A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 213


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 213. Divide (2)

The Starling Party’s office.

The party office, which was always raucous these days due to the increasing number of party members, was uncharacteristically silent for the first time in a long while. Summer vacation had begun!

Desir, who had been left alone in the office, opened his notepad. He drew a line, crossing off today’s date in the calendar.

‘I suppose I have sixteen months left according to the timeline I am familiar with.’

Desir was diligent in keeping track of how much time he had remaining every day. It was a habit, almost compulsion, that he had not broken ever since he returned.

As the number of lines on the calendar grew, the more anxious he found himself.

‘The date that the Shadow Labyrinth appears might have changed.’

In the past six months, there had been many times when events occurred in ways Desir did not expect. He had made far too many changes to this timeline, and the consequences of those actions continued to move the future further away from what he knew.

Knowing the future was the biggest weapon that he had at his disposal. It was clear now that the more he used it, the faster he would lose it.

Above all things, he felt the need to prepare for the possibility of the Shadow Labyrinth happening sooner than he expected.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be odd even if the Shadow Labyrinth appeared at a different time.

He had been preparing a lot, but still so many things remained for him to do.

‘First of all, I have to make sure to remove the Outsiders.’

The Outsiders were the biggest cause of change in the history that Desir remembered. And most of all, they were very likely to interrupt his plan to clear the Shadow Labyrinth. Therefore, Desir prioritized getting rid of the Outsiders among things that he needed to get done right now.

He was certain that the Outsiders and the Kingdom of Divide had some kind of relationship after witnessing this for himself during the Nordin Territory investigation. Desir was not one to let opportunities slip through his grasp, so he immediately began a deeper investigation into the internal affairs of Divide.

However, all of his effort was in vain.

“Anyone related to the press is not allowed to enter the Kingdom of Divide for some time.”

This was all Vang Zar from Aylus News could tell him.

Desir’s most critical network of information, Aylus News, could not get any detailed information from inside Divide due to

the tightened immigration control on behalf of Divide’s royal family.

‘This is going to be a hassle.’

Still, keeping an entire country’s population quiet is an impossible task. Eventually, Desir was able to gather some information, but to call it useful would be an overstatement.

Desir was sure that the Outsiders and Divide had a relationship, and the information he obtained seemed to reinforce that notion, but he had nothing to prove it. It was vital that he obtained concrete proof before taking any action publicly. Making a rash move could bring about all kinds of diplomatic headaches.

However, Desir was limited with what he could do if he couldn’t get any more information.

‘Then there’s only one way.’

Desir turned the pages of his notepad. Within it was page after page of cramped writing containing every event of historical

importance that Desir could remember. Whenever he remembered something new from his previous life, he would quickly jot it down in that notepad. He scored every event on a scale from one to six, subjectively organizing them by importance. Armed with this knowledge and ranking system, he would decide his course of action with a slight reassurance that he was making positive change in terms of the bigger picture.

There was one event amongst the others that stood out.

Rank 6. Western Kingdom Union Great Council (Kingdom of Divide)

The Western Kingdom Union would hold the Great Council this year, just like last year. And the location it would be held in was the Kingdom of Divide.

‘I have no choice but to go check out the situation myself.’

As he couldn’t get any more information from his intelligence network, he decided to move personally.

After making the decision, he contacted someone.

“Master of the Magic Tower, how have you been?”

[-I’ve been good as always.]

After exchanging brief greetings, Desir briefed the Tower Master, Zod Exarion, on what had happened while he was away. He also told him that he would be participating in the Great Council.

[-That’s too dangerous.]

Zod expressed his concern after hearing Desir’s piece.

[-If the Outsiders already dominate Divide, your action means going into the center of the enemy camp. It’s suicidal.]

“But if I don’t do it myself, there’s no more means for me to get information. And without information, I cannot stop them.”

Zod was lost in his thoughts.

[-Hmm… ]

“Time is of the essence. They’re furthering their plan as we speak. And it will surely result in some outrageous damage.”

Just as Zod had said, this was a very dangerous course of action. But Desir did not bring that up without intention.

“There must be a reason why the Outsiders and Divide haven’t made any major moves yet, even though they have gained the power to control the political and economic worlds. They must not be able to act immediately yet.”

If they acted too soon, and their plan failed, it was very likely that they would once again become the target of a world-wide alliance.

Although they did not know what these remnant Outsiders were planning to do yet, they could not afford to fight against other countries right now, especially with Divide in command of them. They had just completed a gruelling war, and the military force of the continent was at the lowest it had been in a

long time as a result of it.

Zod spoke after sighing deeply.

[-So in summary, your purpose is to get the information related to the Outsiders in Divide, and reveal their existence with proof.]

“That’s right. Once I have positive confirmation of their involvement, I will be able to overpower them before they do anything else.”

Though they didn’t know what military force the Outsiders had at their disposal now, it surely wasn’t enough to overpower the Empire. That was a definite reality.

“Nevertheless, it’d be better to reinforce the guard just in case.”

[-I understand. I’ll directly let each king know about that.]

Zod’s voice held great influence across the continent, but its

impact was even stronger in the Western Kingdom Union, due to their close connection.

“I will prepare other countermeasures too.”

[-Good luck.]

* * *

After the conversation with Zod, Desir chose to request cooperation with the Royal Guard.

The Royal Guard were a group of people that the Emperor felt had reached the pinnacle of their respective class of weapon in the Empire. Their skills were beyond all doubt.

Desir wanted the Royal Guard to be his trump card for a belt and braces.

However, things never went as easily as expected.

The sword of the Royal Guard had left on a mission for the Emperor, so it was impossible to ask for their help in the first place.

The first person Desir asked for help from was Raphaello, shield of the Royal Guard. However, Raphaello balked at such a proposition.

“I’d like to help you, but I cannot leave His Majesty’s side. It’s my job to protect him, more so than any of the other Royal Guard.”

“I understand.”

“You haven’t gone to Swan yet, have you? To be honest with you, I don’t think approaching her will go well… ”

Desir nodded in agreement with Raphaelo.

“Well, she certainly hates all tasks that are a hassle.”

“I wish you the best.”

After Desir left Raphaelo, he headed to the bar where Swan was last reported to be at.

‘If she rejects me too, I’ll need to come up with another plan.’

He opened the bar door without much expectation.

Katarina was drinking alone, looking very ordinary for a member of the Royal Guard.

‘No, she’s anything but ordinary.’

Next to her was a pile of alcohol bottles and a crowd of people staring at her in dismay.

Though it was evident from the situation, Desir recalled that she was an incredibly heavy drinker.

As Desir sat opposite her, she waved her hand after recognizing Desir. She didn’t seem drunk at all.

“So what’s up this time?”

Desir moved to the seat next to her and told her exactly what he told Raphaelo.

Swan kept drinking while listening in disinterest. And once Desir finished, she finally opened her mouth allusively.

“Are you going with the Starling Party core members too?”

“… ?”

Desir tilted his head, not understanding what she was getting at.

“Well, yes… ”

“Is that so?”

Swan smiled as she placed the glass she had been sipping from on the table.

“I’ll accept your request.”


“I’ll come with you. Isn’t that what you want?”

“D… ”

Desir looked at her with a flustered expression.

Desir found it rather ominous that she approved so easily, even though he had very little expectation.

‘Did she say yes so easily because of… ?’

Desir asked with a doubt.

“… Is it because of Pram?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

Swan quaffed what was left in her glass and smiled. It was a smile that concealed all other emotion, leaving the viewer unable to guess exactly what it meant.

“Anyway thank you. I will contact you later again.”

“Are you leaving? Why don’t you have a drink?”

“No. I don’t like to drink very much.”

Leaving Swan at the bar, who immediately plunged herself back into drinking, Desir decided to protect Pram.

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