A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 194


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 194. The Beginning of a Plan (3)

It   was   evening.   Street   lights   turned   on   and   smoke   was billowing out of the chimneys.

Dusk was falling and it was the time people would gradually head back home.

Desir   was   also   hurrying   his   steps   back   to   the   academy dormitory.  He  wasn’t  alone,  however,  someone  was  casually following him.

“… … ”

It  wasn’t  a  stalker.  For  a  stalker,  the  person  was  far  too confident,  brazen  even,  This  individual  clearly  wanted  their presence to be noticed.

The person who was walking behind Desir had a smaller build than him. Their face couldn’t be seen due to their hood.

‘How did I not notice them sooner?’

Desir  was  always  on  alert,  monitoring  his  surroundings  for anything suspicious.  Though such a habit would make anyone else seem paranoid, Desir’s alertness was a result of necessity; anyone  forced  to  live  in  the  Shadow  Labyrinth  for  ten  years would be the same.

Even   still,   Desir   had   been   caught   with   his   pants   down. Somehow, some way, someone was walking right next to him and he didn’t notice.

Furthermore,  they  were  exuding  an  overwhelmingly  potent aura.  His instincts told him that this person was strong, even stronger than Hersaint-Blanc.

Nervous to his core, Desir held his composure and maintained his pace.

“Privately meeting a journalist in a rural area like this, aren’t you acting a bit too suspicious for someone praised as a hero?”


Desir  stopped  walking,  not  because  the  voice  was  that  of  a female, nor because his meeting with Aylus News was exposed.

He had recognised the voice. He had definitely heard it a lot in the Shadow Labyrinth, but he couldn’t quite place it…

‘The stature of a smaller female, Southern accent, someone from the Empire, and this intense aura… … ’

“No  need  to  worry.   I’m  not  interested  in  others’  private lives.”

As if to dance, she did a full spin and blocked Desir’s path.

The hood uncovered and her face was shown.  She was good looking and had distinct facial features.

Desir got undeniable confirmation that his guess was correct. But he couldn’t show that, not in front of her.

“Is there anything I can help you with? You seem to know a lot about me, but I can’t say the same about you.”

“You’ll know soon enough.”

She didn’t reveal who she was, but Desir already knew about her in detail.  He recalled her identity as he kept his smirk to himself.

‘Swan Katerina, Queen Class Archer.’

Swan  was  criticized  for  her  rash  behaviors,  but  she  was amazing   in   the   sense   that   she   could   cover   up   all   of   her shortcomings with her level of skill.

‘And one of the Royal Guards.’

The  direct  bodyguards  for  the  Hebrion  Emperor,  the  Royal Guards.

Despite only having four members, they were regarded as the most elite force within the Hebrion Empire.

‘Why would a Royal Guard look for me?’

As  though  she  could  read  Desir’s  mind,  the  answer  was quickly given.

“Hm… … I thought you’d be a potato since you were hiding your face and all. I guess I was wrong?”

“I  doubt  you  came  just  to  see  my  face,  so  what’s  the  deal here?”

Swan shrugged.

“Too bad. I did come all the way just to see your face.”

Desir was lost for words.

It probably wasn’t a lie. She had a fairly impulsive personality.

Thanks  to  her  personality,  the  captain  of  the  Royal  Guards

often struggled to clean up after her. She was probably here to merely satisfy her curiosity.

“We’ll meet again soon.”


Swan backed off with a smile, and soon blended in with the darkness of the night street.

* * *

Romantica was slouching on the couch in the party office.

And it wasn’t just to escape the suffocating heat, albeit that was a good reason.

Romantica had long grown bored of the book she was reading, and had been swinging it around her fingers.  Desperate for a distraction, she voiced her thoughts, breaking the silence.

“The weather is already exhausting enough.  The test is just adding fuel to the fire.”

Realizing  she  wasn’t  going  to  get  the  break  she  craved,  she turned  back  towards  her  studies  and  began  casting  a  spell. Suddenly, a stream of wind blew into the office.

The stream of wind maintained its strength without affecting the documents Desir was studying, nor the book Romantica was reading.

Achieving an impressive level of control and maintaining the strength   of   the   spell   wasn’t   an   easy   task,   but   Romantica managed it all while resuming her book.

The sight brought a smile to his lips.

‘She really has improved.’

Desir yawned as he skimmed the interior of the party office. There  were  only  two  of  them  in  the  office.  The  academy’s Promotion Battle had been postponed as a result of the war, but now that normal life had resumed everyone was out training in


Since the academy had been forced to close, the Promotion Battle  was  serving  not  only  as  their  midterm  exam,  but  also their final.

It   was   already   a   crucial exam   to   begin   with,   but   the circumstances made the exam exceptionally important.

Desir’s   mind   drifted   to   the   rest   of   the   Starling   Party’s members.

Despite  all   the  pressure,  the  party  members  managed  to maintain their confidence..

It   wasn’t   overconfidence   either;   they   had   all   undergone significant growth as a result of Desir’s training regimine. They were  able  to  firmly  hold  their  ground  against  both  the  Blue Moon Party and the Red Dragon Party.

After  surviving  Desir’s  spartan  training,  there  was  nothing left in the world capable of scaring them.

Romantica suddenly let out a sigh.

“Hah, I wish I could go back to when I was a first year.”

Her complaint was reasonable. Unlike the first years, second and  third  years  didn’t  have  all  their  exams  replaced  by  the Promotion Battle and had to take multiple written exams at the same time.

In the end, there was no way, other than diligently studying, to avoid failing. No exceptions, even for Single Rankers.

Nevertheless, the reason why Romantica was stuck studying in the party office was because the others had been diligently practicing   all   along   and   thus   didn’t   need   any   additional cramming.

“So,  Pram’s  practically  living  in  the  training  area  trying  to reach  Bishop  Class,  and  Adjest  is  working  on  controlling  the Center of Ice, huh?”

Desir put his pen down and yawned.

“I guess that’s it for today’s work.”

Desir collapsed right into the couch that was opposite from the one Romantica was sitting on.

A cool breeze gently greeted his face.

Romantica broke the silence while maintaining focus on the book.

“Wanna go shopping together, if you got time?”

Desir gave it some thought and accepted her offer.

“Sure, why not. I have some equipment I’ve been meaning to pick up.”

Just as Desir got up from the seat, his communication bracelet began to buzz. It was Professor Hersaint-Blanc calling.

[-Desir, are you busy right now?]

As Desir gave Romantica a glance, she let out a disappointed sigh and shrugged.

“No, I just got some free time.”

[-Great. I have something urgent to tell you, so please come to my office.]


The call was over.

“Sorry. Let’s go shopping sometime later.”

Romantica shrugged.

“Oh well, it can’t be helped.”

She  acted  as  if  she  was  fine,  but  her  disappointment  was apparent.

“We’ll definitely go next time.”

“When? A year from now?”

Desir smiled at Romantica’s teasing..

“This week.”

“That’s a promise, right?”

Leaving   a   delighted   Romantica   behind,   Desir   headed   to Professor Hersaint-Blanc’s office.

* * *

“You will meet the Emperor.”

It was a rather matter-of-fact statement from Hersaint-Blanc, given that Desir had barely stepped through the door.

Hersaint-Blanc  was  a  close  advisor  to  the  Emperor,  even though one may not expect it.  They had kept this relationship on the down-low while in public.

Ever since Desir had begun working for the Emperor, he had taken up the role of liaison between the two..

“Unlike the private meeting last time during the masquerade ball, this time it’s an official summons.”

Until  now, conversation between the Emperor and Desir had been a national  secret. It was crucial  to the Emperor that their relationship be kept secret from the nobles who still pushed for the divide between commoner and noble.

But the circumstances had changed.

It was true that until now, it was better to keep Desir hidden. But thanks to Desir making an international  name for himself, the Emperor had decided it would be best if they revealed that

the Empire was working with Desir.

Desir, upon hearing this, quickly came to this conclusion.

“So he wants to take advantage of my reputation.”

For anyone else, that could’ve been considered offensive, but Hersaint-Blanc had long learned to simply accept it.

“Probably,   yes,   since   you’re   an   important   figure   in   the country now.”

Desir got lost in his thoughts.

‘At  this  rate,  the  public  will  believe  I’m  on  the  Emperor’s side.’

If that happened, Desir would lose all  sway with any nobles who held disdain for the Emperor.

But that was a sacrifice Desir was more than willing to make.

Most   of   those   nobles   were   also   the   ones   who   despised commoners,  and  many  of  them  would  consider  Desir  to  be  a threat.  Chalking  up  changing  their  minds  to  be  a  lost  cause, Desir had no reason to reject the Emperor’s offer.

Desir bowed and said.

“I’ll get ready as quickly as I can.”

But a question came to his mind.

If the Emperor wanted to publicly establish their relationship, why would he choose a private meeting? If that was his goal, why wouldn’t he host a public event?

Suddenly, yesterday’s event came to Desir’s mind.

‘Swan Katerina…’

The  Royal  Guard  was  an  organization  that  belonged  to  the royal  family, not the Empire.  They were the Emperor’s sword that swung for him alone.

Desir had a suspicion that his encounter with Swan might be related to this private meeting with the Emperor.



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