A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 173


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 173. Celebrity (2)

“… … A medal?”

In response to Desir’s question, Colonel Yuta smiled.

“Yes. At the end of the war, the award ceremony will officially take place.”

Yuta  was  an  excellent  commander  who  had  succeeded  in several  difficult  operations,  and  was  strongly  admired  by  the soldiers who served under him.

There  were  powerful   influences  following  him  within  the Imperial  Army,  so  it  could  be  said  that,  within  the  Imperial Army, he was an actual power in his own right.

He was also the only commander who had assisted Desir by sending troops in response to his request.

“It was approved unanimously by the commanders from all of the forces on this continent. It’s the first time I have seen these

people, who usually just quarrel  with each other, being on the same page. I’ve spent forty years of my life in the military, and this was a first for me.”

Yuta approached Desir.

“I hope to take this opportunity to keep a good relationship with you in the future.”

He tapped Desir’s shoulder.

“If you are willing to join the military after graduating from the academy, please feel free to contact me. Talented people like you are always welcome.”

Desir bowed his head.

“It is my honor. I will consider your offer carefully.”

“Oh, and I hope you don’t feel too bad about the commanders who  refused  your  request  for  support.   They  are  also  poor soldiers bound by a strict hierarchy.”

“Of course. I fully understand that.”

“Happy to hear it. So, that’s all  from me. You should go rest now, you must be beyond exhausted.”

Desir left the room after bidding farewell  to Yuta.  Before he could take a second step, his communication pad rang.

[-Saint visit! Come back ASAP!]

It was a message from Romantica.

Desir laughed at the urgency apparent in her text.

‘Has she already arrived?’

Priscilla Haicilkite.

She was one of the final six in the Shadow Labyrinth from his

previous  life,  currently  admired  as  the  Saint  of  the  Artemis Church, the largest religion in the continent.

She  was  also  referred  to  as  the  sixth  king  of  the  Western Kingdom Union made up of five countries.

She  was  a  dignified  person,  beyond  the  reach  of  almost everyone,   no   matter   how   many   contributions   they   made. However, Desir and her had been in a good relationship ever since the incident in Deltaheim last summer.

‘Well, I think I’ve now got in contact with almost all  of my colleagues  that  survived  up  to  that  last  level  in  the  Shadow Labyrinth.’

Adjest Kingscrown.

Zod Exarion.

Priscilla Haicilkite.

Donape Aslan.

Raphaello Cheriger.

And Desir Arman.

Desir had met up with four of the final six, besides, of course, himself, and had succeeded in building a good relationship with each of them.

The foundation for clearing the Shadow Labyrinth had been prepared. He could feel that his plans had gradually bore fruit.

‘Now,   there   is   only   the   Sword   Grand   Master,   Raphaello remaining.’

Desir  hurried  to  his  accommodation.   However,  long  gone were the days where things went exactly as Desir had expected.


Every soldier he encountered while passing by saluted him.

Desir  responded  to  them  every  time.  Inevitably,  the  time taken on each salute added up and caused him to be late.

‘Their  eyes  are  focused  on  me  again,  but  with  a  different feeling this time.’

Desir made the greatest contribution in defeating the Kashuka Knights  and  Lion’s  Mane.   Above  all   else,  he  almost  single-handedly  protected  the  supply  route  by  defeating  the  Sixth-Circle wizard, Dracul Labutte Elkaera.

Unlike  when  he  had  defeated  Dadenewt  in  Prillecha,  many people were able to witness this battle with their own eyes.

The battle was enough to morph the gazes of the people; from something that someone would use when seeing a celebrity, into something much closer to unadulterated admiration.

Officers of the Imperial Army welcomed the birth of a young hero and actively promoted it. It was because there was nothing as good as a hero to boost the morale of soldiers.

Desir knew this as well. This was the only reason why he put up with this never ending loop of saluting, even though his arm hurt. He thought it was worth pushing through the pain.

‘If such hospitality continued, it might not be so bad joining the army after all.’

There   was   now   not   much   time   left   before   the   Shadow Labyrinth arrived.

Feeling his way through his options, Desir felt that it might not be such a bad idea to clear the Shadow Labyrinth as part of the army, leading soldiers as far as possible.

After finally arriving at the building where his Starling Party was lodging, Desir found himself face-to-face with knights who were  most  likely  charged  with  protecting  the  Saint  of  the Artemis Church.

They were lined up in front of the building, their imposing display attracting the attention of all that passed by.

As  he  entered  the  room,  he  was  greeted  with  the  scene  of

Romantica  and  Priscilla  having  tea,  the  room  shrouded  in  an awkward atmosphere.


Romanica’s pale face finally flushed with color, as she noticed Desir coming in.

She leaped over to Desir and whispered in a hurried tone.

“I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Romantica bade Priscilla farewell and scurried out.

Desir smiled bitterly while looking at her.

Priscilla greeted him when the door closed.

“It’s been a long time, Desir.”

“Thank you for taking the time to visit in person.”

Desir sat down opposite to Priscilla.

“So,  for  what  important  matter  am  I  presenting  myself  for today?”

“What I’m going to recount now is probably a huge weakness that must be dealt with internally within your Holy Land.”

With that, Desir began describing what he experienced in the Level Three Shadow World they had just recently cleared.

He mostly talked about the person referred to as the Prophet.

Desir added his own thoughts and analysis to his recount of events.

“He may be the last pope of the church. Considering that he had  lived  for  hundreds  of  years  and  was  associated  with  the creation of homunculus, he is likely to be part of the Outsiders at the moment.”

Priscilla’s voice trembled as she listened to Desir.

“… … Are you sure?”

“I confirmed his face myself.”

Priscilla’s face was clouded with a complicated expression.

“So why are you telling me this?”

“Because I need hard information about the senior members of  the  Outsiders.  He  surely  knows  a  great  deal,  yet  there  is absolutely no information recorded about him. I need to get any information I can about him.”

It was another threat that existed separate from the Shadow Labyrinth.

Some   small   part   of   Desir   was   convinced   that   he   must investigate this matter.

“It  may  be  better  to  request  information  from  the  Magic Tower rather than me.  He appeared relatively recently in the Magic Kingdom, so you can surely get more information from them than from me.”

“Of course, I have already asked the Magic Tower. However, I need more detailed information. I have to try every route, every person, to know exactly who we’re up against.”

“Detailed information… … ”

Priscilla pondered for a moment.

“I  see.   I’ll   do  my  best  to  investigate.   There  will   also  be descendants who lived in the Holy Land at that time. But don’t place too much hope in this line of enquiry.”

“Any information is fine. Thank you, Saint.”

The conversation pertaining to the topic of the Prophet ended on that note.

“Before I go, I have something to share too.”

It was Priscilla’s turn now.

“I was asked to recruit you by the Western Kingdom Union.”

“So that’s why you came so quickly.”

“Yes. They asked me as they know I am close to you.”

‘On  behalf  of  the  entire  Western  Kingdom  Union?  Have  I become known to that extent?’

“Are you here to sway me?”

“I was asked to do that. But I have no intention of doing so. I hope you choose whichever path you want.”

“Would you mind if I ask you the reason?”

“As I said, I believe you are on the good side. Whichever side you find yourself on, the Temple of Artemis will  support you. This was determined from the moment you sacrificed an eye for us.”

As soon as Desir heard that, he touched his left eye with his hand subconsciously. It was the one he had lost vision in.

It had been quite a long time since he had lost it now, but it hadn’t   really   had   any   major   effects   yet.   He   had   put   in considerable effort to ensure that.

“Living with one eye may not be ideal, but that’s why I trust you.”

Priscilla spoke with a tone of melancholy.

“It is evidence of the sacrifice you made for the sake of us all. I don’t know what is driving you, but I can trust you because of that act.”

That was Priscilla’s honest opinion.

“That’s my reason. I hope you make the choice you want. Of course, I would be very happy if you joined us.”

Desir smiled.

“I think so too. I’ll review it as positively as possible.”

“These  are  the  conditions  set  out  by  each  kingdom  of  the Western Kingdom Union. They told me to send the papers later and discuss them in detail then.”

It   had   already   progressed   to   the   point   where   official documentation had been written up. Desir really felt as if there was  a  target  painted  onto  his  back.   The  Western  Kingdom Union was apparently aiming for him with all their might.

“I see.”

“Then I hope to see you again later… … ”

After that, the Saint left the room.  Desir leaned back in his chair  and  contemplated  what  had  transpired  throughout  the day.

‘Am I becoming famous?’

Desir appreciated his newfound status immensely.

‘This is a good thing that will  allow me to achieve my goals more easily.’

His goals.

His first goal  was a coalition of the Western Kingdom Union and Imperial Army, as well as the other few loose forces.

In   his   previous   life,   despite   encountering   the   enormous disaster  the  Shadow  Labyrinth  posed,  there  was  still  a  lot  of meaningless  loss  since  each  force  inevitably  distrusted  each other.

Desir rallied the forces in war against the Outsiders to prevent

the recurrence of such events.

It was successful so far.

‘And this is just the beginning.’

The problem was how long would this alliance be maintained for and how strong is it really?

‘And I must act as an arbitrator between those two.’

Desir had also gained significant credibility from the Imperial Army while being looked upon very positively by the Western Kingdom Union.

His goals were all the more achievable now.



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