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Chapter 103 - I'm Too Good - Part 1

A man was walking down a long hallway. It was a wide hallway decorated with plate armor and various statues that you could only see in the Middle Ages.

Busily moving, he stopped in front of a wooden door with a colorful pattern engraved on it.

"Senator. That's me. Executive Director."

"Come in."

After agreeing inside, the executive manager slowly opened the door and went inside. The room was spacious enough to be used as a lobby of any five-star hotel.

The sky outside the window was dark and the lights were not bright, but it did not give off a gloomy atmosphere overall.

There is only one popular person in this spacious room. There was only one person sitting at the desk in the center.

"The regular report was a little late today."

"Sorry. Senator. The recent situation at home and abroad has been complicated and the arrangement has been delayed."

"Can I see the report first?"

said the senator. The executive officer approached him cautiously and pulled the report out of his briefcase.

"Here it is. We have summarized it as much as possible so that you can review it quickly."

"Good job."

After the delivery was over, the executive director stepped back again and distanced himself from the lawmaker. In slight tension, the lawmaker scanned the report.

"The existence of 'they' has been revealed."

"Yes, the UN is on the move."

"No matter how hard it is to find the right person, I don't think the Invaders would have such an unreasonable number… … ."

The deputy's expression under the dim light is hardened.

"What is the plan for linking with the 'Clan'?"

"Since the clan has become a public enemy, I think we should put a hold on the link for the time being. Even though we have grown up with the power the Invaders have given us, we can't stay on a sinking ship, can we?"

The senator said with a cold expression. Just by looking at the conversation content, we could see that they, who were behind the 'former' Echo Guild, had a deep connection with 'blood alliance' and 'Invaders'.

"Still, they say they found a suitable Korean."

"It would be absurd if there was a riot and we couldn't find any suitable candidates."

With a brief sigh, the senator shook his head, spitting out murmuring words. In fact, he did not have a good feeling for the organization called 'blood alliance'.

So, in the first place, they had been working separately from the clan, and the reason they tried to start 'connection' only now was to move efficiently, and there was no meaning beyond that.

"so… … executive chief. Who are the eligible candidates? I think the clan must have passed on the information."

"The person who is presumed to be eligible is Hyeonjun Kang, who is considered a 'supernova' in Korea."

"Kang Hyun-jun? Are you referring to the Second Awakener who has received an SS-level judgment this time?"

Currently, Hyun-jun's name is widely known in Korea.

In the past, it was only known to those who knew it, but it became famous as it shook the world with the Tokyo air raid and press conference.

"I heard that it was a hunter named Kang Hyeon-jun who messed up the 'Eco' plan… … executive chief. Is it the same person?"

"It's the same person. At first, there was too much work in progress for us to deal with, and there was a possibility that the agents would be exposed, so we ordered the subcontractors, but they couldn't. Now, it has grown to the point where it is difficult for us to deal with it on our own."

Upon hearing the report from the executive director, the lawmaker brought the glass to his lips without saying a word.

"As a former F-class hunter, a little over half a year after my second awakening was confirmed, I have now reached the level of SS-class. This is much faster than Han Jin-woo, who became the first SS-class hunter in Korea."

"If you are really qualified, wouldn't it be better to deal with it now?"

"To deal with it, at least the Asura Guild needs to move."

"Hmm… … The Asura Guild is expensive... … ."

Asura Guild was not only a member of the SS-class hunter Han Jin-woo, but was also the number one diamond tier guild in Korea.

To move them, no matter how high-ranking members of the political and business circles were, they needed enough funds to be burdensome.

"It is difficult to deal with Hyeonjun Kang with the guild executive forces I am leading. We need to move the Asura Guild."

"It's better to step on it when you can afford it. I will move the Asura Guild."

The lawmaker took out a document, signed it, and handed it over to the executive director.

"Kill Hyun-Jun Kang in the name of 'Inner Circle'."

"I will pass it on to the Asura Guild."

* * *

It was December.

A cold wind blew heralded the start of winter in earnest. A month has already passed since the construction of the race guild office complex began.

In addition to the guild funds, Hyun-jun released a huge amount of money with his own money, so 4 out of 9 areas were already completed and facilities and personnel were moved from the existing guild office.

Even the completed area was wider than the existing guild office, so there was enough space left even after the migration was over.

"Okay, as planned."

The 10th floor of the main building in Area 5 where the guild chief's office is located.

Hyunjun was standing by the window with a cocktail. It was nice to see the construction progressing at a fast pace from the window.

I took a sip of the sweet cocktail while enjoying the scenery.

- Kkeuk. An evil empire is being born.

He had a knack for ruining the atmosphere.

"You have a problem with that mouth. Even if you're quiet, if you try to set the mood, you'll say strange things."

- I have no mouth. master Can you say 'heart'?

Hyeon-jun shook his head with a short sigh at the obvious answer from Hell Yam.

"I just asked."

He left an empty cocktail glass on the table next to him and returned to work. It was the moment I sat at my desk and opened my mailbox.


A knock was heard along with the popular chuck.

"Come on in."

"Excuse me."

I thought it would be Taemin or Gyuhwan, but it was unexpectedly Jongseo. Unlike his sharp snake-like impression, Jong-seo was the second most loyal 'subordinate' after Taemin.

He came up to the desk where Hyun-jun was sitting and bowed politely.

"It is said that a UN official will visit Korea in the next few days."

"Is this something to do with the Race Guild?"

Even as I asked the question, I realized there was no need for that. If it had nothing to do with the race guild in the first place, Jong-seo would not have come and reported it.

"The purpose of the visit is to meet the guild leader. We'll probably get an official call sometime this evening."

Just by obtaining information from the UN before any official contact was made, it was possible to see how advanced the Race Guild intelligence was.

As the guild grew, the two departments in which Hyun-jun invested the most were the executive department and the intelligence department, and it seems to have paid off.

"Who is coming?"

"Until the schedule, inquiry was possible first, but the identity of the visitor could not be identified."

Unfortunately, with the current intelligence of the Race Guild, it seemed unreasonable to even obtain information that was intentionally hidden from the UN.

"But is there any business for me at the UN?"

I have no memory of having an international accident. While leaving Japan on an air carrier, they shot down the Air Self-Defense Force's interceptors and fighter jets, but this is a 'minor' thing.

"It is not accurate, but it is said that there is a movement in the UN to establish a national organization to respond to 'blood alliance'. Maybe it has something to do with it... … And I think we can guess carefully."

"is that so?"

"Yes. The guild leader is not only the second SS-level hunter produced in Korea, but he has also shown kindness to national institutions so far. It is not surprising that the UN proposes to belong to an organization that responds to blood alliances."

Hyun-jun nodded at Jong-seo's words. It was a sharp guess of how deep his insight was.

"I'll have to wait."

Jong-seo said that the UN will contact you in the evening, so the answer is to wait.

"Special Police Department Inspector Song Tae-sik requested a visit."

It was late evening. As I was getting ready to leave work, Taemin came and reported.

"Tell me if you want to come."

The construction of the helipad has been completed, so you will be able to come by helicopter.

"I will pass it on."

After hearing Hyun-jun's answer, Taemin nodded and left the guild chief's office. seemed very busy. Has it been 30 minutes?

A pretty secretary carefully opened the door and entered. I thought it was Sojin's subordinate, but I couldn't remember the name.

"Guild Master. A little while ago, a helicopter from the Special Police Department landed on Landing 1."

"It must be Inspector Song Tae-sik. Please issue a temporary pass and upload it."


At a press conference after the Tokyo air raid, he revealed his presence too much. The clan already recognized Hyeon-jun as a 'qualified person', and it is not strange when an all-out war breaks out.

So, Hyun-jun ordered the establishment of a tight security and defense system throughout the guild office complex.

About 10 minutes after the secretary left, Taesik opened the door and came in. Hyun-jun welcomed him warmly.

"long time no see. How have you been?"

There was nothing wrong with being friendly with Tae-sik, a high-ranking officer of the Special Police Department. Hyun-jun had no bad feelings for him, and Tae-sik was also taking a friendly attitude towards him.

"Yes. How have you been, Hyunjun Kang? I heard that you have been promoted to SS-class Hunter this time. Congratulations."

"Hahaha. Have the rumors reached the Special Police Department already?"

The whole country was in an uproar with the birth of the second SS-class Hunter. There is no way that the special police department would know, but Hyun-jun asked, pretending not to know.

"Can you not know? Korea is in turmoil."

The introduction is over.

"I heard that there are people who want to meet me at the UN."

This is probably the reason why Taesik came. Hyun-jun's direct statement made him bewildered for a moment, then opened his mouth with a light smile.

"Yes, that's right. The race guild also has great intelligence."

"I have talented subordinates."

"The UN has created a national organization called the 'Defense Alliance Committee' in order to respond to a global hostile organization that has been identified as a 'blood alliance'."

"It's the first I've heard of it."

"It has to be. It is a top secret that, to this day, only very few are aware of."

Taesik said in a low voice.

"The exact thing has not been decided, but it is said that powerful authority will be granted."

With the beginning of the dungeon raid era, many things in the UN have changed.

"You may know that with the beginning of the dungeon raid era, the security of each country has deteriorated and conflicts have arisen, and the UN's authority has been strengthened. This time, because of the clan and the Tokyo air raid, his authority will be even stronger. The same goes for the committee that was created."

"Tell me the gist."

Hyunjun said in a calm voice. I didn't like the long introduction.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang has been recommended as a candidate for a member who will have that powerful authority."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 103


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