A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 185


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 185. Enlightenment (1)

“The  Empire  has  made  peace  with  the  Western  Kingdom Union,  a  long  time  nemesis,  and  contributed  greatly  towards defeating  the  Outsiders.  The  continent  is  now  in  a  state  of unprecedented peace.”

Lena Donner.

This was a place that only opened for events of the highest historical importance within the Hebrion Empire.

The  marble  floor  shone  brightly  under  the  glittering  light, and  the  ornate  marble  lions  seemed  so  vivid  that  they  could practically leap down and maul anyone who passed.

The walls were adorned with portraits of emperors past, each highlighted equisistely by their respective golden frame.

“There was someone who has given a great deal of dignity and serves as a spectacular source of pride for this empire due to his outstanding achievements.  He has saved the lives of countless soldiers   as   a   result   of   his   outstanding   capability,   and   his

contributions were a large factor in the swift end of this war.”

In  Lena  Donner,  there  was  an  unusually  large  crowd  of people.  No  matter  where  one  looked,  they  would  be  able  to recognize numerous famous people.

Vang Zar from Ayuls News was one of them.

‘The  capital  of  the  Empire,  Dresden,  had  fully  returned  to normal within two weeks of the war ending.’

As the Empire regained normality, the imperial family opened Lena Donner to hold an awards ceremony.

Opening Lena Donner for the sake of just one person meant that the imperial family valued this young hero enormously.

Vang was busy taking in as much of the happenings around him as possible, vigorously scribbling down every minute detail with his pen and paper.

Ayuls News, the news house he was here on behalf of, was the

most famous media house in the Empire. And he was one of the most talented reporters they had.

His hyper hand, which had been furiously put to work filling his  notebook  with  ink,  came  to  a  dead  stop  when  a  certain person passed by.

“That’s Desir Arman!”

A thunderous applause sounded.

‘Our Shy Hero has finally arrived.’

The Shy Hero.

Reporters loved to overhype the people they reported on, and Desir was no exception.  Everyone they reported on received a tagline, though Desir’s situation was different from most.

Desir Arman was the largest contributing factor in the Allied Forces’  victory  over  the  Outsiders,  and  the  publicity  value  of featuring  a  piece  on  him  was  enormous.   He  was  a  proper

celebrity now.

However, he had remained hidden, refusing to show his face after the war ended. That is, until today’s ceremony.

It was no surprise that many journalists were climbing over each other to get an exclusive interview with him.

But he was nowhere to be found. He had concealed himself to such an extent that it was almost as if he had vanished from this world.

Numerous reporters were getting anxious as the hero of the century refused to show his face.

‘I thought he was trying to increase his worth by drawing this out… ’

The Desir who had appeared in front of Lena Donner looked nothing more exceptional than any other boy who couldn’t hide their excitement. He was the very image of an ordinary boy, the exact opposite of what Vang had been expecting.

His very demeanor betrayed any theory that he was deliberately manipulating the media by being coy with them.

‘His injuries must have been bad.’

Vang made an assumption and decided to drop the issue.

“The great Sun of Hebrion, Guiltian Zedgar F Rogfelas.  His Majesty the Emperor is here.”

Everyone stood up.

Guiltian stepped into the room, his majestic and extraordinary aura immediately filling it to the brim. His broad shoulders betrayed his diligence in training.  It was clear that despite maintaining the responsibilities of an Emperor, he still found the time to keep at it.

Vang’s pen started gliding across his notebook once again.

‘The guardian of the Empire, Guiltian Zedgar F Rogfelas, is

still hale, hearty, and able to continue protecting the Empire.’

It took just a moment for Guiltian to begin his speech.

His speech was filled with glorified expressions, dripping with sophistication and grace.  However, the meaning behind them was simple.

It  was  praise  for  Desir,  with  added  emphasis  on  how  his achievements would not be forgotten as a nation.  He piled on the pathos to highlight just how loyal Desir was to this country.

He finally concluded his speech, expressing his high anticipation towards Desir’s growth.

It was now time to award the medal.

Guiltian  himself  pinned  the  medal,  inlaid  with  silver  and rubies, onto Desir’s chest.

The  Silver  Lion  medal  was  amongst  the  upper  echelon  of prestigious awards; it was the kind of honor that could only be

presented by the Emperor himself.

Another round of applause filled Lena Donner.

* * *

Guiltian disappeared shortly after the conclusion of the medal ceremony.

The attendees followed his lead, and started to trickle out too. Desir was no exception.

Vang tried to approach Desir quickly, but was a step too slow. Desir  was  already  surrounded  by  a  hoard  of  reporters  and admirers.

“Mr. Desir, could you give us a short interview… !”

“No, do it with us… !”

Multiple reporters were screaming for interviews, some going

as far to physically block him from leaving.

Even though causing such an uproar over a mere boy in his late teens was a bit much, securing an interview with Desir was well worth it.

Vang  skillfully  burrowed  into  the  crowd  and  approached Desir.

“… !?”

However,  it  was  all  unnecessary.  Desir  instead  approached him through the crowd.

Desir spoke to Vang.

“Are you the reporter Vang Zar, from Ayuls News?”

“… Do you know me?”

“I am very interested in your articles. The feature article you

wrote last time about me was quite impressive too.”

Vang was embarrassed, but he wouldn’t be a pro if he missed an opportunity that fell into his lap like this.

“I’m honored, but there’s still room for improvement. I’d like to have an interview to rectify this.”

“I see. Sure. Come this way please.”

Desir led him to a private room.

Vang  internally  cheered  as  things  appeared  to  be  going  so smoothly for him.

The two people left, leaving the remaining journalists deeply disappointed.

“What would you like to drink?”

Vang flipped open his notebook and took out his pen.

“Ah, I’m okay. I’d rather do the interview as soon as possible.”

He put his hand into his bosom and pulled out a recorder.

“Is it okay if I record our interview?”

“No.  Not  yet.  I’d  like  to  say  something  before  we  start  the interview.”

Desir  clasped  his  hands  together  and  smiled,  sitting  across from Vang.

Vang shrugged his shoulders.

“All right.”

He was a veteran journalist. He wasn’t about to do something like putting his interviewee in a bad mood, and spoil  his hard-earned opportunity.

Desir started talking first.

“I knew you’d be here.”

“It was as if you were waiting for me to approach you.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Desir’s answer flustered Vang.

“There are loads of reporters who want to interview you. But why me… ?”

“Yes,  there  are.  But  I  don’t  have  the  time  to  sit  through interviews with all of them. I have a lot to do. So, I’m going to have an interview with one news corporation. And I thought it should be the media with a reporter who knows me very well.”

What he said, in a nutshell, indicated that he was offering an exclusive interview.

It was an amazing opportunity for Vang.

‘It’s a scoop.’

Interviewing the Shy Hero, Desir Arman, was already a huge boon for his career, but now he would also be landing it as an exclusive!

A smile broke out on his lips.

“Right. I understand thoroughly.”

“In that case, I hope you understand what I’m about to do.”

“What? Gah!”

Vang’s pen dropped out of his hand. It had suddenly increased in temperature, lightly scalding him.



There  was  a  small  explosion  from  the  fallen  pen.  A  small amount of mana escaped the pen and scattered before disappearing.

Vang’s face stiffened. His dilated pupils stared at Desir.

Desir  returned  his  gaze  in  the  same  manner  he  had  before. That of a naive boy’s face.

Sweat ran down Vang’s back.

‘How did he know?’

That pen was a piece of magical equipment that had recording magic enchanted into it. Vang had been covertly attempting to record using it.

Before Vang even had the chance to process his newfound joy, the seemingly-innocent boy sitting comfortably in front of him

had easily detected it and destroyed it.

“… ”

Vang finally realized just who he was dealing with.

‘… a hero.’

An  individual   cunning  and  strong  enough  to  identify  the enemy’s plan and deflect their attempted sabotage on a critical supply   route.   The   person   who   had   dominated   the   enemy commander  in  The  Bloody  Battle  of  Mahayu.  The  hero  who smashed  the  homunculus,  the  Outsiders’s  secret  weapon,  and crushed   their   organization   in   a   final   raid   on   Jormungand Citadel.

These were all  the achievements of one individual.  The boy sitting right in front of Vang’s eyes.

His naive face could lull you into a false sense of security, but he was not one that you could afford to ever underestimate.

Vang asked Desir calmly.

“What is it that you want?”

The exclusive interview with Desir Arman, the most popular celebrity right now.

He had been offered the sweetest fruit for journalists, so Vang was sure that he wanted something in exchange.

“According  to  your  articles,  your  take  on  the  relationship between the Empire and the Western Kingdom Union is very positive.”

Vang Zar nodded.

“Well,  that’s  obvious.  The  war  with  the  Western  Kingdom Union is something that happened long ago. I think it’s time to normalize peaceful relations with them now.”

“Yet, there are still  a lot of people that remain antagonistic towards the Western Kingdom Union.”

The  Hebrion  Empire  and  the  Western  Kingdom  Union  had been enemies for such a long time, people naturally harbored negative feelings towards them.

When  the  alliance  against  the  Outsiders  was  formed,  there was a fair number of malcontents.

Desir spoke with a bitter smile.

“It’s  not  easy  to  quickly  change  someone’s  viewpoint  on  a situation. It’s like breaking an old habit. People who had fallen for  the  Empire’s  chauvinism  opposed  sending  troops  without realizing just how serious the war was.  They insisted on using this  opportunity  to  attack  their  ‘sworn  enemy’  while  their military was preoccupied elsewhere.”

“They  cannot  foresee  the  true  threat.  For  example,  if  we didn’t assist the Western Kingdom Union this time, the entire continents would have been engulfed in flames by now.”

Desir nodded to Vang’s opinion. A smile broke out on his lips.

“I agree. I am going to advance a view supporting the alliance between the Hebrion Empire and the Western Kingdom Union through this interview. And I would like your editing direction to be the same as my idea.”

Vang  opened  his  eyes  wide.  He  said  in  a  very  excited  tone without hiding his feelings.

“Of course. I’ll do my best to write a good article.”

Desir held out his hand.

“I look forward to your help from now on.”

From now on.

Vang  did  not  realize  the  full   weight  of  what  this  phrase entailed. He   grabbed   Desir’s   hand   without   any   trace   of hesitation.



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