A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 209


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 209. Under their Noses (8)

A swordsman can be considered truly strong once he or she is capable of manifesting their aura.

Aura, when used, is a power capable of granting any individual exceptional military prestige through its offensive, defensive, and unique applications.

The chimera in front of them was using that very power with at least an adept understanding of it. Even without its aura, this chimera was several times stronger than the previous chimeras they had faced. But now? It was an insult to compare the two.

The chimera, which increased its defense by wrapping its entire body in aura, still stood tall. It had managed to survive after taking a direct hit from Desir.

Desir stared at the chimera’s head.

‘I wonder if it’s able to utilize the aura that Aaron handled during his life?’

Aaron was a King Class swordsman.

As a result of making Aaron an ingredient for the chimera, a true monster had been born. One which could not be taken down by a heavy blow from Sixth-Circle magic.

Retreat was no longer an option for the Starling Party. Even if they managed to escape, the damage this creature could cause was incalculable. Desir was also duty bound to eliminate such a threat as the staff of the Royal Guard.


The chimera was not only gifted in attacking and defending, but also in regenerating.

Even though they pierced its hard skin and inflicted severe injuries, it recovered in a blink of an eye. The injury on its left arm, caused by Romantica’s attack, was long gone.

Desir analyzed the chimera while maintaining his composure.

‘The most bothersome parts are the wings and the tentacles.’


The moment Romantica’s shot flew in, the chimera spread its wings.

Its enormous wings were not used just for flying, but also for protection. While its bluish aura covered them, it was able to block Desir, Romantica, and Ronde’s spells with ease.

The tentacles grew out of various places on the chimera’s body. They spouted out of its arms, legs and shoulders.

The tentacles grafted on, which were likely from the monster known as the Queenbae, wriggled and writhed as they rushed towards the front, as though they had a mind of their own.

The flying tentacles, covered in aura, had similar power to a high-class knight’s sword.

The Frozen Palace that Adjest arranged had long been ruined

by those flailing tentacles.

The Starling Party was quickly losing the initiative they had struggled to obtain.

‘The scale of its power is well above that of Raphaello. As long as it remains cloaked in that vast amount of aura, it is almost invincible.’

The chimera’s body was much more resilient than a human’s. With such a strong body, if it still has Aaron’s King Class aura, it would be able to wield it even better than him.

There were no high-level techniques at work here, but it threatened to overpower them through sheer brute force.

‘Its recuperative power is unusual, so it’s important to make a single attack. Then… ’

Desir immediately came up with a countermeasure.

There was only one answer to this.

[-I’ve figured it out.]

Desir made up his mind and used the communication pad.

[-From now on, we’ll be launching an all-out offensive.]

The Starling Party’s tactics changed suddenly.

The first thing to change was Adjest’s movements.

She had focused on restraining the chimera’s movements until now. In an abrupt change of pace, she instead unleashed a barrage of unrestrained attacks.

With Ice Empress invoked, her strengthened movements were comparable to a King Class swordsman.

The chimera’s tentacles shot towards Adjest from all directions.

As Adjest approached the Chimera and dozens of tentacles were preoccupied defending against her…


Desir ordered.

As if she were waiting for this to happen, Adjest released her Ice Empress form and her white-blonde hair quickly returned.

“… … !”

And at the same time, the chilly air that she kept inside her radiated out in all directions.

Adjest didn’t miss a beat and started to arrange a spell.

[Frozen World]


Everything around her suddenly started to freeze. The tentacles that were rushing towards Adjest were no exception to this.

Frozen World.

It was a new imagery magic that she had created.

Contrary to the Ice Empress which focuses the chilly air within the body, this was a spell that released the chilly air in all directions.

This arranged spell, which utilized the chilly air emanating from the Center of Ice, reached the power level of a Sixth-Circle spell.

“… … !”

The chimera, which had even absorbed Aaron’s battle experience, quickly took stock of the situation it found itself in before taking action.


The chimera quickly stepped back and unfurled its wings to take distance, assuming that further attacks from the Starling Party would follow.

At that moment, Romantica’s pad rang.


[-I know.]

[Raiden Tornado]

A weather control spell that falls under the Fifth-Circle. While it may be beyond Romantica’s current circle, highly-skilled magicians are able to arrange spells beyond their level by reducing the scale of effect. Calling them highly-skilled was underselling the talent required.

Magic that Kelt Nipleka had shown off while sparring with Desir had been attained by Romantica through her relentless



A storm formed near the chimera and started to rage.

Wings exist to allow an animal to ride the wind. However, it would be impossible for them to fulfill their role amidst this kind of storm. The chimera was not able to control its body due to the violent wind and soon landed on the ground.

The chimera’s wings, its only means of defense, were twisted like the spokes of an umbrella inverted in a storm. While it struggled to recover control, the creature was wide open for attack.


Pram gave a shout and kicked off the ground.

Adjest and Romantica’s intentional actions prior to this all led to this outcome.

A rapier filled with aura rushed in towards the blind spot of the chimera.


Realizing its weakness, the chimera quickly kicked off the ground to escape the situation.

The aftereffect was substantial. Even though it simply stomped its feet, the ground had ruptured and debris was rocketing towards Pram.

The chimera seized this moment to attack.

However, something was strange. Even though it managed to land its attack, nothing could be seen nor heard.

“… … !”

There were no voices either.

Aaron’s head, which was supposed to be on top of chimera’s body, was now gone. Pram had failed in approaching it, but had instead managed to cut the chimera’s head.

[-It’s a success, Desir.]

The human part of the Chimera, which contributed Aaron’s human judgement and combat experience, as well as allowing it to use aura, was now gone.

The chimera discarded all of the injured parts and started to replace them with other monster body parts. It was a gruesome sight, seeing lumps of flesh slough off its body. Eventually, it abandoned its semi-human form altogether and became a monster that walked on all four legs.


It was clearly not the sound of a human scream.

Even though they had removed Aaron’s head, the chimera

maintained its life persistently.

However, it was no longer whole.

The chimera’s head, made out of Aaron’s flesh, was an important part that enabled it to tap into his vast battle experience and aura. Not only that, he was also in charge of auditory, olfactory and visual sense processing as well. A blob of flesh swelled up to take its place, but it would take quite a long time for what was now a mindless beast to recover those senses.

The chimera, which had lost all of its sense, started to indiscriminately rampage.



The tentacles on its body started to stretch out and cut down everything like a bladed whip. The speed of its flailing appendages was so quick that it seemed as though they had vanished from sight.

No one was able to approach it now.

The tentacles turned everything they touched into rags. Even though it no longer had the use of aura, its raw strength was still powerful beyond expression.

A part of the cliff was smashed apart.

At that very moment.

“This way.”

Desir’s words sounded particularly loud to the chimera, which barely regained its auditory sense.

The chimera recognized that voice.

His enemy.

The chimera instantly made the connection and sprung out

towards that voice.

However, Adjest and Pram no longer restrained the chimera.

[-Great job. I will take it on from now.]

* * *

The sightless chimera responded more sensitively to sound. In fact, all it could rely on was sound. Thus it moved accordinging to what it heard.

When there was no longer anything blocking it, the chimera started to accelerate with great speed. Every time it kicked off the ground, the ground erupted behind it like an explosion.

The chimera that had originally darted off with great speed eventually came to a stop.

The ground still shook even though it was no longer moving.

Sensing something disquieting, the chimera looked around, even though it lacked any form of vision.


A strange cry came out of its restored vocal cords.

Its sight returned just in time.

The chimera could barely open its eyes. It frowned at the bright light blinding it.

A vast amount of spell arrays arranged themselves in front of Desir. These were the source of the strong and intense light.

“Though inconvenient, I had to lure you here.”

Desir stated in a calm fashion.

“I don’t want the city to be destroyed.”

Not understanding what he was saying, the chimera simply moved in order to eliminate the target.

However, it noticed something strange before even taking a half-step.

There was no moonlight.

There was no other light shining in the sky other than the light that Desir was responsible for.

The chimera raised its head and looked upwards.

There was something enormous floating, something that exceeded the range of the chimera’s perception.

[Binder of Earth]

A Fourth-Circle defensive spell.

However, this spell was one extensively modified by Desir. This version was not designed to be used defensively.

It was actually an offensive spell that rivaled the destructive power of the Seventh-Circle.

A giant sphere covered the moon and the forest.

[Gravity Control]

Desir did not reign in its power, instead continuing to calculate and form the spell array, pouring in the entirety of his power.

“This is the end.”


Along with a loud boom, a massive shockwave radiated out in all directions. The whole forest was flattened instantly and dusty clouds billowed up high into the air.

After a while, the dust settled and they were finally able to see.

An enormous crater, similar to a meteorite strike one may see depicted in the media, was formed in the area where Desir’s spell exploded.

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