A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 196


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 196. The Beginning of a Plan (5)

“Nice  to  meet  you.  Remember  how  I  said  we’d  meet  again soon?”

Hersaint-Blanc was nowhere to be seen when Desir came out after  the  meeting,  and  instead  there  was  someone  who  Desir had met yesterday waiting for him.

It was Swan Katarina.

She casually offered a handshake.

“My  name  is  Swan  Katarina.  I’m  the  archer  of  the  Royal Guard.”

Desir replied as he reached out to her hand.

“Pleasure to meet you. I’m Desir Arman who will serve as the mage.”

To his reply, Swan looked at Desir with surprise.

“I like your confidence. I’ll directly guide you to the drill hall where the battle will be held so follow me.”

They walked the Palace’s hallway side by side.

“You  know,  sometimes  I  just  don’t  understand  what  His Majesty is thinking. Not even in my dreams could I imagine him recruiting a commoner student as the Royal Guard.”

Swan turned back.

“Oh, don’t take that the wrong way.  It’s not that I have any doubt in your capability. It’s because a student joining the Royal Guard has never happened before.”

Desir understood what she meant.

The title of Royal  Guard was just as heavy and significant as the  privileges  it  offered.   The  fact  that  a  young  student,  a commoner at that, was joining the Royal Guard, was something

that could cause a lot of conflicts.

“Well, that’s why there was also some internal debate within the Royal Guard about whether to accept you. We agreed since Your Majesty was so stubborn about it, but Raphaello… … still has his own opinion about it.”

Passing back through the security gate, the guard returned an object to Desir. He quickly inspected it, and slipped it back into his pocket, where it fit snugly.

“He   must   want   to   completely   verify   me.   He’s   a   really thorough person after all.”

Swan looked at Desir with a pair of sharp eyes and asked.

“… … do you know Raphaello personally?”

Desir played dumb.

“There  isn’t  anyone  who  doesn’t  know  about  the  Sword Grand Master Raphaello after all.  He’s also well-known in the

media too.”

“Good point. That guy’s definitely just as famous as you are.”

Swan continued on.

“Well, don’t think it’s just a superficial  match held for that kind of reason. If you fail to get his approval, it’s better to think that even if His Highness wills it, joining the group would be impossible.”

Shortly after, they arrived at a gigantic drill hall.

Desir  got  a  rough  sense  of  the  scale  of  privilege  the  Royal Guard had from the fact that they were able to use a place this large inside the royal palace.

“This  is  the  place  where  the  captain  and  you  will  have  a match.”

Desir could feel  a large surge of mana surrounding the drill hall. It was an incredibly powerful defensive spell.

‘There’s an Aurora system set up here.’

Desir had heard from Zod that the Hebrion Empire was also implementing an Aurora System, but he didn’t imagine it would be set up in a place like this.

The Aurora system was a defensive device designed to protect against spells above the Sixth-Circle.

Furthermore, when it was used in a fixed installation like this, it demonstrated even superior defensive ability compared to the portable version.

Just  when  he  thought  that  implementing  such  a  defensive system   in   a   mere   training   hall was   overdoing   it,   Desir discovered many scars of battle left on it.

“Seems like you Royal Guards train really intensely… … ”

Swan shrugged.

“Cause everyone’s so capable, they’re really competitive about it.”



Following the footsteps of someone arriving at the drill hall, a voice could be heard.

“You got here first, Swan.”

Desir turned around.

A man with golden hair as bright as the sun entered the drill hall.

The man’s jade eyes met with Desir’s.

Raphaello Cheringer.

The current Sword Grand Master, and captain of the Royal Guard.

He  looked  so  much  younger  than  Desir  remembered.   His hairstyle was different and his face was clean and scarless.

The memories he shared with him briefly flashed by as Desir stood there staring blankly.

“And you are Desir Arman?”

“It’s an honor to meet you, Raphaello Cheringer.”

But those memories now only belonged to Desir.  They were created in a timeline that never occurred here. No matter what happened now, those memories would never manifest, not with how much Desir’s actions had changed the world. That thought made Desir a bit sad.

Casually, just like he had done to everyone he met up to now, he  greeted  Raphaello,  pretending  as  if  they  had  never  met before.

Raphaello smiled and shook the hand Desir offered.

“Same here. It’s an honor to meet the Shy Hero.”

Desir thought that despite the difference in his appearance, his humorous personality stayed the same.

“I assume you’ve heard from His Majesty?”

“I’ve  heard  that  I  need  your  approval  in  order  to  join  the Royal Guard.”

“So, do you have the confidence to gain my approval?”

Desir shook his head.

“Truthfully, no. If we were to fight here, it would end in my defeat.”

Even among those who reached King Class and stood firmly outside  the  realm  of  mankind,  Raphaello  was  praised  as  the Sword  Grand  Master  for  his  supernatural   mastery  over  the blade.

In  a  drill  hall  without  anywhere  to  conceal  himself,  it  was apparent that Desir would be slashed without a chance to even cast his magic.

It was reasonable, but Raphaello pointed something out.

“If  we  fought  ‘here’?  Meaning  you  could  win  if  we  fought some other place?”

“… … ”

As Desir stayed silent, Raphaello smiled as if amused.

“Well, that’s fine. I wouldn’t be so unfair to demand one-on-one combat with you. Let’s take it easy, shall we?”

Raphaello picked up one of the steel bars piled up in a corner

of the drill  hall, and planted it deep within the center of the room.

“Try to break this bar, and I will protect it. If the bar breaks in under  ten  minutes,  it’s  your  victory.   How  about  it,  simple enough?”

Raphaello served as the shield of the Royal  Guard.  It meant that he was approved by the Emperor as the single best person in the entire Empire at defending.

“It’s worth trying.”

While protecting the steel  bar, Raphaello’s movement would be significantly restrained. He would be able to perform his role as the shield but would struggle to go on the offense.

Desir nodded before speaking again.


“Good. Let’s get started then.”

Raphaello  took  out  his  sword  and  shield  as  he  positioned himself  in  front  of  the  metal  stick.  Desir  stood  slightly  away from him.

As  the  atmosphere  of  battle  set  in,  Swan  tapped  on  Desir’s back and whispered in his ear.

“Do  your  best  to  serve  him  right.  I’ll  treat  you  good  if  you manage to wrinkle that smug face of his.”

‘So they’re in a rivalry.’

As Swan walked out of the drill  hall, Raphaello spoke as he stretched.

“It’s  fine  to  use  whatever  means  you  have  hidden  up  your sleeve. After all, being a Royal Guard means doing anything for the Emperor, no matter the cost.”

“Then I won’t hold back.”

Desir  reached  into  his  pocket  and  once  more  fished  out  an object.


An A-Tier artifact made out of the strongest metal, Blankšum.

Desir’s shield and weapon that detected any danger to himself and moved without his conscious guidance.

The silver sphere hovered around him.

Spontaneously,  Desir  began  calculating  a  spell.  It  unfolded immediately in front of him.

[Giga Lightning]

Desir had completely adapted to his new Fourth-Circle, in no small part due to the training with Radoria and Kelt.

Static electricity arced everywhere and lightning bore down

inside the drill hall.


As  one  of  the  higher  tier  spells  amongst  the  Fourth  Circle, Giga Lightning had the power to easily melt steel.

But  Raphaello  didn’t  seem  to  dodge  the  attack.  By  simply raising  his  shield  while  firmly  planting  his  feet,  he  easily defended against Desir’s spell.

‘That wasn’t even close, huh?’

Desir’s calculation continued.

Combinations  of  various  types  of  elemental   magic  rained down on the steel bar.

But  no  magic  could  pierce  through  Raphaello’s  shield;his defense couldn’t be any sturdier. Every attack was nullified by a simple repositioning of his shield.

Just when Desir was about to continue casting his magic.


A  sharp  noise  spread  throughout  the  drill  hall.  It  was  the sound   of   a   shockwave   from   Runel and   Raphaello’s   aura colliding.

Solely  focused  on  defense  until  now,  he  switched  gear  and started making his own moves.

“It wouldn’t be fair if I just stood here taking hits, don’t you think?”

Raphaello’s attack continued.

His sword emanated a powerful aura that continually battered Desir.

It was the only attack he could use while restrained, but it had the power to break the limit of what Runel could handle.

[Binder of Earth]

A spell that had the best defensive ability amongst the Fourth-Circle  spells.  The  ground  twisted  and  formed  a  wall  around Desir.

But the wall couldn’t block the attack at all and was instantly cut open.




A Fourth-Circle defensive spell could only reduce the power of the sword aura Raphaello was wielding.  Runel  was barely able to block such an attack, despite having its power significantly reduced.

Once Raphaello switched to offense, Desir was unable to cast any offensive spells.

Raphaello spoke with an immensely disappointed voice.

“That’s it? A whole three minutes spent on defending?”

At this pace, Raphaello’s complete stomp was guaranteed.

Just  when  Raphaello  became  confident  of  his  victory  and lowered his guard slightly, something entered his vision.

“… … ?”

There  was  a  silhouette  of  something  forming  on  the  other side, only visible due to the cracks in the wall.

“A magic… … spell?”

It was different from any spells Desir had cast thus far. It had an incomparably sophisticated form and was both elegant and


As  he  spaced  out  looking  at  the  magic  unfolding  before  his eyes, the spell was about halfway completed.

Raphaello’s face stiffened.

“It’s still too early to be disappointed, Mr. Raphaello.”

‘This one’s dangerous.’

Having  determined  that,  Raphaello  concentrated  all  of  his aura in covering his whole body to prepare for the impact.

No, that wasn’t nearly enough.  He raised his shield.  All  his aura  flooded  towards  the  shield,  forming  a  turbulent  sphere around it. Soon after, the aura compressed and took form in the shape of three runes.


It was a unique defensive skill  possessed by just the current Sword Grand Master, Raphaello Cheringer.

He, who hadn’t put in his best effort until now, finally began to use his full power to seriously focus on defense.

[Fire Storm]

An  intense  wave  of  flame  churned  around  Raphaello,  and unbearable heat radiated throughout the drill hall, threatening to spill into the rest of Leonhardt Palace.


After  a  very  long  few  seconds,  the  storm  died  down  and Raphaello appeared amongst a cloud of dust.

“… … ”

The  metal  stick  was  still  in  good  shape,  but  there  was  no composure left on Raphaello’s face.

On the contrary, Desir seemed to be relaxed.

“This is just the beginning.”



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