A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 192


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 192. The Beginning of a Plan (1)

The Kingdom of Divide, a key nation in the Western Kingdom Union.

It was a powerful country that once directly competed with the Hebrion Empire for world dominance. Divide had access to perfect soil and boasted the most powerful army among the Western Kingdom Union. Its citizens never forgot the mighty country’s past; they had no doubt they would one day reclaim its glory, topple the Hebrion Empire, and dominate the world.

Aaron was a man who shared this sentiment. He believed in the Kingdom of Divide’s power.

“The day will soon come when we crush the cocky Empire.”

Recently, the Kingdom had started to show signs that their gaudy ambition may have more merit than a naive wish. Their once lecherous and extravagant king had turned over a new leaf, allowing the nation to flourish once more.

After the shocking terrorist attack in Prillecha, their king had

radically changed. As though baptised by the evil of the world, he began making sweeping reform. Corrupt officers were removed, exploitative nobles were outed, and new policies were put in place to make efficient use of the land’s bountiful resources, which had long been squandered. All the while, he diligently trained the Kingdom’s soldiers and brought the military up to modern standards. The newly reformed force was overpowering, equal in strength, if not outright better, than any other member of the Western Kingdom Union.

Citizens and government officials had nothing but praise for the current king. The people of Divide were confident that the present Divide was stronger than ever.

Given that the King was a national hero, Aaron was glad when he received a summons from him.

Aaron stepped into the palace and was escorted to the throne room.

“I’ve been expecting you, Sir Aaron.”

Inside the magnificent palace.

At the end of the hallway, with a floor concealed by a tiger skin rug, was the King that he now proudly served.

Aaron kneeled to show his respect.

The King of Divide, Clora Ars F. Baldershu, addressed Aaron.

“As a result of our efforts, Divide was able to play an important role in the war and established its position as the de facto leader of the Western Kingdoms. ”

He was referring to the battle against the Outsiders.

“Amongst the Western Kingdoms, Divide led the largest army, devised ingenious strategies, and our tainted reputation has been rectified as a result.”

“We’ve finally reached a reputation and a power that once again matches the Hebrion Empire. All of these blessings are thanks to the Janissaries, which you have led excellently. In the name of the King, I acknowledge everything you’ve done for the royal family.”

The Janissaries.

They were Divide’s elite armed organization.

Even before the King’s reforms, they were widely known and referred to as one of the most powerful armed groups, not just in Divide, but across the entire world.

The Janissaries were composed of talented individuals raised together from birth, trained for the sole purpose of serving the royal family. They, who willingly sacrificed everything for the royalty, were loyalty incarnate. Their sheer strength was awe-inspiring as a result of their constant relentless training.

And Aaron was the Janissaries’s leader.

“Our raison d’etre is solely for the royal family.”

Aaron, rather than allowing the King’s praise to move him, simply pawned off their accomplishments as nothing more than the Janissaries doing their job. He was the epitome of an honor-bound knight.

“We did our duty; there is nothing more to it.”

“Very trustworthy.”

The King nodded his head, seemingly satisfied by Aaron’s answer.

Aaron thought it was peculiar.

“I suppose the Prillecha incident really was shocking.”

Aaron noticed the King’s subtle difference from his past summons. The King, who expressed nothing but frustration and anger in the past, was now emanating an odd sense of tranquility.

It was a subtle difference in the atmosphere that was hard to pinpoint. Or so Aaron thought.

“The reason I summoned you here is rather simple.”

At this moment, someone entered the throne hall.

They wore a mask that concealed their entire face.

“You are aware of it too.”

“Yes I am, Your Majesty.”

Aaron sized up the mysterious man.

The Janissaries were formed to protect the King. Naturally Aaron knew all of the Kingdom’s affairs, inside and out.

“So, this is the person interfering in the King’s affairs.”

No one knew his identity.

Rumors floated that he was someone from out of the country. Yet despite this, he had earned the King’s favor and had begun swaying his views, interfering with the country’s private affairs.

To say Aaron didn’t trust the man was an understatement.

So why was he summoned?

“You have tirelessly worked for the royal family up until now. It’s time to rest.”

Aaron felt a pit form in his stomach. An unnatural sense of unease began to burden him..

“It would be better for you to travel down to the Longort region. You will be carrying out simple missions there.”

“Your Majesty.”

“From now on, the Janissaries will be under this man’s command.”

“Your Majesty, excuse my rudeness.”

Aaron raised his head, fully aware of it being an utter breach

of decorum and an offense to the King, and addressed the King directly.

“I would willingly throw myself into fire if it was Your Majesty’s command. But the Janissaries are an organization that only exists for the royal family. Our members are trained from birth for absolute loyalty. I cannot let a man of unknown pedigree command it.”

Despite all the loyalty he had for the King, to give up leadership of the Janissaries to someone who wasn’t even a member of it, let alone a foreigner, was a bridge too far.

“What does Your Majesty hope to achieve?”

It was equivalent to denying the very authenticity of the Janissaries that had served the royal family for centuries.

“Many things have to change for the sake of the kingdom.”

“Your Majesty, this man is just a foreigner. I have many doubts about your trust in him. What if… ”

The King interrupted Aaron.

“This is not a request, but a command. Do not neglect your duty, Aaron.”

“… ”

The atmosphere didn’t allow any further objection.

Aaron knew he had no other choice but to accept.

He kneeled, clenched his teeth and answered.

“If that is the will of the son of Sorin, the almighty King.”

* * *

“It might have been too sudden.”

The two men remained in the throne hall after Aaron left.

“But it was a necessary task. At this crucial moment, as we are commencing our plan, there is a chance he might look into our true identities.”

Pierrot Mask, who had taken over the identity of King of Divide, stood up from his seat. With dramatic movements, he spun around before idly looking up and down the palace hall.

“Well, whatever. The Divide Kingdom is completely in our hands now.”

One year.

They had thoroughly devoured the Kingdom of Divide over the span of just a year.

Officials who were wise or opposed the King had been secretly murdered or exiled.

They filled those positions with powerless figureheads.

Furthermore, they swayed the provincial lords in their favor and cleverly manipulated them into suppressing those who opposed their absolutism. All of this was for the sake of strengthening their control over the country.

There were people who held suspicion towards them, but the number of people who did so were now miniscule.

Crow Mask stirred up hatred against the Empire amongst the citizens. He drew up the declaration of war and published it in the newspapers.

Historic enemy, an old rival.

A “common enemy” was born.

The general public were all shook up. Crow Mask’s cleverly conducted political work was perfectly concealed.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the current Divide Kingdom was completely in their hands. Now that the last cause

for future concern, the Janissaries’s Aaron, was evicted, there was no longer a force that could keep them in check.

“Not just Divide. We hold the key to all the Western Kingdoms.”

“Your talent really is amazing, whether it’s political skill or public provocations… ”

To completely usurp control of a kingdom without starting from a privileged position within that kingdom was pure lunacy. It wasn’t just impossible, it was so far-fetched that it wasn’t even worth considering. Yet Crow Mask attempted, and succeeded.

“I’m only proceeding according to the plan.”

The plan.

All of their work was done with indifference with the sole objective being to further the plan.

But this was but a single step in the true objective Crow Mask wanted to achieve.

“There are still a few variables left.”

Pierrot Mask reminded Crow Mask. To this criticism, Crow Mask let out a sigh.

“Desir Arman.”

He was a recurring thorn in their side.

He was an entity that left a taint on an otherwise flawless plan.

“First of all, Desir Arman achieved Fourth-Circle recently.”

“He probably reached it through analyzing the ability of the Homunculus.”

The Crow Mask immediately reached a conclusion.

The homunculus that was tasked with killing Desir Arman turned out to be an opportunity of growth for him.

He took a few deep breaths.

“No need to rush. The opportunity to eliminate Desir Arman will certainly come again.”

Pierrot Mask stood in front of Crow Mask.

“Is that it? Is he the only remaining variable in your plan?”

Crow Mask gave Pierrot Mask a sideways glance. He responded after a brief moment of contemplation.

“He is still walking the same path as us.”

“But we know almost nothing about him.”

Skull Mask.

Everything about him was concealed or obscured. No one knew his real identity. Not even Crow Mask and Pierrot Mask, who were on the same side as him.

Come to think of it, there were an infinite number of questions about him.

He had a strategic weapon with a level of power that matched what a homunculus was capable of. He had access to an unimaginable number of artifacts with utility that defied common sense. All these tools would be impossible for a human of the modern era to accumulate and maintain possession of.

“What’s more, he never once talked about what his true goal was.”

“ ‘Only for the sake of Artemis…’ - or so he said.”

“His actions have been even more irregular recently.”

Pierrot Mask pointed outside the window.

There was some sort of structure outside. It was releasing dusty smoke as if it were some kind of machine. It was a bizarre-looking giant sculpture completely made out of steel.

“He ordered the collection of magic stones from all over the country in order to build that.”

“I’m aware. He didn’t even tell us what it’s for.”

“He clearly has a different goal from what we have in mind. By using us as his pawns, he is steadily making progress on his own plan. And whatever his plan is, it is most definitely not in our favor.”

It certainly was concerning.

In his own mysterious way, Skull Mask was clearly progressing some plan that he kept to himself. It was highly likely that, if he continued uninhibited, he would end up destroying their own plan in the process.

It was true that it was perturbing. Despite the unsettling feeling, Crow Mask could only sigh.

“Whatever his goal is, we have no choice but to follow him.”

Crow Mask’s choice wasn’t out of anything vain like loyalty.

“Making use of the resources he provides far outweighs any risk he poses.”

“Willing to take any risk for the goal, huh? I like that attitude.”

Pierrot Mask looked back at him.

“But it still feels really dangerous to me.”


There was a dull sound of something heavy crashing.



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