A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 246


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 246. Reunion (3)

The field was frozen white due to all of the snow that had fallen overnight. With each step, the crisp sound of snow crunching resonated across the desolate landscape. Even though the fresh buds were supposed to be sprouting and this field should have been covered in flowers, all that lay before him was snow.

“Why is this winter lasting so long?”

Every time he breathed in deeply, the cold air scratched his lungs.

“A lot of garbage is falling from the sky again.”

A girl looked at the white snow and called it trash. The trash had likely blown in from the storm that had appeared over the nearby town of Jabet..

‘Back then, I would have been happy to see it snow… … ’

Her eyes dimmed slightly as a forlorn expression took over her face.

She recalled her days at the Hebrion Academy. She saw a garden with bright flowers instead of frozen fields. She was not alone, surrounded with people she trusted deeply. It was only six months ago, but the days she spent at the Hebrion Academy already felt so distant.

“… … Let’s get back to work.”

Romantica shook her head as if to shake away her thoughts. The snow that settled on her head scattered from side to side.

After walking for a while, she stopped and looked around. There was nobody to be seen in either direction.

Romantica spread out her hand.

At that moment, the movement of the air stopped. The snowflakes pouring from the sky stopped. It was a strange sight that any onlooker could only describe as time being stopped.

This was the result of her controlling the airflow in the area around her.

[Summon Tornado]

The moment Romantica invoked that spell, the air began to swirl around her.

The snow, which had piled up several inches, began to stir. Within moments, Romantica was forcibly concealed under a white mantle.

The violent air rushed to the top of the sky, and violently tore apart the clouds.

The dark sky had cleared in a matter of seconds.

“Is this enough?”

The snow, which seemed to cover the whole world, no longer fell.

Weather control magic.

Romantica had just changed the weather by controlling airflow with her magic. Changing the weather in one area wasn’t an easy task, even for a Fifth-Circle magician. But she didn’t look the least bit exerted after casting such a spell. Rather, she stretched her body as if it were stiff.

She suddenly heard the sound of footsteps on the snow. Romantica’s face hardened instantly. The source was close.


She fired a compressed bullet of air in the direction of the footsteps. Within a second of hearing the footsteps, her spell had been calculated, arranged, and invoked. Even if she had let her guard down, no other magician on the continent would be able to compete with her spellcasting speed after the specialized training she had undergone.

Yet as the cloud of snow cleared, a solid wall of dirt, stone, and snow was revealed.


Romantica’s sniping spell boasted tremendous speed, and it was not easy to defend against or evade.

She subconsciously gulped and began to gather and concentrate mana in front of herself.

“You’re good!”

Someone jumped out from behind the earthen wall and spoke to Romantica. Romantica’s eyebrows raised as she heard the relaxed voice of the man.

“You… … ”

She approached the man.

The man’s figure became more and more clear as she stepped closer.

Arched eyebrows.

Slender black hair blowing in the wind.

A deep, dark eye that made it hard to read his thoughts.

And lips that held a friendly smile, as they always did.

It was a smile that Romantica knew oh so well, and had constantly missed since their parting.

“It’s been a long time, Desir.”

* * *

Romantica’s office was a cozy room that reflected her taste.

Jabet was a city located on the border of Prillecha, not too far away from the capital city, Deltaheim. It was a military hub, and had a long history of war throughout Prillecha’s history. As

a result, it was a place where many historic events had taken place, so it was no surprise that there was a concentration of Shadow Worlds that appeared here.

In order to serve Prillecha as best possible, Romantica had stationed herself within this city.

“I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors, so I’ll get right to it. Will you help me?”

Desir knew better than anyone why Romantica had returned to her home country. Yet still, he urged her to leave her homeland without hesitation.

“Your plan… How long do you think it would take to completely destroy Skull Mask?”

“One week.”

Desir had an instant response with a definite answer to Romantica’s question.


“The Kingdom of Divide will be destroyed within a week.”

Defeating Skull Mask was synonymous with defeating Divide due to how deeply entrenched he was there. The whole continent had united and been dealing with them for over half a year at this point. Even though they had been working together, they still found themselves being gradually pushed back by this single enemy.

However, Desir was confident he would break Divide in a week. Even for someone as accomplished as himself, such a claim was completely unbelievable.

After hearing such words, however, Romantica didn’t even ask any questions. Instead, she only smiled gently.

“Have you always been like this? Mm, never mind, don’t answer that.”

Memories of Hebrion Academy, memories of better times that they shared, dominated Romantica’s mind.

Desir used to regularly accomplish what others deemed impossible. For the last half a year they had parted ways, he had traveled all over the continent and done great things.

“But my plan needs you to have a chance at being successful.”

Romantica opened her eyes wide and blinked quietly. He always handled everything himself, so she didn’t expect him to say something like that. After a long moment, she smiled.

“Haha, is that so?”

She shook her head, attempting to hold back her laugh, ultimately failing. The wardrobe opened, and the Clothes Line hanging up inside flew out. At the same time, the trunk bag stored under the bed leaped out. It seemed as if invisible hands were at work.

Meanwhile, Romantica invoked communication magic and spoke with the Lord of Jabet.

“As I mentioned before, I need to leave. I’ll only be gone about a week.”

[-You’ve finally decided.]

“The mercenaries will stay here and help the Lords. It’s a mercenary team that I prepared for when I needed to leave, so you don’t need to worry even if I’m not here.”

She ended the communication spell. With everything completed, she was ready to leave.

She rearranged the collar on her Clothes Line and spoke towards Desir, who sat in a daze.

“What are you waiting for? I’m ready.”

“… … You already finished all of your preparations?”

“Yup. I had a feeling you’d come asking eventually, so I’ve been preparing all along. If anyone else had asked, I’d probably refuse. Your plans have never failed, after all.”

Desir smiled cheerfully at Romantica’s words.

“Thank you for trusting me, Romantica.”

Romantica had made up her mind and rejoined his party. He got up and walked out of the room. As he turned his back on her, Romantica’s face which had been plastered with a mischievous expression, faded away.

‘You don’t know how much I’ve prepared for this day, Desir.’

* * *

“I’ll be back, stronger than ever.”

* * *

Since they had parted half a year ago, Romantica had thrown herself fully into training. Desperately trying to get stronger, even if only by a little bit. She had experienced many things that

weren’t possible to experience in the sheltered academy, and became far stronger as a result. Her increase in battle experience at this stage in her life was more valuable than any increase in circle.

‘… … All of this so I could become someone you would need.’

As part of her inevitable decision to leave Prillecha, she had taken it upon herself to assemble a unit of skilled mercenaries out of Jabet. Romantica had reached out to the mercenaries, financing her ambition using the backing of the Eru Trading Conglomerate. In just a half year, she had amassed a considerable number of mercenaries of superior quality.

Romantica’s unit of mercenaries, which had come to be known as the Midas Mercenaries, were now making their mark on the continent.

This was the result of Romantica’s efforts to overcome her current situation, and at the same time, insurance in case she had to leave Prillecha.

Romantica arranged her thoughts and caught up with Desir.

“So now that you’ve got me, is your plan ready to go?”

“No, there is still one person left.”

Desir spoke resolutely.

“Adjest Kingscrown.”

* * *

The most powerful nation of modern day, the Hebrion Empire. The Leonhardt Palace, where the Imperial Emperor was based, was said to be the heart of the Empire and the center of the continent.

A white blonde haired girl was on her knees inside the Imperial Palace.

“The First Princess, Adjest Zedgar F Rogfelas greets His Majesty, the Great Sun of the Empire.”

Emperor of the Hebrion Empire, Guiltian Zedgar F Rogfelas, sat on the throne and looked down at Adjest with a rather dry smile.

With the help of Desir, Guiltian had completely eliminated the enemies within his country, the nobles itching to overthrow him, and wielded unparalleled power as a result. The Hebrion Empire already had the greatest power on the continent before this, but it was no exaggeration to say that there was no other kingdom able to compete with him anymore.

“What brings you here?”

“I know Desir Arman has made some requests of His Majesty.”

As Adjest said, Desir had made a few requests of Guiltian the other day.

But that was a conversation between the Emperor and his direct knight, a member of the Royal Guard. This was not something that could be overheard or leaked to others.

However, Adjest clearly had knowledge of what had


“Both myself and the Spear of Longinus are essential to Desir’s plan. I would like to know why you are not authorizing his request.”

It was hard to believe that it was a conversation someone was having with the Imperial Emperor, the person who wielded the greatest power and authority across the continent. The only one that would dare speak like this would be the First Princess, Adjest.

“Raise your head.”

The moment Adjest lifted her head in response to Guiltian, she felt a tremendous aura wash over her.

The force emanating from Guiltian proved that he was still in his prime.

“Why do you think I summoned you to the Imperial Palace?”

“To protect the legitimate successor of the Imperial Family.”


This was the reason why Adjest had suddenly cut all ties and returned to the Imperial Palace six months ago.

“For that same reason, Desir’s request cannot be accepted.”

“That’s a self-centered decision.”

Despite Adjest rudeness, Guiltian didn’t bat an eye.

“Only you would call it self-centered. This was a decision made for the Empire, and a decision made for its people. The only successor to the throne cannot be allowed to throw themselves headfirst into danger.”

“Even if the Empire is destroyed by such a selfless decision? I have no intention of ruling over the ashes of a country.”

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