A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 268


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 268. The Beast of Revelation (8)

The light was gone.

The soldiers’ march continued on the main street of Pittsburgh, which was now covered in darkness.

Divide’s army and the Allied Forces that were besieging the Beast of Revelation began retreating. The moment the Beast had released its power, Desir ordered everyone to fall back.

The marching soldiers could not help turning their heads towards the Beast, casting anxious glances at it.

The thunderbolts were continuously gathering and forming an enormous sphere. It was difficult to speculate what kind of power that sphere possessed.



Lightning strikes burst out from the source of light that shone like a miniature sun.

It was a sight that was reminiscent of the end of the century.

“How is he going to stop that by himself… ”

The majority of the people there had similar thoughts.

It had already been proven that Desir’s skills left no room for doubt, but they could not see how he would be able to stop it by himself.

Just when many of them were in despair, something changed at the silver tower.

Innumerable symbols appeared at the spot where a strange spell array was unfolding.


And in time, the light formed into something.

“… A bow?”

The moment everyone’s attention was focused on someone’s mumble, the Beast of Revelation began to move.


A sphere made out of thunderbolts distorted and was suddenly launched towards Desir at a tremendous speed.


As the thunderbolt, compressed to its limit, was shot, Pittsburgh, which had been immersed in darkness, became covered with dazzling light.

The thunderbolts became a wave and swallowed up everything in its path.

The soldiers, unable to do anything other than watch, were frozen with fear.

However, Desir calmly looked at the disaster coming in and spoke indifferently.

[Arrow of Destruction]

At that moment, an arrow of light shot out from the bow that had formed in front of Desir.


A roaring sound resonated almost at the same time.

The arrow that was shot, which seemed as if it were capable of dividing the world, created a red line from which a red flame rose up from.

Everything that touched the flame disappeared without a trace.

The waves of thunderbolts were no exception.


The humans were in disbelief.

The blazing red flames devoured the waves of lightning.

The enormous thunderbolts lost their form and disappeared in the heat of the red flames that rose from the arrow.

The heart of the enormous wave of thunderbolts was dispersing.

The arrow continued through and pierced the Beast of Revelation.


The moment the arrow pierced through the Beast, an

enormous pillar of flame soared up from where it landed.

A burning heat blanketed all of Pittsburgh.

“My god… ”

Someone mumbled.

Everyone who was watching this sight felt the same way. All the people busy retreating stopped in place and were not able to take their eyes off the overwhelming sight.

Desir’s spell was clearly beyond the Seventh-Circle, a level considered to be the highest tier that humans could reach.

“With this… … ”

“It may be possible.”

It was not long before the heat gradually subsided and the flames disappeared.

Amid the thick clouds of smoke, humans truly wished for a sight of nothingness.

[Time and time again, you don’t let me down.]

The low-pitched voice penetrating their mind destroyed their hope.

[But again, it was not enough.]

The Beast of Revelation, now reduced to half its original size, appeared amid the flames that were subsiding.

The mythical monster could not be stopped even though Desir showed miraculous power beyond the limits of humans.

“… … It’s over.”

The high hopes of the humans collapsed and they were struck with even greater despair.

It was a long battle indeed.

The Beast of Revelation began approaching the silver tower in order to end the battle.

However, not long after, it was stopped.

Its astonished thought resonated.

[What… … !]

The light gathered once again and formed a bow at the top of the tower.


A huge pillar of flames soared and a scream-like roar erupted almost simultaneously.

At the top of the silver tower.

Desir spoke as he watched the Beast of Revelation let out a piercing scream.

“If that wasn’t enough, I’ll just shoot again.”

An arrow was shot from his hand once more.

Arrow of Destruction was a spell that used the energy of the sun, the largest source of energy in the world.

As long as there was a sun, it was possible to use its infinite power over and over again.

The light in Pittsburgh dimmed once again as Desir harnessed the entirety of it.


The sound of explosions did not stop.

With each arrow fired, another pillar of flame soared and shattered the sky.

The size of the Beast of Revelation gradually decreased due to the incredible heat that burnt even the thunderbolts.

A mythical monster.

A mythical being that destroyed innumerable civilizations was being ravaged by a single human being.

‘There are two ways to destroy the Arrow of Destruction.’

The first method was to invert the spell technique itself, the very core of the Arrow of Destruction. In his previous life, Desir and his comrades had done just that when they fought Bhromier Napolitan, pressuring the dragon to give Desir the time necessary.

However, this was only possible because it was Desir who did it. Therefore, it was an impossible choice for the Beast of


The second method was quite simple. One only had to kill the magician who was arranging the spell.

Killing Desir, the person arranging the spell, or destroying the tower itself, which was being used to sustain the spell, would end it.

This second method was much simpler relative to the first method.



A tail made out of thunderbolts fired, penetrating the pillar of flames accompanied by the sound of thunder.

However, it was unable to reach Desir.

The thunderbolt tail gradually disintegrated and soon disappeared as if it had evaporated.

‘That should be impossible as well.’

With the projectile stopped and the fire beginning to clear up, a melted down, pitch-black, gigantic figure revealed itself. It had suffered so much that it was unable to maintain its Origin Form any longer.

It had consumed most of its mana and no longer had any power to attack.

“This is the end.”

Right before the arrow was shot, the Beast and Desir exchanged glances.

It was a moment of tranquility.

The Beast of Revelation did not show further resistance; whether it had exhausted every option or not, it had admitted

its defeat.

[In the end, I was the one who wasn’t good enough.]

Its thought resonated once more, and Desir drew his bow.

* * *

Pittsburgh Palace.

There was a hollow cave thousands of feet below.

“That’s impossible.”

Skull Mask’s mumbling echoed in the cave.

The cave had been retrofitted, installed with numerous test tubes and futuristic looking scientific tools, along with a plethora of artifacts. Spell arrays lined the inside of the cave, clearly archaic in arrangement.

Skull Mask was looking into a mirror, The Mirror That Holds Shadows, which had been moved from the central command room.

The inside of the cave shook, along with the sound of an explosion that could be heard even from deep underground.

That was all. Despite the great collision between the Beast of Revelation and Desir, this place was still unscathed.

After all, this was the power source.

This was the most important place in Divide. The most important place on the continent. Here, in this room, was the power source for all the towers he had constructed, the most necessary tool for fulfilling his purpose.

Skull Mask had strengthened the facility’s defense system by using all of the methods at his disposal, all to protect the source.

However, all of these measures were about to become meaningless.

Even if powerful defense systems were made, it would still be impossible to stop the Allied Forces if they attacked the cave directly.

Skull mask grumbled.

“How did they destroy the Beast of Revelation with technology from this era… ”

No matter how much Desir Arman had prepared, no one knew more about the Beast of Revelation than Skull Mask.

He had delayed his plan, despite it nearing fruition, in order to dispose of his enemies once and for all.

“Desir Arman… … ”

However, Desir surpassed all expectations. Even though he included Desir as an unpredictable variable, capable of defeating Dadenewt and pulling off other impossible feats, the Allied Forces shouldn’t have been capable of defeating the Beast.

The Mirror That Holds Shadows informed him that two fleets were approaching Pittsburgh.

‘The Master of the Magic Tower, the Saint, and the King of the North?’

The situation was becoming worse and worse. He was already overwhelmed with just the people in Pittsburgh, but he would soon need to contend with the strongest people on the continent.

It was now impossible to stop them with Divide’s army.

This was made even harder because Brepon, the commander-in-chief, had even been turned against him. Divide was no longer on his side.

Skull Mask did not think that it would be possible to confront all of Divide’s army and the Allied Forces, no matter how strong he was.

The power source had to be protected at all costs. If he could

not win by fighting, he had to run away and plan for the future.

Desir Arman.

If only Desir was gone, there would be no one to stop his plan.

Though it would be nice if he could immediately eliminate him, Skull Mask, an immortal, had another way.

Even Desir would not be able to overcome the passage of time as long as he was a human being. All Skull Mask had to do was wait for him to die of old age and start planning once again.

However, Skull Mask did not choose to do so.

He held an intense grudge.

Skull Mask had never felt such an intense hatred during his long life.

He had abandoned all of his personal feelings, in order to walk

the path that would fulfill the will of the Goddess.

But not now.

“I will kill you right here without fail.”

Skull Mask stood up with determination. He strode towards the power source.

He put his hand on it. His crazy eyes lit up in the darkness.

The spell arrays shone faintly inside the cave.

Someone’s shadow appeared behind Skull Mask.

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