A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 266


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 266. The Beast of Revelation (6)

There was a silver tower built on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, several miles away from the Palace of Divide.

It was one of the towers Skull Mask had built across the Kingdom of Divide in order to create Shadow Worlds.

A few months ago, the tower had been completely destroyed in the battle between Swan Katarina and Icarus Quirgo, and had since been restored again to perform its job.

Desir was at that silver tower, currently the highest structure in Pittsburgh.

He looked down at the war situation from the tower roof and ceaselessly issued orders by arranging communication spells.

“Infantry unit, retreat! Divide’s unit, support the infantry’s retreat!"

Magic Artillery spells were simultaneously shot towards the

Beast of Revelation. Human magic had been blocked by the iron sand shield and no damage had been inflicted on the Beast.


However, this time, it was different. It was only partial, but the magic artillery spells penetrated the shield and reached the Beast.

‘Now it’s just a matter of time.’

The seven tails that the Beast of Revelation carried each held different abilities. The ability of the second tail that Adjest cut off was responsible for its endless mana.

Desir knew each of the tail’s abilities and had devised his plan based on the three strongest swordsmen he had available: Adjest, Raphaello, and Brepon.

[How do you know me so well?]

Their strategy was successful.

Each of the three had succeeded in their role and the second tail had been severed. The Beast of Revelation could no longer carelessly use its transcendental power.

“All Magic Corps, maintain your artillery spells!”

But it did not mean that they now faced an easier opponent.

Their effort amounted to nothing more than blocking a tap.

Just like how a spring does not dry up when the tap connected to it is blocked, the Beast of Revelation was still equipped with a huge amount of mana, and even Desir didn’t know how much it had left.

‘As long as there is a limit on the amount of mana it possesses, there is only one decision that the Beast can make.’

A short-term, deciding match.

There was no way it would choose to save its strength against humans who were enduring such overwhelming attacks.

[Well, it doesn’t matter.]


The Beast of Revelation began to give off sparks and soon, the body that seemed to be wearing black armor gradually flashed brightly.

[I shall respond to the fighting method that you fools suggested.]

Spanning two hundred feet, the black, gigantic figure became the incarnation of thunder itself, raging in full force.

Desir remembered what was in front of him.

‘It’s entering its Origin Form’

The artillery spells were continuously shot, but now that the Beast of Revelation had become thunder incarnate, their attacks were useless.

The moment the spell reached its target, the Beast’s body momentarily distorted and the shot effortlessly passed through it. Only a few spells actually hit their mark; they were helpless against its Origin Form.


Any physical object that approached the Beast of Revelation melted.

When the Beast swung its tails around, Divide’s army and the Allied Forces were helplessly swept away.


Nevertheless, the artillery spells continued.

“Do not yield! Keep firing!”

These attacks were not completely meaningless.

It was only very little, but the size of the Beast’s Origin Form was gradually shrinking. They were reducing its power by consuming its thunderbolts.

Considering the losses incurred to cause that damage, it was certainly a very inefficient battle.

However, the humans did not yield. The Beast of Revelation had revealed its Origin Form and displayed even stronger power, but rather than giving up, the humans were burning with fierce determination and devoted their lives to the cause.

‘It hoped to end the fight quickly, and likely expended most of its mana to keep its Origin Form up. Still, we managed to survive. Without its mana supply, the Beast is hurting for options… ’


Desir held his breath.

He waited. For the chance to turn the situation around.

‘Before long, the Beast will realize it’s in danger and has to win, no matter the cost.’

An enormous amount of electric current flowed out from the Beast of Revelation.

‘If it wants to end the fight quickly, it’ll need to destroy the majority of the enemy in one blow. In that case, it’ll probably try to… ’


An ear-piercing thunderclap echoed from the sky right after Desir’s thought.

Among the abilities of the Beast of Revelation, its traditional lightning strikes had the largest area of effect.

Up until now, Desir had minimized their damage by installing lightning rods throughout Pittsburgh. But with all the damage done during their fight, the rods had long since been destroyed. Installing new ones would be impossible.

Facing a large number of enemies in the Beast’s current situation, that was the most rational attack for reducing their number.

‘And that is why it is easy to predict.’

The opportunity came.

Desir closed his eyes. Then, he felt a particular flow of mana coming from the Beast of Revelation.

Even with a transcendental level of power, mana had fundamental laws that even the Beast could not circumvent.

Desir Arman was someone who had reached the apex in analyzing and destroying such rules.

No creature could match his ability to invert spells.

Even the dragon’s draconic spells fell apart in front of him.

The Beast of Revelation was no exception.

However, that did not mean that the inversion was an all-powerful technique. The more powerful the spell, and the more complicated the spell array, the more time it took to invert.

The power that the Beast of Revelation used was a complicated form indeed, many times more complicated than the Human’s mana circle system. It did not reach the level of a draconic spell, but it was clearly beyond the human realm.

It was impossible for even Desir to invert all of the Beast’s power in a short amount of time. If he wanted to fully nullify the Beast’s attack, he would either need more time or something else to help bridge the gap.

‘Just as expected.’

And so he set up such a situation.

Desir forced the Beast of Revelation to make a predictable decisive move, based on what he recalled from his previous life.

Timing, spell choice, and target.

Knowing when the Beast would attack, which spell it would use, and where it would invoke its spell was completely different from inverting a spell on the fly.


The thunderbolts charged towards the ground, threatening to wipe the entirety of Divide and the Allied Forces from the surface.

A thunderous roar echoed in the mountains, and the dark clouds loomed overhead.

All of those disappeared.

[What… !]

A dismayed thought wave resonated.

The Beast of Revelation raised its head.

It turned its gaze to the silver tower. Desir Arman stood defiantly.

[It was you.]

An enormous body that flashed with thunderbolts

He was facing an enormous body that was flashing with thunderbolts and was pointing his staff at the Beast of Revelation without hesitation.

[So you’re the hope of humanity.]

An enormous amount of mana began to billow up.

He began to activate the spell in front of it as if he was saying “your opponent is here”.

[Gravity Control]


The gravity of the area where the beast stood increased a thousandfold and the ground sank down in the blink of an eye.

Even though it transformed the composition of its body into that of thunderbolts, as long as it had mass, it could not be completely liberated from the effect of gravity.

The Beast of Revelation’s movement was momentarily restricted and the fact that it could not quickly escape was crucial.


The ground collapsed and a vast cave was formed. The Beast was buried there altogether.

That was not the end of it.

A spell technique unfolded once again in front of Desir. A red ring on his finger sparkled.


Desir unsparingly released the spells he had stored in it.

[Howl of Magma]

[Binder of Earth]

Spells at the Seventh-Circle of power, each one of which was world-shattering, fired consecutively.

As a result, an attack with power that far exceeded that of the artillery spells which Divide’s army and the Allied Forces had

committed all of their resources into firing had been invoked.


Magma gushed out from the hole that held the Beast of Revelation captive.

It was like a volcano erupting.

A massive flood of magma erupted from the sunken pit, rising nearly a hundred feet into the sky.

Soon after, a gigantic sphere began to form in the air.

It covered the sun and cast a huge shadow.

Then, when Desir beckoned downwards, the enormous sphere was shot towards the cave that contained the Beast of Revelation.


All the soldiers were deafened.

Sharp winds shot out from the resulting collision. Knights who were unfortunate enough to be too close were launched through the air and slammed hard into the ground. Even at Desir’s distance, the wind had enough momentum to sway his hair and robe.

He alone had sealed off the Beast of Revelation’s escape paths, a being whose movement could only be stopped when a good number of people frantically put their all into doing so.

Desir was waiting for the right moment. The moment where a power vacuum was generated by inverting a lightning strike that contained a massive amount of power.

[-I-I can’t believe it!]

The voices of those who were astonished were delivered through a communication spell.

“Do not let your guards down! Everyone, arrange artillery spells!”

However, Desir knew that this would not be the end.


A streak of lightning soared from under the ground, where the Beast of Revelation had been buried. The heat of the thunderbolt melted the sphere which covered the hole, as well as the whole surrounding area.

The surging electric shock soon formed into the Beast again. Although its size had noticeably reduced, it was still menacing.

Even though three Seventh-Circle spells were arranged, it was only able to buy them time and nothing more.

However, Desir wasn’t worried.

‘It did good damage, but I never thought that would be enough to kill it.’

Because he had once confronted the monster before him, he never thought his attack would be enough to fatally wound it.

‘I will finish you now.’

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