A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 260


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 260. Divide and Conquer (10)


Along with an ear-piercing noise, a fierce wind stormed through the middle of the garden. It was Romantica’s snipe that blazed through the air without any noise.

“Oh come on. At least give me some time to talk, will ya?”

Despite the shot being fired directly at Pierrot Mask, he seemed completely unphased and unharmed.

He had already set up wires around him, and with a precise tug they moved to block the attack.

“Don’t be so hasty now. No matter what you do, you can’t get out of here anyway.”

Pierrot Mask stretched his arm out to the front, and wires moved toward Desir like a snake attacking its prey.

“… … !”



Runel, a silver sphere that floated around Desir, deflected Pierrot Mask’s wires.

Sparks flew everywhere. It was a series of attacks and counters that happened so fast that the people present could barely make out the exchange.

Pierrot Mask freely controlled delicate wires with aura.

It was not just one or two wires, but dozens of them perfectly controlled as if they were part of his body.

Desir felt as if he were fighting an entire unit alone.

They needed to get into the palace; he couldn’t afford to stay on the defense forever.

Runel was able to block all the attacks unleashed by the dozens of wires, but only barely. It wouldn’t surprise Desir if his defenses were broken at any point.

While he let Runel handle the defense, Desir completed his spell.

A plethora of fireballs rose from behind him. Though their form was simple, their power had been significantly increased through Desir’s alteration.

[Burst Fire]


The fireballs all converged, forming a singular, supermassive fireball.

Pierrot Mask, who was swinging his wires relentlessly, backed

off and halted his offense after feeling the fierce heat gathering behind Desir. He recalled his wires and began preparing to block the oncoming attack.

At this moment.

‘And compress here… … !’


Desir changed the spell in the final moment of invocation, compressing it.

The fireball rapidly collapsed in on itself, turning into an extremely dense mass no larger than an arrowhead.

The spell wasn’t finished though. The dense ball cracked, and an uncountable number of flame arrows shot out, each at their own speed and unpredictable trajectory.

“Huh… … ”

Looking at the scene, Pierrot Mask smiled as if amused by the sight.

At the snap of a finger, the wires that were condensed spread out and moved according to the movement of his fingertips.

With outstanding dynamic vision, he analyzed the trajectories of all of the fire arrows that had spread out.

But this was not the limit of Desir’s spell.


The trajectories of the fire arrows once again changed.

The arrows were able to nimbly weave past Pierrot Mask’s wires. With their obstruction cleared, they darted towards their true target.

The ability to control the paths and speeds of dozens of spells was closer to a divine skill than talent.

Pierrot Mask’s face twisted.


Each one of the flame arrows burst on impact, creating a chain of explosions.

Runel quickly moved to deflect all of the debris from the resulting explosion that flew towards Desir.

“Yeah, this is it.”

Pierrot Mask murmured as if delighted.

“Compared to sitting around in boredom, a battle with my life on the line is much more exciting.”

As the cloud of dust rose, Pierrot Mask could be seen in the air standing on top of the wires, looking down at Desir.

“How about we keep playing around while we wait to see what Skull Mask is planning?”

“… … ”

Without replying, Desir sunk deep in thought.

‘This is a problem.’

The communication pad was still warning Desir of the incoming Shadow World.

Usually, Shadow Worlds weren’t something that appeared immediately after being detected.

But considering the unusualness of the current situation, that train of thought was naive at best.

‘There’s no time to spare, but… … !’

He could not easily break through. Pierrot Mask’s power was a

force to be reckoned with.

Beyond that, Desir did not have much information about him.

They had met a few times before, but never engaged in a real battle.

Not knowing what tricks Pierrot Mask had remaining up his sleeves, making one wrong move could drastically exacerbate the situation.

‘And then there’s… … ’

At some point, the chimeras once again started to charge at Desir and Adjest.

Perhaps they recognized the two of them, who were out of the formation, as prey.

The path that had been cleared earlier was beginning to close once again.

‘Damn it.’

One of the chimeras that was approaching them charged at Desir. The chimera’s claws had a bluish aura coating them.

Just when Desir was about to cast a spell toward it.

“Leave it to me.”


The chimera that was approaching Desir was sliced in the blink of an eye. It was a fast sword that was hard to follow with the naked eye.

Blood and pieces of flesh scattered in the air.

Pram left the formation and arrived, slaughtering chimeras on the way. His sky blue hair was matted with blood.

He stood between Pierrot Mask and Desir.

“Miss Adjest and Mr. Desir, please get out of here quickly.”

Pram was going to deal with Pierrot Mask by himself.

Pierrot Mask’s full capability was yet to be determined.

The risk was too high.

“… … I’ll leave it to you.”

But he could not think of any other way. If they did not break out of here immediately to stop Skull Mask, the situation could quickly turn for the worse.

There was no other way than to put his faith in Pram.

“Please, endure for a bit.”

Desir signaled Adjest, and she nodded.



Desir casted body strengthening spells.

Adjest’s hair quickly turned silver.

Looking at the scene, Pierrot Mask snorted.

“You think I’m just gonna let you go?”

He snapped his finger.



Suddenly, the wires cut through everything in their trajectories and again attacked Desir and Adjest.

The number of wires must have exceeded one hundred. No, two hundred?

‘Was he always this strong?!’

Pierrot Mask’s true power that exceeded his expectations made Desir suddenly panic.

There was no escape. The wires that had them completely surrounded seemed more like a net.

This was an attack that was impossible to dodge.

At this moment, Pram began to move.


There was an uncanny sound that tickled the ears.

Countless silver trajectories formed a web in the air.

A silver slash.



Explosions followed as they collided with the wires everywhere.

Pram had aimed for the natural weak points that formed out of Pierrot Mask focusing his attack specifically on Desir and Adjest.

Only one moment was all it took.

Because they strengthened their bodies with magic earlier, they moved extremely fast.


Just as Pierrot Mask retrieved the wires and was about to chase them by disappearing into the darkness…


Pierrot Mask raised his dagger to block the incoming slash.

He glared at Pram who blocked his pursuit.

“… … Right, there was a recent rumor about a little kid called the Silver Light Swordsman.”

The mockery was no longer seen on his face.

The wires again rose and squirmed. They almost looked like a knot of living snakes.

Pierrot Mask continued talking.

“You’re just as strong as the rumors. If I had the time, I would slowly toy the life out of you. But unfortunately, I’ve got no time to play with you today.”


The wires spread out everywhere. And they rained upon Pram simultaneously.

“I’ll end you quickly.”

The moment Pram took a step and wielded his sword, the world around them seemed to darken in response to the bright light of his sliver beams.

The wires that were attacking him started to become entangled with the silver rays.


The lines, thin as threads, accurately collided and exploded.

“It might be true that I’m weaker than you.”


A sonic boom shattered nearby windows, which had arisen from the constant exchange of attack and defense. Each of their attacks were moving faster than the air around them could react.

Pram and Pierrot Mask were both exceptionally talented speed-type fighters.

In the blink of an eye, they exchanged dozens of blows.

And every time this took place, an explosion swept through the surroundings.

“… … !”

Just as the impasse seemed to continue, Pierrot Mask reacted by pure reflex.


He just barely raised his short sword in time to block the attack that was already in front of his nose.


He could not endure the impact and leaped back.

Pram’s slash had such speed that Pierrot Mask could not even properly react to it.

Pram brandished his rapier and made a declaration to Pierrot Mask.

“But my sword is enough to stab through your throat.”

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