A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 186


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 186. Enlightenment (2)

In the early morning, one girl was training alone in the wind attribute training ground.

Romantica Eru.

Around her were ten plates of iron in a loose circle formation.

Romantica reached her hand out.  As a breeze blew, the iron plates floated in the air.

She then flicked her finger and the iron plates started rotating around her at a steady speed.

Romantica bit her lip, adjusting the atmospheric pressure.

One particular scene came to mind as she did so.

It  was  the  battle  against  the  homunculus  at  Jormungand


Her colleagues faced one crisis after another.

Pram  fell,  Adjest  collapsed,  and  Desir  ended  up  in  critical condition.

‘I couldn’t do anything at all.’

Even though she cast her spells non-stop, against a creature as powerful as the homunculus, she was useless.

Putting  her  all  into  a  single  strike  only  served  to  make  the homunculus falter for a single move. Her frantic efforts barely amounted to anything at all.

‘It’s awfully pathetic.’

She  couldn’t  do  anything  when  her  colleagues,  her  friends, were in danger.

But she was no longer able to bear being so powerless.  She couldn’t help choking up slightly, recalling that battle.

There was a distinct clang of iron.

The moment Romantica clenched her hands, all  of the iron plates began to crumple into the shape of balls.

The   sound   of   iron   plates   being   crushed   by   increased atmospheric pressure filled the training ground and created an unholy cacophony.

Considering the fact that doing this to just one plate was too much for her a year ago, it was an incredible improvement.

Yet still, Romantica anguished.

‘I am merely a Third-Circle.’

Romantica  reached  the  Third-Circle  a  year  ago,  and  hadn’t had any significant progress since.

Still, it took astounding talent and dedication to achieve that much that quickly.

In  the  Hebrion  Academy,  where  talented  people  gathered from across the entire continent, it was usual  for most to only reach the Third-Circle just before graduating.

But Romantica remained unconceited.

This was not because she was modest.

‘Adjest Kingscrown.’

Magic and swordsmanship. A true genius who had significant talent in both. There was nobody who could be conceited while standing next to Adjest.

A girl with much more overwhelming talent than anyone else.

After gaining her new weapon, the Center of Ice, she would be nearing  the  most  elite  individuals  on  the  continent,  let  alone

almost all of the professors at the academy.

‘How come I’m… ’

Adjest,  who  would  swing  her  sword,  causing  her  flowing white-blond  hair  to  whip  behind  her,  looked  so  dazzling  that Romantica felt she couldn’t even look at her directly.  She was the Sun.

Whenever Romantica felt that dazzling sensation, her darkness only deepened.

‘I want to be strong.’

I want to be strong.

She eagerly wanted it.

But the deeper she thought about it, the darker she felt.  She felt like she was in a free-fall of despair.


A blast echoed abruptly in the calm training ground.  It was the  iron  plates  exploding  and  scraps  of  iron  falling  to  the ground.

Romantica fell  onto the ground, her hair swept back by the blast.

It  took  her  a  moment  to  conclude  that  the  explosion  was caused by her subconsciously injecting an excessive amount of mana.

“… Annoying.”

Romantica looked up at the sky while lying on the ground.

The  Sun  was  shining  gloriously  in  the  clear  sky,  without  a cloud in sight.

She stretched her hand out towards the Sun.

Understandably, she couldn’t reach it. The Sun was so high up that she couldn’t reach it no matter how far she stretched.

* * *

Summer in Dresden was hot and humid.

The   Hebrion   Academy   returned   to   normal.   Classes   were boring, as per usual, and piles of assignments were given.

Students  would  normally  moan  about  the  assignments,  but they now seemed strangely excited.

Every  time  they  got  together,  they  chatted  about  the  war between the Allied Forces and the Outsiders.

When it came to the war, they talked about students from the academy who had volunteered to join the military.  Of course, Desir Arman was the most popular topic.

It was exceptional  for a student to get awarded a Silver Lion

medal.  They couldn’t help but feel  excited about the fact that the hero came from where they attended.

“Did you see the interview? The one from Aylus News with Desir.”

Whenever they talked about Desir, they also mentioned the interview from Aylus News. The two names went hand in hand; Aylus   was   the   only   news   company   where   Desir   had   been featured publicly.

“I’m not a big fan of the interview though. It’s a fact that the Western Kingdom Union got military aid without any cost, isn’t it?”

“I disagree. Imagine those white flashes landing in Dresden.”

“Right… It’s a decent strategy in terms of insurance.”

After Desir’s interview went public, a considerable number of people among those who had opposed the alliance between the Hebrion  Empire  and  the  Western  Kingdom  Union  began  to change their view.

Desir’s  interview  wasn’t  particularly  persuasive  enough  to change their minds. However, a fair number of people that were against  it  realized  they  had  no  particular  reason  for  being against the alliance. It was just a lingering nationalistic feeling from   the   time   when   they   were   at   odds   with   each   other. Convincing someone with an opposing opinion was hard, but swaying those who had no real opinion was comparatively easy.

As  soon  as  Desir  had  presented  a  reason  to  support  the alliance, public sentiment shifted drastically.

‘The relationship will improve as time goes by.’

Desir could now pivot in a different direction as he achieved one of his goals.

He issued summons for his party after class that day.

Students gathered one by one in the Starling Party’s office.

Freechel and Takiran warmly welcomed the party members.

“How have you been everyone?”

“It’s been a while.”

Freechel and Takiran joined the Starling Party last fall. Their skills  were  decidedly  poor  back  then.  However,  they  quickly developed  after  receiving  one-on-one  instruction  from  Desir. They could now be assessed as having a decent level of skill.

Following that, there was someone else they were glad to see.

“Brother, sister, it’s been a long time. How have you been?”

“Yes. Long time no see.”

It   was   a   boy   with   red   hair   like   blazing   flames,   Ronde Fizzlebang.

His  signature  explosion  type  magic  was  well  known  for  its outstanding firepower.

In Desir previous life, Ronde quit the academy as a result of his arrogant personality creating a downward spiral of personal problems.

He   now   was   the   first   year   leader   of   the   Starling   Party, responsible for leading quite a few people.

‘It’s a good thing he’s doing well.’

Desir thought it was quite a nice change.

Once all of the party members gathered, they started talking.

“From  now  on  we  are  going  to  be  doing  more  practical training.”

The party members were excited for the new training regime he  announced,  but  anxious  at  the  same  time.  It  was  Desir’s training after all.

“If you’re thinking this will  be something akin to sparring,

you’re sadly mistaken.  It’ll  be a mock battle that’s as close as possible to reality.  It’ll  consist of battles between members of the Blue Moon, Red Dragon and Starling parties in rotation.”

The faces of the first-grade party members paled.

The Starling Party, the Blue Moon Party and the Red Dragon Party were the best in the Hebrion Academy.

The  core  members  of  those  parties  had  all  achieved  great things in the war against the Outsiders. Their battle experience wasn’t comparable to that of first years in the slightest.

They all looked at Desir in despair.

“Ah, don’t worry. The mock battle will be held in the Shadow World for training.  You don’t have to worry about dying.  The day after the mock battle, we will improve on our shortcomings; the next day, we will  study the theory and strategy based on that.

The room instantly filled with a commotion.

The existing training was already quite tough. It was cruel to increase the intensity for students who needed to juggle both their academic schedule and party training.

Someone  among  the  first  graders  raised  their  hand  before speaking.

“T-That’s too cruel, isn’t it?”

“It cannot be helped because you guys are weak.”


The first years who recently joined the Starling Party did not understand at all.

The Starling Party was the best in the Academy.

“We are the number one party in the Academy though?”

Desir stared at him with frigid eyes.

“Do not mistake the power of the party for your own power. If you  were  to  face  them  one-on-one,  you  couldn’t  win  a  battle against the first years of either the Blue Moon Party or the Red Dragon Party.

For  getting  into  the  Hebrion  Academy,  they  were  already reasonably talented.

Compared to the Blue Moon Party and the Red Dragon Party, which  only  chose  the  most  talented  students,  they  couldn’t hope to keep up.

‘For now, we will keep losing the mock battles.’

There  was  also  an  easier  method.   Without  this  get-tough policy, Desir had ways to help them grow.  But Desir preferred this way because they had to grow quickly in a short period of time.

After all, Desir wasn’t aiming to be the number one party at Hebrion Academy.

“It’ll  be difficult at first. You’ll  keep losing for a while, but I am certain that this will force all of you to grow.”

Desir was confident that these people would become the core of the Shadow Labyrinth Expedition that would be formed soon.



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