A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 215


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 215. Divide (4)

“What’s up, Adjest?”

Desir’s words woke up Adjest, who was deeply lost in her own thoughts.

“You don’t seem very well.”

If anyone else heard this, they might think it was odd. Adjest looked the same as she usually did.

However, Desir knew something was wrong with her with just a glance.

“It’s nothing. I just have a few things to think about.”

Adjest tried to pretend that it was nothing, but Desir saw through her agitation that only appeared for a moment.

Adjest opened her mouth one step ahead of him.

“I’m really fine.”

“… ”

Desir sighed after realizing asking her anymore would only make it more difficult.

“If you have concerns, don’t try to hold them on your own. Talk to me anytime.”


Adjest smiled subconsciously at Desir’s kindness.

The core party members of the Starling Party and Swan were currently in Altea.

The reason why they went there so suddenly was simple.

“All procedures are complete. Let’s head to the gate.”

His stately voice drew everyone’s attention. Zod stood before them, suited up neatly.

The Kingdom of Divide only allowed countries to move through the gates that they had a close connection with.

Thus, the Hebrion Empire needed other means of transport, and Desir decided to use the gate of Altea as a result.

“I’m going to emphasize this one more time, but our purpose for participating in the Great Council is to get information. We must avoid battle at all cost.”

This was their strategy and Desir made sure to emphasize it in clear words, as many times as possible.

If the Outsiders were in control of Divide, being in their capital was not any different from being in the military headquarters of the Outsiders.

‘Even though we’re prepared, we have to avoid any situation that could lead to battle.’

The Outsiders wouldn’t be able to take overt action as they did not have anywhere else to go.

But, Desir had the same restrictions. With his title as Royal Guard and while he represented the Magic Tower, he couldn’t afford to take reckless action either.

“And I’ll collect information on my own. Unless the worst-case scenario happens, you guys won’t need to make an appearance.”

Desir reminded them once more. He would proceed on this mission independently to them.

Zod spoke, voice filled with concern, after listening to him.

“The Western Kingdom Union’s perception of the Empire has improved, but you’d still better be careful. There are many people who still bear enmity towards the Empire.”

“Of course they won’t like it when two of the Empire’s Royal Guard attend.”

As Swan caught Zod’s eyes, she lowered her head a little.

“But you don’t have to worry. I have something good for situations like this.”

Her fine appearance started changing with her palm brushing off her face.

Swan soon transformed into a female warrior with a long scar on her cheek. Her features were still there, but her impression changed so it was more than enough to disguise her.

“It’s an artifact that can change my appearance. There’s a time limit on it, but it’ll be more than enough.”


Swan was normally very lazy when doing anything, but she

always managed to accomplish her missions successfully.

After a while, they arrived at the gate inside the Magic Tower head office. There was a fair number of troops stationed nearby.

“There’s so many… ”

“They’re all quite powerful, too.”

Desir looked at them and estimated their power. On average, they were all Fourth-Circle, and Desir even recognized some people who would reach Fifth-Circle during the Shadow Labyrinth.

“This will do if we need to respond to unexpected enemy attacks.”

Zod did not disregard Desir’s advice.

“It’s more than enough. But that person… ”

Desir singled out one person amongst the group that had caught his eye.

Zod took Desir and approached him. His expression changed as he finally remembered.

“Say hello, Desir. This is Hephaestus, Second Tower Master. He will lead the troops of the Magic Tower and cooperate with you. Hephaestus, this is Desir Arman.”

The Second Tower Master couldn't hide his excitement looking at Desir.

“I’m so honored to meet you, sir. I should have greeted you earlier, but I’ve been rather busy.”

Hephaestus was a Sixth-Circle magician. Something quite rare, even amongst the numerous magicians across the continent. He was also one of the people who took the lead in practically applying the knowledge Desir delivered to Zod.

“I really admire you, sir, after spending time understanding your theories. Your knowledge will bring civilization forward

by several decades.”

He showed his respect and treated Desir with honor, even though Desir was far younger than him.

“Thank you.”

Desir answered with a smile. It was nice to have someone admire him for his magical talents, instead of his war efforts, for once.

“I have a question about the magic stone and the twenty-third formula you released, do you think that… ”

Just as Hephaestus was about to continue, Zod stepped between them.

“That’s enough, Hephaestus. You’ll have more than enough time to talk later. Why don’t you take a rain check on this?”


As the gate started to whir to life, there was a peculiar ringing that filled everyone’s ears.

“Oh! Excuse me, sir. We can talk later.”

The noise resonated as the gate ran. The group of people gathered in this room started moving one by one.

“We’ll leave last.”

Zod took Desir to the back.

“What’s going on?”

“There will be a banquet reception. It’s to celebrate the gathering of all the kings of the Western Kingdom Union after defeating the Outsiders.”

Most of the people in the room had moved out already.

“Watch out for the President of Arunbeth. He seems to have ill feelings towards the news that you became a Royal Guard.”

Some heads from the Western Kingdom Union were persistent in their attempts to recruit Desir, but in the end, he had rejected all offers and went on to pledge his loyalty to the Emperor of Hebrion.

“… For me, such matters sound a bit nonsensical.”

As a citizen, being loyal to their homeland was nothing strange. No, it was rather reasonable.

“That’s just how much he wanted you. He won’t harm you being there as a representative of the Magic Tower, but you should be careful just in case.”

“I appreciate the advice.”

Desir was thankful to Zod for his consideration and taking care of little things like this.

As they stood in front of the gate after chatting, the bright light wrapped around them.

* * *

Striding out from the gate, there weren’t just people from the Magic Tower. The room seemed to be filled with people from different countries, all coming through the gate.

They were all organizations and countries that maintained close relationships with the Western Kingdom Union.

“Due to the attack last year, security seems far more tight. Divide must have incurred a huge financial burden in handling all these people.”

While Desir was watching them closely, he heard a voice calling out to him.

“This way, Desir!”

It was Pram.

The Starling Party members and Swan, who departed first, had already gathered together in a spot nearby.

Romantica mumbled while looking at the scenery of Divide through the windows.

“It’s so desolate.”

Throughout the city, tall dark-colored buildings reached up high. The smoke from the buildings billowed into the sky. The sky was hazy due to the grey smoke, even in the daytime.


Something cut through the grey sky at a ridiculous speed.

Pram squinted.

“That is… ”

“The Flying Dragon Division.”

Romantica stepped in knowledgeably.

“They’re one of the best orders of knights that Divide is proud of. They’re considered the best, as far as air battles are concerned.”

It was such a great spectacle, the way they pierced the sky with their tamed wyverns.

The military power of Divide was outstanding in terms of quality and quantity, but the Flying Dragon Division played a large role by taking control of the air.

“There’s no country apart from Divide that has the skills to tame and control wyverns at this scale and level.”

While everyone was vacantly staring up at the Flying Dragon Division, a group of people in full-dress uniforms appeared and surrounded them within a second.

The people from the Magic Tower, who were already warned by Zod about Divide’s treachery, showed their hostility openly on their faces.

But they were ordered to avoid all trouble, so they restrained their impulses, although they still readied themselves to swiftly react to any situation.

Desir looked at people surrounding them. Surprisingly, every one of them was composed of skillful Rook Class martial artists.

‘Even so, there’s no way they could hope to restrain us.’

There were two Royal Guards of the Empire and the Magic Tower Master himself. As well as the people accompanying Zod and the troops of the Magic Tower. The number on their side wasn’t big, but their military force was more than enough to start and finish a war with any small country.

Since they had already handed in their invitation for use of the gate, the group in front of them couldn’t be ignorant of their status as invited guests.

Yet the fact that they took such a measure showed their confidence that the force they presented was enough to deal Desir and his group.

Someone out of them took a step forward.

“Welcome to the Kingdom of Divide, people of the Magic Tower. I am the leader of the knights, Siegfried.”

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