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Chapter 107 - Asura - Part 3


"Dealer and healer! go back! It's a surprise!"

Shouts and shouts were heard from the Asura Guild side.

"It's a surprise attack from the right! Move quickly!"

The voice of Hansoo Baek, the leader of the race guild's strategy team, was heard. The guild members changed their formation to the right in unison.

Most of the current party consisted of members of the executive department, and although they lacked dungeon experience compared to the guild attack team, they were good at face-to-face and group warfare, so they responded quickly.

"There can be surprises in other places too! Change the formation to respond immediately! Conduct 3 formations!"

Again the form changed.

"Guild Master! What would you like to do?"

Hansoo ran and asked a question. Hyunjun was the best power of the current race guild. Depending on where he moves, the arrangement of the remaining guild members will be decided.



There were already screams from the Asura Guild side as if a fierce battle had begun.

"I will go to the Asura Guild."

It seemed that it would be possible to properly respond when a variable occurred by being close to the Asura Guild.

Taemin was placed in the race guild camp to protect Sojin, so even if there is a surprise attack, it will not collapse in an instant.

'There are about 30 Asura Guilds. About 20 of us... … .'

The size of the dungeon is large. About 50 people could enter, but the Asura Guild preempted about 30 people first, so Hyunjun could not mobilize more than 20 people.

'Before the battle begins, the Asura Guild members must be consumed as much as possible.'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly. The gaze of the Asura Guild where they were fighting was full of life.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

Gaho warned of danger.

"You mean there's no time to play here?"

He lifted the Hellyam and Void Shield. Dozens of black shadows in the form of human beings fell like rain from the ceiling.


created magic.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

An auror dwells in the Fel Yam and the Void Shield. As they continued to grow, the aurors became sharper and more powerful.

'Dark slayer, A-class high-ranking beast.'

Hyeon-jun swung his hell yam while reflecting on the enemy's level. The two dark killers who had narrowed the distance at once were struck by a blow.


The number of enemies is large. So what do you need now?

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

-Exercise the power of the Red Mage of Eastel. Increases the power of fire magic by 3 times.

It's wide area magic.


Hyeonjun's eyes were dyed red, and a magic book engulfed in flames was created in front of him.

"Fire Breath."

The higher level magic has been completed. The flames spewing out of his mouth dyed his eyes red. In front of the power three times stronger than the normal fire breath, the dark slayers hurriedly retreated.

"The magic world! Concentrate attack!"

When Hyeon-jun gave the instructions, the magic hunters in the rear casted attack magic all at once. It didn't take long to complete.

"Fire Cannon!"

"Lightning Storm!"

"Ice Strike!"

Attack magic poured like rain. The Dark Beasts dispersed immediately, but most of them could not withstand the magic fire and 'disappeared'.

Beasts with the properties of a spirit body or a magical body tended to have their corpses disappear quickly.

"Annihilate the Dark Waters!"

someone shouted But it wasn't over yet. Hyeon-jun turned to the direction of the Asura Guild as soon as the battle was over because he could attack the Asura Guild by taking advantage of the chaotic situation during a surprise attack.

'The battle is over over there too.'

While rearranging the formation, he was looting the magical crystals that were dropped. Hyeon-jun instructed the guild members who had leftovers to route without lowering their vigilance against them.

In the S-class dungeon, entry of general porters is restricted, and this time it was a special case, so all party members were filled with the number of people who could attack.

-host. feel alive

Hell Yamdo said:

"I know."

replied in a low voice. A few people were living in the Asura Guild camp.

It's not at an explicit level. Rather, he was paying attention to hide his life. However, he could not control all the living life that was hidden in his eyes.

'Full of thoughts to kill us.'

You can tell just by looking at the flow of life.

- The sword fighting seems to have been confirmed, but shouldn't we do it first?

"This is a large S-class top-level dungeon, and it's only halfway there. If there is an attrition battle between internal personnel, it is difficult to attack the remaining areas."

Hyeonjun kindly explained to the hell yamdo's question. Except for Hyunjun, the power of the Race Guild was not enough to overwhelm the Asura Guild.

If a battle occurs, many guild members will lose their lives.

Even if they won, it was almost impossible to attack this dungeon to the end with a party in rags.

'But the Asura Guild is different.'

The Asura Guild, famous for being the last, could not listen to the state. It was not strange to attack the race guild immediately and give up the attack.

Although the dungeon out is imminent, it will not affect the decision.

'If I can kill myself, I will boldly give up the dungeon attack.'

If it killed thousands of innocent Seoul citizens, they wouldn't care.

'I don't know when the attack will come... … We must not lower our boundaries.'

In fact, in the Asura Guild camp, a faint life was felt even now. Even if he tried to hide it, he could not deceive Hyunjun's sense of being sensitive to living thanks to Reaper's protection.

"Did I say Kang Hyun-jun? Aren't you too nervous?"

Hyunjun turned his head in the direction the voice was coming from. Han Jin-woo was there. He was drinking water with a long sword.

Despite crossing the midpoint of the large S-class top dungeon, he did not show any signs of exhaustion.

"I don't have much experience in attacking S-class top dungeons. Do you think it's good to be in moderation?"

"You have too much power. Then someone catches you."

"It could be."

Hyun-jun laughed in response to Jin-woo's words.

"It's good to do anything in moderation."

As he finished speaking, Jin-woo crushed the empty bottle of water and threw it back.

"We're going to take a break here, so what are you going to do?"

"We need to rest too. I think it's time to take a break."

There was only one break in the four hours to come here, which is supposed to be the middle point. When attacking the dungeon, it was not good to march.

"Do you think the Race Guild doesn't have the courage to move forward as a single camp? They are cowards."

light provocation. I have no intention of passing Hyeon-jun ignored Jin-woo's words and returned to the race guild camp.

"Executive chief."


Gyu-hwan, who was checking the personnel, came running.

"You never know when the attack will come. Pick a few people with good presence detection and keep them alert."


Gyu-hwan immediately picked 5 people and made them wary of their surroundings.

"I will go!"

The Asura Guild camp moved first. Hansoo, who is in charge of the attack team, approached cautiously and opened his mouth.

"Are we moving forward?"

"Absolutely. It is difficult to be too far away from the Asura Guild. It's important to keep the right distance."

The race guild also moved. After walking fast for about 10 minutes next to Asura Guild, a large number of magical powers were sensed in front of him.

Jin-woo also quickly drew his sword, whether he was searching for magic at a similar moment to Hyun-jun.


someone said Dozens of cold ice spears flew through the pitch-black darkness in a trembling tension.

"Defense Magic!"

The magician hunters completed the shield, but a few ice spears penetrated the shield and stuck into the body of the hunters.



A scream broke out. Then I heard Sojin using heels.

"He's a cold magic lord!"

This time, it was a voice from the camp of the Asura Guild. The moment Hyun-jun's gaze turned to the front, Han Jin-woo jumped forward like a bullet.

"I take care of it."

That was the moment. A light emanated from his body and became a flash of light.


Along with the roar, a single ray of light pierced the 'core' of the cold magic lord. However, Jinwoo, who did not stop there and returned to human form, wielded his sword and cut the head of the magic lord deeply.

- I'm done.

Hell Yamdo said: As he said, the cold magic lord disappeared leaving behind a magic stone.

'I dealt with an S-class beast with one blow. The title of Korea's first SS-class hunter was not a hoax.'

Hyunjun's eyes turned cold. It didn't look like the upcoming battle would end easily.

"Guild Master."

After thinking for a while, Taemin approached me.

"what happened?"

"Asuri deputy guild leader Jinmyung Kang has disappeared."

"I beg your pardon?"

Asura Deputy Guild Leader Jinmyung Kang. He has the special ability of 'complete stealth'.

It seemed that he had just disappeared using his special ability while all eyes were focused on Han Jin-woo.

'You mean everything was planned?'

He bit his lip so hard that blood came out.

"It looks like the battle will start soon. Get ready."

"I will pass it on to my subordinates."

It's real from now on. At the time when Jinmyung Kang disappeared, he was in a situation where he did not know when and where the first attack would come.


In all likelihood, he missed the enemy he needed to pay attention to the most.


Hyun-jun approached So-jin, who was using heels on the wounded.

"Not long left."

"Huh. Do not work too hard."

Although she did not add an explanation, Sojin understood the situation and nodded her head with a firm face.

Taemin, who finished delivering the message to his subordinates to prepare for battle, stood by to protect Sojin.

- There will be a red moon today.

The line from hell yam, which would have been lightly skipped if it had been normal, made Hyun-jun even more nervous now.

"Race Guild Leader!"

It was Jinwoo Han. I don't know what he was thinking, but he was slowly closing the distance towards Hyun-jun.

It wouldn't be strange if a battle broke out right now, so Hyun-jun was wary of him and naturally placed his hand on the hilt of the hell yam sword.

"Wow… … Is it too dark to live?"

"What is the dragon?"

"The atmosphere has suddenly changed."

Life overflowed from Jinwoo's eyes.

"you… … Did you notice? Our sub-guild leader is hiding."

That moment.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

As soon as a warning voice was heard, he raised his shield. Something collided with the shield and the moment the shock was delivered, Jinmyung Kang took off the darkness and appeared in front of him.

"Isn't that a coincidence back then?"

"Boy Guild Leader! Hold on!"

Jinwoo became a flash. I tried to defend with a shield.

"Where are you running?"

Jinyoung didn't let go.


A flash of light ripped through his side. Red blood spattered. Behind the scenes, Jinwoo took off his clothes of light.

"what a waste. I was aiming for my heart... … ."


"Oh, no!"

If you use a heel right now, you become a target for Jinwoo and Jinmyung. He knew Sojin well, but he used the heel without hesitation to recover Hyunjun's injury.

It is a Heal of A-class recovery system. The wound healed quickly.


Not surprisingly, Han Jin-woo's gaze turned to So-jin. Just before the battle started, the Asura guild members approached quickly. Jinwoo shed a cold smile.

"You have to kill the healer first."

Taemin blocked Sojin with a nervous expression, and Jinwoo was about to become a flash of light again.

"Do you think you won?"

A cold voice that makes you goosebumps. Jinmyung Kang, who was right in front of him, hurriedly spread the distance.

"You are the one who fell into the trap."

created magic.

"Now and here I will command you in the name of the absolute emperor!"

-Romanov's intense majesty overwhelms the surroundings. As long as the supreme twilight is with you, you will be the reigning being.

In an instant situation, everyone's eyes were focused on Hyun-jun.

"The SS, respond to the call!"

-Romanov summons a bodyguard in the name of the emperor. Creates a dimensional gateway that will summon loyalists who will give their lives for you.

And the army appeared.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 107


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