A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 290


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 290. Rhapsody (5)

The Artemis Church’s plan had been a success. By using the captives as bait, they succeeded in goading the Imperial army into opening their fortress. Moreover, they had stopped using their Seventh-Circle magic, likely out of fear of killing their comrades. They had given up their defense’s advantage and laid down their weapons, all to save a few thousand lives.

“It’s time.”

The Paladins all rushed forward, their leader having given the signal they had long awaited. Despite their heavy silver plate armor, they marched as quickly as lightweight infantry, their natural speed reinforced through their various supernatural powers.

“Make sure to avenge your sorrow!”

The Head Inquisitor, Rhea, commanded the Holy Paladins. Soon after, the Imperial army was pelted by supernatural powers. Strange lights flashed through the sky, flickering back and forth, before smashing against the Dresden fortress and dismantling large parts of its defensive magic.

The Empire’s magicians swiftly counter-attacked in response.

[Blizzard Storm]

[Lightning Spree]



The air froze and thunderbolts raged before exploding into flashes of light that illuminated the battlefield.

Endless magic and supernatural powers ravaged the surroundings, enough so that the dead of night was illuminated like day.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the outcome of a firefight during a war would typically determine the victor. Hence the Hebrion Empire had always devoted a large portion

of its effort to training magicians. Their absurd efforts were well worth it whenever Hebrion went to war.

However, they had lost the initiative in this fight.

“Is it… impossible to break them?”

“If we continue to pour in all our effort, eventually… ”

If the Imperial magicians wanted to return fire without harming the captives, they would have to refrain from using high-circle spells. As a result, they had opted to take on a massive handicap. Being at a higher circle was meaningless if they could not cast spells commensurate with their skill.

As a result, the Glance of the Father was able to restore itself and remained unharmed throughout the rest of the exchange.

It would be one thing if the Empire was only struggling on the offense.

Supernatural powers were battering the fortress of Dresden

with their eccentric nature and surprising power. It was not easy to defend or attack without understanding the fundamental capability of their enemy. Additionally, the war had broken out without warning, so they were also lacking in terms of preparation.

[Anthem of Gavilelle]


As the defense magic that was encircled the fortress cracked and partially fell, three magicians swayed then died on the spot. Although it was only one area that had fallen, this was a clear warning that the Empire’s defense was close to collapsing.

Things were no less frustrating when it came to rescuing the captives. They had been released from the clutches of the Artemis Church, however, it was absolute pandemonium. Many were trampled under the feet of the desperate horde of men, horses, and the wounded. Their screams and groans mingled into an unholy cacophony.

“We have injured men! Please move a little slower… !”

“Get away! Don’t stand in my way!”

“I can’t break away like this… !”

“This is just a pointless death throe. There is no way we can get out alive.”

They were all certain death awaited them, and when you thought about it, that was obvious.

The Artemis Church’s paladins that were chasing behind were marching terribly fast, and they had no way to survive the aftermath of any attacks. All they could do was front a desperate struggle in an attempt to live just a little bit longer.


An ear-piercing screech swirled past the ears of the captives, the source being somewhere behind them. Shortly thereafter, several streaks of light simultaneously appeared above them, shredding apart the atmosphere. When the defenseless Hebrion prisoners noticed the attack, they all stopped moving. There was no point in trying to dodge or resist the attack; being

touched by those beams was no different from a death sentence.

“Attacking unarmed prisoners of war… Is this the creed of the Artemis Church?”

It was the voice of a jaunty young man. Their fear-sealed eyes gradually widened at his presence. His blonde hair was their saving grace, a new sun to blot out the enemy’s death rays.

“Seriously, this is just comically evil.”

There was not a single citizen in the Empire who would fail to recognize his voice. In fact, it would be difficult to find someone on the continent who wasn’t aware of his name: Raphaello Cheriger.

All it took was the rising slash of his blade.


With an enormous gust of wind and a blinding light, the streaks of light were ripped apart and disappeared into the sky.

People who witnessed the overwhelming prestigious glory in front of them could not close their mouths nor avert their eyes.

Raphaello smiled sweetly, looking at them.

“Don’t worry about these guys, and keep moving forward. You’re safe now, I promise.”


They stared blankly at their hero, so caught up in the moment that they had not noticed what was happening around them. Several thousand knights appeared and began encircling them, but not to constrain them. The charcoal-colored suits of armor, emblazoned with a golden lion, were there to protect them from the outside forces.

They were the Side Guard, a group of powerful soldiers formed to assist the Royal Guard however they needed. As the strongest knights of the Empire entered formations to guard the captives, the screams vanished and order was restored within moments. The prior scene of agony and terror disappeared as if it were a dream. Although they could not immediately flee the battlefield, their hope of survival had bloomed.

Raphaello let out a grin, looking at them.

“Well, the pressing issue has been solved for now.”

“… You’re definitely perfect for the role.”

Raphaello shrugged as if he easily agreed with Jean Euremrin’s compliment.

“Not just anyone can be the figurehead of the Royal Guard.”

“You’ve become cheeky since I last saw you.”

“Cheeky? Me? Never! So, what are we doing now?”

Jean stared at the battlefront.

The military force of the Artemis Church densely occupied the entire wide-spread plains. Hebrion’s fortress was under non-

stop bombardment from the enemy. In terms of numbers alone, the Church had the advantage.

“Are we going to retreat while guarding the captives?”

“No can do.”

Raphaello chuckled and pointed his sword forward.

“I figured you’d say so.”

Raphaello took action first. Aura began wrapping around his body and blade, gradually forming a wheel around him.

One to two. From two to three.

The more wheels there were, the more intensely the aura glowed as strong gusts of wind were summoned. Once there were five wheels in total, Raphaello swung his sword, the S-class artifact Gram, towards the oncoming barrage of attacks.

The wheels, which had previously been spinning around the sword, were rocketed forward with a thundering noise as though they had burst forth under extreme pressure.


A flash of light filled the sky with a boom resounding shortly afterward. The once noisy battlefield was left with a deafening silence.

One strike from the Sword Grandmaster had managed to neutralize the combined strength of countless Paladin abilities. In their bones, the soldiers of the Artemis Church knew they wouldn’t be able to proceed unless they took care of Raphaello Cheriger, and thus began to charge.

Now it was Jean’s turn to shine. His gaze locked on the approaching frontline, he drew the gigantic saber strapped to his back. As the Paladins felt his determination rise, they in turn began to gather their aura. The combining colors and swirls seemed like an impenetrable fortress, capable of blocking any enemy attack, or even capable of being used as a weapon.

Even faced with such a powerful opponent, Jean calmly

waiting in place, letting the gigantic fortress approach him. Once they entered his striking range…


A sharp wind swept the plains clear.


With the sound of thunderbolts, a river of blood trailed behind the sword’s blade. The weapons, blood, and the pieces of flesh remaining from the Paladins were scattered through the tall grass.

It was hard to believe that this happened with a single blow.

But Jean was not done swinging.


The sword was brandished continuously, cutting everything

smoothly. The ground was torn apart in mere moments due to the unbelievably fast speed of his swings, his sword appearing to move in all directions without hindrance. This level of swordsmanship seemed impossible, something that a human would be incapable of reaching.

It was his swordsmanship, the Sword of the Royal Guard.

He was the perfect person to be given that title within the Empire.


Only two people made their moves, but the battlefield had changed drastically.

Jean Euremrin’s attack and Raphaello’s defense were harmonized together and formed a complete square. The bombardments from Artemis were simply neutralized and the encroaching Paladins were intercepted by his invincible swordsmanship.

Realistically though, it was impossible for just two people to

take on the entire forces of the Artemis Church.

“Phooo… ”

Raphaello let out a sigh.

There were only a few times in his life where he had been forced to consume that much aura in such a short span of time. Even still, he would not stop. He knew that pausing for even a moment would endanger the thousands of lives behind him.

Once the progress of the battle turned around due to Jean and Raphaello’s hard work, the leader of the Paladins made a decision.

“… to the center.”

Until that order was given, Artemis’s troops were widespread across the plains, doing their best to completely dominate the eastern flank of Dresden. Soon after, both flanks of the military began to converge towards the center, focusing all their attacks on the two members of the Royal Guard.

Pikemen took the front lines, opting to take the brunt of the damage to protect the Paladins who were strategically positioned at regular intervals.

Every time Jean Euremrin was injured, the number of casualties they suffered decreased. His power was still mighty, but with fewer people getting minced, the surviving Paladins approaching Dresden significantly increased.

“Their commanding officer is indeed talented.”

Raphaello had to give a small acknowledgement to their commander. Their ability to read the situation and come up with the best possible response was indeed very excellent.

“So are we going to withdraw like this?”

“I don’t think so.”

Raphaello smiled slightly at Jean’s question.

“They will not cross here.”

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