A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 172


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 172. Celebrity (1)

The King of Divide, rather, Pierrot mask, who was imitating the appearance of King Divide, looked up from the status report documents he had busied himself with.

There were five communication screens on the spacious black table.

It was a high-end communications system that employed ultra-long distance communication magic when operated. A symbol for each the five nations that made up the Western Kingdom Union was inscribed on the communication ports.

Whenever a voice could be heard from one of the communication ports, the country’s engraved symbol glowed, making it possible to distinguish who was speaking at any given time.

“The enemy’s military force is considerable, but their power has already been completely curtailed.”

The symbol for Adeina had glowed, indicating that the

speaker was likely the King of Adeina. The Adeina Kingdom was famous for its medical prowess and its peaceful stance. It was symbolized by a pigeon.

“I think it was because the barbarians joined and attacked the rear of the Outsiders. Outsider forces are scattered on both sides and can’t defend against our advances.”

The symbol of the Prillecha Empire, which boasted the largest number of traders and merchants, was a sailing boat. The Prillecha Empire was a nation built on trading, and were considerably wealthy as a result.

“The only thing left is figuring out how to end this war.”

A symbol that was three swords facing each other, lit up. The person speaking was the President of Arunbeth.

When the Western Kingdom Union formed, it was originally a kingdom, but Arunbeth had since changed into a republic. As the only republic within the Western Kingdom Union, they took great pride in their regime.

“Our pay-back for their act of wanton terrorism a year ago is finally complete.”

The symbol of Lemton, the nation possessing the second most powerful military force after the Divide Kingdom, was the scale.

Lemton valued balance and had always been on the side of the weak, acting as a coordinator and peacekeeper for the entire continent.

“It was a long and difficult affair.”

Pierrot Mask brought the conversation to a conclusion. Not only his appearance, but his voice also mimicked King Divide’s.

The symbol of the Divide Kingdom was a dragon. A great mythical being. The citizens of this nation expressed great pride in it.

“It’s all thanks to our overwhelming victory at the Mahayu Harbor.”

The atmosphere in this meeting was remarkably different in comparison to the usual great councils. There were many other groups beyond just the Western Kingdom Union that participated. Naturally, with so many powers in attendance, there was pressure to broaden the agenda of the meeting and discuss other issues. However, this meeting had been set up with one purpose in mind: military. The only topics approved for discussion were those that directly dealt with battles against the Outsiders and military operations.

“Yes. Our victory there dramatically affected the war.”

No one disagreed with the fact that the battle at the Mahayu Harbor became a watershed moment in the war against the Outsiders.

“At Mahayu Harbor, Outsiders employed frighteningly sophisticated tactics. The mobilized troops were also close to the highest level.”

King Adeina added his thoughts.

“Rather than cower in fear, people are expressing amazement that we managed to thwart their assault on our supply lines.

Our commanders expressed their respect for the capability of the Imperial Army.”

With a myriad of battlefronts across such a large area of land, numerous situational strategies and varying scales of combat had to be managed. There was no single person that had complete insight into all of this data. A single battle standing out and deserving mentioning in this meeting indicated just how important it was.

“I think they are wrong people to pay homage to.”

King Prillecha spoke up.

“I heard that there was a single person in particular who made a great contribution to the victory of the battle.”

There could only be one person that came to people’s mind when referring to The Bloody Battle of Mahayu.

“You must be referring to Desir Arman.”

There was no one who didn’t know that name in the Western Kingdom Union, ever since the Prillecha terrorist attack.

At that time, he participated in the council as a technical adviser to the Magic Tower and demonstrated his abilities when he protected the kings in attendance. Since then, he had contributed greatly in the fight against terrorism, accruing merit after merit.

“First of all, he noticed the plan of the Outsiders, and realized that their true goal was the supply route. According to our intelligence, he took out the 13th strongest Outsider force, the Lion’s Mane Magic Corps; he then defeated Raden’s Bandits, the 3rd strongest force that has been dominating the central mountain range for ages; and most crucially of all, he averted an imminent disaster when a powerful Sixth-Circle magician got involved personally. This magician appeared to have been a reasonably senior leader in the Outsiders.”

These were all achievements of one person alone. Desir Arman.

There were a few seconds of stunned silence.

It was the King of Lemton who broke the silence.

“Marvelous. I heard that he played a key role behind the scenes, but I didn’t know he had done this much.”

He was very surprised.

“In addition to all of this, he didn’t just distract the Sixth-Circle magician. He duelled against them and was victorious. According to the informant, he unleashed a spell at the Sixth-Circle level during the combat.”

“That’s impossible! He’s just a student after all. There is no way he can arrange a Sixth-Circle spell! The supreme tier of magic.”

“There are a lot of witnesses. Moreover, there are still traces of the clash between him and that Sixth-Circle magician in what remains of the port city.”

“Did he truly obtain mastery of magic before the age of twenty?”

Desir Arman quickly became a hot topic in this conference. In short order, they ended up with more discussion on him than on any other agenda item.

They had previously recognized his great talent, but they never realized his efforts had amounted to this much.

“The Empire really is lucky.”

“He appeared like a meteor.”

“He’s exceptional. It would be nice if he joins the Western Kingdom Union in any capacity.”

“I heard a rumor that he was not born in the Empire. I have to make contact with him.”

Desir Arman had already become a coveted talent in the Western Kingdom Union.

“Was it the Starling party? I have to give them some gifts this


“We have to make our best impression. Arunbeth is hosting a festival soon, and I’ll personally send them invitations!”

“I heard that he is conducting quite the intensive training regime for his party members in the Hebrion Academy. I guess he is passionate. We should also consider doing the same, and sponsor high-tier training instructors.”

How they could bring Desir to the Western Kingdom Union.

Despite it strictly being a military meeting, they had managed to leave the topic at hand and run off on a tangent.

“I think the military meeting is over. I’ll leave first.”


The Pierrot Mask clapped lightly. At the same time, all of the communication screens blackened. A voice came from behind him.

“It’s sad that Feather Mask died.”


Crow Mask appeared behind him.

He had been listening to the meeting from the beginning, hiding his presence with an invoked invisibility spell.

“Sad indeed. She was a very pleasant woman to be with.”

“It’s a loss far greater than losing tens of thousands of footmen. She shouldn’t have died there.”

“… … So the plan was a failure?”

Pierrot Mask leaned back in his chair.

“It can’t be written off as a total loss.”

The tone of Crow Mask didn’t change in the slightest.

“The best result from this war would be the Outsiders seizing victory. If the Outsiders dealt a devastating blow to the Western Kingdom Union, we could have won without things getting too complicated.”

The first step in such a strategy, the occupation of the Mahayu Harbor, had spectacularly failed.

In the process, the Outsiders had suffered a considerable blow.

Moreover, the barbarians had joined the fray.

It wouldn’t be illogical to believe that the Outsider’s defeat had been set in stone.

But this was all within the realm of expected results that Crow Mask had planned for.

“Our next best option is for Outsiders to cause as much damage to the Allied Forces as possible. At the same time, the Divide Kingdom will strengthen its position by increasing combat forces deployed within the Western Kingdom Union. As a result, it will become a major country that can lead the Western Kingdom Union.”

Their second best option had all but succeeded.

Crow Mask was able to hear about their tactics inside the Western Kingdom Union and actively engaged in manipulating information and redeploying troops.

He controlled the Outsiders and the Western Kingdom Union from the shadows while using an artifact that could overlook the entire situation at a glance.

Commanding troops.

This was an easy task for him.

He had consolidated his command over the majority of armed forces in the Divide Kingdom with minimal resistance.

He prolonged the war and maximized the damage to the Western Kingdom Union.

He also inflated what the Divide Kingdom had gained from the spoils of war. It contributed to him being able to field the largest number of troops among the Alliance.

Those who calmly enhanced their powers eventually gained the strongest right to speak up in the Western Kingdom Union.

‘There’s no such thing as having too much power.’

“In fact, even if the Outsiders were eradicated right now, that is no loss to us.”

“I guess so. With this in mind, what are you going to do now? Defeat is all but guaranteed. Will you make the Outsiders forces retreat and plan some kind of counter-attack?”

“The Outsiders are a pawn that is already dead. I can’t save them. But the real problem now is how should we kill them to

maximise their usefulness?”

Crow Mask approached the window.

A hot summer breeze drifted into the room. The strong sunlight poured in as he pulled the curtain aside.

“The priority of risks has changed. Desir Arman is now the biggest obstacle to our plan.”

They still had some left.

“You’re going to use the homunculus.”

A biological weapon that ignored the effects of causality.

A mighty power equivalent to that of a Seventh-Circle spell.

“The key is how to capitalize on this situation. Defeat is certain for the Outsiders, but somehow we must earn the most profit possible from this.”

“I like that way of thinking.”

Pierrot Mask smirked.

“So what’s the plan?”

“Mobilization of all of the remaining Outsiders troops and a Homunculus. Kill Desir Arman without fail, at all costs.”



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