A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 265


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 265. The Beast of Revelation (5)


The Beast of Revelation, which finally revealed itself as it emerged from the crevice, opened its eyes.

In front of its eyes was a city covered in dawn light. It could also make out a long stretch of road and a towering, pitch-black building.

The Beast’s eyes looked down.

Countless people were surrounding the capital of the palace. They clearly seemed tense, but their eyes were full of determination.

[Interesting beings, you humans. You survived the karma of destruction by employing all possible means.]

A low-pitched voice resounded in their minds.

The Beast of Revelation had spoken to the humans in the form of thoughts.

[You all have managed to stand up amidst such disaster and reached this far. Excellent. I respect your efforts.]

It seemed to understand human language and also possess intelligence, and this greatly confused people.

Two impossible things were happening: firstly, the monster before them was nearly two hundred feet tall, a beast of calamity.

However, the monster in front of their eyes was clearly speaking in human language.

[However, one among you has summoned me through manipulating cause and effect; through tampering with powers beyond your measure. Truly arrogant.]

The tone of the voice penetrating their minds plunged.

Its seven tails each began to move in different directions. Though the sky had returned to normal after the crevice closed behind the Beast, it was short-lived: the sky began to turn ghastly black.

[Because of that arrogance, everything on this continent will be greeted with destruction.]



Clouds devoid of color, a void-like anomaly against the dark sky, blotted out the sun and began to propagate at an alarming rate. Before long, the entire sky was hidden above a canvas of cloud. Electricity arced in the sky, likely jumping between the clouds, their small currents the only discernible detail left above them.

The humans instinctively sensed danger. No one was able to say anything at the overwhelming sight.


A light strike swept down to the ground. Thunder that threatened to rend the sky echoed across the continent, and an intense flash of light blanketed the entire world.

Was the entire world going to melt?

However, something seemed strange.

Despite the enormous thunderbolt striking down from the dark clouds covering the entire Pittsburgh sky, the damage was not as severe as the Beast had expected, far weaker than its attacks prior to emerging from the Shadow World.

The Beast’s eyes scanned through the city.

Oddly enough, the thunderbolts were only striking down on certain areas.


It could not help but utter an exclamation. Lighting rods had been stationed across the city, forming a nullifying grid that would safely disrupt any large bolts and disperse them evenly across the city.

The humans were surprised as well.

“So the steel rods that were installed… ”

“So he anticipated this situation!”

When all their doubts were resolved, the soldiers of the Divide’s army, who were doubtful of Desir’s order, were struck with admiration.

“… Everyone move!”

“W-Wait! What was the order again?”

They approved of Desir. Before, they followed the order of a commander against their will, but now, their attitude had

completely changed.

“Quickly repair the lightning rods!”

“Cool down the heat! We cannot let the steel melt!”

The lightning rods, which attracted and harmlessly diverted the thunderbolts, were quickly repaired by the magicians who had been placed there in advance.

[-All magicians, open fire!]

At the same time, the Allied Forces returned fire.

The military troops that had previously been besieging the capital started to arrange spells at the same time. Numerous spells were arranged together and formed a strange flow of mana.

“First Magic Corps, arrangement of spell techniques complete.”

“Second Magic Corps… ”

“Third Magic Corps… ”

The spells that the elite magicians of Divide and the Allied Forces arranged were completed and fired.

The artillery attack spells fired by humans in full force caught the eyes of the Beast of Revelation.

[Excellent, however… ]


The ground shook and the plains began shaking so violently that it felt like they were turning upside down. Something then soared up from beneath the ground.


An enormous amount of powder soared from the ground, gathered in front of the Beast’s eyes, and began to swirl, forming a red shield.

It was iron sand.

The Beast had used its ability to manipulate electricity in order to magnetize the iron sand in the ground and build a shield.

[Not enough.]

Shortly after, there was a collision.



The artillery spells and the red shield collided, and powerful wind currents from the resulting explosions threatened to topple the soldiers.

Just when the shield began to give way, unable to withstand the ceaseless bombardment, it was suddenly restored. The Beast had brought up more iron sand, and reinforced the damaged and broken sections.

“I-I can’t believe it… ”

“That’s impossible.”

The full-blown bombardments from the magicians of Divide and the Allied Forces were unable to even reach the Beast.

At that moment, when they were all still appalled, the iron sand forming the red shield moved.

It split and lumped together to form ten giant bullets, each one meter in diameter. Visible arcs of electricity jumped along the surface of each of them, and Pittsburgh was filled with a deadly silence; not even the birds dared to sing their morning song.

It was an electromagnetic acceleration gun.

Ten bullets were fired at supersonic speed, the sonic booms only being heard several seconds after they were fired.



It was a disaster that could not be prevented by human power and deserving of being called a natural calamity on their own.

The pitch-black high-rise buildings, the very pride and symbol of Pittsburgh, were completely demolished as the bullets collided with them. The heart of Pittsburgh was razed to the ground in an instant.

However, there was one place that remained intact amidst this dire situation.

“Calculate all the trajectories of the bullets!”

“Recalculate the angles of the bullets that are coming in from thirty to thirty-two degrees! The offset wasn’t perfect!”

The magicians of Divide’s army and the Allied Forces had targeted the bullets and nudged them off their trajectory. It was not a perfect result, but they were able to prevent fatal damage.



The sound of the atmosphere tearing apart resonated again.

The iron sand was forming into new bullets once again. The Beast’s attack did not have any clear limitations, and would not end with a single burst of shots.

The magicians ceaselessly calculated offensive spells and desperately attempted to alter the trajectory of the bullets.

“Make sure to defend this place at any cost!”

One could not say it was an easy task. In order to predict the path of bullets travelling at a supersonic speed and offset that power, they had to calculate spells that had an error-free accuracy rate and an equivalent level of power.

There were not many magicians on the continent capable of doing this task, therefore it was a countermeasure that was only possible in theory.

However, there was a magician who could make up for the shortcomings of others.

Romantica Eru.

“… … ”

Every time the electromagnetic acceleration gun was fired, she pulled the trigger of her rifle.


With every payload fired, Romantica precisely calculated their trajectories through their impact on their air current and lined her shot so they would collide mid-air.

Her talent was truly worthy of being called extreme sniping.

Arranging spells at a rate beyond her limit had severe consequences. Her vision blurred slightly, and she felt a trickle of blood fall down the side of her face.

She had no time to waste on wiping a bloody nose. Hundreds of lives could be lost if she was distracted for even a single moment.

Romantica continued to arrange spells desperately.


However, the situation seemed ceaseless. The Beast had no limit on its attacks, but Romantica was only human. Their guard would eventually fall, and that would be the end of humanity.

Little by little, the Allied Forces were losing their strength to maintain this herculean effort.

In contrast, the Beast of Revelation was maintaining the same momentum from the beginning.

The Beast of Revelation had seemingly limitless power. As long as the attackers did not do something special, it could exert its power endlessly.

Despite such circumstances, Divide and the Allied Forces desperately endured.

The Beast of Revelation curiously watched them, these pitiful humans who trembled but still refused to escape.

They were locked in despair, faced with a power beyond all standards, but they did not collapse. They did not retreat.

Could it be possible that they are not willing to withdraw even if they knowingly could not win?

Or… Were they thinking that they had a chance?

A chance in destroying him?


The Beast of Revelation sensed something from a different direction other than where the humans were gathered in.

It was less than three-hundred meters away.

There was a group of people rapidly approaching the Beast.

They were Adjest, Raphaello and Brepon.

The Beast of Revelation moved its tail as soon as it recognized them.

Dark clouds flowed out of its body and began to spread at a great speed. They instantly encircled the trio, soon after confining them within a dome of cloud.


Electric shocks burst forth from the clouds, presumably whatever bolts could not hit their target had come gushing out.

Raphaello swung his Gram just in time. Eight materialized wheels rotated along with the sword and extended out to form a shield.

That was the greatest power that Raphello, Shield of the Empire, could deliver.

The dark clouds indiscriminately unleashed tens of thousands of electric shocks and melted everything within range. The debris of the buildings, which had already been destroyed and scattered, turned molten as the ground itself began to churn like magma.

Lightning continued to pour out of the clouds, the strikes seeming like they would never end. Finally, after over thirty seconds of attack, the clouds parted. Every geographic feature of the city had been lost, the surrounding area reduced to flat

igneous rock.

However, the three of them were standing there, unscathed.

The voice of the Beast of Revelation was low.

[Was it this?]

Its doubt was resolved.

These three people were the hope of humanity. The humans were able to endure, believing that these three would manage to obtain victory somehow.

When the dark clouds disappeared, they ran towards the Beast of Revelation at the speed of light.

Raphaello and Brepon were King-Class after all, and Adjest was not far behind them, having strengthened her body through Imagery Magic and running hundreds of meters in seconds.

There was no time to wait for the dark clouds to appear again.

[Interesting. Go on, show me the power of the humans of this era.]

A streak of thunder shot out from the Beast’s horn.

The thunderbolts had been launched without a clear windup and traveled at a speed invisible to the human eye. Even if they were the peak of humanity, no human is capable of the reaction speed necessary to block this attack.


The Beast predicted their course and aligned the bolt to collide with them. The area between them was emblazoned in flame, the bolt acting as ignition for the dust that still hung in the air.

[… !]

However, no one was caught up in these flames.

Brepon, leader of the Janissaries, had deflected the thunderbolt with his sword.

He felt numbness in his arm and sighed in relief.

‘Just as he said.’

Brepon recalled Desir’s explanation just prior to the battle.

* * *

“The thunderbolt that is shot from the Beast’s body always shoots out in the direction indicated by its third tail.”

* * *

Desir’s information was precise.

Its attack was impossible to block after it had already been

fired, no matter how fast one moved.

However, if one knows when and where the attack would be made, it would not be difficult to deflect it.

At least, it wasn’t difficult for a King-Class swordsman, who had clawed his way to the most powerful rank of his craft.

‘Just like right now!’


He deflected the electric shock that came in again.

His arm was numb. He only blocked three times, but he had already used up almost all of his aura.

‘But it’s going as planned.’

The moment Brepon confronted the Beast of Revelation, he swallowed dryly. When he got closer, the two hundred foot tall

creature somehow seemed even larger.

‘Just as Desir planned.’

However, he was not afraid.

‘The Sword Grand Master will block the most powerful dark clouds and I will block the electric shocks that come in at high speed. And in the meantime between those… ’

At that moment, a bitter chill spread all over. The ground, which was melted and churning, instantly froze over.

Adjest Kingscrown had released her power.

[Magic Sword: Frozen World]

Adjest placed the most powerful Imagery Magic that she could cast on her Center of Ice in the form of a Magic Sword. She included all of the auras at her disposal too.



Imagery Magic and the unique technique of a Magical Swordsman merged together. With aura added to it, the force that the Center of Ice now emanated was far beyond what Raphaello’s and Brepon’s swords were capable of.

Her silver hair fluttered and her new attack was launched.


Along with a terrifying sound, the second tail of the Beast was lopped off.

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