden was appalled at the fact that Adjest momentarily left his sight, due to her abrupt increase in speed.


That was the only word for it.

His  body,  which  has  been  through  countless  battlefields, moved  instinctively  and  thanks  to  this,  he  had  been  able  to barely escape death.

Adjest kept pushing Raden back without a break.



Adjest’s chained attacks were all weighty and swift.

Raden could not believe the situation he now found himself in. She belonged to the Rook Class, but was exceeding his power and speed.

It was hard to believe that she was even the same person from before.

‘That’s impossible.’

As  he  found  himself  stuck  on  defense,  his  blood  rushing toward his head seemed to have instantly froze.

‘I was too fast to judge.’

He regretted a little too late and the lost time could not be returned.

Raden  barely  was  able  to  endure  Adjest’s  frenzied  attacks, since  he  still  had  the  upper  hand  in  the  technical  aspect  of sword play.

He would predict the enemy’s way of thinking and identify

the trajectory of the approaching sword.

However, he was barely coping.

Raden was slowly falling behind regarding power and speed.

Slowly but surely.

Little by little.

This forced him into a difficult situation.

It was an unpleasant, defensive battle. As time passed, his face slowly distorted.


On the other hand, Adjest had a composed expression on her face.

‘I already have experience fighting against a person with more advanced skills than me.’

It was her battle against Donape. An experience of facing off against one of the strongest people in the whole continent.

But there were two things that differed from back then.

‘Firstly, this person is much weaker than Donape in regards to power and speed.’

Raden, King of Mountains, was clearly a strong swordsman.

However,   he   was   obviously   lacking   in   comparison   to   a transcendental being like Donape Aslan.

Above all, she did not feel  the presence of an overpowering wall, like she felt from Donape.

‘Secondly, I am much stronger now than I was before.’

Adjest took a step and struck a blow with all of her might.


The  hatchet’s  blade  that  clashed  against  the  Center  of  Ice broke off, and pieces of shrapnel flew in all directions.

Raden quickly took a step back. There was no time to panic. He quickly pulled out a new axe from a pocket near his chest.

Raden  calmly  concentrated  in  order  to  read  Adjest’s  sword trajectory.

‘Block  the  lower  right  corner  of  the  sword  trajectory,  then catch her off guard with a counter attack… ’


However, things didn't work out as Raden expected.

Adjest moved slightly faster than him.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t able to read the trajectory.


His body had slowed down for some reason.

Just by sharing an exchange of blows with Adjest, and from standing near her… Damage was slowly accumulating.

Raden’s   Aura   was   continuously   being   consumed   and   the unrelenting chill burrowed deeply into his bones. His body was not moving like he wanted.

His body started to become unresponsive to his thoughts.




Another axe shattered into pieces, not being able to withstand Adjest’s blow.

He had no more spare weapons left. Raden tightly gripped the last hatchet he possessed.

His decision was fast and precise.

Raden started to scrape together the leftover Aura from the ground. Being pushed to his very limit, he prepared to unleash the strongest attack that he was capable of… and for death.

The desperate effort of a near King Class swordsman who was going to invoke a technique using every fiber of his being.

The  moment  Raden  took  a  step  in  order  to  swing  with everything he had.


Adjest’s sword penetrated his heart.

Raden’s body, which was currently skewered by the Center of Ice, slowly started to freeze over… starting with his heart.

The Aura that Raden gathered with all of his effort dispersed harmlessly into the air.

He spoke in disbelief.

“Became… Faster… ?”

If he attacked with the thought of mutually assured destruction,  then  the  situation  wouldn’t  have  turned  out  like this.

Even   for   Adjest,   who   was   strengthened   by   her   vision technique,  there  was  no  guarantee  that  she  would  be  able  to handle such a blow from Raden… a being only one step away from King Class.

Adjest  took  that  situation  into  account  and  intentionally exerted a level  of force that would be a step ahead of Raden, preventing him from executing his dying blow.

In the end, by consuming his power little by little, it was not difficult  for  her  to  employ  her  best  effort  to  handle  Raden’s power, which had already been weakened.

“Damn… ”

He seemed to have realized that fact from Adjest’s impassive face.

“You… won.”

His body froze totally into a statue-like form.


When Adjest pulled out the sword from his body, he broke apart like a glass and pieces scattered across the floor.

“Ha… … ”

After  seeing  the  scattered  pieces,  Adjest  let  out  a  sigh.  She then cancelled the spell  that she was invoking and reasserted control over the power within the Center of Ice.

As Adjest’s hair returned to its former golden appearance, the surrounding temperature returned to normal.

Even  though  she  just  ended  a  battle,  she  took  stock  of  her exhausted mana and examined the remaining duration of her Imagery Magic.

The battles that continued around them seemed to be ending as well.


At that moment, there was a sound of explosion not too far from them.

Adjest turned around to look towards the location where the explosion was heard from.

‘Desir… ’

Now, there was only the battle between Desir and Dracul left.



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