A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 305


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 305. Praying (8)

A dusty place, unused for centuries, laid deep beneath the Hebrion Academy’s basement. Though no one born today knew how the broken devices operated, Priscilla sat before them, with her eyes closed in a reverent manner.

Suddenly, a brilliant splendor rose up into the sky, forming a huge pillar. Priscilla, despite being in critical condition, put her full might into repairing the machinery before her.

The light gradually restored the broken devices that had been languishing in this underground location for what must have been a very long time. Numerous cables wriggled out in all directions, as if they were alive, and soon covered half of the vast floor space.

However, the device that hummed in resonance continued to grow in size without showing any signs of nearing full restoration.

Its identity? It was the culmination of high-technology from an ancient civilization whose prowess neared the realm of God. It was the A.R.T.E.M.I.S. system’s primary access point.

Priscilla muttered to herself after finally opening her closed eyes.

“Isn’t it beautiful, Desir?”


As soon as she finished speaking, a triangle of lightning began to form over her head. It was a high-level, Sixth-Circle, parallel invocation spell, Trinity Lightning.


A downpour in the form of electricity poured down on Priscilla like a waterfall. But just before it swept her away, it dissipated in an instant, as if it had only been an illusion. The thunderstorm and the immense heat it generated had disappeared without a trace.

“At this point, it’s better to just give up.”

Priscilla’s voice was perfectly at peace.

As she rose up, a silver cable had connected to the stump of her left arm. The cable connected to the main system of Artemis: a huge device that had nearly been restored in this underground room.

“The restoration of the Artemis system is almost complete, and I’m already connected to it. The fight is over, Desir.”

“Is it everything you hoped for? Was it worth the lives you so mercifully crushed?”

The phenomenon that just occurred was something that defied the natural order of the world. Instead of analyzing the magic and blocking it or offsetting it with the same force, it seemed that the existence of it itself had been literally erased.

“Why do you want that power so desperately?”

Desir had no intention of understanding whatever reason her actions had, but he could not stop himself from asking. Without figuring out the reason why Zod had to die, he could not control his anger.

“With this power, I can erase sin from this world. It can be reborn anew, and no one will have to suffer ever again.”


A massive gem was embedded within the center of the access point, and as the system continued to whirr to life, it began to glow a deep red. Both it, and a pocket dimension on the floor, reeked of concentrated mana. This must have been the power source that Pierrot Mask seized after betraying Skull Mask. If he had access to this much mana, the fact that he had lived for so long began to make sense. It was akin to how Zod used mana to retain his youth, but taken to an absurd degree.

“I knew it… what a joke. You’re just trying to rip off Skull Mask’s plan all over again!”

“Are you naive, Desir? He and I are very different. His plan was selfish. He wanted to repair the system to restore some dead empire; I’m going to save the people who are around now.”

Desir’s anger flared up again at the fact that Priscilla’s delusions had cost the lives of many good people, including Zod.

However, he kept his cool and managed to reign his emotions in while looking objectively at this situation.

‘Is she gradually assimilating with the Artemis system?’

The machine, which had dug into her left arm, has now begun devouring her healthy flesh. She was giving up her body to the Artemis system, forcibly enduring the pain of losing her flesh and bone.

Desir looked at her with a stiff look.

“So what, you want to become God?”

“Yes. I will enact God’s will, with this power that was granted to me. This is something only I can achieve; this is my destiny.”

Priscilla’s eyes flashed dangerously, the heat of madness leaking from just below the surface.

“I will save all mankind.”


Wings of brilliant splendor rose from behind her back, and the light softly illuminated their surroundings. At the same time, her terrible appearance from the numerous burns she had suffered completely restored themselves. Her power, the power of restoration, now worked on her body. The wounds that she could not previously restore were healed within the blink of an eye.

Priscilla’s lips curved upward.

“Don’t you want to see Zod Exarion again?”


Without any forewarning, an explosion occurred in the front of Priscilla. Desir had invoked a spell without leaving her with a single moment to react.

“Lashing out? Is that your choice? So be it, Desir Arman.”

Priscilla put her hands together silently in the rising dust.

[-Confirming the existence of an enemy. Reactivating self-defense functionality.]

[-Error. Self-defense functionality damaged. Transferring a portion of system power to the first-degree executor who is assimilating with the system. Executor, please remove the hostile presence.]

[-Current rate of assimilation is 62%.]

“Then I’ll give you the suitable ending you desire.”

At that moment her wings spread wide and glowed brighter. The light that gathered then took on the form of a huge sword.

[Dream of a Contradictory World]

Witnessing this change, Desir immediately invoked the strongest defense magic he knew. The moment he finished invoking the magic, the scenery around him distorted and

twisted. Soon after, a huge sword of light was fired at Desir.


And at that moment, Desir felt a chill. Every one of his senses, honed after countless battles of life and death, were screaming at him.

‘I have to avoid this at all costs.’

But the Dream of a Contradictory World was a spell that could be called invincible; distorting space and blocking all unauthorized contact should be enough to block her attack. Desir calmed himself, confident in his defense’s capabilities. There was no reason for him to take action. As he reassured himself, he noticed something.

‘Light… ?’

A subtle light began to permeate his distorted space.


Desir, who judged that this was not an attack he could defend against, hurried and moved out of its path. Soon after, a huge sword of light passed through the spatial distortion he had erected as if it had never been there.

‘I need to figure out what that power is.’

The spatial distortion had been ignored, so it could not be an ordinary light. Desir fled back towards the streets, with Priscilla desperately in pursuit. Hoping to stall or finish her, Desir invoked one spell after another.

[Disengaged Chaotic Beings]

[World’s Mistrust]

A moment later dozens of Desir mirror-images appeared.

They were not just clones, but clones that possessed their own mana. In addition, he had also invoked a spell to paralyze the five senses, so even a King-Class swordsman should be incapable

of discerning the truth. It would take an army many hours to destroy every single one of these copies of Desir if they engaged them one at a time.

But Priscilla’s actions were simple. When she clasped her hands together, the sword of light was disassembled and burst into a flash of light. The now scattered light flooded all over the area in a flash, and he could not help but be astonished at the sight that followed.

“… … !”

As the speckles of light passed them, the clones that existed were easily destroyed.

Desir, who was positioned the furthest from Priscillia, felt sweat begin running down his back. He almost died before proper battle had begun.

Desir glanced towards the edge of the wave of light. Everything it touched disappeared without exception, leaving no trace, as if these things had never existed in the first place.

‘Is this attack twisting causality?’

Artemis functioned by manipulating causality to change history, which Skull Mask employed to create powerful homunculi. His final products were capable of near-infinite regeneration, and even had minor time-bending powers.

Desir guessed that the light must be another manifestation of such force.

‘I can’t believe that this is only part of its power… ’

The system was still being repaired, so this wasn’t even its full power. Priscilla would soon have even more strength.

It boasted an absolute attack power that erased everything it touched and this attack moved near the speed of light. It was incomplete, but the power she had already gained was beyond the range of force that humans could ever contend with.

‘If Artemis’s main system is fully restored… ’

It was impossible to predict what kind of power Priscilla would soon wield. He had to prevent this at all costs.


As Desir lifted his cane, countless spell arrays developed.



A great amount of heat was gathered in the air, and a white flame appeared. The extreme heat swept through only the surrounding areas where Priscilla was located.

However, Priscilla remained silent, clasping her hands together again. A crowd of light sparks appeared and gathered in front of her, a new pillar of light rising above her in response. Desir felt the heat of his spell begin to rapidly subside, so he began invoking another spell.

[Stream of Stardust]

The heat, which had dispersed over the surrounding area, gathered and formed a bullet; a vast expanse of splendor that would cover the entire field of vision. The attack was reminiscent of a number of stars floating in the night sky.

‘You may be able to reverse causality, but you won’t be able to reverse this.’

Each of Desir’s three attacks thus far had allowed him to narrow down what limits her power currently had. The clones revealed that she could not automatically distinguish her target. The supernova proved that she could not alter a large area, but could affect a large area by reversing one source. Once the next multi-projectile attack hit, Desir would be able to ascertain the range and scope of her defensive capabilities


The light around her began to shine even more brilliantly, and wiped out the pouring splendor as it approached her from all sides. Though she was defending without much effort, Desir had all the pieces he needed.

[Burn up, howl, yearn for, and… ]


A super high pressure current of mana began to swirl around around Desir, the magical substance roaring like a wild beast trapped inside a cage. The spell he was about to unleash held overwhelming power, and he was the only human being capable of using it. Desir did not hesitate to unleash the magic, which well deserved its mythical name.

[… bite off, Fenrir!]

Blue-colored thunder rippled out, swarming Priscilla. It absorbed the heavy mana-laden air, growing in size and intensity as it surged forward. Attacks of different timing, strength, and direction all focused in on her, creating one single attack that she would not be able to dispel.

[-Current rate of assimilation is 80%.]

The wings behind her back suddenly grew a size larger, and speckles of light surged towards the originating cloud. Just

before the first attack could land, the spell disappeared without a trace.

Desir clenched his fist tightly, his nails breaking the surface of his skin.

‘Damn it, if I had been a moment sooner… !’

However, he was not allowed even a moment to vent his grief. If he relented for even a moment, the light which erased everything was going to pour down on him too. He had no choice but to engage in a war of attrition until he found a suitable solution.

“Damn it… !”

Desir, sweating a lot, exhaled deeply. His face was pale. Due to the constant consumption of massive quantities of mana, he had to lean into his cane in order to stay upright.

‘At this rate, I’ll lose. No matter how effective the magic I create is, if it just gets dispelled, then… ’

Priscilla was growing stronger with time, while Desir continued to consume mana and stamina.

‘… … Wait a minute!’

A smile came to Desir’s lips, the inexorable despair that plagued it finding reason to leave.

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