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Chapter 102 - Public Enemy - Part 3

A few days have passed since I was awarded the titles of the Korea Seventh Place and Special Affairs Committee. What has changed is that the high-ranking ranks of governments and large corporations who want to line up for this place have increased noticeably.

It wasn't like it wasn't there before, but the number has significantly increased.

Of course, Hyun-jun was turning down all the proposals because he knew that getting involved with politicians would be annoying.

Interestingly, however, such behavior actually raised his ransom.

"Wait. Why are there so many documents to review?"

After a week's break, Hyun-jun, who went to work at the guild office, was surprised to see a pile of documents piled up like a mountain in front of his desk.

Seeing this, Sojin opened her mouth with a devilish smile.

"What if I was so surprised… … I also sent you an email."

I was afraid to open the mailbox. But I had to open it, and when I opened my mailbox with a few clicks, I felt like vomiting blood.

"Did I get to this point after playing for a week?"

It can't be. I had instructed Kim Tae-min to solve the problem at the discretion of the deputy guild leader without reviewing the guild leader unless it was a really important issue.

It is not an exaggeration to say that he is a modern-day loyalist, and there is no way Taemin, who is so loyal, would have violated his instructions.

"That's not right. Thanks to our guild's famous 'who', new guild members have increased a lot, but the management department and executives remain the same. There was a riot."

A high-ranking hunter brings great publicity to the guild even if it just stands still.

In the case of Han Jin-woo, there was a rumor that as soon as he joined the Asura Guild and took over as the executive director, the number of guild membership applications ran rampant.

"Is there a shortage of management personnel?"

"There are not enough officers."

"Then we have to expand this time."

There was no hesitation in the decision. Thanks to Hyun-jun's performance and the proper management of So-jin and Tae-min, the guild's finances were overflowing beyond the relaxed level.

The executives and staff in charge of middle management were high-level personnel, but they could be recruited at any time.

"Huh. I think that would be good. I have a lot of work to do, so I'll go first."

Sojin hurried to prepare to return to the secretary's office. Eventually, as she opened the door, she turned her head in the direction where Hyun-jun was and showed a bright smile.

"Congratulations on your promotion. And… … ."


"never mind."

Sojin shook her head and walked out of the guild chief's office. I couldn't finish the words, 'Don't overdo it,' and I swallowed it in my mind.

"Guild Master. This is Kim Taemin."

The door that was about to close opened again and Taemin with a calm expression walked in.

"Are there any more paper bombs left?"

Hyeonjun's voice was filled with fear. It was a different kind of horror from the high-ranking dungeon attack.

"Unfortunately, that is the end of the documents we need to review."

Taemin said. Hyun-jun exclaimed inwardly. Although he did not express it at all on the outside, Taemin shook his head with a grin as if he was guessing what Hyunjun was inside.

"I have something to report on. I think it would be much faster to communicate and receive instructions verbally than asking for a review of the documents."

"Is it urgent?"

"Yes, this is an urgent matter."

Is there anything that could be classified as urgent right now? Let's think.

"surely… … ."

"Yes, that rumor is correct. The guild office is on the verge of saturation due to the rapidly increasing number of regular guild members. Reading this report will give you a more accurate picture."

Hyunjun turned his attention to the report handed to him from Taemin.

"Is it strange that the guild office didn't explode?"

The race guild was aggressively expanding based on huge funds from the past.

Although the building next door was connected to the basement, there was not enough space for the guild office.

In such a situation, as the guild leader Hyun-jun was promoted to SS-level hunter, new guild members flocked to it, so this happened.

"The situation is serious."

"Isn't that too much?"

"Sorry. I thought it was an opportunity. However, since only carefully selected personnel were approved, there will be no harm to the guild in the long run."

Taemin bowed his head. It was done with sincerity and there was no harm except for the fact that the guild office was saturated.

"I think we need to expand the guild office... … ."

I wanted to build a proper helipad and equip it with various facilities as it was expanding if possible.

"Are there any good sites in Gyeonggi-do?"

"If you leave Suwon, the special zone will also be redesignated."

Guild in charge of special zone is designated only if there is a guild office or branch in the relevant area.

It goes without saying that having a headquarters rather than a branch is helpful when selecting priorities.

However, since it is possible to have a branch from the platinum tier, the race guild is not applicable.

"Isn't there any good land in Suwon?"

In response to Hyun-jun's question, Taemin looked up simple information with the tablet PC he was holding and looked up.

"They are all restricted areas, and there are no buildings large enough to accommodate our people."

"I can't have a branch because I'm not in the Platinum tier… … ."

I frowned and pondered, but the answer did not come easily. I thought there was no way.

But soon he thought of something and smiled brightly.

"Second guild chief."

The voice was lively.

"Do you know the phone number of the Chief of Staff at the Blue House?"

"Yes, of course."

Taemin answered. There were many high-ranking figures who wanted to make a relationship with Hyun-jun, who became Korea's second SS-level hunter, and the Chief of Staff at the Blue House was one of them.

It is only speculation, but it is likely that the order above the Blue House Chief of Staff was acting rather than the personal opinion of the Chief of Staff.

"Please connect."


Taemin hands Hyun-jun a smartphone after dialing the phone number of the Chief of Staff at the Blue House without asking or questioning. With a satisfied expression on his right arm, Hyun-jun took the smartphone and brought it to his ear.

- This is Ahn Ho-young, the Chief of the Secretariat of the Blue House.

"I'm Hyeonjun Kang, the leader of the race guild."

- Go, Hyeonjun Kang, Hunter?

It was a confused voice. Well, since I made a call from the smartphone of the deputy guild leader of the race, it was understandable that I was embarrassed by the unexpected appearance of the opponent.

"Can I talk for a minute?"

-of course. Hyeonjun Kang, Hunter, called me directly... … Shouldn't you be creating time that you don't have?

Han Jin-woo, the first SS-level hunter, entered the Asura Guild in search of self-interest rather than working with the state and became the executive director.

On the other hand, Hyeon-jun has not done anything since he was promoted to SS level, but before that, he showed a favorable track record for the country, such as conducting joint operations with the Special Police Department.

'Hunter Kang Hyeon-jun must be made into a national force.'

It was the heart of the Blue House chief of staff, Ahn Ho-young.

"Isn't there one large development restriction zone in Suwon Gwonseon-gu?"

When I did a search with Taemin's tablet PC, I found a 'suitable' one the size of a soccer stadium among the development-restricted areas.

-Yes… … Probably there.

"We need the land. Can development restrictions be lifted?"

- It was supposed to be released anyway. This was the information control period.

It was fortunate. It was good to see that he had no intention of negotiating expensively just by telling him that he was going to release it anyway.

If they were going to raise the price, they would have hidden that fact and negotiated.

- We'll release it right away. Just in case, the owner of the land says he wants to sell it, so you can buy it now.

"Thank you."

-Please always remember that our Korean government is behind Hunter Kang Hyun-jun.

"Hahaha. Okay."

After the phone call, Hyun-jun instructed Tae-min to purchase the restricted development zone in Gwonseon-gu.

"I will do my best."

Taemin moved and a few days passed. Hyeon-jun, who purchased a large site the size of a soccer stadium, gathered famous construction companies in Korea as soon as development restrictions were lifted.

"We will use about 90% of the land for the guild. And I will use the remaining 10% to build my own private residence."

At a briefing to come up with a plan before the start of construction, Hyun-jun revealed his aspirations.

"You're saying that 90% of this large lot will be used exclusively for the guild?"

The protagonist with a slender and soft voice that seemed a little surprised was Oh Han-seo, a representative of the famous construction company 'Hammer', made up of hunters in Korea, and a hunter in the S-class magic world.

"I think this is twice as big as the Asura Guild office complex in Ilsan? Isn't that too much?"

"no. Not overkill at all. If you feel that way, please take a moment to check the growth rate of our guild. I don't like doing multiple projects."

At Hyeonjun's words, Hanseo checked the documents that recorded the growth of the Race Guild. Then he shut his mouth.

"I will continue."

Hyeon-jun, who defeated Han-seo with one blow, opened his mouth by taking a look at the representatives of construction companies gathered in the briefing room.

"I want this guild office complex to have the defense capability of a single military fortress. It doesn't matter how much money it costs. Design it so that an army of hunters can defend it even if it attacks."

someone raised a hand

"Please speak."

"I am an expert in security and active defenses. It would cost hundreds of billions of dollars to build all the desired levels of defense in this large area."

"It doesn't matter. Keep going."

Gentle men don't back down.

"I will divide the construction area into nine parts."

Hanseo said No one objected to her words. It was because it was most efficient to divide by 9.

"Our company will take care of this."

"Then I will take over this."

As well-known experts in Korea, the progress was fast.

"The blueprint is finished."

With the advent of the Magical Hunter, the construction speed was several times faster than before the dungeon raid era, but the blueprint could also be made faster by borrowing the power of magic.

"How long do you think the construction period will be?"

One of the 'Hammer' executives asked cautiously. Hyun-jun took out his smartphone and checked the date.

"It is now November, so I hope that it will be completed as soon as possible during next year. The first thing to build is a building for the guild, and you can build defenses with a little leisurely time."

"Yeah. Confirm. I will mobilize all the magic and auxiliary hunters in the headquarters."

Hanseo answered.

"good. It doesn't matter how much it costs."

He had so much money that he could proceed with the construction with his own money without using the guild's finances.

With the advent of the dungeon raid era and the advent of magical hunters, the world has become a world where large-scale construction can be completed in just one month if you spend enough money.

'All you need is money.'

A bright smile spread across his lips. No matter what anyone says, money is the best.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 102


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