A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 171


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 171. Blood Princess (6)

Dracul  felt miserable and sore from all  of the burns covering her body.

She  now  understood  the  reason  why  her  defensive  spell hadn’t been completely effective.  There was a lack of blood in this area.

She felt a strong desire to rip apart and kill Desir; but all she could do right now was arrange sub-optimal defensive spells.

‘Calm down.’


A faint, eerie shriek was heard far away.

The Outsiders’ objective was to destroy the harbor, the supply route of the allied forces.

Dracul  no  longer  had  any  means  to  continue  her  offensive against Desir nor the means to beat him outright. Though it was an unfortunate situation, it wasn’t a big loss; all  she had to do was buy enough time for the mad men to destroy the harbor.

Even though she found herself in a situation where she could no  longer  go  on  the  offensive,  her  defensive  spells  remained intact.

‘That’s right.  I have a chance.  Even he can’t invert Imagery Magic.’

Apart from the complicated way in which Imagery Magic was invoked,  it  existed  in  a  category  which  was  fundamentally impossible to be inverted.

Desir couldn’t invert the Tesseract used by Crow Mask, nor Adjest’s Frozen Palace. He could only invert the spells invoked as a result of them.

It  was  no  longer  possible  to  pull   in  the  blood  from  the surrounding area and use it, but because Dracul  had the upper hand in terms of raw amount of mana, she judged that she still had more than enough at her disposal to stall for long enough.

[Blood Desire]

Thousands  of  hands,  made  out  of  blood,  stretched  out  of Dracul’s back.

It was a spell without any blind spot, able to to defend against all incoming attacks.

Desir watched her invoke her defensive spell before speaking.

“If you’re thinking of buying time, you better give up now. Even for someone of your caliber, it would be impossible to face all of us alone.”


Just  as  he  finished  speaking,  a  wind  bullet  flew  in  from somewhere towards Dracul’s head.

The  defensive  spell  that  she  invoked  was  a  powerful  spell

belonging to a high-rank circle. It had no blind spots at all. The hands  made  out  of  blood  contorted  unnaturally  to  block  the bullet.

But that wasn’t the end of things.


A lady fluttered her lightly sparkling, platinum blonde hair as she flitted towards Dracul.

With every step she took, ice pillars shot up from the ground. Soon enough, their placement took the form of a palace.

[Frozen Palace]

At that moment, hundreds of ice spells were simultaneously invoked  and  hurtled  towards  Dracul.   The  spells  incessantly continued  to  pressure  her,  limiting  both  her  options  and  her movement.

And  amongst  them,  there  was  a  streak  of  light  that  rushed

straight   towards   Dracul,   who   was   preoccupied   arranging further defensive spells to block the endless barrage.

A rapier filled with Aura pierced towards her.

Dracul, who barely fended off the attack, was helplessly flung backwards.

Desir, Romantica, Adjest, and Pram.

All of the members of the Starling Party were now present.

What  this  meant  was  clear.  It  meant  either  Raden  and  his soldiers had been totally annihilated or captured.

The continuous flow of attacks from the Starling Party were perfectly coordinated and powerful.

Shots  made  from  a  distance,  which  one  required  inhuman reactions to respond to, swords that pierced out at high-speeds in difficult to parry trajectories, as well as the countless number of invoked spells.


The absurd number of hands made out of blood, which had barely been enough to keep up with all their attacks, started to gradually decrease in number.

It seemed as though her defensive spell  would not last much longer.

‘Where is that bastard?’

Dracul  did not forget about the most dangerous enemy and took precaution, even when she was under heavy attack.

She managed to spot Desir.

He was not arranging any spells.

However, that’s not to say he wasn’t doing anything.


Several of the hands began to lose their form and fell apart as gravity pulled the blood back to the ground.

It was an inversion.

‘Already inverted!?’

It  had  barely  been  a  few  minutes  since  she  arranged  the defensive spell.

Dracul heeded   Crow   Mask’s   advice   and   took   her   time encoding and preparing heavily encrypted defensive spells just like she did with her offensive spells.

Nonetheless,  this  high-circled  defensive  spell   was  inverted within just a few minutes.

One could say the speed of this inversion was exceptionally faster compared to the inversion of her offensive spells.

However,   it   was   expected   as   the   current   situation   was different from that time.

Desir  was  focusing  only  on  inversion  without  minding  the duel itself.

As he did not have to concentrate on other things, but only on the analysis of her spells, the speed of his inversion was faster beyond comparison.

[Crimson Heart]

Dracul invoked another defensive spell as fast as she could.

However, she soon realized her fate. The outcome had already been decided.

It was a checkmate.


When  her  second  and  third  defensive  spells  were  inverted, Dracul realized the inevitable conclusion.

‘At this rate, I’ll die.’

She no longer felt uncontrollably angry.  Instead, she started to feel a strong sensation of fear.

It was an emotion she had never felt in her entire life.

“… … Keukk.”

Dracul had no remaining defensive spells at her disposal. She now had to escape somehow.

[Bloody Rain]

The sky reddened and bloody rain started to pour down. After a while, there were puddles of blood everywhere.

Dracul’s body melted into blood.

This was the high-circle evasion spell she had used previously.

Depending on the amount of mana used, one was even able to transfer to far away places, as long as there was blood on both ends.

If  she  consumed  all  of  her  remaining  mana,  then  it  wasn’t impossible  for  her  to  transfer  to  the  old  castle  she  had  been staying at.

However, this spell  had a major drawback.  Dracul  was well aware of it.

She had previously used this spell in front of his eyes near the start of the duel, just to boast about him being unable to harm her.

‘Well, I can’t help it.’

She  was  aware  of  the  possibility  that  this  spell   would  be inverted,  but  still  pushed  ahead  with  the  arrangement  of  the


She no longer had any other options.

[Bloody Stream]

And after invoking her spell… nothing happened.

Her  body,  which  was  about  to  transfer  to  another  blood puddle, materialized again.

“… … !”


Dracul felt a sharp pain in her chest. Her body started to break down.

She pressed on the wounded area as if she was trying to stop the blood pouring out of her chest. However, it was not enough to stop it from gushing out.


The blood flowing out of Dracul formed a puddle and her body collapsed into it.

“I want to li-live… … ”

She moved her lips slightly a few times, then the light faded from her eyes.

* * *

Adjest, who had decided to check Dracul’s pulse, announced her death.

It was the obvious conclusion, even if no one had checked her pulse. There were no longer any horrible shrieks from the mad men who had been driven insane by Dracul’s Imagery Magic.

Desir looked at Dracul in silence.

‘The influence of the Outsiders will greatly decline since they were defeated in this battle.’

The  Outsiders  gathered  a  significant  number  of  their  elite forces in order to destroy this supply route.

The Knights of Kashka, Lion’s Mane, and Raden’s Bandits.

Above all, she was here.

Dracul Labutte Elkaera.

She was a powerful  enemy who had almost single-handedly destroyed one of the two supply routes.  If she had succeeded, the Alliance would have been brought to their knees.

‘She was definitely acquainted with Crow Mask.’

Crow   Mask   was   clearly   in   a   high   position   within   the Outsiders. He was leading a substantial number of soldiers and

his skill reached the level of Sixth-Circle.

Dracul   too   was   a   Sixth-Circle   magician   and   seeing   her relationship with Crow Mask, she must have been a high-level figure within the Outsiders as well.

Since she was defeated, the influence of the Outsiders would likely have suffered a heavy blow.

‘Though of course, there was a choice to save her… ’

If he had not killed her and captured her alive, then he may have been able to obtain a lot of valuable information regarding the Outsiders.

‘Killing her was probably the right thing to do.’

However, Desir chose to kill  Dracul  instead of capturing her alive.  It  was  clear  she  planned  to  escape,  and  after  that  they wouldn’t be able to stop her Imagery Magic.

He chose to save lives in the present moment than to choose

information that may be useful in the future.

Pram asked as he put away his sword.

“Is everything over now?”

By handling Dracul, the mob of mad men had stopped and the supply routes had been safely secured.

But that did not mean that the battle was over.

“Not yet. There are a number of Outsiders within those mad men.”

The  core  problem  was  solved,  but  it  was  only  safe  to  say everything  was  over  after  handling  the  mad  men  who  had regained their senses.

It was at that moment.


Suddenly, the ground started to vibrate.

The Starling Party knew immediately what the vibration was. A considerable number of soldiers were approaching.

It could be another group of Outsiders.


Adjest  and  Pram  unsheathed  their  swords.   Their  stances showed just how cautious they were.

At that moment, Romantica spoke with a smile.

“Why are you guys worrying so much? They’re our allies.”

Even after hearing that, Pram still looked uneasy.

“Are-Are you sure about that?”

“I  confirmed  their  flag  was  the  Hebrion  Empire’s  with  a detection spell.”

Hearing her answer, Adjest let out a long sigh.


They were soon able to confirm the flag, one that symbolised the Hebrion Empire, with their own eyes.

A  battle  that  took  place  in  Mahayu  Harbor,  located  at  the Lagrium Plain Eastern Front.

This battle, which will  be known as one of the great battles with the Outsiders, “The Bloody Battle of Mahayu,” was now over.



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