A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 174


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 174. Celebrity (3)

The  cold  air  flowing  from  Mt.  Calcarus  created  a  tranquil atmosphere across the Lagrium Plains.

A horrorous rumbling was spreading amongst the hordes of Outsiders.

“… … What is that?”


Deep  and  majestic  howls  filled  the  Lagrium  Plains.   They sounded  like  direwolves,  violent  monsters  whose  very  howl curdled the blood of all those who heard it.

The northern battle line of the Lagrium Plains.

Soldiers in heavy armor, riding direwolves, advanced towards the Outsiders. A blue aura seemed to cling to their armor. The steel  of Calcarus was characterized by this soft blue glow.  The sight  of  them  advancing  with  blue  glowing  armor  felt  like  a

great wave one might see at a shoreline by the sea.

Their fierce eyes bore holes into their enemies.

At  the  forefront  of  the  group,  there  was  a  warrior  with  a massive physique that stood out amongst them.

Donape Aslan, the King of the North.

The force he exuded overwhelmed everyone near him.

“Do-Donape Aslan!”

The   name   began   to   spread   like   wildfire   amongst   the Outsiders.

There was no one who could match up against Donape Aslan’s military prestige. Despite his tribe’s seclusion, there was no one on the continent that didn’t know his name.

However, it was hard to believe that a king would willingly

lead his troops from the incredibly dangerous frontline… even if their ability was excellent.

Outsiders were embarrassed at falling into confusion due to a trifling issue, like where the enemy King decided to fight from, as well as falling prey to the stifling aura Donape exuded.

“D-Don’t  be  afraid!  They  don’t  have  any  magical  artillery supporting them! Pour magic into this attack so they can’t reach us!”

“Once we pick up his head, the battle will fall in our favor!”

The Outsiders’ commander shouted in anger.

The   barbarians   did   not   have   artillery   units.   Even   their commander had to stand at the forefront to make up for their lack of ranged fire power.

These  strategies  defied  common  sense.  It  seemed  like  they were eager to get killed.

“Artillery units, unleash your spells at the enemy commander!”

A plethora of spells were unleashed on the barbarians.

Spells, far too many to count, blotted out the sky.

The  magic  got  closer  and  closer  to  Donape.   However,  he didn’t seem to even acknowledge these spells rapidly approaching him. Instead, choosing to draw his weapon in utter calmness.


Aura flared up and covered the axe like fire.

Donape swung it in front of him.

The action was simple, but the result was anything but.


A storm of aura surged out of the axe and fanned out through the ground, counteracting the spells aimed at him.

With only one swing, the ground shook and a mix of aura and soil   burst   upwards   like   a   geyser.   Donape   himself   pierced through   the   cloud   of   dust   and   dirt,   quickly   reaching   the Outsiders’ infantry unit.

“What? What?!”

They were all fixed in place out of shock.

The  axe  shrouded  in  flaming  aura  carved  out  ten  Outsider soldiers at a time.

Donape held the axe, still  dripping with blood, forward in a declaration of dominance.


A  towering  amalgamation  of  aura  surged  sky-high  as  the armored wolf riders followed him.

There was not a single one of them that was not at the Bishop Class. They all  had mastery of aura. They were the elite of the elite amongst the barbarians, known as the hunters.



The  Outsiders  knew  that  all  of  the  barbarian  soldiers  were very skilled. That was why they focused on defense rather than offense. They tried to prevent their advance by taking defensive formations that made the most out of their spears and shields.

But it was to no avail.

The  hunter  army,  led  by  Donape,  cleaved  through  their formations like a hot knife through butter.

“Oh my gosh.”

The  spears  were  broken  and  the  shields  were  smashed  into shards.

They were crushed, ground, and ripped apart.

No one could open their mouth in front of the overwhelming disparity in power. They could only tremble silently in fear.


And amongst all of this, there was a presence that overwhelmed the battlefield with its sheer violence.

Donape  Aslan’s  axe  was  a  catastrophe  unto  itself  for  the Outsiders.

It smashed and broke through the standard tactics that form the modern understanding of war. All of this with the power of a single person.

“S-Stop them!”

“You  can’t  let  him  break  through!  Do  not  allow  them  to approach artillery units!”


In just a few moments after the crash, Donape had reached the artillery unit at the rear of the Outsiders formation.

The infantry troops were useless in front of his unashamed violence. You could draw a straight line between his position at the start of the battle, and the artillery unit he was currently located at.

The barbarian hunters were not too far behind and began to ravage these remaining artillery units.

In a fight at close quarters, a magician is just helpless prey.


The Outsiders artillery units were trampled thoroughly.

The barbarian hunters didn’t allow them the opportunity to arrange any spells.

“Rodelis, you lead half of the troops and take the right flank.”

Rodelis, the chieftain of the Bear Tribe, led a portion of the troops under the command of Donape and headed to the right flank.

“Uria, take the left flank with the rest of the forces.”

The best hunter, Uria nodded.

The hunters unit split and surrounded the Outsiders’ infantry units. In the meantime, the barbarian infantry units were also slowly advancing towards Outsiders’ vanguard.

The Outsiders were crushed simultaneously in the front and rear.

After confirming this, Donape moved towards the unit where the commander of the Outsiders was last reported.

A few strong looking soldiers intercepted him in an attempt to stop him. They were notorious, known as the elite members of this Outsider force.

Donape hardened his face after encountering them.

But  there  was  the  slightest  bit  of  tension  present  on  their faces.

“How come troops as strong as yourselves were assigned to protect  this  commander?  Does  the  person  leading  you  even understand anything about battle at all?”

This situation was incomprehensible to him.

“What can a King, who survives alone, do after their soldiers are all dead?!”

He led the soldiers by standing at the forefront. Not only that, he defeated more enemies than anyone else.

He didn’t use the soldiers for himself. He used himself for his soldiers.

That was the creed of Donape.

However,   the   Outsiders   had   assigned   the   strongest   to defensive positions in the rear to protect the commander.

Donape got off the direwolf he was riding. And he shook his head as if looking down on them as being pathetic.

“It’s pathetic.”

A swordsman with a greatsword shouted out of humiliation.

“How  dare  you  speak  about  us.  You’re  just  a  beast  of  the mountains… … !”


However, he couldn’t finish his thought as he was split into two by Donape’s axe.

Donape  sighed  and  pulled  the  axe  out  of  the  ground  to  his side.

[Heaven’s Aura]

The axe, that flared like a flame, drew a long trajectory and shredded everything in its path.

The bodies of assassins, who had been lurking at the rear of the army, lunged at Donape and were instantly cleaved apart. Black   Wave,   the   assassination   organization   which   had   a considerable  reputation,  was  completely  wiped  out  with  the single blow.

Donape swung his axe down with all of his might.

[Mountain Stamp]


As  the  ground  cracked,  an  eerie  sound  leaked  out  from  the cracks.  Subsequently,  the  ground  was  infused  with  a  reddish aura and rose into the air.

The  wicked  deeds  of  Rogiref’s  Knights,  which  had  killed countless innocent civilians and were even un-knighted, ended with this strike.

He swung his axe in the air, freeing it of the blood and gore that had accumulated on it.

No one else dared rush at Donape after that.

“This-This… … is not a human.”

One or two people turned tail and ran away.

As one or two people gripped with fear fled, the fear began to

spread like a contagion, and before too long, many others joined them.

He had single-handedly overwhelmed hundreds of people.

This was the power of the King of the North.

One  of  the  strongest  humans  to  have  ever  come  from  the north was Donape Aslan.

He didn’t chase those who ran away.

It was a meaningless struggle.  Either way, they wouldn’t be able to leave this place.

With   the   warriors   lacking   confidence   all   gone   now,   the leaders of this Outsider force were left shocked.

One  of  them  drew  their  sword  and  wrapped  it  in  aura, swinging it at Donape.

But he didn’t avoid the blow. No, there was no need to avoid it.


The moment the aura-wrapped sword hit Donape, it shattered.  It  couldn’t  penetrate  the  aura  wrapped  around  his body.

Donape grabbed the head of the person who swung the sword.


The head he caught exploded.

His face utterly devoid of emotion, he began to slaughter all of those who remained.

Donape, who destroyed the Outsider commanders in charge of the northern battle line, confirmed his surroundings.

The battle was rapidly drawing to an end.

The   Outsiders,   who   were   overwhelming   in   force   at   the beginning, suffered without even being able to put up a proper fight.

It was the barbarians’ third great victory.

They had never been defeated in battle.

‘These enemies are weaker than the first ones.’

As  the  Outsiders  continued  to  lose,  their  remaining  battle forces were weakened with every battle.

Donape turned his gaze to the side. In the distance, the castle currently under control of the Outsiders caught his eye.

The Outsiders’ base, Jormungand Citadel.

The pitiful  remains of the Outsiders forces were all  that was

left of the terrorist organization that took on the entire world.

‘This war will come to an end soon.’

It  was  as  he  was  thinking  about  the  future,  that  Donape frowned.

“… … ?”

A  strong  flow  of  mana  could  be  felt  from  the  Jormungand Citadel.  A  stream  of  mana  that  was  so  powerful  that  it  was beyond comprehension.

A light briefly twinkled.

However, it was a momentary phenomenon.

When  he  sensed  danger  and  tried  to  react,  a  dazzling  glare filled his sight.

A beam of light streaked towards him, burning everything in



There was a huge explosion on the battlefield where the battle had not quite concluded.

A  huge  crater  formed,  as  if  a  giant  had  scratched  out  a  big chunk of the ground.

The white flash indiscriminately ended the life of both enemy and allies.

It was a disaster.



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