A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 182


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 182. Evolution (6)

[Fire Storm]

A raging mass of flames washed over the homunculus.


Desir’s concentrated spell held unimaginable power.

The fire devoured everything.  All  of the parts of the citadel that the flames licked began to melt. All  it took was an instant for these molten parts to begin to lose their shape.

The  homunculus  was  no  exception.  Its  body  blazed  like  a torch  amongst  these  intense  flames.  She  was  burnt  to  ashes before even getting the chance to scream.

A  few  moments  later,  the  flame  storm  began  to  clear.  The homunculus began to regenerate from its horrendous burns.



However,   the   restored   limbs   did   not   return   to   perfect condition.  She did not have enough mana to properly harness the power of causality. The homunculus glared at Desir, as her grotesque body swayed slightly.

She barely managed to open her now trembling lips.

“D-Did you really figure out… my ability?”

The ability to alter the present by returning five seconds into the past.

It was a lethal move, capable of turning the strongest warriors of   mankind   into   harmless   puppies.   This   ability   allowed   a homunculus  to  manipulate  causality  beyond  themselves,  and onto the very world itself.

However, the ability had been analysed and exploited by just a

few young students.

This was the absurd reality that the homunculus found itself facing.

If she had found herself possessing just a little bit less mana, she would have died as a result of that attack.

No, she was still on the verge of death.

If she allowed Desir to cast more spells, she would have no choice but to die.

As   Desir   took   a   slight   step   forward,   the   homunculus subconsciously took a step back. She was terrified of him.

It was the first time she had felt something like this, the first time she had felt fear since she had first gained consciousness.

She concentrated on Desir’s actions.

An awkward silence extended. Neither side did anything. The homunculus no longer had the ability to restore herself.

This  was  a  golden  opportunity  for  Desir.  But  Desir  didn’t move.

The homunculus opened her eyes, as if realizing something. Her terrified eyes slowly began to steady, as she recovered her initial composure.

“You’re almost out of mana too, aren’t you?”

The homunculus had thoroughly exhausted all  of her mana, so  it  was  no  longer  possible  to  manipulate  causality,  but  it looked like Desir was also no better. Since he wasn’t attacking, he likely didn’t even have enough mana to invoke even First or Second-Circle spells.

“Hahahaha. This is hilarious.”

The homunculus laughed raucously.  Desir was now nothing but  a  weak  human,  incomparable  to  a  homunculus  built  to fight.

Her body was powerful, even without mana or access to her abilities.  No matter how worn out her body was, it was more than enough to squash a hapless magician; no, a human unable to invoke spells could not even be referred to as a magician.

This   was   the   chance   to   demonstrate   the   overwhelming superiority of a homunculus.

Initially faced with despair, she had regained her spirit.

‘Everything you’ve done ended up being in vain.’

The homunculus began to approach Desir slowly.

Desir’s facial expression did not change in the slightest, even though the moment of his demise was clear. He just continued to observe her.

It was as if he was waiting for something.

After  the  homunculus  narrowed  the  distance  considerably, Desir finally opened his mouth.

“It seems like I have no other option.”

Unable to understand what he was saying, the homunculus furrowed her brows. Desir took something out of his bosom.

It was a complex looking piece of equipment.

The  moment  Desir  took  it  out,  waves  of  the  dense  mana gushed out, spreading everywhere.


The source of the waves of mana was the power source for the Aurora System.

In his hands were four Third-Class mana stones.

The homunculus was dazed for a moment.

“Oh… ”

She was transfixed in place, eyes wide open, staring at Desir and the spell formations that appeared in front of him.


The near-insane laughter soon turned into that of a madman’s. The homunculus gave up on approaching Desir. She didn’t move at all.

She had completely lost her fighting spirit.

“Truly, that was perfect. I’ve been completely beaten.”

Desir knew better than anyone about his biggest problem, the limit of his mana pool. For this very reason, he came prepared.

It may not be a solution to fix his fundamental  problem, but he could use such a solution to overcome his limits, albeit at

great expense and only in an emergency.

The Aurora System was a shield designed to prevent a lethal blow, as well  as a tool  that can be used as a weapon in case of emergency; as a backup mana source for Desir.

[Lightning Vortex]

Several spheres of lightning shot towards the homunculus.

The   leg   of   the   homunculus,   already   in   a   half-wrecked condition, could not withstand the shock. It was destroyed and her body then collapsed onto the floor.

[Burst Fire]

Dozens of fireballs surged at the homunculus. After successive attacks, she was no longer capable of moving.

That was it.

Desir approached the homunculus, unsteadily lowering himself   onto   the   floor,   to   confirm   that   homunculus   was completely incapacitated.


He  felt  a  surge  of  exhaustion  wash  over  him,  now  that  the battle was over. The homunculus managed to move her mouth, expressing her doubt at the situation she found herself in.

“You’re not going to kill me?”


“How come? I tried to kill your party members, your friends. Why don’t you want to kill me?”

“Oh, yes. I’d like to kill you right now, if I could. Even if you were simply following someone’s orders, what you’ve done is monstrous.”

The  homunculus  took  the  lives  of  countless  soldiers.  They

were  all   equally  valuable  resources  required  in  clearing  the Shadow  Labyrinth,  even  though  their  individual  contribution may be unequal.

Desir’s   plan   had   been   badly   screwed   up   by   her.   Most importantly, the homunculus had harmed his party members, his treasured colleagues. She had inflicted wounds great enough that they could have easily died.

But Desir was not swayed by his emotions. He couldn’t afford to   miss   out   on   such   a   powerful   tool   just   to   assuage   his immediate feelings.

He  had  committed  to  doing  anything  within  his  power  to achieve his goal of saving the world.

“But you’re worth using.”

“… What?”

“You are not allowed to die, even if you want to.”

The homunculus momentarily met Desir’s eyes.

Deep black eyes, like an abyss void entirely of light.

The  homunculus  felt  an  eerie  sensation  and  involuntarily shuddered.

Desir turned away from her. Countless footsteps echoed from the stairway.

“This way!”

Romantica’s  shrill  voice  could  be  heard,  laced  with  despair and mourning.

Shortly  after,  the  Eastern  Guerrilla  Force  rushed  in.  They immediately hurried over to assist Desir, Pram, and Adjest.

Only  then,  could  Desir  finally  relax,  now  that  the  war  was finally over.

* * *

The  criminal   group,  the  Outsiders,  had  used  a  biological weapon called a homunculus to wage a fierce war against the Allied Forces, made up of most of the countries spanning the continent.

The  Outsiders  had  put  up  a  surprisingly  strong  resistance, considering  the  fact  that  this  had  occurred  during  peaceful times, where the allied nations had relatively little incentive to work together.

However, their resistance did not last long after the barbarians had joined the Allied Forces.

In  the  end,  the  Outsiders  used  the  homunculus  as  bait  to attract the coalition forces to the central front, while aiming for the eastern front’s supply route.

The Hebrion Empire’s Imperial Army, which was in charge of the  eastern  front,  had  limited  forces  to  utilise,  after  sending most of them to the central front.

But even in such a favorable situation, the Outsiders failed to capitalize.  Someone  saw  through  their  meticulous  plans  and foiled them.

It   was   Desir   Arman   of   Hebrion   Academy. His   timely reinforcement of the troops guarding the supply route, as well as   his   fighting   prowess,   signaled   the   annihilation   of   the Outsider’s  deployed  forces.  He  single-handedly  protected  the supply route.

This battle would be referred to as the The Bloody Battle of Mahayu, and it was the first real  battle in which the Starling Party had gained the attention of the world at large.

When even their secret operation failed to deliver any results, the Outsiders found themselves cornered.

The  allies  pushed  their  advantage,  and  the  Outsiders  were forced to continue retreating while taking losses. The cornered Outsiders managed to cause considerable damage though, when they  used  the  homunculus  to  launch  long-range,  wide-area effect attacks. With no choice but to bring the fight to them, the allies  sent  two  elite  forces  to  invade  behind  enemy  lines  and eliminate the homunculus.

One  of  these  elite  guerrilla  units  was  built  around  Desir Arman of the Starling Party. The Eastern Guerrilla Force, led by him, penetrated the enemy lines while taking minimal damage. They  managed  to  stop  the  homunculus’s  ranged  attacks,  and even  attained  the  spectacular  achievement  of  defeating  the homunculus in what turned out to be a fierce battle.

The reason why the Outsiders were even able to put up this much  of  a  fight  with  inferior  forces  was  purely  due  to  the overwhelming might of their homunculus.

The  Outsiders  were  helplessly  routed  by  the  Allied  Forces after  their  morale  plummeted  to  rock  bottom,  seeing  their homunculus  defeated.  This  brought  about  an  end  to  the  long war.

With the continent now in a state of peace, one topic was on the  tip  of  everyone’s  tongue.  There  was  no  one  who  did  not know his name, and everyone praised him.

Desir Arman, the Hero of Victory.



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