A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 191


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 191. Enlightenment (7)

‘Did he learn after seeing me do it?’

The rapid flooding of mana was dying down. He didn’t have a moment to waste; Desir calmly began to control  the frequency of the Fourth-Circle.

When the frequency changed again, he analyzed it once again, adapting to the change.

The difficulty had substantially decreased, and the time limit had a subsequently huge increase.

After bringing the circle under his control, Desir’s head tilted forward from exhaustion.

“… I’d like to believe that I have succeeded.”

Desir spoke towards Zod, who was now approaching him.

Zod observed his condition while maintaining his composure.

“As far as I know, you’re the first human to do this.”

Zod stated in a matter of fact tone.

“On top of increasing your mana compatibility, congratulations on advancing your circle.”

Desir could not hide the smile that emerged on his lips.

He had finally gotten stronger, surpassing the limitations he faced in his previous life.

* * *

Students  of  the  Hebrion  Academy  were  required  to  report their   performance   to   the   academy   on   a   monthly   basis. Professors at the academy collected the reported performances, evaluated each student, and decided on their overall educational path.

“This makes no sense.”

The professors at the academy after getting the reports were all  shocked.  It was understandable they were shocked because something really ridiculous happened.

“Just  a  few  months  after  Adjest  Kingscrown,  there  is  now another Fourth-Circle magician. Two more of them, in fact.”

From  the  Fourth-Circle  onwards,  anyone  achieving  such  a rank  would  be  considered  a  high-ranking  magician.  Very  few people were able to attain such a stage, let alone students who were still furthering their magic. Even at Hebrion Academy, the focal  point for a majority of the blossoming talent across the continent , there were only three other people to have done so in total.

“So… Who are they?”

“The first is Desir Arman.”

“We hear his name often these days.”

One of the magicians that had achieved the Fourth-Circle was Desir Arman. There was no professor who didn’t know of him, an   individual   renowned   across   the   continent   for   his   war contributions.

One professor spoke in amazement.

“I thought it would’ve been impossible for him to achieve the Fourth-Circle according to the compatibility result we got from him at the entrance exam… ”

Desir’s mana compatibility was abysmal. It was impossible for him to achieve Fourth-Circle based on what they held to be true.

While everyone was left confused, Hersaint-Blanc added one more thing.

“But it’s Desir, after all.”

As  if  jolted  out  of  their  thoughts,  the  atmosphere  at  the professor’s meeting changed starkly.

“Well, there must have been an error in the result.”

Finding an excuse to minimize their cognitive dissonance, the professors all  agreed on Desir’s mana compatibility test being inaccurate, instead of doubting his latest performance report.

The   suspicion   had   subsided   in   an   instant.   Rather,   the professor meeting began to take on a slightly celebratory mood due to Desir reaching the Fourth-Circle.

“Please  pass  along  congratulations  on  my  behalf,  Professor Bridgette.”

“I hope to have a talk with him someday.”

“… Wasn’t there something else I had to share too? I can’t seem to remember what it was.”

On that note, the professors’ meeting ended shortly thereafter. The news that Desir had achieved the Fourth-Circle spread throughout the academy immediately.

It didn’t take long for such news to reach the Starling Party and Blue Moon Party, who were busy preparing for their joint training session with the Red Dragon party.

This was the scheduled day where the three parties would face off  in  a  three-cornered  battle.  The  Starling  Party,  Blue  Moon Party, and Red Dragon Party had prepared in earnest for it.

“You caught me all the way here.”

This virtual Shadow World had been set to be a sea world.

Three vessels floated in this open sea.

The  leaders  of  each  party  Desir,  Radoria,  and  Kelt  were watching over the party members' training.

Kelt shook his head.

“You overwhelmed us when you were Third-Circle, now that you’ve reached the Fourth-Circle, I’m honestly afraid. How did

you grow that rapidly?”

Desir spoke without taking his eyes off the battle.

“Well, nothing is impossible through hard work.”

As  the  mana  circle  implant  had  been  done  in  secrecy,  he couldn’t afford to tell them exactly how he had grown stronger.

Instead,  he  came  up  with  a  roughly  plausible  story,  and Radoria and Kelt ended up buying it.

Radoria shrugged her shoulders lightly.

“Well,  it’s  not  surprising  for  you.  But  Romantica  achieving the Fourth-Circle as well is a little surprising.”

“Yes. You have no idea how surprised I was with the news.”

The  other  magician  who  made  it  to  the  Fourth-Circle  was Romantica Eru.

The gloom that used to cloud her expression had completely disappeared.

[Avarosa’s Storm]


Although  she  reached  the  Fourth-Circle,  she  couldn’t  quite handle  Fourth-Circle  magic  yet.  She  still  mainly  used  Third-Circle magic.

But it was clear to all  that looked that something major had changed within Romantica. Even when she performed the same magic as before, the power differential  between when she was Third-Circle and now was astonishing.

Romantic becoming a Fourth-Circle magician was also a hot topic at the academy.

Her speed of growth that resulted in her achieving the Fourth-Circle    within    a    year    of    achieving    the    Third-Circle    was


‘Romantica will grow further and further.’

Romantica was growing at a devastating speed in comparison to the Romantica of his previous life, thanks in no small part to Desir’s assistance.

Desir was sure that her talent would bloom more brilliantly than what he remembered of her.

“What’s your secret for success?”

“Just  that,  a  secret.  If  you  join  my  party,  I  might  let  you know.”

Radoria blinked her eyes and burst into laughter.

“If the rumors about your training regime are to be believed, that’s  a  rather  terrifying  offer.   I  think  I’ll   stick  to  getting stronger at my own pace.”

Kelt spoke with a gentle smile, listening to the conversation next to them.

“It’s not just you and Romantica, but your entire party, on the whole,  is  growing  very  fast.  Their  skills  are  better  than  ever before.”

“Exactly! They’ve become quite tough. In the past, your first years didn’t even last half an hour.”

There  were  times  in  the  past  when  the  three  parties  did  a three-cornered battle training. But the first years of the Starling Party couldn’t withstand the vigorous attacks of the other two parties.

However, it was a different story now. The first years of the Starling Party were capable of keeping up with the academy’s prestigious parties.

“Their teamwork is quite good too.”

Nobody would have thought they were the same people who

helplessly flailed about in previous battles.

After furtively improving their weaknesses and strengthening their advantages under Desir’s guidance, they no longer looked like incompetent freshmen..



Kelt opened his mouth with a serious face.

“No professor is able to help students develop this much.”

He then pointed at Adjest.

“When  Adjest  reached  the  Fourth-Circle,  I  thought  it  was because of her talent; how else would she grow so quickly?. But the way all  your party members are growing, and how quickly Romantica  achieved  Fourth-Circle,  I  can’t  help  but  feel  that your impact on them is a big part of it.”

Kelt took a deep breath and continued.

“So I’m wondering… Would you teach us as well?”

Desir was surprised, hearing something he did not expect in the slightest. He turned and faced Kelt.

Radoria seamlessly followed up after Kelt, as if this was a play they had planned in advance.

“Through sparring.”

The leaders of the parties that represented the academy, had asked a student, their junior even, to teach them.

‘… They seem very determined.’

Radoria and Kelt were excellent magicians who reached the Fourth-Circle faster than Desir, managed to obtain positions of leadership within their respective parties, and were also Desir’s seniors..

It certainly wasn’t easy for them to swallow their pride and ask him for help.

Desir took the situation very positively.

‘That’s an unexpected gain.’

The Blue Moon Party and the Red Dragon Party were the core power of the coming Shadow Labyrinth raid.  Increasing their strength would directly translate into improving the preparation of the Hebrion Empire. If the Hebrion Empire could rely on them, and not just the Starling Party, that would be for the better.


Radoria seemed startled, as if she was expecting a rejection.


“You two conducted these joint training sessions. Think of it as payment for that.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I also appreciate it.”

Radoria and Kelt respectively thanked Desir.


There was another blast.

As they gazed at the battlefield, they could tell it was nearing a conclusion.  The core members of each party now entered into the fray.

“Desir,  have  you  tested  how  much  stronger  you  are  since reaching the Fourth-Circle?”

“No, I haven’t yet.”

Desir did not have time for himself while taking care of his party members and increasing the intensity of their training.

Radoria’s face lit up brightly.

“Why don’t we test that right here, right now?”

Radoria and Kelt stood in place and faced Desir.

“It’ll be worth a try against us two.”

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.”

“You’re underestimating us. We weren’t just idling, Desir.”

Kelt stretched his hand forward and some noise echoed out.


The amount of mana being circulated was unbelievable.

Kelt had improved so much that it wasn’t even comparable to what Desir had witnessed him able to do last year.

The waves began to roll. He started handling the water.

This place was the sea. It was the best battlefield for a water attribute magician.

Radoria also started invoking her own magic. A simple flick of her hand made the air in the area begin to boil, and soon the railing of the ship ignited.

Only after seeing them start to move in earnest did Desir get into position and prepare his own magic.

“I’ll give it a go.”

Radoria and Kelt were diligent in increasing and protecting their ranks in the academy.  They were superb magicians who

lasted quite far into the Shadow Labyrinth in his previous life.

Desir called forth his mana.  His newly formed Fourth-Circle started rotating.

He could feel  an amount of mana available to him that was totally  beyond  what  he  was  capable  of  before.   Spell   arrays formed around him covering an area far greater than he had ever been capable of before.

He truly felt that he became stronger.

“Here we go.”

Shortly after, spells collided and created an ungodly cacophony.


Enormous explosions resonated all over the battlefield.



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