A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 271


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 271. The Banquet (2)

The Emperor’s office.

After completing his report, Alfred lowered his head.

Guiltian listened to the report in silence. The corner of his lips twitched and he soon began to laugh. It was a cheerful laugh, something rare for someone considered to be a man of few words.

What Alfred reported was the delightful news of victory. A very long half-year war against Divide had flipped in a single night and was finally won by the Allied Forces.


An exclamation of amazement flowed out from Guiltian’s mouth.

Desir Arman.

He was the key to the reversal of the unfavorable military situation.

The heroes, the elite hailing from many countries, participated in the war and they all achieved remarkable results. But it was not an overstatement to say that in the end, Desir was the one who ended the war.

“On top of that, has he not joined the highest echelon of mages on the continent?”

Too many people witnessed Desir overpower the Beast of Revelation in Pittsburgh.

The story quickly spread all over the continent and people began praising Desir as the continent’s strongest magician, beyond that of even Zod Exarion.

Counting the strongest magician as one of their own was something that all countries earnestly wished for.

The Empire had acquired the strongest swordsman, Sword

Grand Master Raphaello, and now even the strongest magician too.

However, it meant more than just hard power.

‘They are national treasures indeed.’

When Guiltian granted the Royal Guard position to the commoner Desir, he drew the wrath of numerous nobles. However, whenever Desir achieved results and spread Hebrion’s prestige, the Imperial family’s influence was greatly strengthened. Guiltian fully supported Desir, a mere student. It was only natural that people all over the Empire were praising Guiltian for his insight.

Now, Desir was established as an indispensable person to the Empire.

‘In that case, he shall be treated accordingly.’

* * *

The teleportation gate was always crowded with merchants, but today, it was crowded with people from all over the world.

The Allied Forces had gathered at the tower before returning from the war. They were those who responded to Desir’s request for aid, as well as those who had previously been aided by him.

“It was a priceless experience to have fought alongside you.”

The Royal Knight of the Delphinian Kingdom bowed towards Desir.

“All my life, I never imagined I would actively participate in such an epic battle.”

Even though most of them had exceptional talents, they had been languishing in small, unknown countries. They would have only been able to make their names known after the Shadow Labyrinth arrived.

However, Desir specifically found these talented people and sent them into a war where they could use their skills to the

fullest, allowing them to attain victory with their own hands.

Their lives would now be markedly different from their past lives.

Not only the Royal Knight of Delphinia, but the heroes of each country also bid farewell to Desir and moved towards the teleportation gate.

“Please, call us any time if something like this happens again.”


They bowed to Desir once again and returned to their countries.

After the knights of the various countries left, a group of people with unusually large bodies entered the gate.

They were Donape Aslan, the King of the North, the strongest military forces under his command, the Hunting Pack, and their Vice-Captain Yuria.

“I wanted to talk with you a little more… ”

Donape spoke with a solemn expression and approached Desir.

“I’ll have to leave now, as I cannot be away for too long.”

“It was an honor to be with you, Sir.”

The moment Desir was about to lower his head, Donape quickly offered his hand, a meaty slab the size of a cauldron lid.

It was for a handshake.

Realizing the reason behind Donape’s action, Desir took his hand instead of bowing to him.

Facing each other, they both smiled simultaneously.

“Our land, Harrowind, is always open to you, so please feel free to come to us anytime when you need our help.”

“The same to you. I will never ignore any difficulties the North may face.”

“… You are bold until the end. But you have a right to be so.”

His words sounded like a reprimand, but he was smiling.

With this final conversation, Donape and those who followed him also left for Mt. Calcarus.

After them, the Holy Paladins of the Church of Artemis appeared.

‘The special knights who each wield special, unique abilities… ’

The Paladins from the Church of Artemis dealt with their enemies not only with magic and aura, but with their Blessing of Light. Lined up in a formation, they seemed tenacious beyond


Their formation split from side to side in a flash and Priscilla walked out of it. She had a somewhat happy face.

Desir thought this was only natural.

While the war was going on, she patrolled the vast frontline more diligently than anyone else. Her efforts never fell behind Desir’s.

Having been liberated from such a heavy workload, there was no way she did not feel unencumbered.

“You did a great job, Desir.”

“You did a great job too, Saint Priscilla.”

Priscilla laughed softly and took Desir’s hand.

Before he could react, a faint light enveloped Desir.

At that moment, Desir felt it relieving his fatigue.

“I heard that you’re still leading a very busy life.”

“It’s something I have to do, but it’s really nothing compared to what I did during the war.”

Even though Desir said this, the current task that he was dealing with was not light at all.

From dealing with the loose threads that needed wrapping up, to organizing Skull Mask’s artifacts. There were many issues to be dealt with in the aftermath of the war.

Because Priscilla knew about this, she smiled bitterly and let his hand go.

“There’s no call from the Imperial Princess yet?”

“Nothing of particular note.”

Shortly after the war ended, Desir had gone to meet Adjest but found her missing. As soon as Divide surrendered, she had returned to the Empire. As unfortunate as it was, she had responsibilities back in Hebrion.

“It’s a shame I couldn’t see her.”

“I presume you can only enjoy true peace when she is by your side.”

“… What do you mean?”

“Haha. I mean that quite literally.”

Priscilla stepped back with a peculiar smile.

Only then, Desir realized what she meant and cleared his throat while averting his eyes from her.

“I hope you’ll enjoy the current peace.”

Priscilla looked at him and smiled. She then returned to the Temple of Artemis in Adenia with her Holy Paladins. With this, everyone had returned to their respective homes.

Having bid farewell to everyone, Desir headed to his office. He was thinking about how he would deal with the unfinished business.

However, at that moment, Romantica came running towards Desir from the opposite side of the corridor.

“Why are you so late?”

“We had a long talk. What is it?”

As of late, it was quite rare for Romantica to come to Desir directly. After all, she was now as busy as Desir. After founding a mercenary group, she’d taken on an unrelenting load of administrative tasks.

“I ran here because I have good news. There has been a request from the Imperial Palace of Hebrion.”

Romantica was happy for him and told him cheerfully.

“A request for you to participate in the celebration of triumph, of which you are the guest of honor. The hero.”

* * *

“This triumphant celebration will be remembered as the most spectacular celebration in history.”

The triumphant celebration that Desir was invited to this time differed from all other events in terms of size and budget.

Numerous magicians had gathered to fill the streets with dazzling lights and citizens cheered for the Empire’s young hero.

The excitement of the festival filled the entire city and the celebration successfully resulted in a brilliant atmosphere.

“Sir Desir, how do you feel about ending the war and becoming the main hero of this celebration?”

He was currently at the head office of Aylus News. Live interviews were being conducted there, broadcasted in real-time throughout the Hebrion Empire.

After Desir quenched his thirst with the tea in front of him, he answered.

“I’m very grateful that all the citizens are so welcoming. In return for your support and hope, I will continue to work hard.”

“We’ll look forward to seeing your performance in the future. Next question. I’d like to ask you a question regarding the rumor… ”

The reporter asked Desir very enthusiastically. The reporter seemed rather more nervous than Desir, the interviewee. Perhaps it was because he saw the man from the rumors with his own eyes.

Desir led the reporter in a proficient manner during the

interview and the interview was over after a few questions.

When the interview ended and Desir came outside, someone approached him as if he was waiting for him.

“You’re never nervous… like usual I guess.”

“Well, I’ve done this a few times thanks to you, Director.”

Vang Zar grinned. The title “Director” made him feel good any time he heard it.

Immediately after contacting and establishing a relationship with Desir at the medal ceremony, he went from strength to strength and eventually reached the position of director.

That was not all. Thanks to Desir’s assistance, Vang became the Director and Ayuls Communication itself was able to extend beyond the Empire and grow as a media house that influenced the entire continent.


Vang’s communication pad rang.

“It seems like the others’ interviews are finished as well.”

He was referring to Romantica and Pram.

After the public learned they had contributed greatly, fighting alongside Desir to conclude the war, attention was naturally drawn to them. Thanks to Desir’s arrangements, their interviews were conducted exclusively by Aylus News.

“I was hoping to have dinner together with you, as it has been a while, but the Imperial Palace is holding a banquet, so I guess I have to let you go this time.”

“We’ll arrange something later.”

Shortly after, Romantica and Pram exited their rooms. They nodded towards Desir, indicating that they were ready to go.

“Well then, we’re looking forward to a good article.”

“Of course. I will do my best for the other two articles as well.”

Vang Zar was seen as a cold-blooded Director by his employees.

However, standing in front of Desir, he was far from that description.


‘I never thought I would see the Director smiling like an idiot.’

The reporters from Aylus News, who were watching him, marveled at the fact that there was a person whom the Director showed a humble attitude towards.

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