A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 177


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 177. Evolution (1)

8 A.M.

The boundless cold air of the snowfield, thick with morning fog, permeated deep into their lungs.

The   magicians   of   the   guerrilla   group,   including   Desir, constantly invoked detection magic, in order to gather information about the soldiers around them.

“There are three large-scale enemy units in front of us.”

The first to notice the enemy was Romantica.  Her detection magic, trained by Desir, was superior to most.

‘Did they predict our movements and have soldiers deployed?’

Desir raised his right hand up. The simple action was actually a  signal  to  quickly  communicate  within  the  unit.  All  of  the guerillas turned their heads in unison towards their right.

Romantica shouted once again.

“More large-scale enemy units on our right!”

There were two units.

Desir responded quickly.

“Please check if there are any enemies between the unit you sensed earlier and the unit you saw now.”

Romantica, who had already begun arranging detection magic before  Desir  finished  his  sentence,  invoked  it  where  he  had asked.

“… … There’s nothing there.”

As soon as the words had left Romantica’s lips, Desir lifted his left hand slightly and pointed to their left.

“Platoon Two, ready for camouflage magic!”

Before the start of this operation, Desir had divided the unit into   four   platoons   according   to   their   individual   skill   sets. Platoon  Two  had  magicians  that  were  specialized  in  support magic rather than raw firepower.

Desir gave the order, and in a demonstration that attested to just how well  they were trained, they held their spells at the ready.  It  was  imperative  that  their  magic  was  invoked  just before   the   sound   of   the   horses’   hooves   could   reach   the Outsiders.


[Cat’s Curtain]

[Frost Cloak]

Several   high  circle  camouflage  spells  were  simultaneously invoked and quickly coated the entire regiment.

At   that   exact   moment,   the   Outsider’s   detection   magic invoked. A sinister breeze whipped its way through the guerilla unit’s ranks.

Yet  the  detection  magic  had  found  absolutely  nothing.  The camouflage   magic   invoked   by   Platoon   Two   had   worked perfectly,  and  completely  invalidated  the  Outsiders’  detection magic.

Furthermore, the thick morning fog made it very difficult for even   a   keen   pair   of   eyes   to   locate   the   guerillas   that   had infiltrated their ranks..

In other words, it was impossible for the Outsiders to pinpoint the position of Desir’s unit.

‘If  we  attack  the  enemy  now,  it  could  cause  considerable damage, but… ’

Desir  knew  the  enemy’s  position,  his  unit  was  inside  their encampment, and they were completely undetected. It was the best possible situation to launch a raid.

But the Outsiders weren’t a naive group.

‘I’m sure they’ve prepared for this kind of situation.’

Though they couldn’t be seen, and detection magic couldn’t reveal them, nothing could mask their presence if they bumped into an enemy patrol head-on.

Unlike those seen at the front-line, these Outsiders seem well-trained enough to be able to react to a surprise enemy attack.

For these reasons, Desir did not intend to attack. His unit was put together for a more important mission than dealing with the rank and file Outsiders.

‘Simply passing through is difficult enough as it is.’

He maintained course, stopping to let enemy patrols harmlessly pass by them when necessary.

As  a  result,  the  guerrillas  were  able  to  slip  past  numerous enemy squadrons completely unnoticed

In the end, the Outsiders had been completely unable to make a move until it was already too late.

‘We’ve managed to avoid all unnecessary fighting.’

Their unit’s primary objective was to find the homunculus. And  the  most  important  thing  for  them  was  to  prevent  the homunculus from firing again and increasing the damage dealt to the Allied Forces.

Romantica played a big role in helping lead the guerillas to the homunculus as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Her  detection  magic  had  located  the  homunculus’s  location from a considerable distance, and thanks to it, the unit was able to head straight towards Jormungand Citadel  without any loss of time or engaging the enemy in combat.

Suddenly, the number of Outsiders that were in front of them exceeded two battalions worth.

Desir had assumed that, by now, information about their unit that had penetrated the frontlines would have reached all of the Outsider  forces.  But  up  until  now,  there  had  been  no  sign  of increased resistance.

‘They must know what we’re here for, then.’

Given that no one had stopped them from launching a raid earlier,  the  Outsiders  must  have  realized  that  the  unit’s  true goal  was  the  homunculus,  and  had  been  attempting  to  sneak their way into the Citadel.

Though their location hadn’t been exposed, it would now be impossible to completely avoid combat.

As Desir’s unit approached the halfway point on their path towards the Citadel, Desir could see that his prediction had been correct.

“An enemy unit ahead. It’s lined up sideways.”

A defensive line created using the largest number of troops they had encountered so far.

It would be an impossible task to sneak through this defensive line the way they had avoided enemy patrols.  No, even if they could, it would take too much time.

The guerrilla group, which couldn’t afford to rest for even a moment, was now forced to change tactics, exchanging stealth for might.

Desir gave the troops a signal to ready for the charge.


The guerrillas re-formed into their respective platoons at the instruction of Desir.

Platoon One, a magician unit with excellent firepower, took the role of the primary source of firepower.

Platoon Two, primarily dedicated to support magic, was also capable of aiding the first platoon with follow-up spells.

Platoon  Three,  composed  of  soldiers  renowned  for  having outstanding defensive capabilities, took towards the front.

Platoon  Four,  handling  light  weapons  and  capable  of  rapid movement, an auxiliary unit would rapidly relocate to defend the flanks of Platoon One and Two in response to the situation.

Desir  folded  his  straightened  finger  to  confirm  that  all  the troops had moved into their set positions.

It was also the signal to charge.

[Fire Wall]

[Thunder Break]



The  artillery  fire  magic  carried  out  by  Platoon  One  was

unleashed in the direction of the enemy’s defensive line.

A wall of unbearable heat, made of devastating fire, soared up and lurched towards the Outsiders. Several large arcs of lighting splintered  into  the  sky  and  crashed  towards  the  ground.  The Outsiders were caught completely defenseless to the unashamed shelling from Desir’s unit of elite forces.

Despite the impressive display from the guerilla unit, they had little  in  the  way  of  numbers.   Only  a  small   portion  of  the defensive  formation  in  front  of  them  collapsed,  despite  the awesome demonstration of firepower.

But Desir ordered the charge without hesitation. The guerrilla force’s   vanguard   dug   into   the   gap   in   the   Outsider’s   wall, piercing it deeply and widening it within moments.

Even though it was the largest unit the guerillas had seen in their  excursion  so  far,  it  wasn’t  difficult  for  them  to  break through.  The  individuals  that  comprised  the  elite  force  were excellent,  make  no  mistake,  but  that  wasn’t  the  reason  why such a large group had been swiftly neutralized.

The Outsiders had constructed their line of defense such that

the  guerrillas  would  be  unwilling  to  make  a  detour  and  be forced to engage them in battle.

But in the end, that was why they had lost.

In order to increase the area that a limited number of troops can cover, the density of the troops had to decrease. If the goal was to prevent a weak spy unit from infiltrating, it would have been  a  success.   But  such  a  tactic  could  never  prevent  the advance of a high-quality guerilla charge.

‘They gave us the chance to break through without actually having to stop our advance.’

The   Outsiders   attacked   with   all   their   might,   and   finally inflicted the first instance of damage to the unit.

Desir  was  able  to  invert  a  majority  of  the  incoming  magic though, so few losses occurred.

Everything was going as well as Desir had predicted. They had nearly made it through, and successfully reached the edge of the outer perimeter.

“… … … … !”

The   magicians   on   the   battlefield   all   felt   the   flow   of   an incredible  amount  of  mana.  At  the  top  of  the  Jormungand Citadel, the mist half-cleared and the sky was now visible to the soldiers on the ground below.

Everyone present felt the color drain from their face.

A white flash began forming in front of their eyes.

It was a powerful artillery attack, capable of destroying a wide area in a single attack.

Someone muttered while looking at it.

“Shouldn’t there be five hours left… ?”

The  homunculus’s  attack  had  been  fired  off  every  twelve hours.   So  far.   This  cooldown  between  attacks  had  been  so

precise that it couldn’t possibly be inaccurate. Those who were there were perplexed at the sight of the growing mass of mana. Perplexion grew as this attack was going to be fired much earlier than scheduled.

Desir was quick to grasp the implications of the situation.

‘We’ve been fooled. The twelve-hour cooldown was a trick’

The previous rounds of artillery fire were carried out every twelve   hours,   which   led   to   the   illusion   of   there   being   a significant cooldown between attacks. Humans are quick to find patterns and speculate on why such patterns exist. Obviously, if twelve hours were required between attacks, it must be because the enemy needed time to gather the necessary amount of mana for the attack. In hindsight, this was a foolish assumption.

How could a spell that requires twelve hours to calculate, land in the exact spot that would deal maximum damage every time?

How  could  a  spell  that  requires  twelve  hours  of  gathering mana, not be detectable at such range?

The white light turned towards the Outsiders currently on the defensive  line,  before  turning  further  inwards  towards  the guerrillas trying to break through.

There was a commotion among the Outsiders, quick to realize what was about to happen.

“No, wait!”

All  of  the  Outsiders,  who  had  been  swarming  to  stop  the guerrillas, stopped dead in their tracks. They didn’t understand why this was happening to them.

They were unwilling martyrs, used to stop the guerillas lead by Desir for only a single moment.

A deadly trap, designed to kill Desir no matter the cost.

The light began to intensify.


As the glare from the light became so bright that the troops on the ground became unable to see, a single clap could be heard.


Both  sides  were  instantly  enveloped  by  the  overwhelming light of the super-massive spell  that had been unleashed.  The white  flash  disintegrated  the  surroundings  and  devoured  all that dared to stand before it.

Yet  when  the  light  faded,  there  were  still  a  few  people  left standing.

Huge  shields  of  structured  geometric  forms  surrounded  the survivors.   The   cracked   shield   shattered   as   the   impressive-looking equipment in Desir’s hand shattered.

“I  brought  four,  just  to  be  safe,  and  three  of  them  were smashed in a single blow… ”

It  was  the  Aurora  system,  the  strongest  defensive  system created  by  mankind,  created  by  Desir  when  he  provided  Zod

with his future knowledge.

Desir had brought several  portable Aurora systems with him for use against the homunculus.

However,  his  thorough  preparation  could  only  withstand  a single blow.  He did not lose his composure under such nerve-wracking circumstances, but simply recovered what remained of his broken equipment and gazed up towards the source of the attack.

‘What a disgusting way of doing things.’



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