A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 272


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 272. The Banquet (3)

The Leonhardt Palace was where the Hebrion Emperor resided. Tonight, he was hosting a banquet to commemorate their victory. The feast was notably large in scale, but that was not just because it was being hosted in the Imperial Palace. Nobles from across the country had flocked to the palace, hoping for an opportunity to have a personal audience with not only the Emperor, but the hero: Desir Arman.

The banquet was very luxurious, as one would expect for the occasion. Expensive liquor and beverages were served, coming out as if they were from an endless well, and the mellow performances of famous musicians resonated throughout the Palace.

It was a banquet of such grandeur that even the wealthy nobles were struck with admiration.

Desir and his party could be found resting outside the banquet hall. It was clear that they were exhausted.

Romantica spoke with a long sigh.

“I’m already done.”

“Although I expected this, I never thought it would be so tiring.”

Desir made no efforts to hide his exhaustion.

As soon as they had entered the banquet hall, numerous nobles flocked towards them as if they had lay in waiting.

A banquet was not just an ordinary event for simply drinking and enjoying. For the nobles, a banquet was an elite social club. It was because personal connections were far more valuable than any other treasures, especially for those that already had everything money could buy.

This was to be expected, but the size of the banquet was incredibly immense, so it was not an easy task to escape for temporary respite.

Desir smiled bitterly.

“Still, we got out quickly because everyone was considerate towards us.”

Usually, Desir would have made an effort to establish cordial relationships with the nobles, but today, he had no intention of doing so.

Despite the war ending, he was still suffering under a heavy workload. So, today was the only time for him to hang out with his party members and take a much-needed break.

Today, he wanted to clear his head and enjoy the peace in comfort.

Fortunately, perhaps the nobles understood his feelings. After they moved outside, no one had come to bother them.

Romantica could not help frowning though.

“Anyway, I’m a little concerned.”

“About what?”

“I mean the interview. I don’t remember my answers to their questions. I just hope I don’t look too ridiculous.”

Pram sighed as if he was worried as well.

“Me too. I’m not sure I answered well since I was so nervous.”

Desir chucked at their conversation.

“Don’t worry. I told the reporter that we look forward to good articles.”

As the three of them were comfortably having a conversation, Romantica reached out to the champagne in front of her.

When Desir saw that, he anxiously asked,

“You can drink?”

“Good heavens, what do you take me for? This is nothing!”

“Wait, Romantica. How much alcohol content does that… ”

Romantica quickly emptied the glass in front of her before Desir even had a chance to finish his question.


She exhaled lightly. The alcohol was quite strong, but the sense of accomplishment clouded her judgement. Romantica placed the empty glass on the table proudly.

“See? I can drink… ”

Seeing Pram and Desir trying to hold back their laughter, Romantica stopped talking. She soon realized that her hand, which was holding the glass, was bright red.

It was not only her hands. Her whole body was flushed. It was a hilarious sight.

“Ooooh, don’t look at me.”

Romantica, embarrassed, groaned and covered her face with both hands.

She was so cute that Desir could not help but burst into laughter.

“Don’t laugh!”

Romantica constantly pinched Desir in the ribs. Nevertheless, Desir could not stop laughing.

“I think you have a very low tolerance for alcohol.”

“You should have a drink as well. That’s a just punishment. Pram, don’t act innocent. You laughed at me too, right?”

“Urgh, she caught me.”

When their laughter subsided, Pram and Desir emptied their glasses effortlessly. As the alcohol kicked in, the atmosphere became more mellow.

Romantica felt oddly good when she became tipsy. She felt that right now, she could probably say things that she usually could not.

“Desir, I’m curious about one thing.”

She put her glass down and looked at Desir straight in the face.

“What do you want to do in the future?”

“What do you mean? Where is this coming from?”

“Although we haven’t attended the academy in ages, we’re still coming up on our graduation. There must be something you want to do in the future, dreams, or something.”

Pram straightened up and turned his gaze upon Desir, as if he

was interested in the topic too.

“Well, that’s… ”

Desir opened his mouth, then closed it again.

He thought that it was an easy question, but it was harder than he thought.

Immediately after returning to the past, his only goal was to clear the Shadow Labyrinth unharmed. He was too busy trying to stop the approaching disasters, so he had never stopped to think about what would happen after that.

‘Raphaello asked a similar question, didn’t he?’

After they defeated the Dragon of Destruction, Bhromier Napolitan, and were busy resting, Raphaello asked him what he was going to do in the future. But even back then, he failed to find a satisfactory answer.

Desir pondered with his arms folded.

Currently, his highest priority was tracking down Pierrot Mask who stole the power source from Skull Mask, but what about after that?

‘Is there really anything that I genuinely want to do?’

“I’m not sure… ”

Finally, when Desir could not come up with a proper answer, Romantica was somewhat surprised.

“So you never thought about it? You, a thorough-going man, the commander who plans for every single contingency, don’t have a plan for your future? I can’t believe it.”

“I know. It’s ironic, isn’t it?”

Romantica glanced at Desir who was pondering.

“Well, don’t worry too much even if you don’t know your

future. If you or Pram come to join my mercenary group, we’ll gladly have you.”

There was gentle laughter in response to Romantica’s joke.

“Wouldn’t it be difficult for you to hire a former Royal Guard?”

“You didn’t outright refuse it. Does that mean you can be bought with money?”

Romantica shrugged.

“Just wait. I’ll save enough money so that you could work for me for the rest of your life.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Desir smiled.

At that moment, Romantica blushed and became redder than


As the atmosphere was becoming slightly awkward, a resounding voice could be heard from within the palace.

“The Great Sun of Hebrion, His Majesty Guiltian Zedgar F Rogfelas!”

All of the nobles followed the expected etiquette and lowered their gazes.

After a while, the door opened and Guiltian, dressed in a pure white suit, entered the banquet hall.

The cheerful atmosphere became heavy when he simply entered the hall.

His spirit overpowered everyone, even though he was simply walking.

“Whoaa… !”

“Who’s that?”

The banquet hall, which had been silenced by the Emperor’s presence, was astir again. It was because of the girl who walked behind him.

She had straight arms and legs, eyes that seem cold but graceful, and platinum blond hair that went amazingly well with her glamorous, white dress.


Pram exclaimed in astonishment. He gazed at Adjest with his eyes wide open, even forgetting to lower his head.

“How come Adjest is with… ?”

Romantica was confused as well. She was disconcerted and speechless.

It was only natural that they were surprised; they thought

Adjest was the daughter of the Kingscrown family, a noble family from the edge of the Empire.

Desir sighed and explained.

“The Imperial Family has a custom of concealing their successor’s identity and having them attend the Hebrion Academy under a special curriculum. They become the only member of a course called the Successor Class.”

It was a tradition that was passed down in secret since the very moment the Hebrion Academy was founded.

The Imperial Family established the Hebrion Academy, an atypical educational facility where nobles and commoners were educated together and encouraged the heir to observe those that he or she would be governing, regardless of their class.

“The family name, Kingscrown, was lent to her. So, Adjest is… ”

“Adjest is the heir… ?”

“That’s right.”

“… … ”

Romantica was speechless.

Anyone would have been shocked. A friend, whom they treated as a normal friend, was suddenly the heir to the entire Hebrion Empire.

‘I didn’t know they would bring Adjest here.’

Desir was surprised by the current situation for a different reason.

Guiltian had been trying not to reveal Adjest in public appearances until now.

However, the fact that he was now accompanied by her in this gathering, where there were many nobles of the Empire, meant only one thing.

It meant that the Successor Class had been completed and that he officially acknowledged that she was his successor. He was declaring this acknowledgment in front of everyone.

Some of the great nobles and people close to the Emperor knew about Adjest, but the regional nobles, those who were out of the know, seemed quite surprised.

“Hey, isn’t she a member of the Starling Party?”

“Don’t tell me she’s… ?”

While everyone was murmuring, Guiltian sat at the head of the table. He scanned the banquet hall with his piercing eyes shone like gold.

“Our Empire has gone through countless wars until now.”

His voice was certainly not loud, but his speech echoed throughout the vast banquet hall.

“We were victorious every single time. No matter who the enemies were, we’ve always been the winners, the strong, the rulers. That’s why we’re the Empire.”

Guiltian raised the glass in front of him.

“And we have won once again.”

It was a great victory speech suitable for the banquet. It was short and concise, but it instilled pride in the hearts of the people.

The difference in atmosphere between the chaos of Adjest’s appearance and the current situation was night and day.

One noble raised his glass, to match the Emperor. One by one, the others caught on, raising their glasses high with pride.

Once everyone had raised their glasses, Guiltian once again spoke.

“Remember today and engrave the glory of the Empire upon

your heart.”

“Long live the Empire!”

Hundreds of glasses were drained simultaneously.

As Guiltian sat down, the musicians resumed their pieces. The sound of joyful music began filling the banquet hall again.

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