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Chapter 100 - Public Enemy - Part 1

When the long, close-to-speech briefing was over, the camera flash stopped firing.

A heavy silence fell in the hangar used as a temporary press conference room, and the reporters, one by one, forgot their duties and could not erase their anger.

"Dirty nerds!"

"This is 'evil' that corrodes the country!"

After a while, the silence was broken and swear words were heard. I'm not insulting Japan.

It was insulting the organization called Nanginhoe. Even among the reporters gathered there were Japanese, and they were no different from Korean reporters. Words swearing at Nanginhoe came out of their mouths as well.

"Hunter Kang Hyeonjun! Don't worry about the knights!"

"We will show the power of the press!"

"cheer up! We will support you!"

Support poured in.

'Is this more effective than I thought?'

Seeing the reporters who were angry and cheering like his own job, Hyun-jun laughed inside. It worked better than expected.

I wanted to continue to seek help, but unlike in previous lives, my voice didn't even tell me my name.

'Who was it? … ?'

It was a natural question, but it was not important, so I immediately shook my head. Now is the time to focus on the problem in front of you.

"The press conference ends here."

I could feel the protection of my previous life leaving my body. Continuing the press conference under the current circumstances is a minus. Hyun-jun made a wise decision and stopped the press conference.

Reporters captured Hyun-jun leaving the press conference room with a heavy expression on camera.

All of the scenes were staged and flowed as Hyunjun intended until the end.

"Because you know everything, come out."

"Guild leader?"

Hyeon-jun, who was heading to the hangar where the aircraft carrier is, suddenly stopped and spoke, and Tae-min looked around in surprise.

Seeing that, Hyunjun quietly shook his head. With his A-class skills, it would be difficult to detect his presence.

"Long time no see."

"S-class Hunter Son Tae-hee?"

The woman slowly walking out of the dark was Taehee. Taemin, who is in a sensitive position for information, recognized her face at once.

"Boy Guild. Could you please stay away for a moment?"

"Okay. I will go to hangar 2 and check the progress."

Taemin was quick-witted, didn't talk much, and got things done quickly. So, he was a good person to write with his right hand. Even now, I immediately followed Hyunjun's instructions.

"Were you at the press conference?"

There were hundreds of reporters gathered alone, so I couldn't take a closer look. Tae-hee nodded in response to Hyun-jun's words. A heavy and serious face was far from her usual mood.

"It was very difficult in Japan. I will help you."

The 'master of agitation' even appealed to emotions during the press conference. Perhaps because of the influence, various emotions were buried in Tae-hee's gaze looking at Hyun-jun.

The impact was so great that she felt that she had to do all she could to help Hyun-jun. It was the same with reporters gathered at the press conference.

The suffix used by the 'master of agitation' dazzles everyone watching the press conference. And what's even scarier is that the press conference was being 'live' around the world, not across the country.

The whole world has already entered into the influence of sedition.

Hyun-jun instigated the whole world.

* * *

[What is a public enemy, a clan?]

[Japan's high-ranking people, have you joined hands with a clan?]

[Ambition for world domination! Korean Hunters Reveal!]

[White House spokesperson, 'This is a serious and important matter.']

The whole world was outraged.

"The Blue House has issued a statement."

Song Tae-sik from the Special Police Department came to the temporary dormitory at the Air Force Base where Hyun-jun was staying and said.

"I expressed regret for the actions of the Japanese government and expressed my support for Kang Hyeon-jun. It is said that a standby order has been delivered to the entire military in case of an emergency. In case of emergency, they are even considering forward deployment."

"It comes out stronger than I thought."

Hyunjun said, bringing the teacup to his lips. It wasn't that I didn't usually trust the Korean government, but I never thought that they would do it to this extent.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang has proven his worth through his activities in Japan. The Korean government already sees Kang Hyeon-jun as a hunter with skills above S-class. There is even talk of adding Kang Hyeon-jun to the Korean 6th place to organize the Korean 7th place."

The Korean National Guard is a glorious title given to a small number of hunters who are in the strongest ranks of the country, such as the British Royal Guard or the American Constellation.

Most of the hunters seeking freedom did not refuse to be awarded the title because they did not belong to a group and had no action restrictions.

"It's good."

A smile spread across his lips. There are few restrictions, but I heard that there are some benefits. There was no reason for refusing to award such a title.

"Japan won't last long either. America is moving."

At Taesik's words, Hyunjun nodded, pretending to be calm.

'Is America affected too?'

The issue of blood alliance and Japan was an important issue that drew the world's attention, and the press conference was being 'live' around the world.

There must have been a lot of people affected in the US as well. Since it was a clan issue, some high-ranking people would have watched it, and if so, it would have been affected.

"How long do you think you will last?"

"The international community has recognized the clan as a public enemy. The world's pressure on Japan will gradually intensify. As I expected, the Japanese cabinet will not last more than a week and start cleaning."

Taesik answered Hyunjun's question.

"It's been a week… … ."

Can you really last that long? Hyunjoon brought the teacup to his lips and put on a cold smile. That day, five days have passed since Taeshik passed away.

The door opened with a light knock, and Kyu-hwan with a characteristic cold expression entered and opened his mouth.

"Guild Master. Let's turn on the TV now."

"Are you Japanese?"

"Yes that's right."

In response to Kyu-hwan's answer, Hyun-jun hurriedly turned on the news channel. A press conference by a spokesperson for the Japanese cabinet was in full swing.

Even though I had just turned on the TV, I could easily tell what had happened.

"Japan has surrendered."

Now, the Cabinet Office spokesperson was conveying the Cabinet Office's position that the Nanginhoe would be disbanded in order to annihilate the clan forces in Japan, and that any members suspected of being related to the clan would be prioritized.

"A little while ago, I received a Japanese plan through an unofficial channel."

Kyu-hwan said. He had recently been acting under Hyeon-jun's instructions to keep an eye on Japan.

He was in line with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea and was pulling Japanese information little by little. The Race Guild was a gold tier guild, but it was growing rapidly based on a huge amount of money, and now it is fast approaching the center of power in Korea with Hyun-jun's influence on his back.

"Are you planning?"

"Yes, it is said that they are mobilizing the Secret Service of the Cabinet Office and a water tank under the direct control of the Emperor. It seems to have been poured out on purpose to deny the ties between the clan and the Cabinet Office."

The Wangha Slayer and the Cabinet Secretariat is an armed group that rarely moves easily.

At the same time, it was also a difficult place for external breath to work. Just by looking at their direct 'clean-up', you can see how big the resolution the Japanese cabinet made to cover up the stigma.

"It looks like the cleanup is about to begin."

"You have to do that to get rid of the stigma."

If you commit a crime, you should be punished.

"The executive director keeps an eye on Japan. While the investigation is ongoing, I hope that you will continue to be informed of the situation in Japan."

"Yes, I will do my best."

It is Kyu-hwan that Tae-min is in charge of the investigation of the air carrier and is assisting in the second line. If he continued to look at Japan's dynamics, he would be overloaded with work, but he answered with an expression that didn't show any dissatisfaction.


Someone knocked on the door along with the Ki-cheok.

"Come on in."

When Hyun-jun said it was okay to come in, the door opened and Jin-ah walked in. She was alone without Park Seok-hyeon, an A-class hunter who usually accompanied her.

"Is the time okay?"

"The air carrier investigation remains… … I'm going to go away."

Gyu-hwan, quick-witted, avoided his seat with the excuse of his work.


"Thank you."

Hyun-jun suggested that Jin-ah sit down. Jin-ah sat down in front of Hyun-jun with a faint smile.

"First of all, thank you."

Without the breath of Cheil Group, the air force would not have moved when the aircraft carrier entered the Korean airspace.

"When we first met… … Was it bronze tier?"

"It was."

"By the way, the guild leader is already evaluated as the top S-class, and the guild and the gold tier are also middle-class… … . To be honest, I never thought it would be like this."

Jina said frankly. She was confident that she had eyes to see for herself.

It was like that in reality, so I was able to take on an important role as the head of the Guild Planning Department at Cheil Group.

"I thought I would get to S-class, but I didn't expect it to be this fast."

Not everyone was on a rapid rise like Hyeonjun just because they were the 2nd Awakeners. Joo Hye-ri, who was the deputy chief of the Great Evil Guild, was also in the first year of her second awakening, but stayed at A-level. Hyeonjun Kang or Jinwoo Han were special cases.

"Is that so?"

"Hyunjun is special."

"Thank you for the compliment."

Hyunjoon lowered his head slightly with a faint smile on his face. Jin-ah is highly valued, but there was no way I could feel bad.

"Isn't it November?"

Hyun-jun nodded at Jin-ah's words. It was a time when autumn slowly receded and the harbinger of winter was coming.

"Before the end of next spring, Hyun-jun will be promoted to SS."

"Are you sure?"

"Honestly, I have the confidence to receive an SS-level judgment right now."

"Please. Am I like that?"

He tried to say it playfully, but his voice was hard and his expression was serious. I thought she had eyes to see, but I didn't know that she could only vaguely guess the hidden power.

"Do not worry. I'm always on Hyunjun's side."

"What is the position of Cheil Group?"

"We want to keep the alliance going. Our hearts will never change."

Jin-ah was sure, but Hyun-jun didn't completely believe it. It wasn't that I distrusted her, it was that I couldn't trust the Cheil Group.

They didn't know when they would change their minds. So you have to be vigilant.

"I believe."

only in words.

"Thank you for understanding our hearts."

She will know. However, after finishing the conversation with a smile on his face, he left the air base.

She had a mission to create a guild for Cheil Group, so she had to return to Seoul first. And a few days later, a report came in saying that the investigation of the air carrier was over.

"There were more data than expected that the Nanginhoe and the clan were related."

Taemin reported. Hyunjun nodded and opened his mouth.

"Did you hand them over to Japan?"

"Yes, as soon as I turned over the data, the killing of the Nanginhoe began in earnest."

It was a satisfactory result. It is better to track down the enemies who point their swords at you and uproot them.

I thought it was best to do it myself, but if I couldn't, I had to borrow someone else's knife and kill them all.

"What happened to the aircraft carrier ownership issue?"

Hyunjun asked. There was a minor dispute with the Blue House over the issue of determining the ownership of the air carrier.

Naturally, the state wanted to organize a huge aircraft carrier in the air to fly in the air.

"Even so, I wanted to report. A while ago, I got a call from the Chief of Staff of the Blue House... … They acknowledged the aircraft carrier as owned by the Race Guild and said that they would send related documents."

The South Korean government chose friendship with Kang Hyeon-jun rather than strengthening the air force.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 100


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