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Chapter 105 - Asura - Part 1

"This made me stronger."

As soon as I left the room of my previous life, I woke up. At that moment, Hyun-jun unknowingly spit out lines full of middle school. I'd be happy if I was alone, but unfortunately.

- Why all of a sudden? host.

There was a hell yam.

"Oh, nothing!"

- I don't know what is or is nothing. Isn't middle school disease a common symptom for men in Korea? I understand.


No further conversation was necessary. It wasn't even early, so Hyun-jun changed clothes and left the bedroom to go to work.

As I went downstairs through the stairs, Sojin waved her hand with a bright smile.

"Good morning."

"Yes, the weather is nice."

After answering Sojin's greeting, I got into the prepared car and moved to the main building. Although the mansion is located in the 5th district in the center, the guild office complex is large, so it was convenient to use a car to move around.

When I arrived on the 10th floor where the guild chief's office was, I saw Taemin and Gyu-hwan waiting in the hallway.

Hyunjun waved his hand at them and walked towards the office.

"Do you have anything to report?"

"Yes. One general agenda and one executive agenda."

Taemin finished speaking and followed Hyunjun with Gyuhwan. As they entered the office, the two sat in front of the desk, and Hyun-jun sat in front of them.

"Report from the deputy guild chief."

Hyunjun said.

"You have met the conditions for promotion to the Platinum tier. You can be promoted right away if you apply."


faster than expected It was continuously expanding by mobilizing huge funds, and although the number of guild members increased significantly due to Hyeonjun's promotion to SS-level hunter, he knew that his dungeon capture performance was a bit lacking.

"I received a call saying that the guild general office and the dungeon management office will adequately solve the problem of insufficient attack performance."

After becoming an SS-class hunter, even the national authorities noticed Hyun-jun. Probably because of the promotion problem, it seemed that Hyun-Jun had to bow before entering the match. Or maybe you just want to look good.

"Did you say anything else?"

"There is currently none. What are you going to do?"

"You do that, and you have to take advantage of it. The good thing about SS-class hunters is this. I plan to receive it when I give it."

If there's anything you want, I'd say it now. Neither the Dungeon Management Bureau nor the Guild General Bureau would make strong demands against SS-class Hunters.

"Apply for promotion."

"Yes, I understand."

"How long do you think it will take?"

"The guild general office decided to take care of it, so I think three days will be enough."

At Taemin's answer, Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

In the case of Platinum Guilds, there are currently only 50 in the Republic of Korea, and in addition to the executive branch, 500 armed guards can be organized separately.

Additionally, you can hire armed guards.

The number of armed forces that can be held increases significantly. Since the restrictions on military weapons also disappear, the Platinum Guild will have military power that is not an exaggeration to say that it is a private army.

"Upon promotion to the Platinum Guild gives us the power to secure an independent military force. It looks like it will be advantageous in the battle against the clan."

"As soon as you get promoted, start preparing for the formation of the armed guard."

If you are Taemin, you probably know a lot of talented people who will be organized into armed guards.

"I will proceed as directed."

Taemin answered in a calm voice. That look was believable. Hyun-jun nodded his head with a satisfied expression and moved his gaze to Gyu-hwan.

"What's going on with the executive director?"

At Hyun-jun's question, Kyu-hwan opened his mouth with a stiff face.

"It seems that the Asura Guild is holding us in check."

From the Asura Guild? What kind of lightning is this all of a sudden?

"Please explain in detail."

"For the past week, there have been reports of regular guild members of Asura or hunters belonging to the executive branch systematically provoking and arguing with our guild members."

"Are you serious? Any damage?"

"No one has died yet… … In fact, three of our guild members were injured due to the sword fighting. On the special police side, the Asura Guild is involved, so it is not easy to come forward."

He bit his lip so hard that blood leaked out. It was obvious that these damn special policemen were weighing the Asura Guild's Han Jin-woo and the Race Guild.

"This is an issue that needs immediate action. If left unattended, rumors will spread that the Asura Guild is targeting, and the application rate will decrease. In fact, it has already decreased by about 10%."

Kyu-hwan reported.

"Why the Asura Guild… … ."

"It may have something to do with the Echo Guild. Considering the timing of the provocation, it may have something to do with the clan. Maybe both."

Taemin replied to Hyunjun's self-talk. Among his close associates, he drew sharp guesses with only a small amount of circumstantial evidence, as his brain was the fastest. It was even accurate.

"From now on, the Asura Guild should be judged as an 'enemy' and moved."

"I think that would be good. Guild Master."

"The deputy guild leader should give a notice to the guild members, and the executive director, please mobilize the executive team to protect the guild members."


"I will do my best."

The two loyal subordinates responded vigorously, but their hearts were hardly relieved. The current race guild had a large number of guild members and a wide range of activities, as it was about to be promoted to platinum.

It is difficult to protect all guild members with only the executive staff. Currently, it is unreasonable to turn on the power of a shade that has never been put into practice.

"Just go away. I need to organize my thoughts."



After the two left, Hyun-jun, who was left alone in the guild chief's office, let out a short sigh and walked towards the window.

Then, after filling the glass on the table next to him, he brought it to his lips.

"I need more power. The overwhelming power... … ."

Life was buried in the gaze looking out the window. The sky was cloudy today.

"Let's focus on work."

First, I made up my mind and focused on my work. As the guild expanded, so did the work.

Due to the sudden expansion, there was no time to expand executives or management department staff. So there was more work to be done.

"Hyunjun. get off work first I'll just finish and go right away."

How much time has passed? At So-jin's words, Hyun-jun raised his head, which seemed to have fallen into the documents at that moment. It was already dark outside.

"I beg you."

"Huh. Go ahead and rest."

Sojin said. Seeing her bright smile made me feel relieved.

There wasn't much left to do, and since the guild chief's chief of staff could do things she could do, Hyun-jun left work first.

"I will take you to the mansion."

As I came out of the hallway, Sahyeol, who was the commander of Shade, followed. A top-ranking A-class hunter, he was one of the few to be named by Hyun-Jun in Shade.

"I think I will be busy for a while."

"Are you a new 'enemy'?"

"It seem to be like that. They seem to be after me."

"Then Shade will intercept with all its might. We will protect the guild leader who gave us 'light'."

Using the knowledge I learned from Gildre, I tweaked the Shade Hunters a little bit more, and surprisingly, the attribute of 'blind faith' was added, resulting in a fanatic level of loyalty.

Of course, it would have been difficult to give them this level of loyalty if they hadn't earned their trust by giving them "light".

Arrived at the mansion with blood. The mansion was under the strict protection of the defense system and shade, and the hunters of the executive branch. It is the safest place in the guild office complex.

"I will join the mansion guard."

"okay. request."

Hyeon-jun tapped Sahyeol's shoulder a couple of times, then went into the bedroom and threw himself.

Hell Yam seemed to have said something, but he fell asleep and couldn't hear it. Thirty minutes after lying on the bed, he fell into a deep sleep.

and dreamed

* * *

"Are you here again… … ."

The place where he came to his senses was the 'Hall of a Past Life'.

"Who are you this time?"

I raised my head. It was clear that the door made of gold and jewels in front of it led to the space of the absolute emperor, Romanov, without even having to check the name.

Hyunjun opened the door without hesitation and went inside.

An audience full of gold and silver treasures. At the end of the red carpet in the center was a throne, and the emperor's flag hung behind it. Sitting on the throne is a middle-aged man in a colorful robe.

"Come here."

said Romanov. Hyun-jun took a step in front of him.

"You ravaged the Invaders' allies."

"Are you talking about blood ties?"

At Hyeonjun's question, Romanoff nodded.

"Yes. Now that you have subjugated Jim's enemies, you deserve a reward. Today I grant and bestow two blessings upon you."

You can become stronger than you can imagine even with just one, but giving two? This is a rare case.

"The first is 'The Awakening of Huangming'. By using Jim's magical powers, he will be able to induce a forced awakening by sending a descent to the 'subordinate'."

I don't know what the level of awakening is, but if you can awaken the potential of your loyal subordinates, it's good enough protection.

"But, it's a one-time thing."

Romanov added. It's a bit disappointing, but it wasn't bad even for the first time. Hyun-jun was planning to use this protection for Tae-min.

"The second is 'the formation of the SS' and the 'call-up order'. If you use this protection to imprint the SS magic on someone who is deeply loyal, you can summon them anytime, anywhere through the 'Summon Order'. This is Gildre... … Without the knowledge of that gloomy guy, it would be difficult to use, but fortunately, you've already met him, so you won't have to worry."

loyal ones. Then they are Shade's Hunters. Their loyalty deepened to the level of a fanatic as Hyun-jun improved his technique recently. You should make them your friend.

"Is there a limit to the number of members of the SS?"

"You can increase it as much as your magical power allows."

The magic power was sufficient thanks to the option of the Hell Yam Sword.

"Keep playing. Jim's reincarnation. One day, I will allow the bodyguards that Jim was with me during his lifetime."

The absolute emperors, those whom the Romanovs had kept by their side during their lifetimes. It was the Romanov's final protection and ultimate skill to be able to receive permission for a moment from the loyal warriors who always supported the emperor and fought together.

"Don't worry. They are also enemies I have to deal with. Don't you even know the Romanovs?"

At Hyeonjun's words, Romanoff smiled broadly.

"Keep on going. Behind you are 99 thousand us."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 105


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