A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 170


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 170. Blood Princess (5)


The  shockwaves  radiating  out  ceased  and  the  ground  soon stopped shaking. The after-effect of Desir and Dracul’s arranged spells demolished the surrounding area and replaced it with a dense  cloud  of  dust.  From  all  the  debris  in  the  air,  the  two struggled   to   locate   each   other,   and   the   battle   fell   into   a momentary lull.

The moment the dust settled down, Desir was found standing on top of a large mound of rubble from a collapsed building. His body was scarred here and there by the shrapnel.

“I see, you were over there.”

Desir looked up towards the source of the voice.  Dracul  was seated with her legs crossed, looking down upon him from the rooftop of a building that looked about ready to crumble. It was the  only  building  in  the  surrounding  area  that  still   looked vaguely like a building should.

‘It’s a good thing that we evacuated all the citizens.’

Desir looked around.

As far as his eye could see, there was only ash and rubble. The city had been largely destroyed in less than ten minutes.

This terrible scene of naked destruction had been caused by just two people.


A faint, horrible shriek was heard from afar.

The march of the madmen continued despite the explosions caused   by   the   two.   This   amalgamated   army,   consisting   of soldiers   from   both   the   Imperial   Army   and   the   Outsiders, continued to grow in size.

Despite   the   intense   destruction,   the   army   of   madmen continued  to  grow.  Both  Desir  and  Dracul  had  fought  while deliberately avoiding damaging the growing mob, though both

of them with a different reason.

Dracul  wanted the madmen to destroy the harbor.  This goal would be fulfilled as long as she maintained the spell, and was not forced to retreat.

The defense of the harbor was the most important objective for the Imperial  Army.  Having one of their two supply routes destroyed would be a devastating blow.  In order to defend the harbor, they had to block the madmen, but Desir did not do so.

‘They can return to normal if I break the spell.’

Desir bore in mind that there remained a possibility that they could be returned to normal.

The  Imperial  Army’s  fate  was  resting  on  Desir’s  ability  to defeat  Dracul  and  stop  the  mad  men  peacefully  before  they could destroy the harbor.

Though  the  reasons  differed,  their  purposes  were  the  same and  so  they  both  avoided  harming  the  madmen,  gradually moving the battlefield further away.  Eventually, they reached

an area where they could no longer affect the madmen.

Dracul stepped forward and criticized Desir’s aspiration.

“You  still  haven’t  given  up  hope,  have  you?  Even  in  this desperate situation?”

“You never know.”

Desir’s voice was icy. He was like this whenever he was facing those whom he judged as evil.

‘Her mana is not infinite.’

Desir  judged  that  the  secret  of  Dracul’s  endless  amount  of mana was the accumulation of blood.

If her Imagery Magic allowed her to control  blood, it wasn’t strange to assume that she was accumulating blood and utilizing it when needed.

However, this did not mean she had an absolute or infinite amount of mana.

“Ah, right. I have an idea! Why don’t you try using your most powerful spell? The spell which defeated Dadenewt in one blow. Maybe you could overcome this situation with that?”

Dracul spoke with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Of course, that’s only if you have the time to cast a spell.”

Blood started to gather in front of Dracul.

[Blood Astarue]

The gathered blood circled around and tens of thousands of blood circles were created. Those circles then spread out in all directions.

This enormous power had formed so rapidly. A spell, reaching the Fifth-Circle, had an overwhelming might that threatened to sweep away everything.

Desir invoked a spell without delay in order to respond to it.

“You are not even worthy of using a spell of that level.”

“Let’s see how long you can keep up with that nonsense.”

Both of their spells were invoked almost simultaneously.

The level of their power was equal.

Both spells canceled each other out and disappeared.

Dracul   had  heard  about  Desir  from  Crow  Mask,  but  was astonished at the fact that a Third-Circle magician could exhibit this kind of ability.

After  facing  him  head-on,  she  couldn’t  help  admitting  that there  was  probably  no  one  else  that  could  handle  mana  as effectively as him.

But that was it.

Dracul thought to herself.

‘There’s no changing the fact that I will win.’

The  difference  in  amount  of  mana  between  magicians  in  a duel  was  considered  to  be  the  absolute  deciding  factor  that dictates  who  wins.   It  was  not  an  easy  factor  that  can  be overcome.  It  was  the  absolute  difference  between  a  normal magician and one with a natural gift.

She thought that in the end, Desir’s mana would be exhausted first, even if he eked out all of the efficiency that he could.

As  she  grew  more  and  more  confident  in  her  victory,  she started to press Desir by arranging a variety of offensive spells. It was almost as if she was boasting.

Blood swirled and exploded around her.

However, Desir remained composed. It was indeed

questionable how he could maintain that kind of tranquility.

Her confidence began to falter, leaving her slightly anxious.

[Out Blood Break]

“How’s this?”

She  arranged  a  spell,  almost  as  if  compensating  for  her anxiety  by  channelling  it  all  into  an  overwhelming  show  of strength.


Desir neutralized it once again. The situation repeated itself, even though Dracul arranged a stronger spell.

The same went for the following spells.

Dracul felt strange about this repetitive, bizarre situation.

‘Wait…   How   could   he   match   her   level of   power   and arrangement speed like this?’

However, she realized it too late.

“… !?”

The  spells  that  she  was  currently  arranging  shattered  and scattered  in  the  air  in  front  of  her  eyes.  The  encoded  spell techniques that she specially designed to use against Desir were inverted.

At  that  same  moment,  Desir’s  spell   materialized  and  flew towards Dracul.

She attempted to invoke her own offensive spell  in order to neutralize it, but the spell failed to form.

It was blocked.

It was now impossible for her to arrange any offensive spells.

No  matter  what  spell  she  began  to  invoke,  it  just  ended  up inverted.

[Flame Storm]

A storm of flame split the sky. The flame, which threatened to swallow up everything, bore down on Dracul.

This was different from all the spells he had used to neutralize Dracul’s attacks until now. It was a spell at the maximum power that Desir was capable of. It was not an overstatement to say he had put his heart and soul into it.


There was a massive collision.

The building Dracul had been sitting on disappeared without a trace. Molten rocks pooled around the crater, forming a strange sight.

At the center of this scene, she was panting.

Wings  had  sprouted  out  of  Dracul’s  back.  It  was  a  defense spell  that she barely managed to invoke before taking on the attack.

However, she was not able to totally block Desir’s attack with just that defensive spell.

Her  wings,  made  from  blood,  were  left  tattered  and  half destroyed.

“Cough, cough.”

Dracul  threw up blood intensely with an extremely distorted face.   It  seemed  like  she  was  suffering  from  severe  internal injuries.  Though it wasn’t clear what kind of internal  damage she had sustained, she was also terribly burned along her arms and legs due to the sweeping flame.

Her  aloof  beauty  had  been  replaced  by  a  sight  and  smell reminiscent of burnt toast.

“How long did you think you would be able to rely on those types of spell techniques?”

Dracul’s encoded spell techniques were worthless in comparison   to   draconic   language   or   the   tesseract   style   of forming spells, like Crow Mask’s artifact.

It was not a difficult task for Desir to invert them.

After the battle started, Desir succeeded in inverting one or two, but he chose not to reveal  that. He waited and waited for Dracul to reveal all of her offensive spells, meanwhile biding his time and managing to fend off her attacks.  He waited until  he was confident that he could invert all of her spells.

All this effort for that one, crucial blow.

Dracul, being overly confident, revealed her hand without any care.  All  due to her pride in her Blood Magic; her belief that Desir would be unable to invert any of her spells.

It was at that moment that the winner was decided.

“You neglected the basics of a magical duel.”

Dracul  had  been  oblivious  to  the  basics  of  basics:  that  one should  not  indulge  in  pride  and  reveal  everything  from  the outset.

She  was  no  longer  smiling.  She  seemed  to  be  in  a  state  of shock. Her singed lips were trembling.

“… ”

Dracul cradled her right arm, which now looked hideous due to the burn, and glared at Desir in silence.


Blood began moving again.

“I’ll give up on the thought of sculpting him.”

She felt her blood igniting. She was filled with an impulse to rip apart the man in front of her and kill him right away.

“I’m going to kill you, right now!”

Her attitude completely changed.

A  ghastly,  red  aura  started  emanating  from  Dracul’s  entire body.

But  Desir  still  had  a  composed  attitude  in  this  situation.  It seemed like he didn’t feel anything.

All  of  the  blood  in  the  surrounding  area  started  to  gather around her.

However, she fell into a momentary state of confusion not too long after.

“There's not much blood left, is there?”

“… !”

Dracul’s Imagery Magic, based on the concept of blood, was worthy of being referred to as the strongest of all magic on any typical battlefield, where blood would usually flood the ground. If two soldiers clash against each other, one of them is bound to bleed. And that would become Dracul’s source of power.

However, Desir did not think that this power was invincible. Tactics were definitely required in order to beat it. Thankfully, thinking was an area Desir excelled in.

The place they had found themselves in was remote from the ferocious battlefield.

In this place, where the landscape was untouched by battle other than their own, the strongest Blood Magic had become a paper tiger.



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