A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 210


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 210. Under their Noses (9)

When Desir returned to join the Starling Party, he was greeted with triumphant cheers.

“That was incredible, Desir!”

“Since when have you been able to pull off that level of magic!?”

The Starling Party members were struck with admiration after playing the role of onlookers, witnessing the spectacle of Desir obliterating the chimera. It was their first time seeing a Fourth-Circle spell that Desir had modified.

Ronde was not able to hide his envy and even Adjest, who rarely expressed her emotions, was astonished and couldn’t tear her eyes away from the gigantic crater.

Desir’s spell had altered the topography of the forest in a single blow. It was clearly a spell with the strength of the Seventh-Circle.

It was only natural that the others would praise and compliment him.

Desir waved his hands as he attempted to shrug off their praise.

“It was only possible because you all fulfilled your respective roles brilliantly.”

“True, if Pram didn’t cut off its head, it wouldn't have been easy.”

“No, I was only able to focus on attacking thanks to Adjest, who held onto its feet.”

They complimented each other and the friendly atmosphere continued on.

“… ”

While they were preoccupied basking in their victory, Desir’s

smile slowly disappeared. He just couldn’t smile.

Aaron’s head lay on the ground.

Desir had a stern expression on his face.

‘He shouldn’t have died like this.’

Aaron was a figure who would have led hundreds of people out of the Shadow World to safety, eventually dying a glorious death. However, the way he met his end this time was far too disgraceful for a knight with deep pride.

Seething anger boiled up inside Desir.

This anger was directed towards Skull Mask, since not only did he create chimeras illegally, he also used a human being as an ingredient for a chimera.

He resolved himself, once again, to finish off the Outsiders as quickly as possible.

Aaron’s death raised an abundance of questions, many of which threatened to reveal clues that Desir so desired.

‘It hasn’t been long since Aaron was banished from the city. The fact that this happened immediately after that… ’

Desir sifted through all the possibilities this raised.

‘An Outsider that could control the leader of the royal family’s knights and has deep connections or direct involvement in Divide’s political landscape.’

It was safe to say that someone who could control prominent merchant groups had their hand in Divide’s economy too.

But the fact that someone went beyond just manipulating their economy and was able to immensely influence politics left Desir deeply uneasy.

‘Worst case, Divide itself could have been subsumed by… ’

As the potential worst-case scenario came to mind, Desir felt a chill run down his spine.

‘I need to investigate in detail soon.’

Desir’s spiraling train of thought was rudely interrupted by Romantica.

“Desir, everything is over now, right?”

Even though this incident was surely just one part of a major event, the immediate work at hand could be considered over.

Their initial purpose in coming here was to figure out what kind of relationship had formed between the Kingdom of Divide and Count Nordin. Their duty ended the moment they identified Count Nordin’s plan through finding a great deal of supplies and the chimera installed to guard them.

“Yeah. With this, the Starling Party’s duty is finished.”

Listening to Desir’s answer, Adjest read his mind.

“You’re thinking of arresting Count Nordin.”

Desir nodded.

Since they caused a disturbance on such a grand scale, Count Nordin had probably figured out what was happening and had likely already started to take action.

Count Nordin was a Marquis charged with defending the western region of the Empire.

The level of power he had in the western region was not something to be taken lightly. The longer any action was delayed, the more difficult the situation would become.

‘We need to take action first, before he does.’

Desir thought to himself that regardless of whether Count Nordin was guilty of treason or not, he needed to be captured.

As long as they knew that the Outsiders were connected to this incident, they had to obtain whatever information they could from him.

Desir’s communication pad rang just as he was contemplating his next course of action. This was the perfect time to be interrupted by it. As Desir looked at it, he could see it was a message from the Side Guard.

* * *

A chorus of insect noises that typically filled the dawn of a midsummer day were buried under the chaotic sound of weapons clashing.

“It’s an enemy attack!”

One knight kneeled before Karos, the Count of Nordin, and gave his report.

“They’ve already broken through the outer bailey, entered the territory, and are now heading this way!”

Karos asked calmly.

“How many of them are there?”

“There are approximately one hundred of them.”

“Buy some time by mobilizing the whole military force. Do not let them enter this place.”

“Yes, sir!”

After the knight who reported left, Karos equipped his military gear.

He wore an enchanted coat and sword. Karos, donning an artifact passed down through the Nordin family, raised his head to look at the captain of the order of knights, who was currently guarding him.

“I wonder when the main force in the frontline would arrive.”

Karos, seeing the tremendous explosion from the forest beneath the cliff, realized that something was wrong.

He immediately hurried and contacted his main force that had been placed at the border.

It was a military force he prepared in order to regain the glory of the Hebrion Empire in the near future in the coming battle against the Kingdom of Divide.

If they arrived here, it would be a simple matter to block an enemy such as this. Karos believed that just buying a little bit of time would be enough.

“They’re on the way here at full speed. They will arrive in about an hour.”

“… Is that so.”

Karos nodded and his knights lined up in front of him.

Dozens of knights quickly scrambled into formation before

their Count. Karos possessed far more than this, the majority of his army currently holding key defensive positions throughout his castle.

There weren’t many noblemen who possessed as many knights as he did. With this, one could guess the amount of power Karos had.

However, even as Karos observed the knights lining up in front of him, he felt anxious.


The sound of an explosion was carried by the wind.

‘I’ve prepared cautiously, but… ’

Why did it go wrong?

Everything was certainly prepared perfectly.

He cautiously prepared over a long period of time in order to not get caught and even managed to obtain the help of a powerful assistant.

All of these preparations were due to come to an end shortly and the plan was scheduled to be carried out soon.

However, there was an unexpected change.

‘I never thought that kind of military strength would suddenly attack… ’

Karos recalled the explosion that leveled the forest.

A destructive power that violently shook his territory, even though it was miles away from the forest. From this observation alone, he judged there to be magicians with incredible skill amongst the enemy force.

Karos tried to disguise his feelings with calmness, but his shaking eyes exposed his anxiety.


The sound of explosions and deathly screams continued to reach this room from all directions. These sounds indicated that the enemy was steadily drawing nearer.

That could only mean one thing. The military forces stationed in the Nordin Territory were being wiped out.

‘Weren’t there only one hundred of them?’

Karos just couldn’t understand it.

The number of the enemy was a mere one hundred. However, the number of soldiers posted by Karos were several times larger than the enemy’s. Even if the enemy’s abilities were extraordinary, it was difficult to understand how his soldiers could be defeated at such a speed.

Karos’s doubt was settled soon enough.


The door was smashed open and a boy strolled in through it.

“You’ve prepared more military strength within your territory than I thought, Count Nordin. I assume you felt it would not be enough to rely on just the chimeras?”

Karos had never seen this boy face to face before, but he knew who he was immediately. He had seen his name and face in many news articles after all.

“Desir Arman… ”

A hero who had the most distinguished service record in the war between the Outsiders and Allied Forces. A figure known as the most genius magician that the Hebrion Academy had ever produced.

Everyone across the whole continent knew the fact that the party he led defeated a homunculus who had fought Zod Exarion, the most powerful magician on the continent, to a draw.

Karos was finally able to see how only one hundred personnel were able to destroy his military forces so quickly.



Knights in black armor entered the room after Desir.

The captain next to Karos recognized them immediately.

“The Side Guard!?”

The Side Guard, a group founded to support the Royal Guard.

Because they were overshadowed by the Royal Guards, they were far less known to the public. However, it was a military group consisting of knights above Rook Class and magicians above the Fourth-Circle.

Desir sized up Karos before speaking.

“I’m Desir Arman, staff of the Royal Guard. Count Nordin, you’re under arrest and stripped of your rank, pending trial.”

Seemingly unwilling to comprehend what Desir said, Karos shouted in rage.

“Kill them!”

The knight’s order, lined up in front of him, began moving. At the same time, the Side Guards took action as well.



As the spells from the knight’s order magicians and Side Guard magicians clashed, there was a huge explosion.

During this explosion, swordsmen from both sides charged forward into close-quarters combat.

“Suppress Count Nordin!”

“Do not let them approach our Lord!”

Confronting the powerful Side Guards, Nordin Territory’s knights refused to yield. They were prepared to die.

“For Hebrion!”

There were only five members of the Side Guard that followed Desir here. The rest of them were confronting the military forces stationed downstairs by Karos.

However, the few Side Guards and the dozens of knights continued fighting, equally matched.

“Suppress them calmly, one by one, while maintaining formation.”

Desir commanded the Side Guards from behind.

The Side Guards followed his orders without raising any objection. It was only natural, since he was a Royal Guard, but it wasn’t just because of his title; they respected his abilities.

Even though the Side Guard was an exceptional military group, Desir’s power played a huge role in breaking through this place in such a short period of time.

Desir’s spell unfolded before him.

[Fire Storm]


Desir’s spell blew away many knights, who were preoccupied fighting against the Side Guards. Every time he arranged a spell, the situation would turn more in his favor.

Desir approached Karos, step by step, while arranging various spells.

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