A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 193


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 193. The Beginning of a Plan (2)


The sound of a sword piercing through the air left a piercing howl lingering in the area. Powerful aura imbued into the blade increased the sharpness of each attack many-fold.

Pram repeatedly thrust his sword every few seconds, squeezing  every  bit  of  his  muscle  into  each  strike.  His  blade couldn’t be any deadlier.

From a stranger’s point of view, it might have looked like a normal  training  session,  but  a  keen  eye,  well  versed  in  the blade, would be able to see a stark difference.


The moment the blade reached the end of its strike, the aura hiding within it suddenly burst and coiled around the sword!

The azure glow emanating a sharp, intense aura glittered in

the air.

And by the time the sword was sheathed again, the glow had already vanished without a trace.

A thrust that had minimized aura consumption and maximized  its  strength  meant  that  Pram’s  ability  to  control aura had matured completely.

While   learning   swordsmanship   from   Hersaint-Blanc,   he learned  theories,  skills,  and  greatly  improved  his  ability  in adapting to unfamiliar situations.  He had reached the apex of Rook Class; ready to ascend to the next level.

However, after teaching Pram for half a year or so, Hersaint-Blanc told him that he had nothing left to teach him

But this didn’t mean he was perfect as a swordsman.

Pram  clearly  remembered  the  talk  he  had  with  Hersaint-Blanc.

* * *

“This is all I can teach you.”

“B-But, I’ve yet to reach Bishop Class!”

“Bishop Class is not something that can be taught. It’s a path you need to figure out on your own.”

* * *

Bishop Class.

The threshold that differentiated those with talent from those who  didn’t.  A  wall  that  couldn’t  be  overcome  through  hard work alone.

A  state  beyond  just  imbuing  one’s  weapon  with  aura,  but being able to release it too.

Those who reached such a level could cut steel with a leaf and

slash an enemy from meters away.

Such phenomenal  power was not something one could reach by simply having excellent physique and skills, and being able to manipulate aura with ease.

“For now, this is all I can do.”

Though tired from repeated movement, Pram did not stop.

Simply thrusting his rapier forward was a technique so simple that  Pram’s  execution  of  it  could  already  be  considered  as almost perfect. It didn’t seem like it could improve any further.

But Pram diligently practiced the most simple and impactful skill over and over again.

“I can’t just stop practicing just because I don’t have a path laid out for me to reach the next level!”

Pram stopped thrusting and looked at the grip of his sword.

‘May my little bird not lose his way.’

He had no idea what he needed to do to reach Bishop Class.

But he didn’t give up. He didn’t stop.

“I’ll do whatever I can do now.”

* * *

Desir had always been busy, but ever since reaching Fourth-Circle, his daily life became even busier.

Despite his packed schedule, he still made time to participate in   every   party   training   session,   which   were   now   rapidly increasing in intensity.

“Kelt and Radoria are definitely motivated.”

They tried their best to challenge Desir, and Desir gave his all

to defeat them every time.

Even for Desir, fighting against both at the same time was not an easy job. Giving constructive criticisms on their weaknesses and teaching them the application of different spells was also a rather tiresome job.

But Desir always set aside time to duel them, since Desir could also get some much-needed practice with Fourth-Circle spells.

“Why is it so difficult to adapt to Fourth-Circle spells?”

Having  two  lifetimes  of  experience,  Desir  had  an  easy  time picking up most things.

But   directly   using   the   Fourth-Circle   was   a   completely unknown realm, even for him. Despite his outstanding computing  ability,  his  mana  compatibility  was  an  impossible wall   that  he  couldn’t  overcome  until   now.   Learning  more advanced spells had never been an option before.

It  wasn’t  simply  the  spells  becoming  more  powerful;  the biggest  difference  lay  in  the  sheer  number  of  spells  he  could

now use.

Duels with Kelt and Radoria were extraordinarily beneficial towards helping him learn.

It  only  took  Desir  about  two  weeks  to  start  to  get  used  to having a Fourth-Circle.

“Now that I’m getting the hang of it, it’s time to change up the techniques.”

Desir still had his unique ultimate skill.

His  hybrid  spellcasting  system,  derived  from  the  ancient Draconic Tongue, the computational  pattern of the Tesseract, and finding the optimal pattern based on the harmony of spells like that fortune teller’s song.  His spell  system allowed him to vastly increase the power of existing spells.

Now  that  he  had  Fourth-Circle  spells  under  his  belt,  why wouldn’t he do the same with them?

Desir   suspected   that   his   empowered   Fourth-Circle   spells would easily top the Sixth-Circle, and begin to reach into the Seventh-Circle.

Since  Desir  could  already  match  Sixth-Circle’s  power  with Third-Circle spells, it wasn’t impossible.

“It’s not nearly as simple as the Third-Circle… ”

Building  his  spell   technique  to  modify  Third-Circle  spells wasn’t even remotely simple. While assisting Zod at the Magic Tower, Desir had poured a large amount of his limited time and an insane amount of resources into perfecting just one Third-Circle  spell.  But  the  effort  he  put  in  then  seemed  miniscule compared to modifying Fourth-Circle spells.

Modifying   Fourth-Circle   spells   was   several times   more difficult than with Third-Circle ones.  Not only were the spells far  more  complex,  but  the  spell  arrays  themselves  were  also incredibly large in the first place.

It seemed like perfectly modifying Fourth-Circle spells would need a tremendous amount of time.

But Desir believed the effort invested would be well worth it.

“I could reach Zod’s level.”

Seventh-Circle.  A  rank  only  one  person  in  the  entire  world had  been  able  to  reach.   Desir  couldn’t  hide  his  excitement whenever the possibility of him reaching it crossed his mind.

Regardless, Desir couldn’t solely focus on his magic.  He was still keeping a pulse on the Outsiders. To be accurate, it was on those who lead the shadow organization.

With no clear leads on what their goal was, all he could do was be  vigilant  while  exploring  various  hypotheses  with  little  to show for his effort.

Desir, ever wary of them, had enacted a plan.  His goal? To obtain even the slightest clue to their plans.

* * *

Desir had picked out a secluded cafe, nestled deep within the

suburbs of Dresden.

Desir  was  sitting  in  the  corner  of  that  cafe,  waiting  for someone. When he finally couldn’t endure the boredom and let out a yawn, a man who was wearing his hat low slid into the seat across from Desir.

“You seem really tired.”

It was Aylus News’ Vang Zar.

After   scoring   the   exclusive   interview   with   Desir,   Vang received constant praise within the office and was rumored to be the next editor-in-chief.

Desir adjusted his posture and nonchalantly responded.

“It’s been busy recently.”

Ever since the medal ceremony, Desir had made it a priority to form a deep relationship with Aylus News.

“Since you’re busy, shall we get right to the point then?”

Vang  heaved  a  large  clump  of  documents  from  his  bag  and dropped them on the table with an audible thud. Desir quickly began examining it, skimming for anything of use.

“Our  editor-in-chief  was  amused  when  you  were  willing  to trade information for more exclusive articles.”

Desir   had   offered   to   provide   information   about   himself exclusively to Aylus News in exchange for them providing any information he wanted.

Aylus News had no idea what Desir wanted the information for,  but  was  grateful  for  any  information  they  could  publish about the Shy Hero.

“Considering that Aylus News currently has the entire market captivated  thanks  to  Mr.  Arman,  it  would  have  been  fair  to request something more… valuable?”

“Depending on the perspective, seemingly worthless

information could be more valuable than treasure.”

“That’s true but… ”

The  documents  that  Desir  was  scouring  over  contained  the latest articles and rejected pieces for each country’s paper. The information was gathered exclusively by Aylus News and had yet  to  be  published.  There  were  also  various  photos  included too.

“As expected from the best press in the Empire.”

Ayers  Communication  was  Hebrion  Empire’s  most  famous media  house,  and  every  one  of  its  journalists  was  top  class. Their  information  gathering  ability  wouldn’t  be  behind  any other organization or individual.

Until   now,  Desir  had  been  restricted  to  publicly  available information, as well  as whatever he could learn through being friends with leading authorities like Zod and Priscilla.

But the variety and quantity of information he had access to was still limited.

Nevertheless,  the  information  Desir  gained  through  Aylus News was excellent in terms of both quantity and quality.

As he skimmed over some of the less important articles, a dark thought that Desir had been suppressing weaseled its way into the forefront of his mind.

‘Too much has changed.’

There had been a world war between the Outsiders and the Allied Forces.

History had completely diverged.  Everything that Desir had known  about  the  coming  months  was  becoming  less  and  less relevant..

More and more of his memories failed to come to fruition, and the news began to document events that Desir had never lived.

Of   course,   a   majority   of   those   changes   were   positive outcomes, as a result of the Outsiders’ disappearance.

Desir calmly read over the articles once more. He thoroughly confirmed every work, taking every detail in and committing it to memory, whatever could give him a grasp of this unfamiliar world.

Again and again he checked for any information related to the Outsiders.

But no matter how many times Vang brought him unadulterated access to Aylus News’ best reporters, there was never  anything  that  seemed  related.   There  was  still   crime taking place, but it was clearly different from the Outsiders that Desir knew.

“Not much today either… ”

Just  as  Desir  was  about  to  give  up  hope,  Vang  mentioned something that piqued Desir’s interest.

“There’s  been  some  interesting  happenings  in  the  Divide Kingdom recently.”


Desir flipped through the documents. The information about Divide Kingdom was on the very last page.

“Allegedly, hostility against Hebrion Empire is growing by the day.”

The document contained an organized list of all  the rumors currently spreading within Divide about the Hebrion Empire

“Realistically, the Kingdom of Divide is the current leader of the Western Kingdom Union. If this tension continues… ”

“It could be a serious roadblock to making peace.”

Desir felt a throbbing in his head.

“They were already the biggest issue… ”

Throughout  their  long  history,  it  was  the  Divide  Kingdom

who had waged the most wars against the Hebrion Empire, and the relationship between the two was as twisted as could be.

Just   when   Desir   thought   Hebrion   Empire   and   Western Kingdoms had become somewhat closer, rising tension between the two troubled him.

“Though concerning, it shouldn’t be a big problem right this moment.”

It was definitive that the public was still supportive of a peace talk.

“Aylus News is tracking this as well, I’ll  continue to monitor the situation as per our agreement.”

“Yeah, thanks in advance.”

Vang left after a light nod as farewell.

Desir  put  down  the  documents  and  immersed  himself  in thought as he stayed alone in the cafe.

He  tried  to  think  of  a  solution  for  some  time  but  nothing immediately came to mind. His head started aching.

“Let’s put this off for now.”

Just as Desir left his seat, something written in the corner of the documents about Divide caught his eye.

Desir narrowed his eye and closely read the segment.

“Aaron was evicted from the capitol?”

Desir was well aware of Aaron’s existence.

Rather, it would be impossible for him to not know Aaron. Though not a part of the final six, he was a great hero who had played  a  key  role  within  the  core  of  the  Shadow  Labyrinth expedition.

His power would match that of Raphaello.

“Why would he be evicted?”

Even  though  history  was  changing  dramatically,  this  was something that was out of the realm of plausibility.

Aaron   had   sworn   absolute   loyalty   to   the   royal   family. Someone as loyal and capable as him to be evicted?

“… … Something is wrong.”

Desir   felt   perturbed   by   the   growing   list   of   unresolved mysteries.



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