A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 273


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 273. The Banquet (4)

“His Majesty would like to see you.”

Guiltian’s speech had barely just ended, and someone had already approached Desir.

It was clear that the Emperor had something important to talk about. If that was not the case, then there was no reason to deliberately pull Desir aside.

“I’ll be away for a moment. Be right back.”

Desir headed towards Guiltian, leaving Romantica and Pram behind, who were still in shock.

There was no one around Guiltian. Not even Adjest, who had entered the banquet hall together with him. Perhaps he cleared everyone in advance of Desir’s arrival.

“I stand before the Great Emperor.”

Guiltian smiled and beckoned him to the chair on the opposite side.

“Have a seat.”

He seemed to be in a very good mood.

When Desir sat down, Guiltian handed him a glass made of gold.

“I got some fine wine and I wanted to drink it with you, so I called you.”

“I am honored.”

Guiltian poured the wine into Desir’s glass himself and they gently clicked their glasses.

“This… ”

After taking a sip from the wine, Desir could not help but be amazed.

It was fine wine indeed.

While it was subtle, it was rich in aroma and while it was bitter, it was clean. These harmoniously mixed flavors of wine made him realize that it was a fine wine indeed. He did not even know that much about alcohol, but he could tell.

Guiltian looked at Desir with a contented look before speaking again.

“You did an exceptional job. You have distinguished yourself, and the Empire, in the war. With your dedication, the Empire was able to experience a moment that shone brighter than any other.”

He continued while filling his glass with wine.

“A befitting reward is to be granted for your distinguished service. Desir Arman, I would like to reward you with a dukedom.”

“… … !”

At that moment, Desir was dumbfounded. He thought that he would receive some kind of reward, but this was unexpected.

As a Royal Guard, he was already receiving the same treatment as a Duke.

However, the essence of his status as a commoner had not changed. Even though he was a Royal Guard, there was clearly a difference between him and rest, all because he was not a nobleman.

However, right now, Guiltian was offering him a dukedom.

To him, a mere commoner!

As this offer was unprecedented in the history of the Empire, even Desir, who went through hell and high water, was left bewildered.

There were four dukes in the Hebrion Empire, so if Desir became a duke, then he would be amongst the top five noble families, only a step below the Imperial Family.

‘C-Calm down.’

Desir’s hand, which was holding a glass of wine, shook involuntarily. Even though he was not particularly interested in authority, he could not help but be tempted by this offer.

“This reward is too excessive for me, even if I rendered distinguished service. It’s too much to be awarded for just leading them to victory.”

On the other hand, something seemed out of the ordinary, so Desir did not readily accept his offer.

It was necessary to doubt anything that was too good to be true. Besides, the Emperor was not a character who willingly suffered a loss.

“Your Majesty, I think that’s an excessive reward for what I did.”

“That may be so. Surely many nobles will oppose. However, my intention will not change.”

Guiltian drank from his glass.

“Even though you’re still young, you’re the best magician on the continent, who surpasses even the Great Sage, Zod Exarion. Though your current distinguished service does not measure up to his, I believe you’ll make even greater achievements in the future.”

“You mean… ”

“I would like you to strive for the Empire as a Duke of the Empire.”

‘… He’s very straightforward.’

Hearing his outrageous words, it struck him that not anyone can be an Emperor.

Basically, the dukedom was a reward with his future as collateral. Guiltian did not hide his true intentions and at the same time, showed Desir that he respected and valued him.

Thanks to his frankness, Desir was not offended, even though it could have easily been an uncomfortable conversation for anyone else.

‘There’s no reason to decline the offer. It would be stranger to not accept it.’

Hebrion Empire shared the continent with the Western Kingdom Union. Who could reject the powerful duke position within such a powerhouse?

Desir closed his eyes for a moment and pondered.

‘If I become a noble, I’d be able to protect more people.’

It was an attractive idea for anyone, but it was even more attractive to Desir.

In his previous life, Desir had been a commoner until the very end. Every step of his life had been heavy and lined with unnecessary burden. From the very beginning, he had been placed in the Beta Class, and never received a proper education.

He also lamented his lack of strength while clearing the Shadow Labyrinth, all because he was not able to learn more. He was enraged by the fact that he was not able to protect his comrades.

He hated his cursed life as a commoner.

‘But… ’

Desir opened his eyes and answered with a determined voice.

“Your Majesty, I thank you for the generous offer, but I will have to refuse.”

Guiltian looked at Desir in silence.

He did not seem angry. His eyes were filled with curiosity.

“I’d like to know the reason.”

“It’s not that I don’t want this duke position. It’s just that there is something I want more than that. I would like to request that instead of the dukedom, Your Majesty.”

“Then what is it that you want?”

Desir took a deep breath and answered.

“I’d like to establish my own academy, Your Majesty.”

“… Is that something you wish for, something more valuable than dukedom?”

Guiltian seemed confused.

A duke of the Empire was a position with the power that came close to King’s authority. There was nothing more ridiculous than asking for the establishment of an academy over that


Unable to ascertain his intentions, but recognizing his sincerity, Guiltian was perplexed.

“Why do you want this?”

Desir straightened up and answered his question.

“To turn coincidence into inevitability.”

“Turn coincidence into inevitability… ?”

It wasn’t a reason that was easy to understand.

Desir continued.

“I’ve been able to come this far just with pure luck. In the past, Desir Arman was an orphan of ordinary commoners who knew nothing of magic. It was a cursed fate, destined to lead nowhere, until I met Professor Bridgette by complete


In most cases, commoners of the Hebrion Empire never learn whether they have the Blessing of Mana. They never attempted to find out, and no one ever attempted to tell them. That was the way life was.

“However, most commoners, and I am no exception, are not gifted with fortune. They are born and die without knowing that they have such talents. Even if they are aware of their gifts, they die without being able to flourish.”

Before becoming a returner, Desir had experienced that painful life firsthand.

Desir was able to become a magician through sheer luck, but was discriminated against because he was a commoner. The Hebrion Academy that he entered only after expending relentless effort was of no help to a commoner, banishing him to a worthless class for the sin of being born without status.

That inadequate education made brilliant skills languish. In his previous life, Romantica met a premature death because she never realized her full talent.

‘I can answer their question now.’

The answer to Raphaello’s question from his previous life, and to Romantica’s question today.

“I hope that by expanding the education system and enabling the commoners to learn freely, I can make a place where my existence would have been an inevitability rather than a coincidence.”

As Desir experienced the Shadow Labyrinth, he realized that there were many outstanding individuals among the commoners. People like Romantica and Pram.

“So you want to establish a second Hebrion Academy.”

“That would not be enough. I want any citizen of the Empire, not only a select few, to be given an equal opportunity at education.”

Desir’s request was a bit two-faced. When he requested to

establish an academy, he did not really want to establish one institution. The true meaning of his request was…

“I hope that a minimum amount of education, in other words, a public education system, could be introduced to all of the citizens of the Empire.”

After he finished explaining, Desir swallowed hard.

Guiltian, who was listening carefully in silence, remained silent. It was impossible to read his thoughts from his expression.

Seeing that he was not answering him immediately, Desir assumed that he was seriously reviewing his proposal.

And he was.

However, introducing a public education system that Desir requested would mean that they had to establish academies all over the Empire.

A huge national budget was consumed by maintaining one Hebrion Academy. It was evident that an astronomical amount of money would be consumed in order to expand and manage a few hundred or a few thousand of them.

It was not impossible to do, but the stakes were high.

‘If more people like him could be found, then it would definitely be a worthwhile investment, but… ’

Desir Arman.

It was impossible to put a price on him. When Guiltian had offered dukedom, he had done everything in his power to keep Desir by his side.

Desir was basically making an investment proposition at the risk of his life.

“One thing.”

After long contemplation, Guiltian managed to open his heavy


“I will grant your request on one condition.”

“What would that be?”

“You have to be in charge of this matter.”

Seeing Desir’s perplexed expression, Guiltian smiled faintly.

“I’m sure only you can perfectly fulfill your idea. Make sure to work hard to achieve your ideals until your last breath.”

Only then did Desir realize Guiltian’s intention.

‘So that was it.’

Guiltian tried to award him with a dukedom in order to keep him in the Empire.

However, when Desir declined that offer, he used his proposal to make him stay.

‘It will take a while for the system to be properly implemented. He would have to remain in the Empire for at least several decades.’

In the end, Guiltian was able to achieve his goal.

‘It’s a rather good outcome for me.’

Desir was going to stay in the Empire regardless.

If he could introduce the system himself, using his ideals as the foundation for future growth, it was more than he hoped for.

“I will do my best, Your Majesty.”

And with that, the conversation ended.

Both of them got what they hoped for.

Desir received an opportunity to fulfill his ideals and Guiltian tied the best magician on the continent to the Empire.

Desir put down his glass and bowed to Guiltian. It was at that moment when he turned around.


He heard Guiltian’s voice. It was the most affectionate tone he heard from him until now.

“Please take care of Adjest.”

Platinum blond hair swung in front of his eyes.

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