A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 267


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 267. The Beast of Revelation (7)

The amount of thunderbolts that formed the body of the Beast of Revelation had been considerably reduced.

Humans ceaselessly fired artillery spells, unwilling to let go of their chance at victory

Numerous sparks and a feast of ice explosions erupted from the body of the Beast.


The Beast of Revelation paced around nervously.

Then, an intense wave of thunderbolt broke out from its body.


A blinding flash of light and a shock wave spread out around it.


The amount of artillery spells that were incessantly flooding in was reduced because of the attack that spread out in all directions.

At that moment, the Beast of Revelation began moving towards Desir. It had judged that he was the greatest threat present.



The body, made up of thunderbolts itself, melted every obstacle in its path. It was like a tsunami of lightning.

Desir saw the thunderbolt monster approaching him and struck his staff down.


The moment his staff touched the tower, a spell began to unfold from the end of his staff.

The spell rapidly developed around the tower, coating it like a drop of ink dispersing in a pool of water.

It started from the top of the tower and soon reached the basement.

[System Control]

This tower was a structure designed to use vast amounts of magic stones to create phenomena beyond what humans were capable of casting.

Desir put the essence of this research that Skull Mask had devoted his life to under his control.


The power source that was used to create artificial Shadow Worlds began moving under his control.


At that moment, a sound like hundreds of people whispering simultaneously, emanated from his mouth.


At the same time, a spell array, beautiful beyond words, unfolded in front of his eyes.

At first, the letters of the spell array were engraved one by one, but they were soon drawn at an unbelievably fast speed. Then, they began forming a particular shape.

It was a spell technique that Desir reproduced in modern times by interpreting a transcendental power, something that was long extinct in this world.

As his voice continued, the unfolding spell array became more and more immense.

‘Keukkk… !’

Desir swallowed his voice, his throat feeling as if it had almost exploded. He was feeling intense pain, as if his body was being torn into pieces.

It was only a feeling of pain, but Desir knew that if he continued any longer, he would not get away with just feeling pain.

This was his body telling him to stop now.

He secured enough mana to arrange a draconic spell, leveraging the numerous magic stones in the tower, but there was no substitute for Priscilla who could restore his deteriorating body.

Without her help, it certainly would not end with the loss of

an eye.

However, Desir did not stop.

‘I didn’t want to use this since I haven’t been able to test it, but… … ’

[Circle Synchronization]


Another spell, completely different to the one unfolding in front of him, appeared. It was a spell that the Beast of Revelation prepared in advance before it appeared in this world.

The spell that Desir created with his heart and soul began unfolding on a full-scale.


There was a sound of a bone breaking.

Desir felt an extremely acute pain, enough to forget the pain of his whole body being torn apart.

There was a tremendous amount of pain in his circles, an organ akin to a second heart for magicians. Desir felt an unimaginable pain.


However, Desir endured. If he stopped arranging the spell because he could not overcome the pain, all the hardships they went through would go right down the drain.

This was the opportunity that was created through the countless sacrifices of others. He could not let this opportunity slip through his fingers.

Circle Assimilation.

The spell that Desir invented by himself was for reconstructing his mana circles to allow the assimilation of an

external one.

There was only one reason this spell was created.

To allow for the invocation of a draconic spell.

It was to use a transcendental power, something far beyond the capacity of humans to call upon.

Because Desir arranged a draconic spell with his own mana circles in Deltaheim, he had to bear the entire burden alone. However, with this spell, it was possible to share the burden.

Desir felt the space between the artificial mana circle made in the tower and his own mana circles disappearing.

And with this, the burden of arranging the draconic spell was greatly reduced.

However, this still would not be enough.


At that moment, Desir kneeled down.

The blood vessels all over his body bursted and blood flowed out freely. His vision became blurry and he began losing his sight.

The limit to this Circle Assimilation was a single circle.

Even if two parties shared the burden of the Draconic spell, that burden was not something that either party could bear so easily

Nevertheless, Desir did not let go of his staff and continued arranging the draconic spell. He looked straight ahead with his vision clouded with blood.

The Beast of Revelation had never stopped approaching. The destroyed city was only the precursor to what it had planned for Desir and the rest of humanity.

‘With this… … ’

He reached out with great difficulty. Desir unfolded the last spell which he had prepared while arranging the draconic spell.

[Sacrifice of Nirvana]

The pain subsided and the deterioration of his body stopped.


It was not that the arrangement of the draconic spell had stopped. The side effects from arranging the draconic spell had completely disappeared.


Instead, the tower began screaming.

Sacrifice of Nirvana.

This spell had redirected all of the burden to the tower that had been assimilated with Desir’s mana circles.

In other words, the draconic spell was being arranged by the tower’s mana circle, operating alongside Desir.

The tower shook ceaselessly, but did not collapse. This was because it was a structure essentially made in a form that could operate a vast magic circle in order to form Shadow Worlds.

There were no longer any distractions that hindered Desir’s calculations.

Desir wiped the dripping blood and stood up.

‘This is the end.’

The Beast of Revelation was not intimidated by the draconic spell arrays in front of its eyes.




Powerful thunderbolts raged out around the Beast as it roared.

The six tails undulated simultaneously.

The Beast brought out all of its power to face one human.

It knew well that the spell being arranged in front of its eyes could not be dealt with if it saved its remaining power.



The thunderbolts that billowed up began coalescing at a single point. Before too long, they had gradually begun to form a

sphere. It was almost like a sun made up of thunderbolts.


* * *

“Do not be frugal with the magic stones! Maintain maximum speed!”

There was an airship moving quickly towards Pittsburgh.

Aboard the vessel was Zod, and the other members of the Magic Tower under his command.

Zod supplied his mana to power the airship while touching the floor of the deck with his staff.

It was not as fast as Valkyrie, but the airship was still made with the Magic Tower’s latest technology and held tremendous speed.

When a huge amount of magic stones and Zod’s mana were added to the equation, the airship’s engine was literally exploding with power. Though it was currently setting records for what such a device was capable of, it would almost certainly need to be fully replaced before the ship was used again.

‘A magical monster, the very incarnation of thunder itself… ’

Zod, who was informed of the situation in Pittsburgh through communication magic, could not hide his anxiety.

It was said that the strength of the Beast of Revelation was greater than Dadenewt.

Because Zod confronted Dadenewt, he knew better than most just how awesome this creature was.

‘With the spells that Desir has been preparing so far, it may be possible to take action. But there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to win.’

Zod swallowed his thoughts. Zod wanted to use a teleportation spell at once to quickly head to Pittsburgh.

However, doing so would result in his mana being depleted and he would likely become a burden on his allies. He could not risk any action that would make the difficult situation even worse.

Therefore, the best he could do was maintain the power to the ship and move as fast as possible.

According to his calculations, he had ten minutes left before reaching Pittsburgh.

Zod continued checking the time. At that moment, a communication spell came in through his crystal ball.

[-Tower Master, we have joined up with Donape.]

It was a call from Priscilla.

“You just joined him now?”

Priscilla responded to Zod, who raised his voice slightly while grumbling.

[-It cannot be helped. We don’t have anyone capable of supplying as much mana as you, Tower Master.]

It was true. Zod realized that he had become slightly enraged and began speaking with a calm voice.

“I would much appreciate it if you could hurry. We’ll join up with Desir first, so contact us as soon as you… … ”

Zod suddenly stopped speaking and looked up at the sky.

[-Tower Master?]

“… Priscilla, look at the sky.”

[-What do you mean? Why should I look… ]

Priscilla, who looked at the sky in doubt, noticed the anomaly

like Zod had.

The sky, which had been clear a moment ago, was becoming dark little by little. It was not dark because of clouds, and it was not an eclipse either.

Something was fundamentally different.

[-Wh-What the hell is happening?]

Priscilla raised a question.

“I’m not sure.”

There was no one there who had an answer to that question.

There were very little clues to go on.

“But one thing is for certain… ”

Zod raised his head and looked towards Pittsburgh. Even at this distance, Zod could feel a vast amount of mana churning.

In other words…

“The battle in Pittsburgh… is coming to an end.”

The sun lost its light, and soon the whole world fell into darkness.

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