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Chapter 101 - Public Enemy - Part 2

"Sir Haren. I won't make excuses. We failed."

The bishop of South Korea knelt in front of the 12th grade invader, Haren. There was no excuse. The joint operation between the Japanese and South Korean parishes, which even mobilized the aircraft carrier Akagi, failed.

As a result of this failure, the South Korean parish has lost key combatants and the Japanese parish has lost its air carrier Akagi, as well as being under intense attack from the Japanese government.

Although the clan was a secret organization, the search and extermination were being carried out quickly because all the data of the air carrier and the Nanginhoe were passed on.

"The bishop raises his head."

At Haren's words, the bishop of South Korea struggled to raise his head.

"It is not a failure because the purpose has been achieved."

"Sir Haren… … ?"

"It is enough to find out that the eligible person is Korean. It is said that the Japanese parish has been lost, but everything requires sacrifice."

The ultimate goal of the Invaders was to kill the right person. In order to achieve that, even if the local helpers were annihilated, they did not care much.

'Are we strictly consumables?'

It's not a 'tool', it's a 'consumable'. Consumables used once and thrown away. Just by looking at the situation in the Japanese parish, we could see how Haren, Invaders, and even the Invasion Command thought of 'blood alliance'.

'But we must be loyal.'

It is the price of getting power in your hands.

"Go away. Go and reorganize the rest of your forces."

Haren ordered a reorganization, perhaps reading the complex emotions that were oozing from the bishop's face.

"Yes, I understand."

The diocesan bishop withdrew with an answer. Haren, who was left alone, walked to the corner.

There was a round black magic stone. When he placed his hand on it and injected magical power, a human figure appeared above the black magic stone.

- What's going on? Invaders.

He was the deputy commander of the 281 Invasion Unit belonging to the 13th Invasion Army and Roscal's deputy.

Because Haren was nothing more than an ordinary invader who did not even become an invasion commander, he could not connect directly with Roscal.

"It looks like we have found the right person. We request the support of the Soldiers of Invasion Unit 281."

The Soldier is the main class of the Invasion Command. Even though they did not reach the Invaders, who are 'quasi-executives', they are not an opponent to be taken lightly as they have at least A-class combat power.

- Impossible The dimensional connection is unstable, making it difficult for units as well as a small number of dimensional jumps. The recent check-up of the dimensional alliance is also at an unprecedented level, so it is impossible to send troops at a risk.

"Do you solve it with local troops?"

- For now, focus on gathering information with local troops. Finding the right person is an important issue, so I'll report it to Commander Roscal immediately. Support will be available soon.

"Okay. In the meantime, we will keep an eye on the eligible candidates."

- In the meantime, keep inducing the raid situation so that you can connect the gates to make the dimension unstable, so that both dimensions can be connected stably.

Communication has ended.


Haren let out a short sigh towards the empty space. After the formation of the Dimensional Alliance, I knew that the situation of the aggression command had deteriorated, but I thought that the support of the aggression unit would be possible.

If it was the former Invasion Command, even if the dimensional connection was unstable, the Soldiers would have been sent in units at the risk of losing many.

"I have no choice but to deliver a new order to each province of the clan."

I had to create a rift in the dimension so that I could connect the gates. In order to do that, it is necessary to move the clan in earnest.

* * *

"The Dungeon Administration has requested a re-examination. Considering the atmosphere, I don't think it can be delayed."

Taemin appeared in front of Hyunjun, who went to the A-class dungeon with his guild members for performance, and reported.

"I had no intention of procrastinating. The deputy guild leader thinks that's good too, right?"

"of course. The guild leader has already revealed his presence not only in the media but also worldwide. Rather, I think the dungeon management bureau's request for re-examination is late."

"If I officially rise to the SS rank, my influence will be even greater. Make an appointment right now."

Not only the Republic of Korea, but also some countries showing interest in Hyun-jun already evaluated his fighting power from the top of the S-class to the bottom of the SS-class, but simply being evaluated like that and being officially judged were different.

'It's good to be official.'

A bright smile hung on Hyun-jun's lips as he boarded the car going to the guild office. Jinwoo Han was also the first SS-level hunter in Korea, and the country gave him many benefits.

It is not known exactly, but I know that naturalization offers have been made several times in other countries, but if they are all rejected, it will not be a small benefit.

"I came from the Dungeon Administration."

Taemin set up the re-examination schedule as soon as possible as directed by Hyunjun. Two days after Hyun-jun returned from the dungeon, the judges came.

Maybe it was because it was an examination that judges promotion to the SS level, so there were only 10 examiners, and three of them were executives at the team leader level or higher.

"I will take you to the Dungeon Management Bureau."

"Weren't you here?"

Hyun-jun asked what the team leader-level examiner said. Until now, except for the case of low grades, the examiner personally visited the desired place and proceeded.

"The promotion to SS rank is unavoidable because it has to be done carefully and precisely. Even if it bothers you, you should proceed with the measurement at the Dungeon Administration."

"Okay. Is the car ready?"

At the attitude of the team leader-level examiner who spoke politely, Hyunjun sighed and nodded his head.

"of course. I will take you safely to the Dungeon Administration."

Hyunjun moved to the dungeon management office with a group of examiners.

'What's going on?'

The appearance of the parking lot of the dungeon management office seen from the window is unusual. The parking lot, which was originally supposed to be half empty, is now full of luxurious sedans.

"What day is today… … ."

"This is the day when the second SS-class hunter in Korean history might be born. It is also a day for Hunter Kang Hyun-jun."

The examiner sitting in the passenger seat answered after hearing Hyun-jun's murmur, which was close to talking to himself.

"Did they all come to see me?"

"Some of them come from abroad."

Even a precise measurement would take less than 30 minutes. By the way, did you say that you came by plane from abroad to watch the spectacle for a short time? It was not at all incomprehensible to say that the moment when the second SS-class hunter might be born in Korea.

Since there are not many SS-class hunters in the world, the issue of the birth of the second SS-class in a small country called Korea was enough to draw the world's attention.

What's more, didn't Hyun-jun successfully end the recent air raid on Tokyo and leave an interview that will go down in history? It was natural to draw attention.

"When Hunter Han Jin-woo visited for an SS-level promotion review, it wasn't like this."

At the judge's words, Hyun-jun smiled as if he was in a good mood. When the driver stopped the car in front of the front door, Hyun-jun was the first to get off. About 30 people were gathered in front of the front door.

"It's Hyeonjun Kang Hunter!"

"Hunter Kang Hyeon-jun is over there!"

They found Hyun-Jun getting off the sedan and rushed to it.

"Hunter Kang Hyeonjun! I am a fan!"

"I am always cheering for you!"

"Love it!"

the last one is a man

"Shit, the guard… … ."


Hyun-jun stopped the examiner from calling the security team. The last one gave me goosebumps, but it wasn't chaotic, and I didn't think there was any need to restrain myself even though I was called a fan.

"I wish you a promotion to SS-class Hunter!"

"Hey guys .. hey guys! Hunter, you have to go to the promotion now!"

"Go back! backwards!"

Those who claimed to be "fans" secured a space for Hyun-jun to pass through, even though no one ordered them. Hyun-jun smiled at them and entered the dungeon management office building.

"I will take you to the center hall."

The examiner finished his speech and took the lead. Hyunjun nodded his head. I have been to the Dungeon Management Bureau frequently since my F-class hunter days, but it was my first time visiting the Center Hall.

"I consider it."

It is a door with luxurious decoration. As the judges gestured, a woman in a suit who was waiting next to him opened the door.

"Welcome to the Center Hall."

The high ceilings were round and the interior was spacious. It is not a false rumor that the center hall is used for occasional parties, but the interior exudes a luxurious atmosphere as a whole.

'Why are there so many people?'

Hyunjun frowned.

"Let's start with precision measurements."

The judges came with their equipment. Because it was an important review, three team leader-level examiners joined the process.

"You just need to put your hand on the magic stone and infuse it with magic power."


At the examiner's guidance, Hyunjun nodded and placed his hand on the magic stone. and injected magic.

'Let's go through it at once because it's a shame.

There were so many people, but I didn't want the promotion to fail. Hyeonjun even mobilized the magical powers of his previous lives, which he used to activate protection, and injected it into the magic crystal for measurement.


The magic stone that received the magic of previous lives vibrated and then shattered with a loud noise.

"Damn, what's going on… … ."

"Bring me a new Magic Stone! hurry!"

It looks like the power adjustment was wrong. When the new measurement magic stone arrived, Hyun-jun put his hand on it again.

This time, I thought I'd do it in moderation. If you don't use the ones from previous lives and only use your own magical power, there will be no situation where the magic crystal for measurement is destroyed.

Meanwhile, among those who were watching Hyun-jun's examination from a distance, there was Han Jin-woo, the first SS-level hunter in Korea, and the same guild's executive director as Kang Jin-myung, the deputy leader of the Asura Guild.

"How the hell does it have so much magical power that the magic crystal for measurement was smashed?"

Jin-woo's voice asking questions was full of dissatisfaction. Jinyoung slowly shook his head and opened his mouth.

"I must have used an old magic crystal. That magic crystal can measure up to the SS level, wouldn't that mean that the pure magical power is at the level of the SSS level?"

Unlike what he did to Hyun-jun, he showed a polite attitude toward Jin-woo. While the two were talking, Hyun-jun smashed another Ma Jeong-seok.

"Is that a magic crystal that can measure up to the SS level?"

"It broke twice in a row."

"Gee, are you really SSS-level?"

It became chaotic. Hyunjun opened his ears and overheard every conversation.

'It's difficult when things get bigger. Now, the SS level is at an appropriate level.'

You need to curb your magic more.

"Let's measure it one more time."

"Oh, I see."

At Hyeon-jun's words, the judges hurriedly brought a new measurement stone. And Hyunjun put his hand on it again.

"Magic reaction match!"

"Measurement done! SS-class judgment!"

"Congratulations! Hunter Kang Hyeon-jun has been promoted to the second SS-level Hunter in Korea!"

Fireworks exploded and reporters from hiding came out to capture the historic moment on camera.

Then a group of people in suits appeared in the center of the center hall. The man in the center of them stood holding a luxurious locker.

"The person in front of the locker is the Chief of Staff of the Blue House."

Taemin, who followed as an attendant, reported.

"Hunter Kang Hyeonjun. We came from the Blue House."

The man who said Taemin was the chief of staff came first and bowed his head politely. He gestured, and the man next to him opened the locker.

Inside, a small decoration was placed on an expensive-looking cloth.

"Congratulations on becoming an SS-class hunter, and the Blue House would like to confer the honorable title of the 2nd Special Task Force of Korea Seventh Class to Hunter."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 101


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