A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 287


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 287. Rhapsody (2)

Desir’s gaze was fixed on the Red Spider Lily for a while.

As he placed his hand on it, the reddish energy seemed to flow out, and there was a voice that he thought he would never hear again.

[-I am so sorry for reaching out to you this way. Desir.]

Desir softly closed his eyes, listening to the voice.

The image of a man slowly appeared, as though he were being painted into the world. The blue eyes that were gently staring at Desir were as deep as the open sea. His wavy hair looked as though it was the crystallization of all the wisdom this world had to offer. Though his presence was overwhelming, there was something disarming about his posture. His half-upturned lips outed his mischievous personality, like a rascal caught red-handed.

Zod Exarion.

He was Desir’s companion, his greatest friend, and his mentor. They stood back to back up until the very end of the Shadow Labyrinth, always pushing one another to do their best.

“… I am sorry, Zod.”

Though Desir struggled to let out words, there was no response.

His heart ached, wanting to have one last genuine conversation.

[-It’s a shame. There were many things I wanted to do with you, and so many things I wanted to teach you.]

Desir’s eyes started getting tinged with red.

He opened his mouth although he knew there would be no answer.

“You’re treating me like a kid.”

[-Do you think I treat you like a child?]

“… Of course. I’m a fully grown man.”

The thread of the conversation oddly matched. The two understood each other better than they understood themselves.

Desir could vividly recall what kind of looks Zod had on his face with just the tone of his voice.

The Zod in his imagination smiled tenderly.

[-But it can’t be helped. If I had a son, I always hoped that he would’ve been like you.]

“… !”

His gasp outpoured between his tightly sealed lips.

Desir could not say anything back this time. If he opened his mouth, even a little, Desir was worried the bitter baggage he held in his heart would gush out.

‘I also… ’

Deep down he was of the same mind as him.

Zod was his companion, mentor, and something more than that at the same time.

The moment he was about to respond, Zod continued.

[-So I don’t want you to overwork yourself.]


Zod’s last remaining mana, which had been imbued into the Red Spider Lily, began to coalesce around Desir. It swirled over his hair, as though it was trying to pat his head.

[-That’s what I’m asking for the last time. That’s all I hope.]


Something kept falling from Desir’s jawline.

‘You’re worried about other people until the end, you really are… ’

Zod cleared his throat as if he was attempting to change the mood, and spoke with a playful tone.

[-Well, it’s not going to be easy. You always overdo it unless someone stops you.]

“I’ll try my best to fix that.”

Desir wore a bitter smile, thinking back to when he chased after Priscilla without further thought.

[-I guess I should get to the point. By now, you’ve probably

figured out what happened.]

From this point on, the message would go into the actual reason behind why Zod would go to such lengths to reach Desir like this.

[-Priscilla’s healing ability is a lot more powerful than we knew. There’s no magic from this time capable of matching her. I worry even your draconic magic might be bested.]

Desir paid attention to the message with a nod as he had already observed Priscilla’s ability.

[-In my last moments, Desir, I sacrificed my mana circles in order to temporarily exceed the Seventh-Circle. In that moment, I found something that could allow you to best her. I diverted some of my mana to encode this message and teleport my cane to you.]

There was excitement in his voice that he could not hide.

[-What I attained is… the essence of magic.]

* * *

There was a torrential downpour. It thundered nonstop in the pitch-black sky.

The war situation was as frustrating as the bad weather.

Dresden was completely encircled by the Artemis Church’s siege, and the Hebrion Empire found themselves in the worst crisis in their history. Across the city, high-ranking officials were scurrying about, doing their best to respond, and the Hebrion Academy was no different. The professors, single-rankers, and notable party leaders had all convened for an emergency meeting.‘The atmosphere feels heavy.’

Ronde Fizzlebang was there, representing the Starling Party. He glanced around the auditorium with sunken eyes. Everyone else gathered wore their anxiety on their sleeve.

It was understandable. It was their first time experiencing a crisis like this after having had more favorable battles than unfavorable ones. Ronde, who considered himself to be rather bold after being on several life and death battlefields, also could

not help but be slightly nervous.

The army led by the Artemis Church was mighty. The military force was unthinkable for a mere religious body. They knocked down the knights that the Empire was proud of, and kept advancing towards Dresden.

What frightened the Empire’s people more was their cruelty. Slashing down those who surrendered was far from the ideals that the Artemis Church spread, namely, the virtues of mercy and generosity.

‘Is it their strategy to cause fear… ?’

If this was their tactic, it succeeded perfectly. They had successfully made the citizens of the Empire tremble with alarm.

“What is the current situation like, Professor Platwick.”

“The evacuation is going smoothly, following the lead of the Red Dragon Party. Thanks to His Majesty the Emperor opening up the secondary palace, I think we will accommodate everyone

without trouble.”

Although everyone was inwardly anxious, they remained calm. Now that they helped the people into the Empire’s shelter, the imperial army could solely focus on their defense.

“How’s the shield preparation going at the academy?”

“We are prepared to activate all the defensive facilities installed at the academy.”

“We’re building traps in the invasion pathways and reinforcing the defense seals.”

While helping people take shelter, the Hebrion Academy was also getting ready to defend the academy itself. Students who could not fight were evacuated and the parties that had enough military force were gathered.

The reason why they were getting ready to protect the Hebrion Academy instead of joining the imperial army was due to a single message.

Ronde grasped his communication pad tightly, thinking of the message.

‘Brother… ’

The message was from Desir Arman.

His message was filled with unbelievable information. There were many things it talked about, but to put it simply, the Artemis Church was aiming for the academy.

People who received it were flustered, but they quickly began moving as though it were fact.It was hard to believe, but they trusted that man, Desir.

They acted on Desir’s strategy written in the message.

“If we want to follow Desir’s plan, we’ll need to reinforce the northern business district.”

“I’ll take care of it. I know that area well, so I’m the right


“I’ll be in charge of the control tower.”

“Thanks for volunteering. You’d be the perfect person for that, Professor Hersaint-Blanc.”

Ronde felt his heart swelling while watching everyone work tirelessly to follow Desir’s instructions.

However, not everything was going perfectly.

“I think Professor Pelstar should take the lead of the core part of this plan.”

“I’m afraid I couldn’t… ”

“What do you mean?”

Professor Pelstar adjusted his glasses. He had a terribly bitter smile.

“To make this work, we’d need professional personnel and high quality equipment. That’s practically impossible with what we can do here. What we’re trying to do here is far more difficult than simply breaking out of an artificial Shadow World. This is… it’s far beyond what I can do alone.”

Pelstar spoke, his anger seeping out.

There was no other option when the foremost authority on Shadow Worlds studies said so.

“That’s a shame. Then, we’ll need to accommodate for it by reinforcing the east… ”

“Professor Lafon, would it be possible if I help?”

That voice came from someone totally unexpected. Professor Pugman, who had yet to say anything until now, began to speak.

“Do you know much about artificial Shadow Worlds?”

“Not directly, but I can be of enough help when it comes to magic stones.”

“You’re right, but… ”

Pugman continued with a snort, as though he could read the apprehension in Pelstar’s voice.

“One time I nearly lost my own flesh and blood.”

“… ”

Of course, everyone here was aware of that. No one present would forget the massacre brought forth by the Outsiders.

“At that time, I was frustrated with myself, that I was so powerless. I realized how little knowledge I had.”

As Pugman spoke about it, the entire auditorium grew silent, turning their attention towards him.

“Hence I studied and studied endlessly. So that I could cope if the same situation happened again.”

Pugman spoke to the applause of the people gathered.

“Currently, I should be able to manage a Level Three Shadow World on my own. Do you think that’ll be enough?”

Pelstar’s eyes enlarged at this declaration. Pugman’s self-proclaimed skill was not too far behind Pelstar’s.

“With that… I think we can try.”

“That’s good to know.”

Pugman sat down again with a grin on his face, having left Pelstar in shock. Ronde felt like he met Pugman’s eyes at that moment.

‘Has he always been like that… ?’

When Ronde entered the academy, Pugman Nifleka was an infamous professor. Though his notoriety had faded, it still existed in hushed rumors. The person before him was entirely different from what he had heard.

He was even left reassured for some reason.

‘I… can’t sit and wait.’


Ronde clenched his fist and affirmed his determination.

It was right then.

“That’ll be all for the basic announcements, everyone.”

The meeting ended with Justin striking his hammer three times.

“I will deliver the details through the communication pads

again. So everyone, back to your positions!”

That was how the Hebrion Academy set to work.

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