A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 217


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 217. Divide (6)

“We came here for nothing… We can’t enjoy this. Not like this.”

Romantica whispered.

This banquet was certainly not enjoyable for them. There were a lot of people attending the banquet that a normal person couldn’t even talk to in their entire life. Royal families, nobles from different countries, and even presidents of successful corporations. They were very influential inside and outside of their respective countries.

Desir had a wry smile looking at the discouraged Romantica and Pram.

‘I’m in no place to worry about others.’

The biggest reason why Desir came to Divide was to collect information related to the Outsiders.

But there was more to it than just that.

‘I need to establish my foothold in the Western Kingdom Union.’

Desir had a solid influence in the Empire after gaining the position of Royal Guardsman. His reputation was also decent in the Western Kingdom Union, but there was a limit to what he could do as someone from the Empire. This banquet was a great opportunity to socialize with the high-rank officials of the Western Kingdom Union.


As Clora Ars F. Baldershu, the King of Divide cleared his throat, all of the attention in the room was drawn to him.

His superb appearance, just like last year, reminded people of a lion.

“First of all, thank you everyone for attending this event.”

He looked around the audience, then continued.

“Our Western Kingdom Union has suffered numerous hardships in its long history, but we’ve gotten through all of them and become stronger as a result.”

His speech was a summarization of what happened over the past year, including what happened in the war between the Outsiders and the Western Kingdom Union, all the way to the terrorist attack in Prillecha and the battle in the Lagrium Plains.

“Therefore, our Western Kingdom Union has perfectly defeated the Outsiders. This banquet is held to celebrate us overcoming the crisis successfully, regaining peace, and being able to convene the Great Council once again. Please enjoy yourselves!”

Once Clora raised his glass, the audience raised their glasses in response.

With that, the banquet officially began.

Desir stood up as if he had been waiting for this moment.

‘I should get started.’

As the banquet began, Desir busily made his round to greet people. He started with the heads of the Western Kingdom Union.

“Who is this, Desir Arman.”

Even when they were in the middle of a conversation, they talked to Desir when he approached them.

He proficiently led any conversation he joined, whether it was with small-time nobles or the various leaders of the Western Kingdom Union..

It was simple to win their favor, using a combination of the future knowledge that only Desir knew and the knowledge of current affairs he gained from Aylus News.

One person treated Desir most cordially in particular among the people he interacted with. That was the King of Prillecha.

“Long time no see, Desir Arman!”

He shook his hand in a friendly manner. The King of Prillecha and Desir had met only once in person at the Great Council last year. However, he was very friendly with Desir. Although they hadn’t associated much in person, they had established a relationship through the letters they frequently exchanged.

“Your amazing achievements are the talk of Prillecha. You should visit once at some point. The golden ocean in Deltaheim you protected is thankfully back to how it used to be.”

The capital of Prillecha, Deltaheim, was once destroyed by the resurrected Dadenewt.

Desir replied quickly, reminded of the Eastakar Sea with the golden sunset.

“I’m sorry. I’ve had many things to get done recently, so I couldn’t make time to visit. I’ll visit soon.”

“I understand. Now that you’ve become a Royal Guard, you must be busy!”

If you think about the relationship between the Hebrion Empire and the Western Kingdom Union, being around a member of the Royal Guard, those closest to the Hebrion Emperor, should make leaders of the Western Kingdom Union uneasy. But the King of Prillecha mentioned it so straightforwardly. He didn’t seem to care much about such trifles.

“You don’t seem phased by me joining the Royal Guard.”

“Well, I don’t need to talk about something that’s decided. As much as I’d like you to come to Prillecha, you have had great success regardless. I should celebrate these successes.”

Gried wore a smile.

“You’re the savior of Prillecha. I’ll always root for you. But, whenever you’re tired of that position, I hope you will consider coming here.”

He supported Desir without any ulterior motives, and clearly wore his hopes on his sleeve.

Desir lowered his head, feeling grateful for his favor.

“Yes, sir.”

Some people were favorable towards Desir whereas some showed naked hostility.

One of them was the President of Arunbeth, Anous.

Desir walked towards where Anous was seated. He decided to attempt winning him over to further his goal. Though it was nice to meet those who were already on good terms with him, Desir felt it much more important to meet those who viewed him with open hostility and sway their minds.

Anous had a modest appearance unlike other kings in the Western Kingdom Union. He was tidily dressed in a black suit without wearing any particular accessories.

“Hello, Mr President.”

When Crow Mask, Icarus Quirgo, had started his commoner’s revolt, he likely wanted to implement a political system similar to Arunbeth’s.

As the only republic of the Western Kingdom Union, Arunbeth referred to the head of its nation as the “President”. He was an official that was chosen regularly through a process known as an election.

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

Anous’s greeting was ordinary, but his mouth seemed twisted.

‘As expected.’

It seemed like Zod’s information was accurate. He was definitely discontent with Desir’s choice to join the Royal Guard.

Desir bowed politely.

“I am aware that you harbor resentment towards me. If possible, I’d like to assuage that and establish a good relationship with your nation.”

He spoke so bluntly that it could hurt most people’s feelings.

However, this issue wasn’t going to be solved if he moved subtly, and Desir felt this was the best way of going about things to improve their relationship in the long run.

Anous studied Desir silently for a while. He then carefully opened his mouth, as if feeling something in Desir’s attitude.

“I’m a man from the Republic, Desir. In the Republic, there’s no such thing as status. The only thing that defines your place in life is your capability.”

Anous’s claim that there was no such thing as status was short-sided at best. There was still discrimination in the Republic, but it was surely a much fairer country compared to the Empire, where everything was decided at birth.

Desir clenched his fist, thinking of the Beta Class at the Hebrion Academy.

“I believe the Empire and other countries in the Western Kingdom Union should break the mold of ranks and titles eventually. I expected you to make great changes within the Empire. I eagerly awaited what you would do next. Not as the president of Arunbeth, but as someone who strives for equality.”

The look Anous sent Desir’s way was full of disappointment.

“I know how serious the social status discrimination was in the Hebrion Academy. Despite that, someone managed to make a radical societal change. That person was you. Sure, I hold high expectations of you, but have you ever considered the expectations the commoners of the Empire held for you, Desir Arman, their hero?”

He was using the past tense.

“… And then you joined the Royal Guard. An honorable position, sure. My congratulations. But you betrayed the hopes of the people who believed in you for the sake of power. How


The reason why Anous held animosity towards Desir wasn’t simply because he became a Royal Guard after rejecting offers from the Western Kingdom Union. He had high expectations of Desir, who had accomplished world-changing feats and managed to change the Hebrion Academy where status discrimination was severe. He felt utter disappointment that Desir had then thrown all of that away to pledge allegiance to the Emperor. All for the sake of obtaining authority.

He felt Desir’s actions betrayed the commoner’s expectations. People who were relying on him to change the Empire.

‘So that’s what it was… ’

A smile spread across his face. If it was a simple misunderstanding. This was something easy to fix.

“I think it’s too early for your expectations to crumble.”

Anous stared at Desir quietly, tacitly allowing him to continue.

“I never gave up fixing the discrimination within the Empire. I’m working at it in my own way, and I’ve already achieved results.”

The Hebrion Academy was very different just one year ago. Now the gap between the Beta Class and Alpha Class was shrinking.

“However, there is a limit to what I can do as a student. I didn’t become a member of the Royal Guard just for power. The influence I carry as a Royal Guardsman will aid me, and eventually, will greatly help the commoners.”

Anous spoke after paying attention to him without a word.

“Those claims are much easier to make than they are to fulfill.”

“You’ll find out if they’re just words soon enough. What I ultimately pursue is to not let anyone down in the end.”

“… ”

Anous was immersed in his own thoughts for a while.

At that moment, Desir thought it was enough. There was some room for consideration. Even though he couldn’t change his mind completely now, there would be possibilities in the near future.

Anous then spoke, his tone softened slightly.

“… Very well, Desir Arman. You have my interest. Perhaps I was naive to give up on you so quickly. I’ll continue to watch your performance eagerly.”

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