A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 184


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 184. Evolution (8)

Desir began to describe what he had been through to Donape.

The terrorism incident in the capital  of Prillecha, Deltaheim, that he played a major role in solving.

Crow Mask.

The  human  experiments  carried  out  by  the  alchemist  he encountered in the Shadow World.

The homunculus research.

Skull   Mask,  a  person  acting  from  the  shadows  who  had assumed  multiple  aliases  including  that  of  the  Pope  of  the Artemis Church and the Prophet of the Magic Kingdom.

“He’s beguiled many and has been the cause of the downfall behind countless countries.”

“This is all hard to believe.”

Donape  expressed  skepticism,  a  natural  reaction  to  hearing just what Desir had been through.

“While I managed to destroy the homunculus in the Shadow World set a hundred years ago, they ended up being manufactured in our reality. The appearance of it now indicates that there is a link between what we saw and the Outsiders.”

An entity that controlled the group known as the Outsiders, formed by a mass of criminal gangs and thugs.

Another person popped into Desir’s head.

Crow Mask.

The Outsiders were mostly wiped out through this war, but he had still not made an appearance.

Desir kept himself abreast of news relating to the Outsiders and how the war progressed. He had to keep track of the bigger

perspective. If a Sixth-Circle magician capable of using imagery magic appeared on one of the battlefields, it would be a big deal and news of it would travel quickly.

But in the end, no one matching the appearance or abilities of Crow Mask had surfaced.

‘He  didn’t  even  show  up  when  the  homunculus  fell.   He mustn’t have been near the Lagrium Plains.’

Crow  Mask  utilized  space  magic.  Even  if  he  was  not  at  the Lagrium  Plains,  it  wouldn’t  have  been  difficult  for  him  to appear, as long as he was somewhere nearby.

This indicated that he never intended to make an appearance in the first place.

‘What the hell is he planning?’

Desir did not believe that Skull  Mask and Crow Mask would relegate themselves to simply cowering behind the Outsiders. He  had  to  work  on  the  assumption  that  there  was  a  greater purpose behind their actions, or lack thereof.

‘We need more clues to track them down.’

Desir continued speaking.

“So we can’t simply say that the homunculus has only hurt the  warriors  of  the  North.  We  must  use  the  homunculus  to reach the mastermind behind all this.”

“The mastermind… Indeed, this is true. But that’s not enough reason why we can’t be given the homunculus as well.”

Donape’s eyes flashed cold.

“We  have  very  few  clues  with  which  to  chase  them  down. Now  is  the  time  to  gather  any  information  we  can.  Any  clue could mean the difference between finding them, or not.”

“… So you mean to say that the homunculus is the clue that will allow us to capture the mastermind.”

“That’s right. Therefore, we cannot oblige your request.”


Donape’s  expression  suddenly  lightened  and  his  face  broke out into a big smile.

“In the end, you intend to draw me into the fight ahead.”

Donape saw through Desir’s intentions.

“Did it look like that?”

“It’s clever, but I like it. I believe you. Let’s not raise any more questions about the homunculus.”

He looked at Priscilla.

“Priscilla, I will accept the Western Kingdom Union’s request for alliance.”

“Thank you for your wise decision.”

“And Desir, we will  maintain our alliance with the Empire. Even so, we can’t give up on avenging our men, so I have one condition.”

“If you find the mastermind, let us know immediately. That’s the condition. I want to avenge them by my own hand.”

Desir’s face brightened.

“Of course, I’d be more than happy to do so.”

Just  as  Donape  had  begun  to  throw  a  wrench  in  his  plans, Desir used his outstanding wit and leveraged the crisis he was faced with to provide a foothold to gain further help from the barbarians in future battles.

“I’ll make sure to let you know when I have a lead.”

Though  their  talks  looked  as  though  it  would  jeopardize

everything  Desir  worked  for,  in  the  end,  they  came  to  an amicable result for everyone.

Donape  looked  at  the  Saint,  and  then  the  Starling  Party, before smiling.

“If you and your friends visit our land, I will share the wine I have made myself.”

Desir knew that this was how barbarians typically expressed favor.

And so the meeting with Donape Aslan, a close companion in his former life, ended.

* * *

“So that’s how you soften the barbarian king up.”

Zod looked perfectly healthy now, unlike when Desir last saw him at a hospital in Adeina.

“He just decided that this was the right thing to do, that’s all.”

Desir and Zod talked as they walked down several  hallways towards the main tower of Altea, which in modern times had become the center of magic engineering.

The staff of the tower were amazed to see the only Seventh-Circle  magician  on  the  continent  and  the  Hero  of  Victory together.

As if suddenly remembering it, Zod posed a question to Desir.

“Was the Aurora System useful?”

“Thanks to you, I’m still  alive.  But all  four of them are now broken.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that too much. Thanks to its potential  being unveiled in this war, there’s now a lot of orders  coming  in.  Let’s  just  write  them  off  as  demonstration expenses.”

The power of the Aurora System, a defensive equipment Desir had used to block the white bombardment of the homunculus, became known to all as a result of this war.

As  they  continued  to  converse,  they  eventually  reached  a remote  place  amongst  the  facilities.   There  was  no  one  else present nearby.

Zod stopped in front of a pot. When he pulled the petals of the pot, the nearby wall opened and a hidden staircase appeared.

They started down the stairs.

“I’ve heard you’re being awarded a Silver Lion medal.”

“It’s  a  common  practice  amongst  these  countries.  There  is always a need for heroes during times of war. It serves as great propaganda to drive public sentiment and increase the rate of army recruiting.”

“But that’s such a great honor. It’s very rare for a student to be awarded a medal of that level.”

“Well, it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t happy to receive it.”

Desir nodded.

‘There are many ways to use fame and celebrity status.’

Receiving the award brought him both personal joy, as well as allowed him to further scheme.

“When is the awards ceremony?”

“Right after the Hebrion Academy resumes activity. We have about two weeks left.”

“The Academy… ”

Zod’s feet came to a stop, for a brief moment.

“You don’t have to stay in the academy anymore, do you? It’d be nice for you to start looking elsewhere.”

“That’s not a bad idea.  But I still  have work to do there, for now.”

Although  he  didn’t  pay  much  attention  to  the  happenings inside the academy, since he spent all of his energy and time on the greater continent, the Hebrion Academy was a funnel  that attracted  numerous  talented  people  from  all   corners  of  the continent. When the semester began again, he was planning to cultivate the talent of the Hebrion Academy in earnest.

“Also, there’s not much of a drawback in staying there for the time being.”

Desir was beloved by the Emperor, and was also in a technical advisory role for the Magic Tower, so even if he remained at the academy,  he  would  not  suffer  much  of  a  loss  in  terms  of freedom and personal comfort.

“I see where you’re coming from.”

They soon reached the bottom of the stairs.  This secret lab was deeply hidden inside the tower. It was a room that Zod had

built  with  all  of  his  heart  and  soul;  a  place  no  one  else  even knew existed, with exception of Zod, the chairman of the Magic Tower.

Desir looked around.

The  lab  was  filled  with  delicate  and  expensive  equipment, proof of the energy and care invested into it.

And at its center was a long, silver-haired, beautiful girl whose eyes were firmly closed.  Her whole body was restrained with chains; chains that interfered with the circulation of her mana.

She   was   also   held   in   place   firmly   by   dozens   of   other specialised pieces of equipment, besides just the chain subduing her

This lab had been fitted out to study the homunculus.

“Now that she’s the only clue we possess, we must get what we can from her.”

“I know.”

Zod manipulated some of the laboratory’s tools and studied the screen in front of him intently.

“I’ve personally spent a bit of time studying it. As a result, I can   definitely   say   that   this   homunculus   was   made   using technology   far   beyond   our   understanding.   So   called   high technology.”

“How good is it?”

“It goes far beyond the limits of technology we have available today.  It’s  unbelievable.  The  knowledge  you’ve  shared  before has been immense, but this is beyond all comparison.”

“Even if it’s difficult, we must interpret what we can from it.”

“Yes, it’s going to be a tedious task, but I’ll try my hardest.”

Desir couldn’t take his eyes off the homunculus.

He felt strange. The details of their fight flashed through his head.

‘It could return to the past, five seconds ago.’

Returning  to  the  past.  This  kind  of  ability  had  a  different meaning for Desir.

‘I’m a returner, too.’

Until  now, he had acted relatively casually, simply accepting things as they came. He had no reason or method to investigate what caused him to return, so all he could do was simply accept the fact that it had happened. But now that there was a way to manipulate  the  past,  laying  on  an  experiment  table  right  in front   of   him,   this   was   no   longer   a   matter   that   could   be overlooked.

“And there’s one more thing we need to find out.”

The homunculus. A valuable, hard-earned resource.

Desir stared intently at the area surrounding its heart. A set of six circles should be hovering around the homunculus’s heart, capable of storing a stupendous amount of mana.

“As far as we are aware, we know that the amount of mana we can safely gather is determined from birth. And for hundreds of years, the limits of a magician’s growth have been determined since before they started their career.”

This  was  a  reality  that  Desir  faced  daily,  and  was  always harshly  reminded  of  during  any  battle.  In  his  case,  his  body could accept up to three circles, with the aid of an artifact.

“But this high-tech homunculus shattered that commonsense.”

“This  homunculus,  which  only  had  three  circles  when  I encountered it in the Shadow World, now has mana six circles.”

“This  means  that  we  should  be  able  to  artificially  implant additional circles to expand an individual’s mana capacity”

Desir and Zod were aware of what the other was intimating.

They were great colleagues and above all  else, magicians of high caliber.

“If we can figure out how to replicate this, we’ll  be able to attain power greater beyond what mere talent allows for.”

“How interesting.”

His  voice  was  slightly  excited.   Zod  couldn’t  help  getting excited   when   someone   brought   up   an   interesting   topic, regardless of how old he was.

“Since it’s going to be rather difficult to analyse its ability to manipulate  causality,  I  think  it  would  be  better  to  focus  on studying the homuculus’s circles for now.”

“Then let’s get to work right away.”



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